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U.S. Is Chiefly to Blame for Disturbing Security of Cyber Space: KCNA

Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- The public in different countries and regions of the world and cyber experts of the U.S. are becoming increasingly vocal censuring it for perpetrating criminal acts abusing cyber space.

Snowden, former contractor of CIA, disclosed at a press conference that it was none other than the U.S. which started the state sponsored hacking attack in the world. The founder of McAfee, American information security company, refuted the U.S. administration's claim that cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment was made by north Korea. He noted that it could be done by those inside the U.S., adding that he knew hackers but would not mention them.

As data show, the U.S. attached importance to the cyber war worldwide and has invested a huge amount of funds in it.
The U.S. set up a huge cyber command at the U.S. Defence Department and has augmented its position and authority.

The Washington Post reported that in 2013 the Defence Department decided to enlarge the cyber command more than five times that in the past and beef it up as a cyber force capable of mounting hot attacks.

At present the U.S. regards cyber space as a means for preemptive attack on other countries. The U.S. administration and Pentagon consider cyber space as the fifth sphere for dominating the world and are seeking hegemony over it.
Having totally transferred the U.S. forces' actions in cyber sphere to offensive cyber strategy, the U.S. is working hard to realize its ambition to dominate the world at any cost.

The U.S. singled out not only those countries opposed to it including the DPRK and Iran but also regional powers, including Russia and China, and even its allies, its rivals, as targets of its cyber strategy which involves vast fields of politics, economy, military, education, culture, etc.

The development of weapons for cyberattack has been stepped up and a huge amount of funds have been spent for its purpose with the approval of the U.S. Administration and its Congress.

The U.S. became the first in the world to mount state-sponsored cyberterror attack on other countries.
A typical example of the above-said attack was the attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by dint of vicious virus of Stuxnet in 2010.
2011 alone witnessed over 230 cyberattack operations of the U.S. targeting different countries.

Recent reports released by software companies making virus vaccine said that it is the United States where the development of software for computer hacking and vicious code for cyber attack is more rampant than any other countries.

The U.S. is abusing its latest scientific and technological successes as war weapons for realizing its ambition for world domination. It is a serious and undisguised challenge to the development of human civilization and to the international community desirous of the world's peace and stability.

The United States is a disturber of the world's peace, an arch criminal disturbing the security of cyber space and chieftain of cyberterror attack and cyberwar maniac.
The U.S. scenario to dominate the world through a cyberwar is nothing but a foolish daydream.
The U.S. would be well advised to properly understand that today's latest IT is not its monopoly. -0-

Statement from The Carter Center on Conviction of Republic of Korea National Assembly Member

The Carter Center notes with concern the conviction of Republic of Korea incumbent lawmaker, Lee Seok-ki, a member of the National Assembly, by the Seoul High Court on a charge of insurrection conspiracy based on taped remarks he made to his political followers and for which he has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

The Carter Center will not comment on the merits of the facts presented in this case, which is currently on appeal before Korea's Supreme Court or interfere in any other way in the internal affairs of the Republic of Korea. We note, however, that Mr. Lee's conviction is taking place under the provisions of a highly restrictive National Security Law, established during the pre-1987 era of autocratic military rule, that appears to contradict both the Republic of Korea's international human rights treaty obligations and the nation's global reputation as a highly successful prosperous democracy.

"If Korea is to extend its essential role as a human rights leader in Asian and world affairs, there should be a fully transparent democratic debate open to all Korean citizens about current and potential risks to human rights under the terms of the National Security Law," said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

At a time when Americans are urgently debating congressional findings on the official use of torture, The Carter Center believes all nations are capable of protecting their national security while remaining faithful to their commitments under international human rights law.

KCNA Commentary on U.S. Racial Discrimination Policy

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) -- Missouri State judicial authorities of the U.S. recently decided not to indict a white policeman who shot a young black man to death in Ferguson City in August.
This clearly shows that the U.S. trumpeting about "protection of human rights" and "equality for all" is no more than human rights tundra and the worst country torn with racial discrimination.

Racial discrimination has reached a systematic and wide-ranging and extremely grave phase in the U.S.
The blacks in the U.S. are deprived of political rights and subject to poverty, maltreatment and contempt and seized with fear of being shot to death any time.

Ceaseless shooting sprees against them are hideous human rights abuses caused by the U.S. authorities.
They are beaten and fall victim to the arbitrary practices of policemen in broad daylight at the tacit connivance of the authorities.

Demonstrations protesting against the racial discrimination policy of the authorities have been staged in more than 170 cities across the U.S. with the case in Ferguson City as a momentum. Against this backdrop a policeman shot a young black man to death in other city. These atrocities are a black hunt of modern version from A to Z.

