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KCNA Commentary Urges Japan to Fulfill Its Obligation

Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- At the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council, a Japanese vice foreign minister said that the "international community is still concerned about the human rights situation in north Korea as well as abducted Japanese", calling for the "international support for the settlement of the abduction issue".

It is highly ridiculous to see the shamelessness of insular political swindlers keen on foolish acts to cover up the blood-stained past crimes.
As known all over the world, the abduction issue much touted by Japan is the one settled long ago.

None the less, the Abe group has persistently used the abduction issue for their sinister purposes like retaining of power and win at election, asserting that "the abduction issue should not be curtained off".
In the final analysis, the Japanese reactionaries' human rights racket is no more than a big fraudulent farce that has been staged whenever they face political crisis.

Now, the Abe group is confronted with the strong demand of the international community to liquidate the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past without delay.
And the international pressure upon the Abe group grows stronger with each passing day along with the atmosphere of peace and stability being settled in the region by the initiative efforts of the DPRK.

Such atmosphere comes to be a really big challenge to the Japanese ruling quarters cherishing the sinister intention to realize the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" through the moves for militarization and military giant.
The Abe clique, quite upset by the atmosphere, is working hard to get rid of the historic responsibility and obligation by setting the issue of settlement of Japan's past against the abduction issue, its old favorite trick.

However, it is a mere daydream.
It is ludicrous that the Abe group tries to calm down the exasperated anti-Japanese sentiment of the international community with the already worn-out abduction issue and thus gloss over Japan's past woven with inhumane crimes. It is as foolish an act as covering up the dirty body with a piece of rag.

The decisions made at the international military tribunals after the Second World War and rules on war crimes specified in a report adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Sub-committee in August, 1999 clearly prove that Japan's past crimes are, indeed, the heinous crimes beyond the statute of limitations that deserve severe punishment.

Whatever tricks Japan resorts to, it can never evade its responsibility for the past crimes.
Japan is well advised to sincerely discharge the legal and moral obligation it assumed before the Korean nation and mankind, not adding crimes to its past crimes by raising a hue and cry over the abduction issue that makes a mockery of the international community.
Explicitly speaking, sincere apology and proper reparation for unethical crimes are the only thing that Japan, a war criminal state, should do. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Claim to Tok Island

Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- Japan keeps provocation to meet its aim of holding Tok Island.
The Japan foreign minister calling Tok Island "territory of Japan" in his recent speech on diplomatic affairs for new year in Diet, re-iterated his intent to "keep tackling the insistence".

This official indication of Japan's plan to openly tackle the task, with it set as key policy orientation for this year, is a blatant challenge and serious act of aggression against the dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation.
Absolutely enraging the entire Korean nation is the gangster-like act of the Japanese reactionaries who, flatly denying the past crimes pending prompt liquidation, only makes far-fetched assertion that the land of Korea belongs to them.

Japan's persistent attachment to Tok Island issue betrays its never-ending ambition for territorial expansion and its brazen-facedness that has reached the extremes.
It is illogical and something intolerable for Japan to go arrogant to raise the Tok Island issue, today when exclusively heightened atmosphere for reunification is witnessed among the Korean nation, renowned for having lived long as a homogeneous nation on one and the same territory.

Tok Island is inalienable part of Korea both in name and reality.
Even key historical data and maps of Japan, to say nothing of all historical documents of Korea, specify Tok Island as Korea's. None of them found to have marked the islet as Japan's.

Currently on increase are disclosure of historical data and materials proving that Japan did not recognize Tok Island as its land.
This notwithstanding, Japan insists on its dominium over "Tok Island", not because of its ignorance of international law or misunderstanding of historical facts. This is a vivid expression of its militarist ambition to justify past aggression acts that drenched the vast Asian continent in blood and realize its old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere".

Clear is the aim sought by Japan in going mad to hold control of Tok Island.
By holding the islet, geographic and strategic linchpin rich in natural resources, Japan designs to monopolize economic interests in the region and turn it into a military base for serving its overseas expansion ambition.

