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KCNA Commentary Hits Out at Japan's Military Moves

Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- Intensified overseas advance of Japan's military is drawing serious concern of the international community.
The Japan Ministry of Defense recently made a formal announcement that it would dispatch its Ground "Self-Defense Force" to Vietnam for the first time in Asia.
This means the expansion of the sphere of SDF overseas military operation to Asia. The sphere was confined to Africa, where SDF troops were deployed under the pretext of "UN peace-keeping activities."

On November 5 SDF kicked off the largest-ever joint military drills in league with the U.S. and Canada under the pretence of "stability of the India-Pacific region." Commenting on it, Reuters reported on Nov. 3 that Japan has buckled down to military buildup, being concerned about the security of Asia and it dispatched its biggest warship Kaga to various countries in the India-Pacific region including Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore within two months this year. Observers appreciated that the joint military drills are targeted at China bolstering its military force in the South China Sea, the British news agency added.

The aim sought by Japan in intensifying military drills with various countries in an all-round way outside its archipelago is as clear as noonday.
It is to materialize the wild dream for overseas expansion by making SDF's military operation easier across the world and perfecting the actual war capability of SDF.

The Japanese reactionaries, being crazy about the revanchist ambition, have never dropped the wild dream for overseas expansion.
With the modification of the "Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation Guidelines" and the adoption of the "security law" in recent years, Japan expanded the SDF's operational sphere confined to its vicinity to cover the whole world. It also made it possible to exercise the "right to collective self-defense" under the pretext of military aids to "allies."

SDF has cunningly paved its path for overseas expansion bit by bit under the pretext of "keeping peace" and "combating terrorism." It has reached the phase of beating its military drums across the world, hyping "proactive pacifism."
Now that politicians of Japan are hurrying to revise the constitution to specify the existence of the SDF in the constitution in the wake of Prime Minister Abe's reelection as president of the Liberal Democratic Party, it is clear that Japan is openly pursuing the overseas advance of its military.

Japan is a country which inflicted untold disasters upon the peoples of Asian countries in the past century. It is just a defeated nation which is banned from exercising the right of belligerency and the rights to participate in a war and having a regular army. Its military's projected overseas advance just means a war of aggression and such attempt is definitely a crime.

The Japanese reactionaries should be aware that their desperate military moves will only make Japan further isolated and rejected by the peoples of the region and the international community.
Revival of militarism will bring miserable ruin to Japan. -0-

KCNA Commentary Assails Japan's Ambition for Reinvasion

Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- Japan's preoccupation with aggression runs counter to mankind desirous of peace and stability.
Shortly ago, Japan insisted obstinately on sending a warship of its maritime "Self-Defense Force" with the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" to Jeju Island.

In the last century, the Japanese imperialists hanged the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" on the bayonet as a symbol of the "Yamato-Tamashi" in their aggression of Asian countries, advocating the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".

The world people set themselves against Japan's assertion of use of the flag, trembling with anger at it.
Official persons of Japan such as the minister of Defense claim that the flag of the SDF warship showing the nationality is the icon of national sovereignty and the call for banning the use of the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" is an abnormal and rude action.

Japan's disgraceful behavior is an unpardonable insult and mockery of the Korean nation and international community aspiring after peace at a time when the promise and practical measures of the Korean nation to turn the Korean Peninsula into the land of peace are hailed and supported by the world people.

The history of aggression of Japan that committed indelible crimes against the Korean nation still goes on and Japan is adding crimes to it.
Far from making an apology and reflecting on its past crimes of aggression, Japan tries to set foot in this land with the blood-stained flag of the Imperial Japanese Army again, not content with claim to "dominium" over the inviolable land of Korea.

Japan is so shameless to demonstrate that it does not give up the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" as a war-capable state.
The wild ambition of Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, to harass peace can never be allowed.

Japan's criminal war flag will not be hoisted on the land of Korea at all.
All Koreans should come out as one in the struggle against the daily-growing ambition of the Japanese reactionaries to turn Japan into a military giant and their reinvasion moves. -0-

Who Disturbs Peace? : KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) -- Now the situation of the Korean Peninsula is developing favorably, as recognized by the public at home and abroad.
But only Japan claims it feels "threat" in this stable and peaceful trend of situation.
It recently conducted a ballistic missile interception test in the waters off Hawaii under the pretext of "threat" from someone.

Its defense minister stated in a news conference on September 18 that Japan is capable of intercepting any missile flying toward Guam from north Korea by using the Aegis MD system.
Such language is utterly ridiculous as it was spouted at a time when the trend is going toward dialogue and peace.

