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KCNA Commentary on S. Korean Conservatives' "Security Offensive"

Pyongyang, October 24 (KCNA) -- The south Korean conservative group has gone to extremes in its racket of confrontation with the compatriots in the north.
During the "parliamentary inspection of the administration" the conservative group led by the "Liberal Korea Party" termed the issue of turning the disputed waters in the West Sea of Korea into peace waters, which was specified in the military agreement for implementing the Panmunjom declaration, something like "being lured into the tactics of the north." They clamored for not pardoning such "abandonment of security" and "vacuum in security."

This is just a blatant challenge to the aspiration and desire of all Koreans and the international community for the easing of the inter-Korean military tensions and regional stability.
To mitigate the military tensions and defuse the danger of war on the Korean peninsula is a very crucial issue related to the destiny of the Korean nation and is directly linked with global peace and security.

The military agreement which was adopted as an annexation of the "September Pyongyang Joint Declaration" specifies the practical steps for turning the Korean peninsula into a zone of durable peace.
MBC of south Korea commented the agreement as a "substantial progress for detailing the Panmunjom declaration", saying the point is that it contains the detailed ways to completely remove the source of all accidental collisions that may occur on the land and in the waters and the sky.

Other media termed it an "actual inter-Korean non-aggression agreement" and "inter-Korean promise to open up a no-war era."
As seen above, only the conservative group of south Korea is hurting and opposing the north-south agreement hailed by all Koreans and the international community.

At a time when national reconciliation and unity, peace and stability have become the general trend, only the conservative group of south Korea is talking about trite "security." It only betrays its ulterior design to create uneasiness among the public and stem the trend of detente and peace.

The conservatives' "security offensive" is just an act of inciting a cold war.
It again shed light on the true colors of the conservatives as criminals who have amassed fortunes and sought luxury in the trouble waters of the cold war of confrontation and hostility.

There is a saying that a caravan is bound to go ahead though dogs bark.
As solemnly clarified at historic land of Panmunjom, there will be no war on the Korean peninsula as a new era of peace has opened.
It is just a pipedream to go against this strong trend. -0-

KCNA Commentary Snipes at Abe's Project for Constitutional Revision

Pyongyang, October 6 (KCNA) -- Japanese Prime Minister Abe said after being elected as president of the Liberal Democratic Party that he would challenge for constitutional amendments which had never been realized for over seven decades.
His talk about the constitutional amendments reminds the international community of the wide-spreading political saying that there is a steel bar called constitutional revision in the backbone of Abe.

Abe's repeated trouble-making remarks are indicative of the deep-rooted militarist wild ambition of the Japanese political circles keen on wetting the sword of reinvasion in a bid to restore the erstwhile status of a colonial ruler.

Constitutional revision is a lifetime goal of Abe.
At every opportunity Abe liked to say that "he would modify the constitution first once he becomes the prime minister." It is not surprising that he, who won elections three times by taking advantage of the ultra-right tendency in Japan, is about to orchestrate a stupid farce for constitutional revision, the 70 odd-year long ambition.

Then, what is the essence of the "Pacifist Constitution"?
The "Pacifist Constitution" legally guaranteeing the system of Japan after the end of the Second World War stipulates "war renouncement" in Paragraph A and "ban on possession of combat power" in Paragraph B of its Article IX.

The reason why the Abe regime is fussing over the earlier revision of the constitution is that the constitution is just putting the brake on the regime's war chariot dashing toward the realization of such wild ambitions as revival of militarism and overseas reinvasion.

It is the wild ambition of the Abe regime to make Japan a country capable of going to war at its own will by successfully carrying out such revision as adding the provisions of its "Self-Defense Forces'" existence to Article IX of the constitution in the near future.

The regime even set a "timetable for constitutional revision" aimed to put the modified constitution in force from 2020.
The 2018 defense white paper published by Japan also reflects the expansionist policy of the regime to step up the increase of armaments and get rid of the restrictions by the "Pacifist Constitution."