What it also has in mind is to make the islet topic of international disputes and take the issue to the International Tribunal Court.
By doing so, it wants to create plausible excuses and long-term guarantee for constitutional revision and military giant move.
If the Japanese reactionaries keep going reckless for overseas territorial expansion, defying repeated protest and rejection by the DPRK and other countries around it, they will face earlier isolation and self-ruin.
Tok Island is an inseparable part of Korea's territory forever. -0-

Japan Will Ruin Itself: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) -- Japan is running high fever in the naval intercepting operation against the DPRK.
Japan, who went mean last year, informing the 1718 Committee of the UN Security Council of the DPRK's possibility of transshipment on the sea, is confusing the international community this year again, claiming that there is suspicion that the DPRK has been transferred essential oil goods from an unidentified ship in the open sea.

It is quite absurd as it is an evil-minded act of those who are marginalized by the trend of the regional situation.
Japan is getting increasingly uneasy with dialogues between different sides being conducted centered on the DPRK at present and with the positive development of the regional situation attributable to it.

Japan has so far rushed headlong for the execution of its hostile policy toward the DPRK, while crying out for cooperation in inciting confrontation with the DPRK and in putting pressure on the DPRK. Now that the anti-DPRK camp made a sudden U-turn toward dialogue with the DPRK, Japan is experiencing the feelings of betrayal, loneliness and awkwardness, finding itself at a loss with no idea of how to make its diplomatic gesture.

The warm wind of peace and stability that began to breeze over the Korean peninsula and the region has deprived Japan of even the justifications of "theory of threats from north Korea" which it had used for building political, military and socio-economic foundation for the establishment of a war state.

Much embarrassed by this, the Japanese reactionaries are taking the lead in the naval interception of the DPRK's ships even with the involvement of monitoring devices and personnel from other countries out of their vicious ambition to get rid of unfavorable situation.

Through this, they try to demonstrate their existence in settling the Korean peninsula issue and furthermore chill the efforts of the DPRK for defending peace, turn the situation back to the days of confrontation and thus realize without fail the dirty ambition of becoming a military giant and achieving overseas expansion.

Japan's moves are Don-Quixotic wild act going against the present trend of the times.
Now the neighboring countries and the international community support the DPRK's sincere stand and efforts to spur the development of positive situation on the Korean peninsula and hope that the present process of d?tente would be further accelerated to contribute to the development of world peace, security and civilization.

At this time, Japan is inciting cooperation for pressure on the DPRK and is working desperately to strain tension. This can not but be a frontal challenge to human desire for peace.
Japan's unbecoming acts of going against the trend of the times will only plunge Japan deeper into abyss.

An Asian media commented that with the growing suspicion of "passing Japan" over the Korean peninsula issue, Abe and others came out for defensive diplomacy only to be cold shouldered for its unreasonable demands and inappropriate acts and words.
"Passing Japan" is attributable to the Abe regime's exploitation of the north's nuclear issue for the domestic ultra-right politics. Without the settlement of this, there can never be a way-out.

This is quite just.
Japan must know that it will ruin itself if turns its face away from the trend of the times. -0-

The Inevitability of Impeachment By Elizabeth Drew

Ms. Drew is a journalist based in Washington who covered Watergate.
Dec. 27, 2018

Even Republicans may be deciding that the president has become too great a burden to their party or too great a danger to the country.
A billboard asking people to sign a petition calling for the impeachment of President Trump in Times Square in New York last year.

An impeachment process against President Trump now seems inescapable. Unless the president resigns, the pressure by the public on the Democratic leaders to begin an impeachment process next year will only increase. Too many people think in terms of stasis: How things are is how they will remain. They don¡¯t take into account that opinion moves with events.

Whether or not there¡¯s already enough evidence to impeach Mr. Trump - I think there is - we will learn what the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has found, even if his investigation is cut short. A significant number of Republican candidates didn¡¯t want to run with Mr. Trump in the midterms, and the results of those elections didn¡¯t exactly strengthen his standing within his party. His political status, weak for some time, is now hurtling downhill.

