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DPRK Will Put End to Crime-woven History of U.S. and Japanese Reactionaries: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- Upset by the remarkably increased strategic position and the tremendous power of the DPRK, the U.S. and the Japanese reactionaries are more loud-mouthed about "tightening the alliance" than ever before.

Those, who imposed intolerable colonial humiliation upon the Korean nation in the past, are seeking to bring a nuclear disaster to the Korean peninsula again in collusion with each other, far from making an apology for their crimes. This is touching off surging indignation of all Koreans, Rodong Sinmun in a commentary says on Thursday.

It goes on: The collusion between the U.S. and Japan aimed at aggression and domination over the Korean peninsula was not made yesterday or today but it is long-standing.
America and Japan remain unchanged in their ambition to put Korea under their control.

What has changed is that they are working in conspiracy with each other in order to stifle the DPRK which emerged as an invincible power although they conspired with each other to make Korea a colony early in the last century.
If they persist in making a mockery of the destiny of the Korean nation in collusion with each other, failing to abandon their vicious habits, the army and people of the DPRK will put an end to the crime-woven history of the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries characterized by aggression and plunder with the military power which has been bolstered up for several decades. -0-

S. Korean Conservative Group Denounced for Challenging Public Mindset

Pyongyang, July 20 (KCNA) -- Now under way in full scale in south Korea is comprehensive re-investigation into the Park Geun Hye and Choe Sun Sil scandal, case of the Intelligence Service's interference in the politics. irregularities in the field of war industry and others committed by the Park regime amid mounting public demand for sternly punishing the main culprits and accomplices by revealing all their crimes.

Against this backdrop, thousand and hundreds of documents exposing all sorts of crimes committed by the Park Geun Hye group was revealed at Chongwadae, stirring up a great furor in the society of south Korea.

A spokesman for the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation in a statement Thursday denounced the Park Geun Hye regime as the most despicable rubbish regime in history, malignant tumor and stinky hot-bed of corruption as it committed thrice-cursed crimes against the south Koreans and the whole nation.

This notwithstanding, the conservative group of traitors is going on the rampage, faulting investigation into crimes with such rhetoric as "political retaliation", and "legal counteraction". This is an intolerable mockery and challenge to the candlelight demonstrators, the spokesman said, and went on:

Unless the conservative group of making last-ditch efforts to get rid of abyss of ruin is wiped out mercilessly, it will be impossible to check the repetition of the worst disgrace and misfortune as what was suffered under the Park Geun Hye rule and the dark era of misfortune. This is a serious warning made by history and reality.

The conservatives group is a refuse of history and what awaits it is miserable end meted out by the public mindset.
The more desperately the puppet conservative group tries to get rid of the noose of final punishment while going against the trend of the times, the more glaringly it will reveal its sordid nature and the greater derision and aversion it will meet at home and abroad. -0-

Strategic Misjudgment Will Bring Final Ruin: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- The U.S. has faced a dilemma in its strategy toward the DPRK.
Recently Trump on twitter confessed that "the U.S. plan to set China in motion and check north Korea's nuclear development came to a failure" and the chairman of the U.S. Council of Foreign Relations said that "'denuclearization of north Korea' is an unrealistic goal".

This is a deploring sigh acknowledging their strategic misjudgment.
Since its emergence, the Trump administration fully disclosed the weakness of its DPRK policy.
The present U.S. administration has gone hell-bent to realize the "maximum pressure and engagement" after setting it as its DPRK policy, far from drawing a lesson from the failure suffered by the preceding administrations.

To look back on history, the U.S. suffered only big defeats in the stand-off with the DPRK. It was not attributable to the lack of intensity of pressure or scale.
It is by no means fortuitous that the international community is deriding the policies set forth by Trump as nothing different from the worn-out and obsolete strategies that had been pursued in the past.

