Who are we?
Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification (BomMinRyon) has been established in 1990 as an non-governmental civil organisation conducting the movement for great national unity and reunification of Korea with its regional headquarters in the south and north Korea as well as overseas. BomMinRyon-movement is based on the three principles of national reunification - independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity - which has been signed and declared by the governments of both north and south Korea on July 4, 1972.
Since its establishment in 1990 BomMinRyon has gathered yearly to hold pan-national rally for peace and reunification of Korea on August 15 in Seoul, Pyongyang, Panmunjom, and Tokyo and Shenyang for the overseas Koreans.

What is BomMinRyon aiming at?
BomMinRyon: Programme and Statute
Contact : M.S. Rim
Address : Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification(BomMinRyon)
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1-4-21, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
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Last Updated 29-06-2004
BomMinRyon Activities

28-06 DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Six-Party Talks
24-06 Rodong Sinmun on Truth behind Outbreak of Korean War
23-06 June 15 Joint Declaration, Banner of National Reconciliation and Unity
21-06 Rodong Sinmun on Era of Independence and Reunification
14-06 Tremendous Achievements Produced by Idea "By Our Nation Itself"
13-06 DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Document Adopted at G-8 Summit
08-06 Preserving Spirit of National Independence Called for

News Articles

21-06 Korea gets Iraq hostage ultimatum/ BBC
15-06 40th Anniversary of G-77 Observed
08-06 DPRK Also Has Option
07-06 U.S. May Cut Third of Troops In South Korea/ NYT
07-06 KCNA on Japan's Legislation on Sanctions against DPRK
02-06 DPRK FM. Spokesman on Stand to Implement Spirit of DPRK-Japan Summit


Juche 93 (2004) Joint New Year Editorial Published
Review of United States Policy Toward North Korea: Findings and Recommendations
Unclassified Report by Dr. William J. Perry

National Security Law