The midterms were followed by new revelations in criminal investigations of once-close advisers as well as new scandals involving Mr. Trump himself. The odor of personal corruption on the president¡¯s part - perhaps affecting his foreign policy - grew stronger. Then the events of the past several days - the president¡¯s precipitous decision to pull American troops out of Syria, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis¡¯s abrupt resignation, the swoon in the stock market, the pointless shutdown of parts of the government -instilled a new sense of alarm among many Republicans.

The word ¡°impeachment¡± has been thrown around with abandon. The frivolous impeachment of President Bill Clinton helped to define it as a form of political revenge. But it is far more important and serious than that: It has a critical role in the functioning of our democracy.

Impeachment was the founders¡¯ method of holding a president accountable between elections. Determined to avoid setting up a king in all but name, they put the decision about whether a president should be allowed to continue to serve in the hands of the representatives of the people who elected him.

The founders understood that overturning the results of a presidential election must be approached with care and that they needed to prevent the use of that power as a partisan exercise or by a faction. So they wrote into the Constitution provisions to make it extremely difficult for Congress to remove a president from office, including that after an impeachment vote in the House, the Senate would hold a trial, with a two-thirds vote needed for conviction.

Lost in all the discussion about possible lawbreaking by Mr. Trump is the fact that impeachment wasn¡¯t intended only for crimes. For example, in 1974 the House Judiciary Committee charged Richard Nixon with, among other things, abusing power by using the I.R.S. against his political enemies. The committee also held the president accountable for misdeeds by his aides and for failing to honor the oath of office¡¯s pledge that a president must ¡°take care that the laws be faithfully executed.¡±

The current presidential crisis seems to have only two possible outcomes. If Mr. Trump sees criminal charges coming at him and members of his family, he may feel trapped. This would leave him the choice of resigning or trying to fight congressional removal. But the latter is highly risky.

I don¡¯t share the conventional view that if Mr. Trump is impeached by the House, the Republican-dominated Senate would never muster the necessary 67 votes to convict him. Stasis would decree that would be the case, but the current situation, already shifting, will have been left far behind by the time the senators face that question. Republicans who were once Mr. Trump¡¯s firm allies have already openly criticized some of his recent actions, including his support of Saudi Arabia despite the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and his decision on Syria. They also openly deplored Mr. Mattis¡¯s departure.

It always seemed to me that Mr. Trump¡¯s turbulent presidency was unsustainable and that key Republicans would eventually decide that he had become too great a burden to the party or too great a danger to the country. That time may have arrived. In the end the Republicans will opt for their own political survival. Almost from the outset some Senate Republicans have speculated on how long his presidency would last. Some surely noticed that his base didn¡¯t prevail in the midterms.

But it may well not come to a vote in the Senate. Facing an assortment of unpalatable possibilities, including being indicted after he leaves office, Mr. Trump will be looking for a way out. It¡¯s to be recalled that Mr. Nixon resigned without having been impeached or convicted. The House was clearly going to approve articles of impeachment against him, and he¡¯d been warned by senior Republicans that his support in the Senate had collapsed. Mr. Trump could well exhibit a similar instinct for self-preservation. But like Mr. Nixon, Mr. Trump will want future legal protection.

Mr. Nixon was pardoned by President Gerald Ford, and despite suspicions, no evidence has ever surfaced that the fix was in. While Mr. Trump¡¯s case is more complex than Mr. Nixon¡¯s, the evident dangers of keeping an out-of-control president in office might well impel politicians in both parties, not without controversy, to want to make a deal to get him out of there.

KCNA Comments on Japan's Impertinent Move

Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- The Japanese ambassador to the UN said at a recent full-dress session of the United Nations General Assembly that the principle of unanimous approval should be revised as it is delaying the reform of the UNSC, expressing his dissatisfaction at the delay of the reform.
This, once again, laid bare the ambition of Japan to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

It is a long-cherished desire of Japan to poke its nose into dealing with international affairs, exercise the right to speak and influence and thus make the UN a stage for accomplishing its political and military ambition.
To this end, Japan has set a matter of becoming a permanent member of the UNSC as an important diplomatic task and it has gone hectic since long before.
It is not the first time that Abe and other Japanese politicians talked about the reform of the UN including the UNSC for "interests of all people" at the UN General Assembly this year alone.

