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KCNA Commentary Rebukes "Conservatives' Mega-Merging" Farce

Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- A saying goes habit is a second nature.
The group of the "Liberal Korea Party" on the verge of collapse is keen on "mega-merging of the conservatives".
"National Assemblymen" from the traitorous party and coteries of its emergency measure committee, calling the present moment an "essential point for reorganizing conservative non-government camp," keep shouting hoarse for "rebuilding a bipartisan system structure" and "setting up anti-Moon Jae In solidarity".

Making eyes at the "Parun Mirae Party" on one hand, they are complimenting former "prime minister" Hwang Kyo An as "an asset of conservatives," being deeply engrossed in a persuasion campaign for "enrollment in the party".

The merging farce of the conservatives that aims at seizing power is not just simple reorganization of the political camp but an outright challenge and an open declaration of a war against the south Koreans who overturned the conservative regime through righteous candlelight resistance.

The candlelight vigil that brightened the land across south Korea was an eruption of the pent-up wrath and indignation of the south Koreans against the fascist dictator ill-famed for unpopular rule, sycophantic treachery and confrontation between the fellow countrymen.
But the accomplices who should have already been punished together with the kingpin of dictatorship, corruption and irregularities are whetting the sword of revenge.
They spit out invectives almost every day, calling on "conservatives to rally to end the leftist regime" and pledging to "punish the leftist regime to satisfy the grudge of the conservatives".

To rake up the conservative forces, they held the farce of admitting thousands of the "Thaegukgi Unit" into the "Liberal Korea Party," a group of ultra-right conservatives who took up the cudgels against the impeachment of traitor Park Geun Hye.

Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo and other conservative media have been exploited to describe the candlelight actions waged by the broad segments of south Koreans as a "riot egged on by the pro-north leftist forces".
Clear is the aim sought by the group of the political philistines in crying out for the "mega-merging of conservatives," still going in high spirits, though they are forsaken by the people for their thrice-cursed crimes. That is to annihilate the democratic reformist forces as "pro-north leftist forces" and "leftist regime" and to go back to the era of nightmare-like conservative regimes.

This shows with added clarity that the merging farce is part of a political coup for the revival of fascist dictatorship.
Nothing can reverse the public inclination toward social justice, democracy, and independent reunification of the nation however desperate the sediments of history may try.
The south Koreans are sure to shatter the LKP's pipedream of "mega-merging" through more courageous anti-conservative actions. -0-
Peace Breakers Are Doomed to Complete Isolation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- Japan incessantly does the DPRK a wrong.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga and other Japanese politicians, recently, said that it is "premature" to lift the sanctions on the DPRK, and that the "sanctions resolutions" should remain effective - a stream of nonsense.

One can not help laughing at those marginalized from the structure of the relations among the neighboring countries of the Korean peninsula. Now Japan disgraces itself as it has failed to take part in any positive dialogues for peace and security in the peninsula and the region.

Even The Washington Post said that although the situation in Northeast Asia is rapidly changing with a series of negotiations held among north Korea, south Korea and the U.S., Japan has still failed to join in the trend.

What matters is that far from paying attention to the condemnation from world public, foolish remarks made by Japanese politicians drive Japan into an ever worsening dilemma.

The Abe government hurled a torrent of abuse at the DPRK such as "solution of abduction issue" and "monitoring of goods transactions". They are motivated by the sinister political ambition to reverse the present dialogue atmosphere to the confrontation.
It is their intention to calm down the public angered by the ultra-right policies, irregularities and corruption, etc. and, at the same time, to maintain a political justification for militarist overseas expansion.
Japan's escalation of tensions will evoke a strong rebuff from the international community regarding justice, morality and peace as a standard of civilization and development.

Now the region and the international community support the dialogue atmosphere on the peninsula created by the positive efforts of the DPRK and hope that the trend of detente will be further accelerated and expanded to contribute to global peace and security and the development of civilization at an early date.