The regime has already laid a legal foundation for overseas military advance by instituting the "law on tackling contingencies in the vicinity", the "law on dealing with emergencies" and the "law on a special measure for tackling terrorism".
It is now going crazy about the development of medium-and-long range missiles after having aircraft carrier-class warships and new-type fighter jets and air tankers.

Seeing this, even a mere child may know what it will do after constitutional revision.
Japan, which has already turned itself into dangerous belligerent forces by spending a huge amount of money for building a military giant, is now seeking to remove the brake "Pacifist Constitution". This is just a reckless scheme to inflict a holocaust upon mankind again.

Now that a new peace trend has a great impact on the world political situation and regional dynamic relations are undergoing a rapid change, Japan is just the most dangerous aggressor forces disturbing peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.
The world should heighten vigilance against Japan's accelerated moves for militarist revival and overseas expansion. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japanese FM's Nonsense

Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) -- Commenting on the north-south summit due in September, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono said on Sept. 14 that the time is not quite ripe for the declaration of the war end requested by north Korea, and that it is desirable that the end of the war is declared after a concrete action is taken.
In conclusion, the nonsense of Kono clearly shows Japan's wicked intention to hide the wretched situation that it has been completely marginalized from the surrounding structure and to poke its nose into the regional issue by inciting the atmosphere of confrontation.

The trend of the times is going toward dialogue and peace, and no one can deny and go against it.
It is the firm stand and will of the DPRK to completely remove the danger of an armed conflict and the fear of war on the Korean peninsula and turn it into the place of peace and this is commanding positive supports and deep sympathy of the world people.

Durable peace can be achieved on the Korean peninsula when the physical war state is ended. And this is a prerequisite for peace.
The north and the south are leveling gun at each other in the lingering quagmire of mistrust and hostility even after they promised to make peace settle on the Korean peninsula. This is just an extremely abnormal situation, which has a great impact on the world peace and stability.

65 years have elapsed since the Korean War ended in a truce, so the declaration of the termination of the state of war has become a urgent task of the time.
That is why the world people as well as the Korean people earnestly want the earlier publication of the declaration of the end of war state on the Korean peninsula.
Such a hope grows more ardent with the approach of the inter-Korean summit.
The nonsense made by Japanese foreign minister at this time is nothing but a cry of distress of those being isolated from the neighboring countries.
The nonsense by him, failing to properly understand the reality and the trend of the times, at a time when the world more ardently calls for the conclusion of a declaration of the end of the war state, clearly proves that Japan is just a country of political pigmies.

Japan had better remember its proverb "If you want to say something, say it tomorrow".
Japan should know that its narrow view of things and nonsense will make it poorer.
Such talkativeness can never check the trend of the dialogue.

Japan would be well advised to understand that if it misbehaves itself, talking nonsense, it is bound to meet disgrace worldwide and be completely marginalized from the structure of the relations among the neighboring countries and the international relations.

The DPRK is keenly watching Japan adding to its past crimes and will make it pay dearly for them. -0-

Japan's Spurious Signboard of "Peace" Ridiculed

Pyongyang, August 14 (KCNA) -- An article titled "Till when is it going to deceive world with 'peace' signboard" written by Ri Myong Hwa, a researcher of the Institute for Japan Studies, was issued on August 13 on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of defeat of the Japanese imperialists.

Japan might feel distressed whenever it marks the anniversary of defeat every year, the article said, and went on:
Japan has worked desperately to shake off the ill image of the fascist defeated nation and take up the new look as a "pacifist state" and a "normal state" each day of the past 73 years since the defeat in August 1945.
If there is anything that has been required so much externally and politically by Japan after the war, that could be the word "peace".