In dealing with murder cases caused by the excessive use of force, most of the policemen involved in those crimes are allowed to go unpunished.
Obama, a black man who came to power for raising the settlement of issue of racial inequality as his election commitment, let loose a spate of irresponsible remarks that the U.S. is a country built by law and it is necessary to accept the decision of the judicial authorities. This goes to prove that the racial discrimination policy will never change in the U.S. styling itself a "human rights protector" no matter how frequently its president is replaced by another.

The incident in Ferguson City is making a rupture in "proactive human rights diplomacy" of the U.S. which is putting forward as its main diplomatic goal to "spread the view on human rights and democracy."

On Nov. 28 the UN Anti-Torture Committee called for thorough investigation into excessive counteraction of the police against minorities and abuse of power.
It is quite natural that the serious issue of racial discrimination in the U.S. draws public criticism in the international arena.

However, the U.S. government is refusing to take any countermeasure against racial discrimination such as the incident in Ferguson City.
Such incident will never be stopped in the U.S. as its human rights system is beset with serious problems and racial discrimination is deeply rooted in its society.

The great irony is that the U.S. dares brand those countries preserving the system and political mode peculiar to them as "human rights abusers", forgetting its awkward position as the worst human rights abuser and kingpin of racial discrimination.
The U.S. had better honestly lend its ear to the international community's criticism and settle its own human rights issue. -0-

KCNA Commentary Warns S. Korean Warmongers Not to Forget Lesson Taught by Yonphyong Island Incident

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- The largest-ever 2014 Hoguk war exercises targeting the DPRK have been under way throughout south Korea since Nov. 10.
More than 330,000 troops of the puppet army, over 23,000 mobile combat equipment, more than 60 warships and various type aircraft, the biggest scale since the start of Hoguk exercises in 1996, are involved in the exercises to stage the "drill for carrying out the operational plan of frontline corps", "drill for defending northwestern islands", "naval and coastal infiltration drill" and "joint landing drill."

This madcap saber-rattling now under way on the whole front including the areas along the Military Demarcation Line with all corps-level units involved has already turned the whole of south Korea into a theater of provocative war exercises against the DPRK.

The international community is concerned about the possible development of this largest-ever war rehearsal into another Yonphyong Island shelling incident as it was kicked off at a time when the north-south relations have been pushed to the catastrophic phase due to the anti-DPRK leaflet-scattering operations by human scum.

The Hoguk drills which the puppet warmongers started together with U.S. forces are a preliminary war, a test nuclear war to invade the DPRK to all intents and purposes in the light of their scale and programs. They seem to have forgotten the lesson taught by the Yonphyong Island shelling incident in which the five islands in the West Sea turned into "hell haunted by the specter of death."

The warmongers involved in the Hoguk war drills against the DPRK four years ago attempted to stage an adventurous shelling drill threatening it with Yonphyong Island as a base.

To cope with this serious situation, the DPRK side sent a notice to the south side strongly warning that in case it perpetrates a provocative naval shelling, the DPRK will promptly deal physical retaliatory blows at it.
But, the puppet forces, buoyed by hysteria for invading the north, opened fire into the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK side, defying the repeated warnings made by the DPRK side in advance.

Yonphyong Island was pounded by the powerful artillery pieces of the Korean People's Army on the southwestern front.
The shelling was a merciless retaliation made by defenders of sovereignty as they taught the puppet military warmongers what high price they had to pay for their reckless provocation.

They now look anxious to repeat the bitter setback they suffered at that time.
They should bear in mind the bitter lesson taught by the Yonphyong Island shelling incident and immediately stop the reckless war maneuvers.

KCNA Commentary Flays S. Korean Authorities for Abandoning Military Sovereignty

Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) -- It was agreed to extend indefinitely the transfer of the right to wartime operation control (OPECON) at the south Korea-U.S. annual security consultative meeting held in Washington on Oct. 24.

The indefinite extension of the transfer of the right to OPECON is an act of treachery as it fully revealed the intention of the present south Korean authorities to allow the U.S. to keep its forces in south Korea indefinitely, strengthen its colonial rule over south Korea and more frantically pursue confrontation with fellow countrymen and war moves against the north, utterly indifferent to the national dignity and self-esteem.

Military sovereignty is one of the most important criteria in exercising the sovereignty of the nation and if a country is increasingly dependent on other country in military affairs, it is bound to be accompanied by political subjugation.