It is the fixed faith and will of the DPRK not to make an inch of concession from the path of independence and justice.
In the course, the DPRK has towered as a world's power with military strength and self-fortitude based on the single-minded unity and nuclear force which no other country and nation have achieved.

On the contrary, the U.S. invited its ruin through madcap hegemonic moves, being obsessed by extreme arrogance and over-confidence.
Now is the 21st century, the era of independence, not the 20th century when the U.S. used to lord it over the world as the boss of imperialism.

The U.S. is running wild, unaware of the changed situation and who its rival is. Herein lie the tragedy of the U.S. and the strategic fiasco of the present administration.

The DPRK is foiling every move of the Trump group which is still going foolish, while resorting to the nuclear stick policy, and is strikingly manifesting the military might of nuclear power of Juche all over the world.
It is quite natural that the international community is commenting that "time has gone when it was considered that there would be no nuclear war in the U.S." and "the responsibility will rest with the U.S. in case a nuclear bomb is dropped on the U.S. mainland".

The Trump administration is still mired in the cesspool of anachronistic way of thinking, still retaining any lingering attachment to its ambition.
It is openly challenging the unanimous desire of the DPRK and the international community for peace and stability of the Korean peninsula with the "expanded south Korea-U.S. combined drill".

The U.S. foolish act will invite the catastrophic consequence of bringing the most horrible disaster to its mainland.
Strategic misjudgment is bound to lead to a final ruin. -0-

Submission to U.S. Will Bring Ruin: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) -- The south Korean society now boils with rage over the puppet military group's concealment of the additional introduction of THAAD launch pads.
The former Chongwadae security office chief Kim Kwan Jin and Defence Minister Han Min Gu and other military bosses of south Korea introduced four launch pads of THAAD in addition and deliberately deleted the fact in the Chongwadae work report in a bid to conceal their crimes.

This is a huge crime and an act of treachery making a mockery and deception of the south Koreans dead-set against THAAD.
The puppet military brought six launch pads amounting to one battery of THAAD and has kept it in secrecy to the rage of the south Koreans.
The whole process of THAAD deployment pushed forward by traitor Park Geun Hye and the military group has been consistent with deception of the public and submission to the U.S.

A typical example is an attitude represented as "3NO".
When there was mounting prediction about the U.S. THAAD deployment in south Korea, the Park Geun Hye group feigned ignorance of it, saying that it remains unchanged in its "3NO stand", stressing that there was no negotiations and therefore, no results as there was no request from the U.S.

In 2014, Kim Kwan Jin, the then defence minister of south Korea, too, said that "THAAD is only in the middle of discussion and we have no plan to deploy it."
The official and unofficial discussions between the U.S. and south Korea were persistently pushed forward behind this and the decision on THAAD deployment was officially announced in July 2016.

The puppet military's despicable behavior of acting at the beck and call of its American master by taking the advantage of the chaotic political situation that followed the impeachment of Park Geun Hye is all the more disgusting.
The puppet military deceived the people that it would not deploy THAAD before the "presidential" election but at the end of April they brought to Songju, North Kyongsang Province most parts of THAAD including X-band radar all of a sudden overnight.

The controversial THAAD launch pads were also introduced in secrecy by the military in the same deceptive way.
The situation proves that Park Geun Hye and the military riff-raffs who acted as her cat's paws are a group of traitors keen on sycophantic treachery and a group of pro-American traitors who leave no means and methods untried to earn favor of their master.

Unless the group of top class criminals and the remnants of Park Geun Hye are removed to stop such practice as offering south Koreans as victims of a nuclear war while staking their fate on outsiders, it would be impossible to evade disaster to be caused by THAAD deployment.

It is the wish of the south Koreans that traitors who committed indelible crimes before the nation have to be sternly punished.
This is also the warning of the people to the present south Korean authorities.
The south Korean authorities are taking the stand that they can not withdraw THAAD deployment while talking about "alliance" with the U.S. even though they are threatening Kim Kwan Jin and Han Min Gu with investigation.