Is Japan furious in agitating the reform of the UN for interests of humankind?
It is a shameless act for political dwarf Japan, a war criminal state, to pose as a "political power" after imposing immeasurable sufferings upon Asian peoples in the last century.

Japan, a criminal state in the past, is still committing crimes.
Instead of sincerely repenting of crime-woven past and liquidating it, Japan is full of militarist and revanchist ambition over 70 odd years since its defeat.

Japan is never entitled to become a permanent member of the UNSC.
However, it is complaining that its advance toward the permanent membership of the UNSC is delayed, and is calling for changing the way of discussion. It is the height of arrogance.

Japan, a war state failing to liquidate its past dirty history and running headlong into overseas expansion, is trying to sit on the UNSC. It is highly illogical. Such move of Japan is a mockery and insult to the Asian people who had undergone horrible humiliation and suffered damage by Japan, and an open challenge to the world public hoping for right ethics and order of the international community and the fair role of the UN.

For Japan to hold a responsible post of the UN is never tolerable as it goes quite contrary to the basic mission of the UN in the light of Japan's past unethical crimes and an instable factor of the world peace.
Japan, which is failing to get involved in the issue of the Korean peninsula due to the lack of its elementary judging and reacting ability, is trying to get itself involved in world politics and profess itself to be a "political power". This is enough to make the world laugh.

If it has far-sightedness and perception even a bit, it should be well aware of its position and make unconditional and thorough-going apology and reparation for its past crimes.
For Japan to sincerely repent of its crime-woven past is needed for itself rather than for others. -0-

Who Disturbs Favorably Going Regional Situation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) -- Japan's military moves are so noisy in the region recently.
It recently conducted an interceptor missile test in league with the U.S. in the waters off Hawaii.

In October the Ground "Self-Defense Force" staged its first joint drill with the UK army. It was reported that it is the first time for it to conduct a joint military drill with a foreign army on the mainland, except the U.S. army.
GSDF staged the first joint drill with the Indian army in a northeastern area of India.

As known, unprecedentedly getting stronger in the region is the joint effort for defusing the danger of war and preserving peace and security.
However, Japan is keen on disturbing the regional situation, failing to take part in the brisk regional dialogue but getting more and more isolated.
Worse still, the militarist fanatics of Japan are getting desperate in the reckless military moves for realizing the wild ambition for overseas expansion, only to go against the trend of the times and the public aspiration. This can never be overlooked.

The Abe regime decided to extend the sphere of SDF overseas dispatch to Asia this year although it was confined to Africa under the signboard of UN peace-keeping activities.
It established a mission in NATO and is putting efforts in intensifying "cooperation" with its member states.

The overseas advance of SDF being expanded to across the world means that Japan's military operation covers the whole world. This also can be abused to secure a "pretext" for the Japanese forces to be involved in a war of aggression in any part of the world as was in the past century.

It is as clear as noonday that the Japanese reactionaries are seeking to realize their dirty dream at any cost by perfecting the actual fighting capacity of SDF under the pretext of "military cooperation" and "joint drill."

With no sleight of hand the militarist fanatics can ever hide their wild ambition.
The international community is seriously concerned of the Japanese reactionaries' bellicose moves destroying peace in the region and other parts of the world.
Japan should never forget that the international community is keeping its sharp eye on such moves. -0-

LKP of South Korea Should Not Go against Current of Times: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 16 (KCNA) -- As a leopard cannot hide its spots, the "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea is stilling going mischievous against the current of the times.
It termed the recent meeting for national reunification marking the 11th anniversary of the October 4 declaration held in Pyongyang "formation of the joint ranks of the united front with the north" and "obedience to the north."

This is utterly ridiculous.
The meeting was the first joint event of the nation to implement the historical agreement in the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration," which demonstrated strong enthusiasm and will of all Koreans to achieve peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Its validity and significance can never be played down by such rubbish of some crooked conservatives as it is fully supported by all Koreans and the international community.
The ill-intended behavior of the "Liberal Korea Party" is just a grumble and last-ditch effort of those who were left alone after being nudged out of the historical trend toward national reconciliation, unity, peace and reunification.