Then, what is the ulterior design of Japan going clamorous just like a bolt from the blue?
In actuality, Japan lowered the level of its "Self-Defense Forces'" alertness and vigilance against someone's "ballistic missile launch", withdrew the PAC-3 ground-to-air guided missile units deployed across Japan and terminated the noisy civilian evacuation drill in the wake of the June DPRK-U.S. summit.

It clearly proves that Japan not only senses the trend of peace but also benefits from it, and that it deliberately spreads the story of "threat".
What the Japanese reactionaries are afraid of is not just a "missile" of someone but the obstacle to their strategy like arms buildup, overseas expansion and amendment of the Constitution in the trend of the detente in the region.

Now the militarist wild ambition of Japan has gone beyond the red line, as evidenced by the fact that it cries out for seizing supremacy in "new spheres like outer space and cyber space" and pursues the development of supersonic cruise missile, a weapon of the next generation which will be a substitute for nukes, only to break the balance of security in the region and the world.

This being a hard fact, Japan still works hard to turn the regional situation back to the point of confrontation, talking about "cooperation in scaling up sanctions and pressure" and "intensification of the maritime monitoring." This is just a sly trick to dim the sharp eyes of the international community centered on it.

Who disturbs peace?
The Japanese reactionaries are just the forces endangering and disturbing peace as they seek to spoil the peaceful atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula, cause tensions in the region and thus get something in the troubled waters.
Japan should conduct itself, being aware that its brazen-faced acts will boomerang on it. -0-

Source of Evils Should Be Rooted Out in S. Korea: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- The deep-rooted evils left by the conservative group of traitors throughout the south Korean society have been brought to light one after another in south Korea to stun the public.

Recently, it has been proved that the Park Geun Hye regime abused the judicial power in league with Ryang Sung Thae, former president of the Supreme Court.
According to 400 odd documents found at an administrative office of the court, Ryang's group, kowtowing to traitor Park who sought to maintain her conservative "power", committed so many evils like making unreasonable judgments against the democratic pro-reform persons and conducting illegal surveillance over the judges of progressive tendency.

The group also mapped out a court strategy for coping with the impeachment of Park and spearheaded a red-herring operation to help the conservative forces take the initiative in the then political situation.
Such ugly behavior of the swindlers under the lawyer's cloak who mercilessly violated the democratic rights of the people in cahoots with the Park Geun Hye group of conservatives who turned the south Korean society into the one reigned by fascism is, indeed, disgusting.

The watchdogs and defenders of the reactionary rule staged unjust trials to please traitor Park during her tenure of office.
It was evidenced by the case of Ri Sok Gi's attempted rebellion, the case of the Intelligence Service's interference in election, the trials against the Teachers Union and the Unified Progressive Party, the case of turning down the suit filed by the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army against the Japanese authorities. All those scandals in court are so terrible that they are beyond everyone's imagination.

The evildoers who played the role of a running dog of power made no scruple of declaring those following the group of Park not guilty and giving the verdict of guilty to those who did righteous deeds for independence, democracy and reunification.
The sword of "law" obliged to preserve justice and impartiality was reduced to a weapon for suppressing the people to maintain the conservative regime. This crime should never be pardoned.

That's why the political circles including the Minju Party and various civic and social organizations of south Korea have launched strong protests, saying Ryang Sung Thae can never go scot-free for flouting the "constitution" and abusing the judicial power to help Park Geun Hye who allowed illegal interference in state affairs, and calling for severe punishment of those involved in the case.

Against this backdrop, the conservatives of south Korea including the "Liberal Korea Party" are so shameless as to work hard to sweep under the carpet the criminal traces of the Ryang group which was in cahoots with them, asserting that "the people are concerned of the politicization of the judicature" and "there can never be dealings in court".

A saying goes that a leopard can never hide its spots. If the conservative group, the source of evils, goes scot-free, the south Korean society will again turn into a fascism-ridden one where injustice judges justice.
Every south Korean should turn out in clearing the deep-rooted evils left by the conservative group in order to set right the unjust judgments. -0-

Declaration of Termination of War Is First Process for Peace: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 24 (KCNA) -- There are growing voices demanding the adoption of declaration on the termination of war in south Korea. The Headquarters for Peace Treaty Movement and other civic and public organizations comprising people from all walks of life, media and analyzers in south Korea call for the adoption of declaration on the termination of war this year as was agreed in the Panmunjom Declaration, saying that the "declaration is an entrance to peace on the Korean peninsula" and "the U.S. has to show a responsible attitude for lasting peace-keeping regime".