They should be mindful that their acceptance of the U.S. brigandish pressure for "THAAD" deployment would undermine the fundamental interests of the nation and bring their own destruction. -0-

KCNA Commentary Calls for Removal of "Preparatory Committee for Unification"

Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities are showing the sign of keeping the "Preparatory Committee for Unification", set up during the Park Geun Hye regime.
They seek to change its title to the "People's Committee for Unification", claiming that it is needed to maintain the function and role of the former committee meant to "get ready for unification by taking deep breath".

This connivance at the crimes against the reunification which brought about indelible consequence to the nation is a clear revelation of the stand of the present south Korean authorities to the reunification, the cherished desire of the nation and crucial issue.

The "Preparatory Committee for Unification" has served as a means for executing the policy of confrontation with the fellow countrymen by traitor Park Geun Hye, which put the worst obstacles in the way of the country's reunification. It remains like a dagger stabbed in the chest of the nation for its original purport and reactionary nature.

In 2014, Park set up the "Committee" as a panel directly under the control of "president" while crying out for "getting ready for unification" and "good chance for unification" in pursuance of her ambition for "unification through absorption".
The formation of the "Committee" was for realizing the ambition for "unification by prevailing over communism", touted by her father "yusin" dictator.

The traitor, buoyed by the dream of "unification through absorption", went desperate to work out the policies for escalating stand-off between social systems after setting up the body.

The "second framed work for developing south-north ties" was confirmed, totally scrapping the issues which were stipulated in the October 4 declaration and the north and the south agreed to implement, typically the issue of setting up the special zone for peace and cooperation in West Sea, the issue of ending the current armistice system and building lasting peace mechanism.

Not satisfied with the total denial of the north-south declarations, Park let the distorted segment of north-south summit minutes go public. She raked up human scum-like defectors from the north to malignantly slander the dignity and social system of the DPRK and stage anti-DPRK human rights smear campaign. She called for confrontation with the north abroad while harshly cracking down the forces supporting the June 15 declaration as part of her stepped-up racket for eliminating the "forces following the north".

Bound by the spell of the ghost-like shaman that "unification will come within a few years", she trumpeted about "blueprint of peaceful reunification" and unsparingly shut down the Kaesong Industrial Zone, a product of the June 15 era that had barely been maintained.

The successive south Korean conservative forces were all hell-bent on escalating confrontation with the north but never have there been such anti-reunification traitors like Park Geun Hye group which went desperate even by setting up "team for unification through absorption" involving those in authority, in political circle and non-government field.

As differing ideologies and systems have existed for long in the north and the south, attempt at achieving "unification of social systems" and "unification through absorption" by way of extending the system of one party into the other party will only bring conflict.

It is the unanimous wish of the Koreans that the "Preparatory Committee" has to be removed just like its inventor sternly punished by history.
It is never a matter of sign. Deposit will give harm to people and surroundings if it is not cleaned in time.
Those keen on prolonging the confrontation policy of Park Geun Hye group will meet the same miserable fate as their predecessors. -0-

Military Commentator on Aggressive and Adventurous Nature of Key Resolve, Foal Eagle 17

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) -- A military commentator Saturday released an article disclosing the aggressive and adventurous nature of the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 17 joint military drills staged across south Korea from March 1 to April 30.

The article says: The situation on the Korean peninsula has been unstable, neither war nor peace, for the last several decades. This abnormal situation is directly related to the hideous hostile policy of the U.S. imperialists toward the DPRK.

The Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 17 joint military drills revealed that the new Trump administration, too, is resorting to the hostile policy toward the DPRK by use of force of arms, tougher sanctions and pressure.

The warlike and aggressive nature of the enemies has gone to extremes after they unhesitatingly made public that all their joint military drills are aimed to "remove the leadership" of the DPRK and "bring down its system", after throwing away such deceptive veil as "annual drills" and "defensive ones".