As an opinion poll recently conducted by south Korean media shows, the percentage of those supporting the LKP is at an all-time low.
Though it works hard to tide over the crisis, talking about "emergency measure," "great conservative unity" and "reshuffle," the public remains unchanged in their stand toward the treacherous political party seeking fratricidal confrontation and national division.

Days ago, the south Korean internet newspaper Minjok Ilbo in an article titled "Liberal Korea Party digging its own grave" said although peaceful atmosphere got stronger after the publication of the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" and the era changed, the "Liberal Korea Party" persistently resorts to its die-hard "anti-communist, anti-north" policy, only to be isolated and alienated. It termed the LKP the "biggest obstacle to the advance toward the new era of peace, prosperity and reunification."

The current of the times toward the national independence and great unity can neither be stemmed nor be turned back.
Only two options left for the LKP -- whether to follow that trend or to face destruction.

It had better consider it carefully before it is too late.
The great cause of the nation to bring about a new era of peace, prosperity and independent reunification by the concerted efforts of all Koreans can never be checked by a handful of obstructive forces. -0-

KCNA Commentary Calls for Eliminating Dregs of History

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) -- The world has been greatly shocked by the historic 5th inter-Korean summit meeting and talks.
The whole course of the summit in Pyongyang was a continuation of excitement and wonder and an event to be specially recorded in history which demonstrated before the world the Korean nation's strong sense of independence, desire for peace and will for reunification.

Truly tremendous is the significance of the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" through which the north and the south of Korea pledged before the world to consistently develop in a sustained way their relations for national reconciliation, cooperation, solid peace and co-prosperity and make the Korean peninsula a land of peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats.
No wonder, not only the Koreans but the neighboring countries and the whole world including the U.S. warmly welcome and support it, commenting that "the results of the talks surpassed the expectation of the outside world".

But the ultra-right conservative forces of south Korea including the "Liberal Korea Party" are still mired in the confrontation.
The conservative group, which has been going mischievous before the summit, is now spitting out almost every day such ill-boding words that "the south is taken in by the north's tactics, they were talks that accepted the north's stand only, the agreement hoodwinked the defense field without taking practical measure for denuclearization and astronomical amount of taxes collected from people are to be offered to the north".

This was something expected in the light of the nature of the conservatives, but what is utterly shocking is such wicked and narrow-minded remarks intended to chill the desire of the fellow countrymen and humankind for peace, stability and reunification of the Korean peninsula.

They only revealed the criminal nature of the political philistines who, feeling pleasure at the pain of the nation suffering from division, have prolonged their remaining days with confrontation and war.
The behaviors of the conservatives in the course of the nation's past efforts for peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula prove that they have only destroyed things, not creating anything.

The two north-south summit meetings in Pyongyang in the last decade reflective of the whole nation's strong desire for reunification, and the birth of the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration have no relations with the conservative forces.

The conservative group only totally denied the valuable agreements common to the nation, and viciously stood in the way of their implementation, thus pushing the north-south ties to a total stalemate.
The conservatives are now again trying to tarnish the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" and its historic significance. They are, indeed, a group of traitors disgracing the Korean nation, destroyer of peace and a cancer-like entity standing in the way of reunification.

Now south Koreans from all walks of life denounce the "Liberal Korea Party", querying how long it is going to stay as an observer and disturber of peace, terming it a party worse than conservative organizations.
Dregs of history that have been ostracized by the strong trend of the nation for reconciliation and cooperation must be eliminated at an early date. -0-

Obstacles to Implementing Declaration Should be Removed: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 14 (KCNA) -- More than 100-day course for the implementation of the historic Panmunjom Declaration after its adoption has made obvious the attitude of south Koreans of all standings toward the declaration.

The overwhelming majority of people have hoped for the all-inclusive and thorough-going implementation of the declaration amid the estimation made by the authorities and the ruling party that "south-north relations have turned over a new leaf, going beyond the level of restoration" and "peace has become something common".

On the other hand, the "Liberal Korea Party", "Parun Mirae Party" and some other forces are still viciously slandering it, talking about "the north making a U-turn", "opposition to loosened sanctions", "declaration of nuclear activity", etc.