The prerogative of the supreme command over the army in south Korea has been exercised by the U.S., pursuant to brigandish military treaties forced on it by Washington since the puppet army came into being as a colonial mercenary army.

South Korean people have struggled for the transfer of the prerogative for a long period. It was expected to take it over till 2012. But it was extended till 2015 due to the treacherous act of traitor Lee Myung Bak, and the present puppet regime did not hesitate to extend it beyond 2020.

After leaving the right to OPECON, the core of the military sovereignty, to the tender mercy of foreign forces, the puppet forces are claiming that they would push forward the transfer while talking about "nuclear and missile threat of the north", a mockery of the south Koreans.

The U.S. forces in south Korea have established various systems and procedures to exercise the right to OPECON. The U.S. made it a system to hold annual security consultative meeting and military committee meeting and interfere in military policies of south Korea as administrative means to shape military policies and strategies and settle various other practical issues related to the Korean Peninsula.

It is meeting its military demands through annual security consultative meeting and, at the same time, putting the south Korean army under its total control through the "Combined Forces Command" and hurling the puppet army into U.S. military operations overseas.

The puppet forces are depending on the U.S. forces in south Korea for all military strategy information and 70 percent of tactical information and the U.S. is providing most of weapons to south Korea.

The puppet forces have to purchase U.S.-made weapons worth an astronomic amount of dollars in return for extending the transfer of the right to OPECON indefinitely while the south Korean people have to cover a fabulous amount of defense expenditure every year, bound to the right to OPECON.

The indefinite extension of the transfer of the right to OPECON convince once again all Koreans that the present south Korean authorities have no iota of independent idea and they are no more than colonial stooges staking their fate on foreign forces.
They should cancel at once the extension of the transfer.

KCNA Slams US Arms Buildup

Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- The U.S. decided to make rotation deployment in south Korea within October of the Third Battalion of the U.S. 8th Mechanized Regiment stationed in Texas State, the U.S.

In the wake of this decision the U.S. Pacific Command blustered that the U.S. would keep the same level of commitment as now in order to deter attack on the Korean Peninsula and defuse threat from outside.
This is nothing but sophism to conceal the criminal nature of its rotation deployment and justify it.

The U.S. projected rotation deployment of its forces is a dangerous military move to ignite a war against the DPRK and keep its forces in south Korea for an indefinite period.
The U.S. has made such rotation deployment of its forces in south Korea for the last several decades while talking about someone's threat and provocation.

This year it introduced to south Korea several times a mechanized battalion equipped with M-1 A-2 tanks, combat armored cars, etc. and dozens of fighters including F-16 and F-15E.

It is well known that it worked out a "five-point scenario" long ago to put under its control the Korean Peninsula, a key element in carrying out its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific.
Included in it are a surgical operation plan to repeat the Gulfs war and an all-out war plan to conquer the whole of Korea through blitz warfare.

It also envisages a scenario for aggression in the event of "internal collapse" of the DPRK, a psychological warfare and a plan for dangerous nuclear attack combined with precision bombing, electronic war and network attack.
It is the U.S. calculation that it is quite necessary to steadily bolster up its forces' capability for an actual war in order to carry them out.

As the U.S. made a lamentable confession right after the Korean war that it fought a wrong war with a wrong rival and in the wrong place, it is of more urgent necessity for recovering from its past defeat to increase the capability of its forces to get familiar with the local conditions.

That's why the U.S. is staging madcap war maneuvers against the DPRK every year by making rotation deployment in south Korea of its forces stationed in various parts of the world.

High-ranking officers concerned of the U.S. military are now claiming that the rotation deployment of its forces is aimed to bolster up their capability to carry out operations on the spot.

The fact that the above-said decision was made at a time when the atmosphere of dialogue is being created on the Korean Peninsula once again lays bare the true colors of the U.S. as a disturber of reconciliation and unity between the north and the south and peace.

The U.S. is seriously mistaken if it thinks it can attain its aim for domination through the deployment of its forces.
The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK are the elite army fully ready to beat back any aggressor forces at one blow.

The rotation deployment would put the U.S. in a more serious economic crisis and precipitate its decline and ruin.
The U.S. had better face up to the trend of the times, properly understand its unfavorable position and withdraw its forces from south Korea at an early date.

KCNA Commentary Assails U.S. Strategy to Contain Other Big Powers

Pyongyang, September 19 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and south Korea at a recent meeting in Washington discussed the issue of extending the transfer of the right to control wartime operations to south Korea well beyond 2020.
Explaining the reason for this extension, they claimed that the period beyond 2020 is the time meeting the conditions for the transfer as by that time the south Korean army will be capable of coping with the threat from north Korea.