The recent joint military drills were unprecedentedly hideous and most adventurous ones, extra-large state-sponsored terrorism, in fact.
They were the largest-ever ones for an all-out nuclear war, in their scale, intensity and recklessness and ferocity in terms of mode of implementation.

The brigandish U.S. imperialists conducted missile strikes at Syria under the ridiculous pretext that it used chemical weapons. However, they did not dare ignite a war against the DPRK though they hurled huge assets for aggression which would be enough to carry out a total war, fearful of the invincible military power of the DPRK for self-defence.

The DPRK will retaliate against the U.S. imperialists' ceaseless hostile policy and moves for a war against it with stronger military strikes of its own style, and react to the extra-large state-sponsored terrorism with merciless strikes at the White House and Chongwadae and to ever-escalating nuclear war threats with developing the nuclear force of justice and bolstering up the preemptive nuclear attack capability. -0-

KCNA Commentary Urges U.S. to Come out with New Way of Thinking and New Strategy

Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) -- The U.S. House of Representatives is mulling passing a "bill on escalating sanctions with respect to transactions relating to North Korea".
The bill the keynote of which is to seek the sinister intention of totally excluding the DPRK from the international financial system is nothing new as it is part of a series of the U.S. persistent moves for stifling it through sanctions.

However, the U.S. is making much fuss, advertising it as if it were of significance. This is nothing but a ridiculous farce staged by those who are frightened by the daily increasing political and military might of the DPRK.
The U.S. modified and supplemented the "North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016" of the Obama administration which admitted a total failure in its DPRK policy. This fact reveals that the U.S. is resorting to the last expedient.

No matter how hard the U.S. may beat the worn-out drum for sanctions, it cannot sound properly.
The U.S. "doctrine of sanctions being all-powerful" has already gone totally bust in this land and the "doctrine of useless sanctions" against the DPRK is heard even among the hostile forces.

Nothing is more foolish than the U.S. scenario to put under control the political and military might of the full-fledged nuclear weapons state through the bankrupt "racket for escalating sanctions."
The U.S. imperialists and their vassal forces cooked up the "sanctions resolution" in March last year, blustering that the unprecedentedly harsh sanctions would force the DPRK to bend its knees within six months. But they had better recall what terrible miscalculation it was.

Within their "timetable" the DPRK succeeded in the test-fire of ground-to-ground medium to long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-10, test-fire of SLBM (submarine-launched ballistic missile), the ground jet test of a new type high-thrust engine of a carrier rocket for the geo-stationary satellite and explosion test of nuclear warhead to startle the world and demonstrate the might of the nuclear power all over the world.

It is needless to prove that escalating sanctions against the DPRK is in direct proportion to the DPRK's bolstering of its national power.
The DPRK is able to prosper in the great spirit of self-reliance and self-development despite any sanctions and pressure as long as there are its territory, the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government, water and air in this land. It is the faith and will of the service personnel and people of the DPRK.

Sanctions will never work on the DPRK.
The U.S. does not need any "new bill" but a new way of thinking and a new strategy. -0-

KCNA Detailed Report on All-People Resistance in S. Korea

Pyongyang, March 21 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency issued a detailed report Tuesday to inform the people of the historical facts of all-people resistance in south Korea which dealt a heavy blow at heinous traitor Park Geun Hye and shook the pro-U.S. fascist dictatorship to its every foundation.

The report said: The all-people resistance that lasted more than 130 days since the end of October 2016 was an eruption of the pent-up wrath and indignation of the south Koreans against Park Geun Hye, chieftain of dictatorship and kingpin of corruption and irregularities, who pursued unpopular rule and sycophancy toward outsiders and escalated confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.

Wrath against Park mounted high across the south Korean society as she turned south Korea into the medieval dark land and the barren land of democracy, livelihood and people's rights through the revival of "yusin" dictatorship and unpopular rule while treating people as dogs and pigs.