Japan's claim that it is "premature" to lift the sanctions on the DPRK and moves to escalate tensions are an open challenge to the desire of mankind.
The acts of the Abe regime will only make the international community know better about the political and moral arrogance of small-minded Japs and their true colors as peace disturbers.
Its arrogant words and deeds will precipitate Japan's complete isolation. -0-

War End Is Not Just Gift: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 2 (KCNA) -- Some Korean issue experts of America are recently spouting such rubbish that the U.S. should force the DPRK to not only notify its nuclear program and have it verified but also dismantle its Nyongbyon nuclear facility and missile facility in return for the U.S. response to its call for a war-end declaration.

The issue of the war-end declaration should have been resolved half a century ago, under an armistice agreement. It is also the most basic and primary process for the establishment of new DPRK-U.S. relations and peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula, to which the U.S. was also committed.

In actuality, the issue of the war end had already been proposed by the U.S. first during the Bush II administration more than one decade ago. As specified in the "Declaration for Development of North-South Relations and Peace and Prosperity" adopted on October 4, 2007 and the "Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula" on April 27 last, it is the matter to which the U.S. and other relevant parties paid more attention than the DPRK.

The end of war, which meets the interests of not only the DPRK and the U.S. but also the countries in Northeast Asia wanting peace of the Korean peninsula, is not just a gift from a man to another at all. Furthermore, it can never be a bargaining chip for getting the DPRK denuclearized.

Now that the DPRK and the U.S. are aspiring after the establishment of new relations true to the spirit of the June 12 DPRK-U.S. joint statement, it is quite right to put an end to the belligerent relations between them.
But, if the U.S. doesn't want the end of war, the DPRK will also not particularly hope for it.
As far as the Nyongbyon nuclear facility is concerned, it is just a core one for the nuclear program of the DPRK, as recognized by the U.S. and other countries of the world.

Out of its fixed stand to remain true to the joint statement made at the DPRK-U.S. summit, the DPRK clarified in the "September Pyongyang joint declaration" that it is willing to continuously take such additional steps as eternal dismantlement of the Nyongbyon nuclear facility if the U.S. takes a corresponding measure.

The DPRK is taking substantial and crucial steps to implement the joint statement made at the DPRK-U.S. summit, but the U.S. is still trying to subdue someone by resorting to sanctions, oft-repeating the story about escalation of sanctions pressure on the DPRK.
Worse still, those called experts on the Korean issue are orchestrating a farce of putting a price on the issue which should have been settled 60 odd years ago.

Whoever is truly interested in the settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula should approach it with a proper understanding of the historical origin and essence of the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula. -0-

KCNA Denounces Japan for Harassing Peace

Pyongyang, August 27 (KCNA) -- Japan is intensifying military action, going against the time when a dramatic change is being made and climate of detente created on the Korean Peninsula.
Shortly ago, Japan was closeted with Britain over a joint operation of monitoring vessels of the DPRK and joint military exercise in open sea in coming November and December which are reported to be commenced upon the arrival of a British frigate.

Timed to coincide with this, the Japanese defense minister openly said that Japan's "estimation of the DPRK is invariable" and it is essential to strengthen the role of the "Self-Defence Forces".
The Abe regime officially clarified that it started the development of the artificial intelligence technology to "monitor the goods transactions of north Korea" under the pretext of strengthening capability of monitoring the waters surrounding Japan.

These are acts to check the climate of peace being created on the Korean Peninsula at any cost and ratchet up tension in the region.
Now that the world community is positively hailing the climate of detente created on the peninsula, Japan is openly showing its true nature as the force harassing peace.

The Abe regime started the monitoring with the involvement of a P-3C patrol plane and destroyer of the maritime SDF under the pretext of checking so-called "goods transactions" of the DPRK with foreign ships since late last year.