The south Korean authorities, too, clarified the adoption of the declaration as their goal for the year, which is supported by various political parties.
But it is only the "Liberal Korea Party" and other conservative forces that stand against it, insisting "the declaration on the termination of war does not mean the advent of peace".

This constitutes the desperate bid to stop the adoption, scuttle the trend for reconciliation between the north and the south and between the DPRK and the U.S. and to create the phase of acute stand-off and war on the peninsula.

As for the issue of the adoption of the declaration on the termination of war, it is the first process for defusing tension and building solid peace-keeping mechanism on the peninsula and a primary step for building confidence between the DPRK and the U.S. at the same time.
It has been almost 65 years since the conclusion of the armistice agreement, but ceasefire still persists on the peninsula.
Ceasefire can never mean the termination of war and it can not guarantee peace. This is a serious lesson taught by history.

The ceasefire that has lasted unprecedentedly long in history is like a time bomb set, threatening peace and security in the Korean peninsula, region and the rest of the world.
The Panmunjom Declaration clarified that it is a historical task which brooks no further delay to terminate the current abnormal ceasefire and build durable peace-keeping mechanism on the peninsula, and stipulated it as one of important commitments to declare the termination of war and convert the armistice agreement into a peace treaty.

The U.S., too, supported the issue of terminating war and this has already been agreed upon at the DPRK-U.S. summit talks.
The declaration on the termination of war in the peninsula can make a substantial contribution to peace in the region and the world and this will be beneficial both to the DPRK and the U.S. as well as to the international community.

The adoption of the declaration on the termination of war is the first and foremost process in the light of ending the extreme hostility and establishing new relations between the DPRK and the U.S. and also in the light of opening up new future for peace and security in the interests of the two peoples.

This issue should have been settled long before in view of the spirit of the Panmunjom summit talks and the DPRK-U.S. summit talks.
It is deeply regretful that the issue of the declaration on the termination of war that was agreed before the world has not yet seen its solution due to various conditions and excuses.

However, the riff-raffs like the LKP finding it hard to support itself after being abandoned are saying this or that about such an important issue.
This is a confrontational act of pursuing one's own dirty ambition, indifferent to the destiny and prospect of the nation.
Clear is the stand of the peace-loving forces towards the conservative group who behaves perversely while asserting that "declaration of the termination of war does not bring peace itself".
Peace can come only after the declaration of the termination of war. -0-

KCNA Commentary Advises Japan Not to Miss Opportunity for Redemption of Its Past

Pyongyang, July 3 (KCNA) -- Japanese Prime Minister Abe reportedly set "Japan-DPRK summit as a top diplomatic task", according to Tokyo Shimbun on July 1.
But its act is quite contrary to its zealous assertion.

It calls hoarse for sanctions and pressure on the DPRK while keeping faulting the DPRK over "abduction issue".
Speaking before the independent Dietmen's group sometime ago, Abe called for "keeping current sanctions until north Korea takes specific steps toward denuclearization".

This indicates his anti-DPRK hostility despite his lip-service for "dialogue".
"Dialogue" claimed by Japan does not stem from its sincere intent for the improvement of the DPRK-Japan relations but from its peculiar crafty calculation to save its face which has been marginalized from the trend on the Korean peninsula and belatedly hold its share in the Korean peninsula issue.

Japan's hostile policy toward the DPRK still remains unchanged.
Japan, left with no justifications for realizing its reinvasion and militarization due to the trend toward dialogue and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula, has become perverse, finding it hard to openly challenge the DPRK, and at the end is now making a show of itself.

It is in the same context that it is persistently building the public opinion over the "abduction issue" and maintaining the principle of hostility toward the DPRK.
Its contradictory act of keeping the one-sided policy of putting pressure on the DPRK despite its call for "warming ties" will only render its wretched plight more miserable.

The international community now demands Japan face up to the changed situation and search for a correct way-out in compliance with not only world peace and stability but its own interests.
Japan has to make a fundamental change in its awareness about the DPRK and take corresponding acts, if it truly wants dialogue with the DPRK.

It has to make a bold decision to redeem the past, not going so impudent as to talk about "sanctions" and "abduction".
Japan would be well advised not to miss the present time which is the best opportunity for Japan to redeem its past. -0-

KCNA Commentary Decries U.S. State Department's "Religious Freedom Report"

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- The U.S. State Department again faulted the DPRK in "2017 International Religious Freedom Report" on May 29.
Enumerating "persecution" of religion and "arrest and detention" of believers in the DPRK, the report tried to make the "data" sound plausible.