It was against this backdrop that there broke out Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil scandal, the hideous case of abuse of power, in October last.
All the people, young and old, including workers, farmers, lawmakers from the opposition parties, professors, housewives, the aged, and university, high and middle school students and pupils and children, took to the streets holding candlelight.

The declaration on the situation made public by the students and teachers of Ehwa Woman's University became a starting point of the movement for issuing declarations on the situation that swept universities.
This movement was joined in by high school students, to say nothing of workers, farmers, academic and cultural and arts organizations across south Korea.
Repugnancy against Park and distrust in the present regime grew even among the conservative forces.

The candlelight action of south Koreans was unprecedented all-people resistance.
The people's emergency action for resignation of Park Geun Hye regime was formed with the involvement of more than 1 550 organizations across south Korea, including the 2016 Headquarters for People's All-out Action and the Joint Council of Civic and Public Organizations, on Nov. 9 last year.
The number of organizations that joined in the emergency action increased to more than 2 300 with the steady expansion of the ranks of protesters.

All the people, irrespective of affiliation, political view, sex and age, took part in the action for impeachment of Park.
In the period from the first candlelight action on Oct. 29 to the sixth candlelight action on Dec. 3, a total of over 5.03 million people took part in rallies and demonstrations in Seoul while a total of more than 1.28 million in provinces.

The number of participants in more than 20 massive candlelight actions that began from the end of October last and lasted on March 11 to celebrate the impeachment of Park hit an all time high of a total of 17 million.

The all-people resistance was held in diverse forms and ways.
Media including newspapers and broadcasting services reported the candlelight actions as breaking news, detailing the public demand and stand.
In keeping with the south Koreans' candlelight actions for the impeachment of Park, Koreans residing in different parts of the world including the U.S., Japan, Canada, France and Germany held solidarity candlelight actions, movement for issuing declarations on the situation and demonstrations.

The all-people resistance of south Koreans for bringing about new society of independence, democracy and reunification, was a fierce battle against sycophants and traitors and conservative forces.
The puppet group of conservatives issued a white paper praising the administrative records of Park in a desperate bid to maintain the worn-out policy against the nation, reunification and people.

Puppet acting president Hwang Kyo An, an accomplice of Park, checked special investigation into Chongwadae and stood against the extension of the investigation period and the puppet Intelligence Service saw to it that mobile phones of high-ranking officials were scrapped to remove evidence of crimes.

The civic and public organizations including the people's emergency action and people from all walks of life intensified their actions, saying that the candlelight revolution should not end as an uncompleted civic revolution just like the June resistance in 1987, and calling for bringing down Park by force if words do not work.
In the face of determined struggle waged by the awakened people, the special investigation and the "constitutional court" could not but confirm the crimes of Park and make a final decision on impeachment on March 6 and 10.

The all-people resistance which left a clear mark in the history of the south Koreans' struggle proved that force of injustice going against the desire of people and trend of the times while lording it over the people is bound to ruin and nothing can match the united strength of people based on justice and truth.

The detailed report stressed that the miserable fate of Park and the conservative group is a deserved one they faced for the thrice-cursed crimes committed through sycophancy toward outsiders, escalated confrontation with the fellow countrymen, unpopular rule, fascist dictatorship and corruption and irregularities. -0-

KCNA Commentary Ridicules Hwang Kyo An's Remarks

Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- Hwang Kyo An, puppet acting president of south Korea, in his "March 1 memorial address" viciously hurled mud at the DPRK, inciting confrontation and called for sycophancy toward the U.S. and Japan.

From the beginning of his address, he took issues with nuclear program and "human rights" of the DPRK, saying that "the north is directing all the efforts to developing nuclear capability to the maximum including nuclear test and ballistic missile launch being indifferent to the people's living." He even clamored for "making the north understand the uselessness of nuclear weapons by redoubling the deterrent and defensive capabilities of south Korea-U.S. alliance through THAAD deployment, etc." He stressed the need to "respect and implement the purport and spirit of the agreement on the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army."