Japan's aim is to bolster up the capability of the maritime SDF under the pretext of "monitoring goods transactions" and expand its marine advance for reinvasion when the regional situation turns toward the positive climate of dialogue.

Japan, in its 2018 defense white paper, specified that "there is no change in their principal understanding of the 'threat' from north Korea" even after the DPRK-U.S. summit in Singapore, terming the DPRK an "unprecedentedly grave and urgent threat". This is a clear example.
The reality goes to prove that Japan wants detente, not peace in the region including the Korean Peninsula, and is making desperate efforts to worsen the climate of peace, worldwide trend, at any cost.

It is hard to achieve durable peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the world if Japan is allowed to chill the atmosphere of peace and set out to reinvade, persistently seeking to escalate tension.
Today the trend of peace on the Korean Peninsula is marginalizing Japan only rushing headlong into militarism while talking about the "maximum pressure" and "threat".
Japan will get nothing from the act of destroying peace. -0-

Deep-rooted Evils of Traitor Park Geun Hye Should Be Combated: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 2 (KCNA) -- It has been recently disclosed that the Park Geun Hye regime plotted a military coup, stunning the south Korean public.
The document on the plan of the military coup made by the Defense Security Command was declassified by Chongwadae on July 20. It details with four articles and 21 paragraphs the action programs like putting under control the "National Assembly" and media, arresting lawmakers and mobilizing huge armed troops and getting approval from the U.S. government in case of the declaration of "martial law".

This made it clearer that the coup plan was not the "one for coping with" emergency situation but the one of dangerous crimes and brutal massacre premeditated by the Park Geun Hye regime in collusion with military bosses.
The deep-rooted evils left by traitor Park Geun Hye and her conservative cult throughout the south Korean society are so terrible that they are beyond human imagination.

The recently revealed coup plan is the most terrible one of the deep-rooted evils as it is a plan for massacring the peaceable candlelight demonstrators.
Now the south Korean people are trembling with anger at the military coup plan, which is reminiscent of the traitor Park Chung-Hee's May 16 military coup and the December 12 coup spearheaded by military gangsters Chun Doo Hwan and Roh Tae Woo.

Had it been carried out, the whole south Korea might have turned into a sea of blood like the Kwangju massacre in May 1980.
The descendents of the "yusin" dictatorship who stoop to do anything in a bid to keep their dictatorial rule and power and their conservative group can never hide their true colors.

As the case is so shocking and terrible, the political parties calling for democracy and reform and the public in south Korea are strongly demanding the punishment of Park Geun Hye and the "Liberal Korea Party" that were involved in the military coup.
Quite natural is the public demand for severely punishing the hideous murderers, who attempted to turn south Korea into a bloodbath and slaughterhouse, by taking them to a scaffold of history.

Nevertheless, the LKP and other conservative coteries are shamelessly behaving, claiming that the political intention of declassifying the document is doubtful and calling for probing the origin of leakage.
Such ridiculous behavior of the group of accomplices trying to shield the criminals and divert elsewhere the angry mindset only adds to the anger of the south Korean people.

The situation proves that the important thing in clearing deep-rooted evils is to completely eliminate conservatism, the source of the deep-rooted evils.
South Koreans of various circles should actively turn out in an all-people struggle for punishing the criminals who premeditated a terrible massacre to maintain their power. -0-

Japan Should Have Will to Redeem Its Past: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) -- Japanese Foreign Minister Kono at recent talks with the director-general of IAEA said "the Japanese government is willing to bear the primary cost necessary for inspecting the nuclear facilities of north Korea and support the work of IAEA."

Prime Minister Abe talked about Japan's "willingness to bear the cost for the denuclearization of north Korea" in June last.
What the politicians of an island country uttered are so mean and crude.
They should be called charlatans rather than politicians as they seek to poke their nose into the issue of the Korean peninsula with a petty amount of money out of their sly calculation to get profits.