What the U.S. seeks under the pretext of the non-existent "threat from north Korea" is a product of the U.S. strategy to contain China and Russia. Therefore, it comes under fire by the international community.

It was quite natural that U.S. experts on foreign policy, security and military affairs during the meeting censured the unreasonable extension of the transfer and became vocal facilitating the process for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from south Korea.

As well known to everybody, in July 1950, the U.S. deprived south Korea of prerogative of command over the operations of the three services of the south Korean puppet army through the letter of Syngman Rhee on transferring the right to the U.S. forces.

In August 1953, the U.S forced the south Korean regime to conclude the U.S.-south Korea "mutual defense treaty", which stipulates that U.S. forces' presence in south Korea is not a duty but a right and all parts of south Korea can be used as U.S. military bases.

In November 1954, it was stipulated in the "agreement minutes", the follow-up agreement of the "mutual defense treaty", that the south Korean army is under the operational control of "UN Command" while it is responsible for defending south Korea, and thus the U.S. provided a legal foundation for maintaining the prerogative of command over the south Korean army for an indefinite period.

In the 2000s the above-said issue was brought into bolder relief and there was increasing likelihood of sparking off an anti-U.S. struggle. Consequently, the U.S. was compelled to agree on the matter of transferring the control to south Korea in April 2012.

Later the U.S. instigated the south Korean puppet regime to extend the transfer of the control by 2015. It has desperately worked to re-extend the transfer of the control by pushing the situation to the brink of a war and creating "security uneasiness" through various war drills targeted against the north.

The issue of extending the transfer of the control is not coordinated in a specific manner now that the timetable for the transfer has not been finally confirmed.
This clearly reveals the invariable sinister scenario of the U.S. to put under its control the DPRK and its neighboring big powers and Northeast Asia and the rest of the world in the end by persistently taking control over the south Korean puppet army.

The U.S. forces' presence in south Korea is very harmful now that the Cold War was over and the relations among countries in Northeast Asia dramatically changed.
The U.S. forces present in south Korea are the root cause of creating constant instability of the situation not only on the Korean peninsula but in the rest of Northeast Asia.
It is a wise attitude of the U.S. policy makers to make a bold decision to withdraw its forces from south Korea as early as possible.

Rodong Sinmun Terms U.S. Worst Human Rights Abuser

Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, a young black man was shot dead by a white policeman in Ferguson City, Missouri State, U.S. and policemen mercilessly cracked down upon protesters by leveling guns and firing tear-gas and smoke shells at them. A policeman shot another black young man to death in other city some days ago.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in an article observes in this regard:
The U.S. is, indeed, the worst human rights abuser as its inhabitants are subject to discrimination and contempt due to their different race and are struck with fear that when they would be shot to death.

It is the tundra of human rights. This is the comment and fair judgment by the world community.
The U.S. regards the issue of "human rights" as a lever for interfering in other countries' internal affairs and realizing hegemony.

The U.S. "annual report on human rights" is aimed at finding an excuse for interfering in internal affairs of other countries and nations.
The U.S. would be well advised to be concerned about its poor human rights issue before taking issue with other countries' human rights records.

The U.S. once made bluffing over the "issue of human rights." Entering this century, the prestige of the U.S. fell to the ground in the eyes of the world.
If the U.S. persistently seeks to play the role of "a human rights judge" under the signboard of "championing human rights", quite unaware of how the world community views it, it may get a serious trouble.

The U.S. had better stop wielding a human rights stick which works on no one.
The U.S. should be forced to sit in the dock of the international human rights tribunal as it is not qualified to talk about human rights.

Japanese Reactionaries Accused of Visiting Yasukuni Shrine

Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- State heavyweights of Japan including the minister of Internal Affairs recently took the lead in visiting the Yasukuni Shrine in group.

Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun Sunday accuses the Japanese reactionaries of trying to revive the era of the past Empire by putting forward and praising war criminals through the visit to the shrine.

The commentary goes on: What they are seeking is to make not some limited persons but all Japanese visit the shrine and more thoroughly prepare them to be militarists to drive them into overseas aggression.

That is why the ultra conservative politicians of Japan are visiting the shrine despite protest and denunciation of the international community.
Not the sense of guilt but the militarist idea to inherit the "soul" of the war criminals is being instilled into the Japanese people due to the Japanese reactionaries' persistent moves to spread the militarist idea through the visit to the shrine.

No one can vouch that the rising generation of Japan who are armed through education in the militarist idea would not repeat the past crime-woven history.