The April 27 Panmunjom Declaration became a historical landmark as it opened a new era toward independence, reunification, peace and prosperity after putting an end to division and stand-off, and no one can fault this.
It is truly regretful, however, that the Declaration is not being implemented expeditiously as against the expectations of all Koreans and the international community.

At the end of reading the face of outsiders, the LKP and other conservative dissident parties are now holding back the "government", openly taking up the cudgels against the Declaration, and even the adoption of the resolution supporting the Declaration is now at the point of being dropped at the "National Assembly".

Looking back on the checkered history of the past north-south joint declarations, the conservative forces have remained unchanged in their vicious try against reunification and the nation, and this is never tolerable.
Claiming a "lost decade", the conservative forces turned into a scrap paper the June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration signed by the north and the south, and with the presentation of such confrontation-minded policies and evil laws as "denuclearization, opening and 3 000 dollars", "Dresden Declaration" and "anti-terrorism law", they pushed the north-south ties to a stalemate.

The LKP and other conservative forces that inherited the baton of these crimes are now going desperate to reduce the Panmunjom Declaration into a dead document and to hold in check the advance toward peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula.

These obstacles have to be cleared in order to ensure proper implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration.
The south Koreans from all walks of life have to intensify the struggle for implementing the Panmunjom Declaration and cleaning up the evils of society to marginalize forever the group of traitorous conservatives making last-ditch efforts. -0-

KCNA Commentary Urges Repatriation of Women Citizens from S. Korea

Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Truth behind conspiratorial cases is bound to be disclosed.
More details of the story about forcible abduction of DPRK women citizens by the Park Geun Hye group of traitors have been disclosed in south Korea, touching off a flurry of censure at home and abroad.

An official concerned of a UN human rights body in a press conference on July 10 quoted the DPRK women employees as saying they did not know they were coming to south Korea, calling on the authorities to conduct thorough-going investigation, ferret out and punish those concerned with the case and respect the employees' intent for return.

On July 15 there was a confession by a criminal who had been involved in deceiving the women and bringing them to south Korea by appeasement, deception and threatening of the "Intelligence Service", which brought to light the case of "defection from the north according to free will".

This has proved in fact that the Park Geun Hye group cooked up the conspiratorial farce against the DPRK in order to turn the table in its favor a few days before the "National Assembly" election.

The crime committed by the group of traitors, which forcibly separated young girls from their beloved families in wanton violation of their rights in order to meet its political purpose, has aroused strong indignation of the public and this has touched off strong demand for their immediate repatriation.

Their repatriation is a pending issue which brooks no further delay.
But the south Korean authorities are still not taking a proper stand on the issue.
Now the north and the south are promoting issues for improvement of the relations and for peace and prosperity in the spirit of the Panmunjom Declaration and the reunion of separated families and relatives is also high on the agenda.

It is ridiculous to trumpet about the "pain of separated families" while keeping the new "separated families" deliberately created due to the inhumane act of the former conservative regime and while shunning the strong appeal of the separated families.

The repatriation of the women has to be realized without delay in the light of humanitarianism and for the abolition of evils and for the sustained development of the north-south ties.
Solution of humanitarian issue is an urgent issue more important than any exchange and cooperation.
The implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration does not mean the selected implementation for saving face or putting on airs.

It is utterly disgusting that the south Korean authorities have taken up double-dealing attitude while talking about "solution of humanitarian issue" and "development of the south-north relations" after forcibly separating those women from their parents for years.
The south Korean authorities should acknowledge the inhuman crimes committed by the Park Geun Hye group, though belatedly, and send back the DPRK citizens to the embrace of the motherland at once.
An attitude to this issue would make one judge their will for the improvement of the north-south ties.
Hypocrisy will never work. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blames Japan for Rushing Headlong into Revival of Militarism

Pyongyang, July 10 (KCNA) -- Japan is going more reckless, heated with militarism.
It was said that shortly ago, the Abe government formally decided to extend the area of the "Self-Defense Forces" for overseas dispatch to Asia though it was limited to Africa under the pretext of its joining in the UN peace-keeping activities and hotly debated the issue of developing a next-generation fighter plane for the Air "Self-Defense Force".