Explicitly speaking, the U.S. rhetoric about "religious freedom" is aimed to destabilize sovereign states and create pretexts for invasion and intervention for regime change.
The U.S. speaks volumes about "religious freedom" but historical facts about religious persecution and abuses in the country prove it is not entitled to say anything about it.

To meet its interests, it branded Islam, one of three religions in the world, as a bellicose one, openly claiming that the only way of eliminating it is to "reform the entire Islamic forces and lead them to Western democracy".
As a result, the Mid-east has turned into a region troubled by daily occurrences of disputes among countries, nations, ethnic groups and religious factions.

Rampant are such bullying acts of burning holy Koran or throwing it into toilet and committing violence against women Muslims which add to the religious abuses committed by the U.S. worldwide.
The U.S. has shaken off its mask of "religious freedom" in Korea, recording hideous crimes related to religion in Korea.

During the Korean war, the U.S. massacred lots of believers, through indiscriminate bombing and slaughter, and destroyed more than 1 900 churches and related facilities in the DPRK.
The "missionary" work the U.S. practiced on this land was just imbuing people with sycophancy toward America and the American way of life, and egging die-hard reactionary elements into acts against the party, state and social system.

As shown, the annual presentation of reports is just aimed to tarnish the international image of the DPRK and justify its hostile policy toward the latter.
Such motivation-driven acts, guided by old perspective, in disregard of the true picture in the DPRK where the people's beautiful dream and ideal are brought into a reality by dint of the single-hearted unity among the leader, the party and the masses, would not bring any proper solution to any problem.

The U.S. has to think from a new strategic angle, away from such a foolish farce to mar the image of the dignified DPRK under the deceptive signboards of "human rights protection" and "religious freedom". -0-

KCNA Commentary on Fruition of DPRK's Peace Policy

Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- The historic Panmunjom meeting and talks between the top leaders of the north and the south of Korea and the April 27 Declaration are welcomed and fully supported by the whole world.

South Koreans from all walks of life and the whole world praise the event as "a new history of peace created by the bold decision of Chairman Kim Jong Un" and "historic event that provided a great turning point for the inter-Korean ties and peace on the Korean Peninsula". The Washington Post said that the present climate in the peninsula was attributable to Chairman Kim Jong Un and that it was the result produced by his self-confidence.

Even the U.S. president welcomed the event, saying that it is very glad news for the whole world including the north and the south of Korea.
This shows that the recent north-south summit and the Panmunjom Declaration are an epoch-making event guaranteeing peace and security in the peninsula and the region, and meet the interests of the U.S.

As already known, it is the invariable stand of the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government to struggle for peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the world.
Thanks to the will and efforts of the Party and the government of the DPRK to end the history of confrontation in the peninsula and make a proactive contribution to regional security and global peace, active measures such as policy of making a great switchover in the north-south relations were taken one after another early in January this year.

The international community recognizes that those measures were the ones the north had long prepared and took as a strategic option to overcome the crisis in the peninsula, irrespective of the U.S.-led sanctions against the north and the examination of military action against it by the Trump administration.

The inter-Korean summit and declaration welcomed by the world are the priceless fruition of the DPRK's policy of defending peace.
This being a hard reality, such nonsense as "result of maximum pressure" and "option chosen at the limit" is heard from within the U.S. administration.

Such nonsense is a sophistry that can be made only by those with the Cold War way of thinking.
Such rude remarks may reverse the situation in the peninsula to the original one.
The U.S. should bear in mind that it will confirm to the demand of the world community and to its own interests to show etiquette and sincerity to its dialogue partner. -0-

Dok Islets Are Part of Korean Nation's Inviolable Territory: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- The Japanese government finally confirmed the teaching manuals stipulating that senior high schools are duty-bound to educate their students in the idea of Japan's "dominium over Tok islets."
Teaching manuals of similar contents for elementary and middle schools were made public just one year ago.

As a result, the students of elementary, middle and senior high schools in Japan are bound to be infused during their whole courses with the wrong claim that Tok islets are a part of "Japan's inviolable territory" and south Korea has "illegally occupied" them for decades, and with the twisted idea beautifying the past Japanese imperialists' wars of aggression and colonial rule over other countries.

The Abe cult persists in history distortion and education of rising generations in the idea of seizing other's territory. This is just a wanton provocation to the sovereignty of the Korean nation. It is also a product of its criminal design to instill the wild ambition for reinvasion into their minds and thus use them as a shock brigade for invading Korea.