The Japanese reactionaries should see the reality with cool head. Many countries are following Japan with heightened vigilance.
The Japanese reactionaries would be well advised to clearly understand that the only way of remaining as a member nation of the international society is to break away the inglorious past.

U.S. Had Better Cogitate about Nuclear Stand-off with DPRK: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA) -- Locklear, commander-in-chief of the U.S. forces in the Pacific, at a recent emergency press conference said the U.S. is ready to cope with the worst situation including a nuclear threat from the north, while describing its nuclear and missile capabilities as a serious challenge to the international community.

This is sophism to justify Washington's hostile policy toward the DPRK, and self-confidence of those who are utterly unaware of who their rival is.
The actual provocation and threat to the Korean peninsula at present are a product of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK and the former's belligerent nuclear strategy.

Recently the U.S. officially announced it would apply "tailored deterrence strategy", a scenario for a preemptive attack on the north, into Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises it plans to stage from mid-August after conducting joint naval maneuvers with the puppet army with a flotilla of nuclear carrier George Washington involved.

The daily increasing nuclear threat and challenge of the U.S. compels the DPRK to bolster the nuclear force qualitatively and quantitatively to protect the dignity and security of the country and the nation and guarantee peace on the peninsula.

The Voice of Russia recently commented that the policy of ignoring the DPRK's stand is, in the final analysis, little short of helping it become a nuclear power.

The DPRK's access to a powerful nuclear force was a just option for defending its sovereignty and peace.
The U.S. persistent nuclear threats compel the DPRK to steadily bolster its nuclear deterrence.

Given that the U.S. and the puppet forces of south Korea continue staging nuclear war exercises against the DPRK, in particular, the DPRK will take countermeasures for self-defence which will include missile launch, nuclear test and all other programs.

Units of the ground, naval, air and anti-air forces of the Korean People's Army including the strategic forces are staging without let-up exercises for bolstering the nation's capability for self-defence under simulated conditions including the firing of super-precision tactical rockets and artillery firing drills with various missions. These are part of those countermeasures.

The army of the DPRK is reliably protecting the dignity and security of the country and the nation, tightly holding such treasured sword of justice as strategic rockets tipped with nuclear warheads powerful enough to strike the U.S. mainland. This reflects the firm will of the army and people of the DPRK.
The U.S. had better to think twice over the nuclear stand-off with the DPRK.

American Choice: Genocide Or Justice-Finian Cunningham/The 4th Media

US top diplomat John Kerry says a ceasefire deal in Gaza is close but there is still a way to go for one to be implemented.
What¡¯s the hold-up? Men, women and children are being slaughtered in their hundreds. Hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, the wounded are being attacked against all norms of international law and morality.

The main Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, says that any truce must be the basis for further talks on the underlying issues of Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and by extension on other parts of Palestinian territory in the West Bank. That is inarguably reasonable and common sense.

But the Israeli regime doesn¡¯t want to engage in discussions about the bigger issues. It says that a ceasefire should be negotiated first and then, at some unspecified later time, talks about underlying issues can be held. Of course, this seemingly two-part deal from the Israeli side is but a cruel, cynical joke. It will never talk to Hamas. Indeed, the Israeli regime will never seriously talk to any Palestinian faction about the wider issues. A ceasefire for them is just a punctuation mark in a long story of ongoing dispossession of Palestinians from their historic homeland.

This is where the American government and the European allies are exposed as being on the side of the Israeli aggressor and genocidal regime. Apparent expressions of concern and huffing and puffing about ¡°trying to pursue a ceasefire¡± are contemptible in the present abominable context.

There is a genocide going on. Simple as that. A genocide. It has been going on for the past 66 years with sporadic gear changes that accelerate and decelerate that genocide. The Western media talk disingenuously about the present Israeli military onslaught in Gaza as being the fourth major operation over the past seven years, when Hamas was elected as the government in that enclave and Tel Aviv began its collective punishment blockade on the 1.8 million civilians there. That blockade is a crime against humanity. Full stop.

The truth is that Israeli military aggression against the people of Palestine has been an ongoing, non-stop campaign since 1948. Palestinian land and sea territories have been gradually whittled away with relentless, punishing oppression ? all under the benign watchful eye of Washington, London and other European allies.

The 20-year so-called peace process is just another sick joke whereby the Western-backed genocidal regime in Tel Aviv gets away with more mass murder and other crimes against humanity, while giving nothing back to the Palestinians except heaps more of misery and suffering.

Just days before Operation Protective Edge opened on July 8 under the cynical pretext of three Israeli teenagers being kidnapped and killed by unknown parties, US President Barack Obama announced an extra $430 million in aid to Washington¡¯s most indulged foreign regime ? in Tel Aviv.