Such daily-escalating military move is nothing but a reckless act of those bent on overseas expansion.
Japan's moves for the revival of militarism have reached extremes since the emergence of the Abe government, focusing on military advance overseas with a revanchist ambition after its defeat in the Second World War

The Japanese reactionaries' such ambition and practical moves are not limited to Asia or Africa but aimed at the whole world.
This is proved by the fact that Japan is seeking "close cooperation" with NATO.
Shortly ago, Kyodo News reported that the Abe government is working to set up a mission at NATO for the purpose of discussing the matter of "cooperation" in ensuring regional security with member states of NATO.

In case such plan comes true, Japan can more easily realize its ambition for dispatching the SDF even to Europe under the pretence of "cooperation" with NATO and usher the NATO military forces into Asia when necessary.

It is by no means accidental that a recent "proposal for increasing defense expenditures" presented by the Liberal Democratic Party refers to the plan for introducing a "multi-purpose carrier" meaning an aircraft carrier and adjusting long-distance missiles.
It is natural that the Abe group's dangerous scheme for militarization is sparking strong opposition and rebuff of the international community.

Not only the Asian people who had been subjected to pain and misfortune by the Japanese imperialists in the past but also the European people who are remembering the miserable disasters in the Second World War will never remain a passive onlooker to the moves of Japan, a fascist fanatic, for turning itself into a military giant and deploying the SDF in other countries.

Will the U.S., a senior ally of Japan, want the unlimited expansion of the latter capable of provoking the Second Pacific War?
In the final analysis, Japan's revival of militarism will only bring strong vigilance and backlash from the regional states and international isolation. -0-

Now Is Time to Be Prudent about One's Language: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- The recent situation on the Korean Peninsula needs more careful and responsible handling of matters.
Nevertheless, days ago a U.S. congressman cried out for the "expansion and increase of sanctions" at a meeting of NATO member states, calling the DPRK a "global threat".
It is no more than unseemly remarks running counter to the peaceful trend toward dialogue.

As everybody knows, not a few of the inglorious events witnessed during the detente on the Korean Peninsula are attributable to the excessive demeanor of U.S. politicians.
The "global threat" uttered by the said U.S. politician is absurd and the motive behind it is very sinister, too.

The reality reminds the international community to feel how deep mistrust and hostility between the DPRK and the U.S. are and how vulnerable the state of dialogue is due to their deep-rooted hostile relations.
The hostile relationship has lasted between the DPRK and the U.S. for decades. So, there is void of elementary confidence in each other. Up until months ago, coarse languages were exchanged and the situation inched close to the brink of a nuclear war.

It goes without saying that such litany of irresponsible words uttered by U.S. politicians openly incited hostility and war to strain the situation on the peninsula.
Now that dialogue between the DPRK and the U.S. is due and a door to lasting peace has opened thanks to the historic courageous decision, the U.S. politicians have to be much prudent about their language.

They should be mindful that history may change and a world map be re-drawn owing to even an unbecoming and imprudent word.
We respect the freedom of expression but never tolerate the speech and behavior aimed at wrecking the present trend of peace and straining the situation on the Korean peninsula by misusing the pretext of the freedom.
It is also a political savvy to be able to properly face up to the trend of the times and weigh one's words, if necessary. -0-

KCNA Commentary Calls for Maintaining Principle of National Independence

Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- Strong enthusiasm for national reunification is running high across the 3 000-ri land of Korea after the April 27 special event in Panmunjom.
All Koreans in the north and the south and abroad ardently hope that the eye-opening reality will lead to genuine peace and reunification.

The international community is unanimously hailing and supporting the adoption of the April 27 Declaration, the most realistic and reasonable, the core of which is the idea of By Our Nation Itself, the principle of national independence, and which are suitable to the will and desire of the whole Korean nation and aspiration of the progressives after peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula.