As mentioned several times, Japan has neither face nor qualification to take part in the settlement of the issue of the Korean peninsula.
Japan is censured worldwide for having gone against the trend of the times by persisting in its hostile moves against the DPRK.
Such a country is impudently talking about "support" and "bearing of cost". This is just a sly trick to conceal its awful idea of not wanting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

Japan still remains unchanged in its base way of thinking that money can resolve everything.
Showing off its purse, Japan is talking about "international contribution" and "contribution to global peace". Behind the scene it steps up its "Self-Defense Forces'" overseas advance and even seeks to emerge a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Japan says it redeemed its sinful past with a meager amount of money, denying its crime-woven history of aggression and plunder against other countries and nations, a history stained with their blood.
Typical of such examples was that Japan cooked up the "agreement" with south Korea in 1965 and the "agreement" on the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army in 2015 by bribing traitor Park Chung-hee and the Park Geun Hye clique.

Such crooked political dealing might work in the past but it can never work now that peace, reconciliation and international confidence are prioritized.
Japan is a shameless country which has not yet repented of its past crimes, to say nothing of apology and reparation, 73 years after its defeat.

Its rubbish about "willingness to bear cost" only infuriates the Korean people.
Japan had better have the will to redeem its past, instead of talking such nonsense about "willingness."
Japan is obliged to honestly apologize for its colonial rule over Korea and inhuman crimes against Koreans in the past century and redeem the past. This is just what it should do now. -0-

KCNA Commentary Urges Japan to Ponder over Its Position

Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) -- Japan is still crying out for "international pressure" on the DPRK.
Such voices are heard from among its ruling quarters that there is no change in Japan's stance to continue putting pressure and each country should keep step with it.

Indeed, disgusting is the behavior of Japan persisting in its one-sided policy for pressure utterly contrary to the situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula and the international trend.

Shortly ago, China's Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post in a commentary said that Japan's hard-line stand is prompted by its self-fear and egoism and it only throws hurdles in the way of progress for agreed points among countries concerned.

As commented by foreign media, Japan's insistence on the "international pressure" is no more than the last-ditch effort to hide its miserable position of being sidelined from the trend of the regional situation.

It is the real intention of cunning Japan to draw water to its mill by escalating the tension on the Korean peninsula.
From the beginning of the year, Japan, displeased with the trend of the regional situation that entered a phase of reconciliation and detente thanks to the DPRK's pro-active and peace-loving measures, worked hard to block it.

But, what was the result? The climate of peace and stability has settled in the Korean Peninsula and the region, which were on the verge of military conflicts a few months ago, and the decades-long hostile relations between the DPRK and the U.S. have dramatically changed as required by the developing era.

This goes to prove that it has become a trend to solve any problem in a realistic way through dialogue and negotiation.
Japan's insistence on pressure resulted in isolating itself. Japan has become a target of "sympathy" in the international political arena.
Does Japan insist on the "pressure", unaware of the trend of the times? It is not in such mood as to cling to a worn-out campaign for pressure on the DPRK.

South Korea's Yonhap News quoted an official of the Japan defense ministry as saying that Japan may be totally isolated, if it persists in the pressure line while prioritizing the settlement of the abduction issue, and it is needed to take a flexible stance in the policy toward north Korea.

Japanese newspapers, too, devote their pages to such articles as "Japan is much upset, anxious about isolation" and "Japanese government embarrassed".
Why is Japan only becoming a near yet distant country to the DPRK? Japan should ponder over it. -0-

Japan Should Face up to Trend of Times: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- Japan is recklessly going against the trend of the times.
Kono, foreign minister of Japan, again talked rubbish that Japan would "put maximum pressure on north Korea." He had once come under public criticism for his offending remarks about the DPRK's "preparations for a nuclear test" in March last when exchanges were brisk between the north and the south of Korea for dialogue. His voice just sounds like grumbling of a dwarf politician going mischievous, ignorant of where he is standing.