This is on top of the $3 billion that Israel receives every year for the past decades from the American government siphon of its taxpayers. Hard-pressed American households are getting their drinking water supplies cut off for unpaid utility bills in Detroit and other US cities, but the benevolence of Washington to Israel is like a wellspring that never runs dry.

This week US Secretary of State John Kerry unveiled $47 million in ¡°humanitarian aid¡± to Gaza. Are US taxpayers so stupid? They are paying millions of dollars in so-called humanitarian aid for a crisis that billions of their dollars have created and is prolonging.

A fundamental debate on the underlying issues of a peace deal in Palestine is long overdue. Indeed, 66 years overdue. Any end to this conflict and future basis for peace must be based on justice. The oppression of Palestinians cannot be fixed with a sticking plaster of some truce to be discarded in six months or a year. There is a haemorrhage of human life that requires deep intervention.

There must be a full negotiation about how land was dispossessed in the very beginning going back to 1948 and the treachery of Western governments in setting up the present situation; there must be redress for all the land that was usurped over the decades; the millions of people that were forced into refugee exile; the ongoing dispossession of land and illegal settlement building; the ongoing incarceration of thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

But herein lies the root problem.
If such fundamental discussions are allowed to take place, it will very quickly transpire that the Israeli regime is wholly illegitimate and illegal.

It has no right to exist under any legal or moral precept.
It has no right to continue. Palestine should be one land for all of those people who want to coexist peacefully in that land, as they did before Western imperialist governments started the Zionist occupation.

Apartheid division and oppression, including the so-called two-state solution ? which is an illusion anyway ? is an alien construct that has no historical mandate in Palestine, except for the British self-imposed imperialist one.

America today is the main sponsor of the Israeli regime and all its decades-old crimes against humanity. These crimes are once again on display in the most despicable and barbaric way. American citizens therefore have a heavy responsibility to bear. They must decide which side they are on: that of genocide or human rights.

To clarify the choice that Americans must make, they first of all have to dispel a lot of the propaganda fog that their mainstream media churn out. Their government is not ¡°pursuing peace plans¡± or ¡°staying up all night working the phones between fractious Middle East parties.¡±

American government is a central instigator and perpetrator to the genocide in Palestine. John Kerry, Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton and other American leaders are complicit in one of the great historical genocides of modern times. It couldn¡¯t be more simple, or clearer. Israeli genocide is American-sponsored genocide.

(ed. Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. He is a Master¡¯s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in journalism. He is also a musician and songwriter. For nearly 20 years, he worked as an editor and writer in major news media organisations, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, he is now located in East Africa as a freelance journalist, where he is writing a book on Bahrain and the Arab Spring, based on eyewitness experience working in the Persian Gulf as an editor of a business magazine and subsequently as a freelance news correspondent. The author was deported from Bahrain in June 2011 because of his critical journalism in which he highlighted systematic human rights violations by regime forces. He is now a columnist on international politics for Press TV and the Strategic Culture Foundation)

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Denial of History

Pyongyang, June 23 (KCNA) -- The Japanese government made public a report on the "results of a review" of the 1993 Kono statement in which he admitted the coercion involved in the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army.

Reading the face of the international community, Japan refrained from formally denying the Kono statement, claiming that it was a diplomatic mistake in the past and the like. However, Japan went the lengths of announcing the report on the "results of review" recently. This was a clear revelation of Japan's wrong view on history.

The sexual slavery enforced by the Japanese imperialists was a hideous crime against humanity unprecedented in history and it, therefore, can hardly be written off no matter how persistently Japan may deny it.

The Japanese imperialists forcibly drafted, lured and abducted 200 000 Korean women and many women of different other countries as sexual slaves to gratify the carnal desire of their soldiers. This crime was unprecedented in the war history.
The gravity of the sexual slavery was that it was committed by the Japanese military in an organized manner with the government involved.

The Japanese imperialists regarded it as one of the important jobs of the military authorities to provide soldiers with "sexual comfort" as a measure for raising the combat spirit of the aggressors and set up even a department for handling the issue after igniting the Pacific War.

As a result, a "comfort station" management system was established from the upper echelon to the lowest units of the Imperial Japanese Army and sexual slavery was enforced by it under its unified control and supervision.

As the Sino-Japan War dragged on and areas under the Japanese troops' occupation expanded, the Japanese military saw to it that all the problems related to the sexual slavery were settled under its direction.

The Japanese military directly provided the units stationed in the relevant areas with funds necessary for drafting and transporting sexual slaves and their passage and transport to the areas concerned were directly arranged by it or conducted under its supervision.