These are despicable remarks consistent with provocation to the DPRK and sycophancy toward the U.S. and Japan, oblivious of his position directly responsible for the case of scandalous "state administration" of the Park Geun Hye regime.

The March First Popular Uprising held in Pyongyang on March 1, 1919 was a nationwide patriotic resistance against Japan as the Korean people resolutely turned out in the righteous struggle to regain the dignity of the nation and sovereignty of the country deprived of by the vicious Japanese imperialists.

From the viewpoint of his career as a top-class servant for traitor Park Geun Hye and his constitutional nature as traitor, Hwang Kyo An is human scum without qualifications and face to take part in the memorial service for the March First Popular Uprising which displayed the Korean nation's strong spirit of independence, indomitable stamina and ardent patriotism.
If Hwang has an elementary thinking ability, it would be normal for him to keep mum and look back upon the poor position and the crimes against the nation even on that single day.

The DPRK's nuclear weapons are an emblem of independence and dignity of the nation and a treasured sword for peace and reunification and wealth for eternal happiness and prosperity of the Korean nation.
Thanks to its nuclear deterrent for self-defence, peace and security of the Korean peninsula are protected and the destiny of the nation is guaranteed despite the evermore increasing nuclear threats from the U.S. and its vassal forces.

Indifferent to this fact, Hwang is busy introducing nuclear weapons of the U.S., serious threat to the destiny of the nation, into south Korea at random. It is the height of impudence for Hwang to slander the DPRK, being unaware of where he stands.
He vociferated about the implementation of the "agreement on the issue of comfort women", keeping silence about the reckless behavior of Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation which is desperately trying to erase the past crimes including the sexual slavery. This has brought to light his despicable nature as the worst traitor and pro-Japanese lackey devoid of blood and soul of the nation.

The confrontation maniac is driving the situation to the brink of war by staging the dangerous nuclear saber-rattling in collusion with the U.S., while pushing forward THAAD deployment and supporting the "agreement" on the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army. This is just like a guilty party filing the suit first.

Hwang reeled off a litany of vitriol dispraising the dignity and social system of the DPRK, thereby revealing his daydream for "unification by absorption". His reckless remarks are an infamy of a psychopath unaware of his poor position to be ousted together with Park Geun Hye.

It is a tragedy and disgrace of the nation that such rare confrontation maniacs and human scum are still alive.
Although Hwang and other traitors make last-ditch efforts to get rid of the ruinous destiny through vitriol and confrontation rackets, their time is drawing near. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blasts Park Geun Hye Group's Political Terrorism

Pyongyang, February 3 (KCNA) -- It was disclosed that the Park Geun Hye group has suppressed and persecuted personages of different social standings after secretly putting them on black lists.
The above-said lists, alias "black list," "blue list," and "list of enemy force", included personages of all social standings and even conservative figures who did not support Park or had even slight grievances against her.

Those people are subject to illegal surveillance and excluded from the list of persons to be promoted and expected to receive "government" subsidies.
This is a blatant challenge to the public as it is fascist terrorism, hideous encroachment on democracy and human rights abuses just the same as that prevailed in the era of "yusin" dictatorship characterized by the unprecedented dark rule.

Those "persons on the black lists" subject to the tyranny and arbitrary practices of the Park group include personages in the fields of culture and arts, education, media and sports and all other social circles. Officials of Chongwadae, the Intelligence Service (IS) and administrative bodies were involved in the act of mapping out those lists reminiscent of scenarios for modern-day witch hunt.

The recently disclosed case of blacklisting persons of literature and arts is a product of the cynical ploy of the puppet regime to throw many progressive persons of literature and arts behind bars after putting them on the black list in a bid to quell the anti-"government" sentiments and weather its ruling crisis.
For instance, the "black list" contained the names of 9 473 persons of literature and arts who either took part in the signature campaign to demand the repeal of the "government ordinance on ferry Sewol" or supported the declaration on the ferry disaster or voted against candidates from the ruling party in the "presidential" and Seoul mayoral elections but for candidates from opposition and independent camps.