It seems that Japan stills lacks the power of reason and is unaware of what's going on.
International efforts for promoting mutual respect and trust and achieving co-prosperity are getting brisk among countries worldwide.
Notably, there are bold moves to dispel misunderstanding and hostility in the Korean peninsula and the region thanks to the active efforts of the DPRK.

It is annoying that some forces are hindering the positive development, but the DPRK has invariably taken bold measures. The measures are hailed by the international community as they help the positive development of the situation.
What matters against this backdrop is the ill purpose sought by Japan offending the world public in disregard of this situation, being displeased with it.

Japan seeks to bring the situation back to the state of confrontation to divert public attention at home away from its bankrupt policy toward people's living and high-profile graft and to invent a pretext for turning Japan into a militarist country and carrying out overseas expansion.
Japan likes to wreck peace and break stability as it deems it a good chance for carrying out its ultra-right home and foreign policies. So it is quite natural that its policy invites the public denunciation.

Reactionaries of Japan are rejected and alienated worldwide, far from "demonstrating their status," due to the reckless hard-line policy toward the DPRK.
For example, their offer to include a paragraph calling for pressurizing the DPRK in the final document at a recent international meeting held in Tokyo was rejected.

Even in a Mideast country they think share a view with, their offer to put pressure on the DPRK got a frosty reply. In a nutshell, what Japan got for its politics was something unprecedented in the history of its diplomacy and something utterly humiliating in the light of etiquette.

Japan's short-sighted attitude toward the developing situation and the times is just the main reason for its disgrace and humiliation.
Japan should behave with reason, facing up to the trend of the times.
The trend of "passing Japan" will get stronger if the reactionaries of Japan persist in tongue-lashing against the DPRK. -0-

U.S. Urged to Respond to DPRK's Measures with Sincerity: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is vociferating about "sanctions and pressure" while expressing distrust in the great victory of the line of simultaneously developing the economic construction and the building of nuclear force, declared at the historic April 2018 Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and the follow-up measures.

Those concerned of the White House and official figures of the U.S. administration including the treasury secretary and the defense secretary, saying that no one knows when and how north Korea will put into practice the promises it made at the plenary meeting, have called for keeping sanctions and pressure on the DPRK until concrete measures are taken, along with the opinion that the U.S. will never take a "naive attitude".

As already known, the April plenary meeting solemnly declared that the DPRK would make pro-active efforts to contribute to building a world without nuclear weapons to meet the common desire of humankind at the present stage when the DPRK has definitely risen to the position of a world-level politico-ideological and military power.

The declaration on the great victory of our Party's line on simultaneous development of the two fronts has evoked active support, welcome and great repercussion from all Koreans and the whole world as it opened up a bright prospect for peace in the Korean peninsula, region and the rest of the world.

The world now comments that the DPRK has made a great change in the historic development strategy and has paved groundwork for the Korean peninsula to get rid of the Cold War system that has persisted for more than seven decades.
However, some dishonest forces of the U.S. keep making such wild remarks as "sanctions and pressure" while reacting to the DPRK's strategic decision like a persecution maniac. This is nothing but a sleep-talking of those who are still mired in the anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK.

Americans have to ponder over the destiny and prospect of their country, clearly understanding the deep meaning enshrined in the crucial measure of the DPRK, before going rude.
To build a peaceful world without war is the goal of the WPK and it is the consistent stand of our Party and government to struggle for the regional and global peace and security.

The April plenary meeting more evidently clarified the stand and will of the DPRK to open up a new phase for peace in the Korean peninsula and, furthermore, in Northeast Asia. This also conforms with not only the interests of the Korean nation and the regional people but also the common expectation of the international community.