During the Pacific War the head of the Japanese government concurrently held the post of "supreme commander of the armed forces." This was undeniable evidence proving that the government was directly involved in the above-said sexual slavery.

This being a hard fact, Japan is persistently distorting and denying the sexual slavery. But this will only invite international isolation and political frustration.

International public had already warned Japan that its moves to deny the Kono statement would bring self-destruction to Japan, holding that its act of tearing off the pages of the blood-stained history would not help write off the evils perpetrated by it in the past.
If the present Japanese government fails to rectify its wrongdoings in the past, the responsibility for them will rest with the next generation.
Japan should face up to the trend of the times and stop at once the moves to distort and deny the Kono statement.

Rodong Sinmun Lays Bare Aim Sought by U.S. in Talking about ¡®Threat¡¯ from DPRK

Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The vice-chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff in a seminar on missile defense blustered it is a top priority task of the U.S. MD to defuse the "missile threat" from the DPRK.

He said the U.S. is increasing combat readiness with all possibilities taken into consideration though north Korea has not yet test-fired an inter-continental ballistic missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland and that cooperation among south Korea, Japan, Australia and other allies to cope with "threat of ballistic missiles" is very important.

Rodong Sinmun Monday observes in a commentary in this regard: The accusation made by the U.S. against the DPRK over its war deterrence is nothing but a poor excuse to justify its MD.

The above-said outbursts let loose by the U.S. betray its cynical ploy to knock into shape a military bloc of NATO style in Northeast Asia in a bid to upset regional stability and strategic equilibriumand contain big powers in the region.
Washington is vociferating about non-existent "threat" from the DPRK to justify its pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy for aggression. But it will get it nowhere.

The DPRK has fulfilled its responsibility and role for peace and security on the Korean peninsula which is directly linked to the peace and security in Asia and the rest of the world.
It will as ever do its utmost for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

The U.S. criminal scenario to cook up the Asian version of NATO and dominate the Asia-Pacific region with it as a tool can never be justified but will certainly meet a fiasco.

KCNA Commentary Blasts Reckless Remarks Made by Spokesman for S. Korean Defense Ministry

Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- Spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense Kim Min Sok talked this or that about the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and its political system at a news briefing on May 12.

He found fault with the just demand raised again by the DPRK to clarify the story behind the "north's involvement" in the drone case and to start a joint investigation just like a guilty party filing the suit first. He went the lengths of calling the DPRK a "country telling a lie" and a "country that should not be allowed to exist".

This is an intolerable insult to the sovereignty of the DPRK, the most independent, popular and dignified country in the world, and a declaration of an all-out confrontation of the social systems.

Kim Min Sok's nonsensical talk is a last ditch effort vividly revealing the true nature of the puppet group making a desperate bid to tide over the ever-deepening ruling crises.
The Park Geun Hye group is finding itself in the worst crisis due to the unprecedented ferry sinking tragedy and other disasters.

People of all social standings wage an unflinching action demanding the resignation of the incompetent and irresponsible Park Geun Hye regime. The people's resentment against Chongwadae is running high in south Korea.

Thrown into extreme horror and uneasiness, the Park group is working hard to calm down the public anger and get rid of the pretty fix even by pulling up the DPRK just as what her preceding dictators did.

This is clearly proved by the behavior of Kim Min Sok, a yes man of Park and a trumpeter of the puppet Ministry of Defense.
At a news briefing on April 22 Kim jabbered that "south Korea is closely following the north's moves for a nuclear test" and "there will happen something alarming before April 30." On April 29 he cried out for "resolutely countering" while talking about a "provocation" by someone.

The whole of south Korea has turned into a mayhem in the wake of the ferry Sewol sinking disaster. How can the spokesman for the "Ministry of Defense" which oft-repeats its care for the people's lives and security let loose such outbursts?

The ferry disaster is a hideous man-made one for which the Park Geun Hye regime and the puppet Defense Ministry are wholly to blame.

The April 12th issue of the south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News in an article titled "Quick involvement of maritime police could have saved all passengers aboard" said the maritime police had 47 minutes enough to have access to the ferry and rescue the passengers right before the sinking, adding a person concerned of the prosecution-police joint investigation headquarters for the sinking of ferry Sewol clarified that at 9:30 on April 16 when the maritime police arrived at the scene first, the ferry was tilted about 45 degrees, and if the maritime police had immediately started the rescue operation, all passengers on board could have been rescued.

If the ministry equipped with huge troops as well as diving outfit essential for rescue operation, to say nothing of rescue aid gears had taken timely measures, such a big disaster would not have occurred.