The great event in national history which brought about a turning phase in accomplishing the cause of independent reunification is a precious fruition of the firm will of the top leaders of the north and the south to put an end to division and confrontation as soon as possible and thus courageously usher in a fresh era of national reconciliation and peace and prosperity and the concerted efforts of the north and the south.

However, foolish remarks that the event is an "effect of sanctions and pressure" and "result of the support by Trump and neighboring countries" are heard from some of south Korea. They are seriously contrary to the principle of national independence confirmed by the north and the south in the Panmunjom Declaration stipulating that the destiny of the Korean nation is decided by itself.

It is absurd to assert that the great event in which Panmunjom Declaration came into being was attributable to "support" by outsiders.
The world now clearly understands how the north and the south could make concerted efforts to provide the excited reality as it is on the Korean peninsula plagued with touch-and-go situation.

During the historic north-south summit, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and President Moon Jae In planted a pine tree at Panmunjom, with a mixture of soils from Mts Paektu and Halla and water from the Rivers Taedong and Han, to the effect that the north and the south should work hard to pave the future in the staunch spirit like ever-green pine tree.

Nobody can find fault with the initiative and independent measures of the DPRK to develop the trend of improving the north and the south on the principle of national independence and thus create the peaceful climate on the Korean peninsula and make a new history of prosperity.

The principle of independence is essential for the settlement of national issues as well as for the great unity of the whole nation.
Only when the great unity of the whole nation is achieved on the principle of independence, can the Korean nation be responsible for its destiny and become the great driving force and decisive force of national reunification and prosperity.

The Korean nation is no longer weak nation in the past that was deprived of sovereignty and country by foreign forces, but it is a resourceful and strong nation capable of carving out its destiny by its own effort.
It is not accidental that the international community comments that if the north and the south of Korea are reunified into one, it will "emerge one of the most powerful countries on the earth".

The issue of national reunification should be solved independently in keeping with the desire and demand of the nation, free from the domination and interference by outsiders. This is a lesson drawn from the Korean nation's history of division spanning more than 50 years.
If the principle of national independence is not maintained, it will be impossible to improve the inter-Korean relations in line with the will and demand of the whole nation. -0-

Double-Dealing Attitude Will Never Succeed: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 12 (KCNA) -- Some days ago, the UN Security Council which kowtows to the U.S. included more DPRK-flagged vessels and transport and trading corporations in the "sanctions list", the largest of its kind in history, under the pretext of "violation of resolutions on sanctions on the DPRK".
What is disgusting here is the south Korean authorities' attitude of currying favor with their master U.S., as they praised the step as an "expression of the will to honor the implementation of the sanctions resolutions".

The U.S. and the forces following it have recently insisted that the present situation on the Korean peninsula is a clear proof that the sanctions on the DPRK are paying off and that the sanctions have to be maintained. Against this backdrop, they worked out the largest-ever "sanctions list" and the south Korean authorities took the lead in "supporting" it. This is double-dealing acts of having an axe to grind despite outward smile.

Today the Koreans' desire for improved north-south ties and reunification has gained momentum. Much upset by this, outsiders have become frantic in their moves to stifle the DPRK while deliberately chilling the atmosphere for national reconciliation and unity.
At this time, the south Korean authorities are supporting the U.S. racket for stifling their fellow countrymen by adopting a trite stance. This can not but be a crime before the nation who wishes for the lasting peace on the Korean peninsula and independent reunification through national cooperation.

The favorable atmosphere created on the Korean peninsula is never attributable to the sanctions by the U.S. and its vassal forces.
The reconciliation and unity, witnessed in the north-south relations that had been frozen with distrust and confrontation, and the phase for d?tente created on the Korean peninsula are the result of the proactive efforts of the DPRK and the unanimous desire and wish of all Koreans who are keen to open up the breakthrough to independent reunification by giving further momentum to the hard-won atmosphere for the improvement of the north-south relations.

The south Korean authorities often trumpet about valuing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and improving the north-south relations whenever opportunities present themselves but outside they behave differently. This proves that their words do not match their acts.

Double-dealing stance can never work today.
If the south Korean authorities keep going against the nation's desire and wish, being pursuant to the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK, they will be made to face the same fate as the one met by the group of traitors. -0-