It is the voice of the world public opinion that as the DPRK took an epoch-making measure, this should naturally be responded with sincerity for the development of the situation, not missing the opportunity.
To keep brandishing the rotten "sanctions" stick, not understanding the trend of the times, will only provoke the laughter of the world.
What is needed for the U.S. is to learn how to observe good manners and how to respect the party concerned, not resorting to high-handed practices and arrogance. -0-

Now Is Time to Reject Cooperation with Foreign Forces: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- Now the Koreans' aspiration for reunification is now growing stronger than ever before and the national reconciliation and unity have become a trend of the times.
It was against this background that the south Korean authorities joined in the anti-DPRK confrontation confab called the 10th "security meeting" with the U.S. and Japan.

As is known well, the 10th "security meeting" pursues the aim of realizing the U.S. scenario for internationalizing the naval intercepting operation against the DPRK.
The "meeting", held at the U.S. Defense Department on March 21 and 22, said that the U.S., Japan and south Korea jointly make efforts to check the DPRK's illegal activities including goods transactions and continue to take the lead in coping with the DPRK's goods transactions on the open sea.

This is part of the sinister confab to sustain the military confrontation and sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK by going against the trend of detente on the Korean peninsula.
Foreign forces, much upset by the mounting desire of the Koreans for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and reunification, are making desperate efforts to stifle the DPRK, intentionally throwing a wet blanket over the atmosphere of national reconciliation and unity.

The south Korean authorities' persistent behavior of supporting the U.S. scenario to stifle the DPRK is greatly disappointing all Koreans who ardently wish to bring earlier lasting peace on the Korean peninsula and its independent reunification.
Foreign forces do not want the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and the easing of the military tension on the peninsula and the national reconciliation and unity for the emergence of a reunified power.

Historically, the U.S. and Japan had stirred up the confrontation atmosphere whenever the detente and peace on the Korean Peninsula and the improvement of the inter-Korean relations was created. This was to carry out their aggressive goal at the sacrifice of the Korean nation's interests.
The U.S. and its vassal forces are still now leaving no means untried to reverse the tide of the present situation by driving a wedge between the north and the south, displeased with the trend of the situation on the peninsula.

It is very clear that the cooperation with foreign forces is self-destruction as they seeks to fish in troubled waters by keeping the Korean nation divided and let them fight each other.
If the south Korean authorities are truly interested in the settlement of the national issue, they should discard an illusion about foreign forces.

Cooperation with foreign forces leads to confrontation and war.
Nobody can bring peace and reunification to the Korean nation.
Pursuing cooperation with foreign forces in disregard of the demand and interests of the nation is bound to end up breaking the north-south relations and bringing oneself to ruin finally.

Now is the time to reject the shameful cooperation with foreign forces and join in the trend of the times aspiring for the improvement of the north-south relations and independent reunification through national cooperation. -0-

KCNA Commentary Derides Senseless Act of Subject Nation Japan

Pyongyang, March 12 (KCNA) -- Japan is going head-long into stifling the DPRK with the backing of its master U.S.
As soon as the U.S. announced "independent sanctions" on the DPRK in February, the Japanese reactionaries have gone reckless, voicing support for them and calling for the inspection of ships of the DPRK. This is just a typical example.

The frenzy of the islanders has reached the extreme as evidenced by their call for the convocation of an international conference for the inspection of DPRK-flagged ships which even the U.S. failed to conceive.

Japan, jeered by the world for its serious dependence on the U.S. and subjugation to it in the political, economic and military fields, is trying to take the lead in the moves to bring down the DPRK. This is enough to make a cat laugh as it is just a ridiculous act of a subject state.

In the past Japan tried to meet its interests by clinging to big powers only to suffer failure. This is not an exaggeration.
It stooped to any infamy to sign an unequal treaty to entrust its destiny to the U.S. in the middle of the 19th century and in the subsequent period, it curried favor with the Western powers, turning the whole country into market for selling the Western goods and a supply source of cheap raw materials only to push its economy into a slump.