But not only Park who has full command of the armed forces but the puppet Defense Ministry were keen to evade the responsibility, far from starting the rescue operation. Moreover, they tried to divert elsewhere the public criticism by pulling up the DPRK.

It was by no means fortuitous that the Chinese Huan Qiu Shibao on April 23 commented that "the south Korean Defense Ministry at a news briefing on April 22 diverted the attention of the outside world to the areas north of the 38th parallel."

The DPRK has already clarified that it would settle accounts with those who hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership and the sacred political system in it whoever he or she may be and wherever they might be.

Kim Min Sok is seriously mistaken if he thinks he can get rid of the precision strike range as he has already been put on the list of targets.

Those who are engaged only in hideous provocative acts of hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and slandering its political system will be forced to pay a very high price.

KCNA Commentary on Obama's S. Korea Visit

Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- U.S. President Obama visited south Korea on April 25-26.
Early in April, an official for East Asian and Pacific affairs at the U.S. State Department claimed, to justify Obama's Asia visit, that there should be no doubt about the U.S. commitment to protecting its Asian allies. Then, was his visit prompted by a good intention for regional peace? It's not at all.

Obama's recent junket to south Korea is censured as a crime because it egged on the treacherous Park Geun Hye regime to aggravate the unstable situation of the Korean Peninsula and the region.

This visit, the fourth after the emergence of his administration, is bringing dark clouds of conflict and nuclear arms race to the region, as part of the implementation of the U.S. pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy.
Its reactionary purpose was fully revealed by Obama's remarks that the U.S. would cooperate with its allies and partners to tighten the pressure on the DPRK.

During his junket, he had confabs to further strengthen the U.S- Japan-south Korea cooperation under the pretext of "threat" from the DPRK. The keynote of confabs was that the three parties would continue intensifying their political, diplomatic and military cooperation and deepen their "alliance" in aspects of joint military exercises and missile defense.

Obama also inspected the U.S.-south Korea "Combined Forces Command" in Ryongsan, Seoul, with Park. It was the first time for the U.S. president to visit the "command" since its birth in 1978. During the inspection, he said the U.S. would not hesitate to use the military strength in order to defend its allies and the way of its life, and called for the "powerful U.S.-south Korea combined defense capability".

His assertion is little different from an awful logic that a gangster protects the owner of a house.
Nevertheless, Park, a witch, was engaged in confrontation with the fellow countrymen, slandering the DPRK more viciously than her master, Obama.

At the "summit" and "joint press conference", she took issue with the DPRK over its nuclear deterrence with the assertion that the "line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force would be bound to failure", keeping mum about the U.S. nukes.

She even went the length of crying out that Obama's trip to south Korea would be a "resolute message to the north's provocation", calling on its neighboring countries to take stronger measure against it.

The U.S. made a "promise" to reexamine the period of transfer of wartime operation control, scheduled to be expired by late 2015, in the plea of jointly countering "threat" from the DPRK as demanded by the south Korean puppets.

The south Korean puppets asked the U.S. to further postpone the period, talking about what they called "security environment".
Such disgraceful behavior of Park Geun Hye in league with the outside forces is a treachery that declared the all-out confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north while disregarding the opportunity presented by the nation.

Park is doomed to the same miserable destiny met by the "Yusin" dictator.
The U.S. and the south Korean puppets can never evade the blame for the serious consequences to be entailed by their anti-DPRK plot laid with Obama's trip as an occasion.

Minju Joson Accuses U.S. and S. Korean Authorities for Increasing Danger of War

Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- The Foal Eagle, the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises, clearly proved that the U.S. and the south Korean authorities do not want to improve the relations with the DPRK even a bit.

Minju Joson Tuesday says this in a commentary. It goes on:
From the outset of the year the DPRK has made sincere efforts with the noble patriotic will to open up a turning phase for independent reunification, peace and prosperity by improving the deteriorated north-south relations at any costs.

The practical measures and sincere efforts of the DPRK provided an opportunity for improving the north-south relations.
Pressurized by the U.S., the puppet warmongers staged the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises in collusion with the U.S., chilling the atmosphere for the improvement of the north-south relations and pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula to an extreme pitch of strain.

This fully revealed the belligerent nature of the U.S., the very one wrecking peace, escalating tensions and increasing the danger of a war on the Korean peninsula, and the puppet forces kowtowing to it.
The Foal Eagle clearly proved once again that it is the most correct option for the nation that the DPRK has bolstered its self-defensive war deterrent under the unfurled banner of Songun.