It was Park Geun Hye who sponsored the illegal barbarous terrorism.
It is the instinctive physiology of Park to revive the repressive machinery dating back to the era of "yusin" dictatorship and enforce the intelligence-based terror politics as she wrested power the way her father, a fascist dictator, did.

In addition to intelligence and investigation institutions such as IS, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of Public Health and Welfare, the "Office of National Tax Administration" and other "government" offices and local power bodies were hurled into such indiscriminate political surveillance. The Park regime went the lengths of working out a document called "incumbent mayor of Seoul's leftist administration and orientation of counteraction" and conducting political surveillance aimed to check his influence.

A secretary of the Intelligence Committee of the puppet "National Assembly" was reported to have openly claimed in his radio broadcasting appearance that the security organs had nothing to be blamed as the IS conducted wiretapping and surveillance over civilians once in every four months with the permission of Park.

Consequently, south Korea has turned into a dark society where freedom and democracy and even people's elementary freedom to express their will and conduct political activities are mercilessly trampled down. This is an inevitable product of the barbarous intelligence-based politics and fascist repressive rule of traitor Park.

The puppet regime is, indeed, a group of criminals and political gangsters who make no scruple of committing any base and heinous actions for staying in power.
They are fated to go to ruin as they brandish swords of dictatorship against all compatriots, regarding them as "enemy" and "those" to be eliminated. -0-

KCNA Commentary Ridicules S. Korean Authorities' Solicitation Diplomacy

Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet forces are vying with each other to win favor of the new boss of the White House from the outset of the year, bringing bitterer shame and disgrace.

Those of Chongwadae and the puppet Foreign Ministry visited the U.S. one on the heels of the other. Shortly ago, the chief of the security office of Chongwadae had confabs with coteries of the new U.S. administration at which he begged for "close cooperation in coping with the north" while talking about "gravity and urgency of the nuclear issue of the north". Those of the defense ministry also applied for visit to the U.S. in a bid to escalate confrontation with the north.

This is a foolish act of the confrontation maniacs to keep the bankrupt campaign for garnering "cooperation in pressurizing the north" afloat with the help of their master as it is last-ditch efforts of the pro-U.S. stooges seized with fear that its hostile policy toward the DPRK may be deterred by the ever-rising strategic position of the DPRK, a nuclear power in the East.

The DPRK is making a long drive, defending peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region as befitting its strategic position as a nuclear power of the world.
All the fellow countrymen in the north and the south and abroad have turned out in the movement for Korea's reunification, deeply moved by the noble patriotic will of the peerlessly great man to put an end to the tragic history of national division and usher in a new era of independent reunification and peace and prosperity by lifting the north-south relations from a stalemate.

But the puppet group of traitors, keen on sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with the fellow countrymen, are challenging the DPRK's sincere proposal and efforts for improving the north-south relations and independent reunification by imploring for "cooperation in putting pressure on the north," getting increasingly dependent on the U.S.

The worst catastrophe of the north-south relations is attributable to the puppet forces' sycophancy and policy for confrontation with the fellow countrymen.
The Park Geun Hye group brought south Korea the present disaster due to their "pivot to America diplomacy." They are, however, still dreaming a pipedream of stifling the fellow countrymen in the north, pursuing a foolish ambition. This only reveals the true colors of the traitors that can never change.

The nation's anger at the group of traitors keen on sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with the fellow countrymen is now running high. Such betes noires as well as traitor Park Geun Hye deserve the people's judgment for going crazy in confrontation with compatriots, still crying out for "sanctions on the north" and "maintenance of posture of counteraction".
All Koreans should send the group of these confrontation maniacs to their graves as early as possible. -0-