At the connivance of the empires which put Japan under their political and economic control, Japan opted for overseas expansion only to get the ill-fame of a war defeated nation and a war criminal nation, in the face of strong rebuff of the world.
Such a country is now acting a poodle of a suzerain state, far from drawing a lesson from its shameful history. No wonder, it is destined to remain as a subject state.
The aim sought by Japan in going reckless, being lost to all shames, is to realize its old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" at any cost. But Japan is mistaken.

Korea is not a weak nation as it used to be in the past when it was trampled under the jackboots of the Japanese imperialists.
The descendents of the Samurais are now suffering untold contempt and maltreatment such as political exclusion after being left in the cold and economic exploitation by the U.S. whom they worship.

Under such situation Japan is trying to bring down the DPRK. This is as foolish an act as trying to pick up a star in the sky with a rotten noose.
A political scholar of Japan in his 2013 book that dealt with the theory of defeat in war commented that Japan will remain as a defeated nation forever if it fails to settle two factors -- "denial of defeat" and "subjugation toward the U.S."

Japan will face greater price to pay if it goes frivolous, being oblivious of its inglorious past and being unable to feel the change in the world political landscape. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blasts U.S. Sophism about "Unification by Communizing South"

Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- The Trump group, which has been vocal about the DPRK's nuclear weapons for self-defence by branding them as a "threat" to the world, is now describing them as the ones for "unification by communizing the south", only to provoke the laughter of the world people.

Dan Coats, director of National Intelligence, CIA Director Pompeo and other top officials of the intelligence agencies of the U.S. at official appearances including the congressional hearing said that the DPRK's ultimate goal is to unify Korea by "communizing the south" with use of nuclear weapons.
McMaster, assistant to the president for National Security of the White House, also said the DPRK's nuclear weapons "aim at intimidation for the purpose of unifying the Korean peninsula under the red flag".

Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces in the Pacific Harris, who has been designated as the U.S. ambassador to Australia, claimed at the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee that the DPRK's nuclear possession is for "reunifying the Korean peninsula under the communist system" and that even though dialogue is held with it, a focus must be set on removing nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula.

What matters is that this sophism was presented at a time when there is widespread opinion in the international community that the DPRK's nuclear possession is a decisive option taken due to the U.S. nuclear threat and hostile policy and at a time when there opened a dramatic phase for reconciliation on the Korean peninsula thanks to the proactive measure taken by the DPRK in the new year, in particular.

In a word, the sophism is a card played as last-ditch efforts, being upset by the development. The signboard of "unification by communizing the south" was the one oft-repeated by the south Korean conservative group.
This eloquently proves the wretched situation of the U.S.

Clear is its aim. It seeks to brand the DPRK's nuclear weapons as the ones for "unifying Korea by communizing the south", justify arms buildup in and around the Korean peninsula, incite hostility toward the DPRK in south Korea and chill the atmosphere for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations under the pretext of "protecting" its alleged ally south Korea.
But the U.S. is gravely mistaken.

The DPRK's state nuclear force never targets the fellow countrymen as it is the strategic asset common to the nation for guaranteeing the peace and security on the Korean peninsula.
It will be enough to provoke laughter to think that the DPRK built the nuclear force and even have had access to the inter-continental ballistic missile, risking everything just to put palm-size south Korea only under its nose under control.

The DPRK's nuclear weapons are targeted against the U.S. and if the U.S. shows even the slightest sign of provocation, the whole U.S. mainland will face resolute and merciless nuclear blow.
The Trump group had better understand its position and make a wise option of withdrawing the hostile policy toward the DPRK before provoking the laughter of the world. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Fate of Japan as Vassal State of U.S.

Pyongyang, February 14 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are losing their marbles, following the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK.
Soon after the publication of Trump's recent "state of the union address" and "nuclear posture review" the Abe group including the chief Cabinet Secretary and the foreign minister of Japan said that they highly appreciated publication of the powerful message for strengthening pressure on north Korea and expressed the will to boost deterrence of Japan-U.S. alliance.