Such history distortion rampant in education is attributable to the Japanese reactionaries' wild ambition for turning Japan into a military giant and launching reinvasion.
Abe is just a "pure-blooded militarist" who inherited the idea of the war criminals who masterminded the invasion of the continent in the past. His highest political goal is to make Japan shake off the disgrace and yoke as a defeated nation and take the path of overseas expansion.

Retrogressive revision of the Pacifist Constitution and distorted history education serve as twin pillars for propping up his scenario.
The Abe cult has pushed ahead with the revision of constitution and twisted history education for training the rising generations to be main players of reinvasion in a bid to make Japan a "country eligible to ignite a war," asserting "to change the constitution and educational system with their own hands is just little short of breaking with the post-war system."

The constitutional revision is imminent and twisted education on territorial claim has gone beyond the red line.
"'Abe's economics' is on the verge of bankruptcy and 'Abe's politics' is suspected of violating constitution, and 'Abe's military science' is rushing headlong into arms buildup. But all these will not be more serious than the harm which 'Abe's pedagogy' will do to the future of Japan and the Asia-Pacific region." This is a paragraph from foreign media.

Now organizations of political, social and civic circles in south Korea are raising their voice of protest. They are accusing the Japanese government of refusing to reflect on its past imperialistic aggression by instilling the wrong viewpoint on history into the rising generations, saying its rude language and acts wounding the public self-esteem will only precipitate its isolation.

As proven by history and as recognized by the world, Tok Islets are just a part of the inviolable territory of the Korean nation as were in the past. "Dominium over the Tok Islets" touted by Japan is just nonsense.
Japan should no longer claim other's territory.

The more it claims other's territory, the stronger reaction from the international community it will face. And its poor image as a defeated nation and an aggressor nation will more boldly project.
The south Koreans should respond to the moves of Japan to grab Tok Islets with a stronger campaign for defending them. -0-

KCNA Commentary Warns Japan against Going Reckless

Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries have become all the more pronounced in their moves for arms buildup.
Recently the Japan Defense Ministry buckled down to earnest moves to remake escort ship of Maritime "Self-Defense Force" Izumo into a carrier. To this end, it is stepping up the purchase of ultra-modern Stealth fighter F-35 and the introduction of take-off and landing technology from the U.S. and Britain.

Earlier, the Japan government decided to deploy the U.S. interceptor missile defense system Aegis Ashore on the land of Japan.
As proven, Japan's arms buildup being pushed forward under the signboards of "exclusive defense" and "re-organization of defense forces" is clearly the indication of increased nature of attack and aggression of the SDF.

Due to the moves to turn Japan into a military giant that have long been pushed forward, the SDF has undergone remarkable qualitative and quantitative change as perfect attack forces, after going beyond the level of defending the Japan proper.
This year alone, Japan decided to spend the biggest-ever budget for defense running at 5.1911 trillion yen and even hinted at a budget for long-range cruise missile, preemptive attack weapon, only to touch off controversy.

In March, the general ground command providing uniform control over all the ground SDF units was formed and amphibious task force was established as a special team for landing operation under the pretext of "defending a remote island in the southwest". All this has been carried out as an extension of the moves to revive the "imperial army" system which earned an ill fame for aggression and plunder.
Furthermore, the Abe group is thinking of specifying the existence of the SDF in Article 9, a key point of the "pacifist constitution", in order to grant the attack forces legality and provide them with legal ground for an aggression war.

All facts highlight the danger and severity of the modernization moves of the SDF which is dashing headlong into realizing the ambition for overseas expansion and this has touched off serious concern of the international community.
A press spokesman for the Defense Ministry of China at a weekly press conference on March 29 said that Japan's tendency in the field of military security has aroused concern of neighboring countries in Asia and the international community for historical reason and other reason in light of reality, adding its tendency to develop attack means which exceeds the need for "exclusive defense" arouses increased vigilance.

Russia, too, expressed high vigilance against Japan which is getting keen on introducing the U.S. interceptor missile defense system.
The present times are no longer what they used to be in the past when Japan provoked Sino-Japanese War and Russia-Japanese War at will to contain regional big powers by force and go roughshod over in Asian countries.

The Japanese reactionaries should clearly face up to the high vigilance of the international community and should not follow in the footsteps of their predecessors who were put to shame.
The SDF can never evade the fate of the Imperial Japanese Army unless it changes its purport of modernization. -0-