The "state of the union address" and "nuclear posture review" arouse grave concerns and denunciation from among the international community as they are the height of Trump-style arrogance, arbitrariness and self-conceit and they represent the attempt for a dangerous nuclear war seriously threatening world peace.

Nevertheless, high-ranking politicians of Japan shamelessly vied with each other to praise their master, reminding the people of a well-trained poodle.
It is the fate of Japan to obey the U.S. as its vassal state.
It is the well known fact that cunning Japan does not respect the U.S. as "elder brother" but tries to realize its militaristic ambition by taking advantage of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK.

However, the Japanese reactionaries are mistaken.
If one loses his or her wits, one can never judge the trend of the times.
The U.S. is no longer the "only superpower" in the world.

According to data issued by GALLUP of the U.S., the result of opinion polls conducted in one hundred and dozens of countries and regions from March to November last year showed that the number of countries and regions denying the leadership ability of the U.S. increased over three times as compared with that in 2016.

The U.S. is now panic-stricken, unable to save its declining fate, and the DPRK, a strategic state, is pushing the U.S. to the abyss of destruction, by mounting a streak of attacks on it.
The U.S. is making desperate efforts to attack the DPRK with the mobilization of the whole world by means of threatening, blackmail, appeasement and deception. But it is becoming clearer with each passing day with whose victory the unprecedented confrontation will end.

Japan will end up in tightening the noose around its own neck, if it keeps blindly following the U.S. like a senseless dog.
It is the fate of a subject country to get buried together with the American empire nearing its end. -0-

KCNA Commentary Hits U.S. Scheme to Turn Olympiad into Confrontation Theater

Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- The U.S. has revealed its intention to make the Winter Olympics a theatre for stand-off with the DPRK.
The U.S. vice-president claimed that he would take part in the Winter Olympics and hold back "north Korea's propaganda offensive", according to the U.S. magazine News Week on Jan. 24.

Timed to coincide with this, a White House official said that the vice-president will hold a series of press conferences before and during the Olympics and he is determined to make sure that the Olympic ground would not turn into a propaganda ground for north Korea.

This is aimed to check the trend for improved inter-Korean ties that has gained momentum thanks to the DPRK's bold and proactive efforts, and to drive a wedge among the Koreans.
Clear is the stand of the DPRK to ensure that the Winter Olympics is successfully held as a great event of the homogenous nation and to strikingly manifest the dignity and might of the nation, and this is supported and welcomed by the international community.

The DPRK's efforts to bring about a drastic progress in accomplishing the cause of independent reunification based on the first step that had been taken at the outset of the year have nothing to do with the "propaganda offensive".
But how is the U.S. behaving at a time when the Korean nation is about to pool efforts and open a new chapter for peace on the Korean peninsula.

On the eve of the Olympics the U.S. is unhesitatingly committing acts of insulting the sincerity made by the DPRK and ruining the Olympics by rendering the political and military threats toward the DPRK to the extremes, and dispatching strategic assets including nuclear carrier and special units.

Chinese Hong Kong paper South China Morning Post in an editorial said that the U.S. is doing what it should not do, adding that the origin of all the measures taken by the U.S. recently is questionable after the north and the south of Korea resumed the talks.

Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federal Assembly, said that it is a wrong interpretation of the present situation for Americans to behave as if their continued act of ratcheting up sanctions and pressure together with the regional allies does not have any impact, adding that this may have extremely dangerous impact on the development of the situation as a whole, and the positive trend concerning the resumption of the direct dialogue between the north and the south may disappear after the Winter Olympics due to the West's approach.

All facts clearly prove once again who wishes for successful Winter Olympics and peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and who fans up the tension on the Korean peninsula.
It is quite natural that the international community is concerned about what the U.S. vice-president is going to do targeting the DPRK at the Winter Olympics.
The U.S. should not run amuck.
It will invite international isolation as it fails to face up to the trend of the times. -0-