By misusing even the trend of the present century which regards justice, morality and peace as the standard of civilization and development, it has trumpeted about "pacifism" and claimed to have behaved as a "dutiful state".
The image of "kind Japanese" that has been recorded in history as a rare political cartoon is the most vivid product of Japan's enthusiasm to change its image.

A newspaper office of Japan invited a world renowned political cartoonist in the 1980s and let him produce a new image of Japanese and named it "Taro's image" symbolic of the good eldest son.
Later the Japanese politicians have deceived the world, while veiling Japan as an "honest-minded state" and a "pacifist state" with the "Taro's image" as standard.

In a statement marking the 60th anniversary of Japan's defeat, the Japanese chief executive used the word "peace" 12 times to claim that the post-war history of Japan marked 60 years of "peace" that had reflected on the war in practice.
The external political slogan referring to "Japan's state image in the 21st century" specified by a policy advisory institution was also the construction of a "beautiful country" and "active pacifism".

Prime Minister Abe claimed that "active pacifism is the self-portrait of new Japan and it will be one of banners that will represent and lead Japan in the future".
What is all the more ridiculous is a statement made by Abe marking the 70th anniversary of Japan's defeat in the Pacific War in which he said Japan has lived up to its oath to deny a war as a "pacifist state" after the defeat and will make active contribution to world peace and security in the future, too.

Japan has been keen on justifying its past so much that its chief executive openly claimed that "he feels proud of the actions for peace done by Japan for more than 70 years after war".
Then is it really that Japan followed the path of maturity to be the pacifist state.

Never. As a country that has preserved the "emperor" system despite its defeat, Japan has kept to the path of militarist revival in all fields including politics, economy, military, culture and diplomacy behind the scene of peace.
It has adopted a double-dealing attitude, taking "peace" as a camouflaged signboard of its foreign policy for aggression for more than 70 years after the war only to be forced to pay a high price now.

The situation of the Korean peninsula and the region has now been oriented toward dialogue and detente and lots of countries in the world have opted for the path of the coordination of the overall relations and development for equality, reciprocity and future.

Japan's double-dealing attitude at the moment only betrays its true nature concerning the issue of the Korean peninsula, an issue so important as to steer the trend toward global peace.
It is now treated as a puppy in dialogue for regional peace, the natural outcome of its own acts.
Upset and embarrassed, Japan is trying to be tactful and quick-witted to find a way-out, but a brake is put on a key issue.

A key to handling the Korean peninsula issue that has great effect on world peace and stability is to face up to the existence of the DPRK, a worldwide strategic state, as it is and to adjust one's external political stand based on it.
Japan's authenticity regarding the issue peace lies in the redemption of its past.

Spurious signboard of "peace" without practice is just deception and mockery of the world.
If Japan truly wants to get international acknowledgement, it had better take up mature political and moral look that can convince the world that has undergone a change.
Only then the setback of Japan can be done away with. -0-

Japan Accused of Trumpeting about "Threat from North Korea": KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- It is really strange that Japan is exposed to "threat" at a time when the atmosphere of peace is prevalent around the Korean peninsula.
It has recently been proved that Japan again branded the DPRK as the "unprecedentedly grave and urgent threat" in the "defense white paper" for 2018.

The theory of "threat from north Korea" is not brand new as it is a manifestation of the hostile policy toward the DPRK which Japan has long put forward as a national policy.
It is ridiculous that Japan still trumpets about time-worn "threat" at a time when a new era of peace settles on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
This is not a thing that should be considered as an ignorance of the trend of the times or persecution mania.

In May Japan branded the DPRK as well as China as a "threat" when it revised the "maritime master plan."
And it labeled the DPRK as an "unprecedentedly grave and urgent threat to peace and stability of Japan and the international community" in the diplomatic blue paper printed in 2018.
Japan is persistently crying out for someone's "threat" in defiance of the changed situation. It clearly shows that Japan is in need of the "threat" from the outside.

Now Abe regime is suffering a serious crisis in domestic rule owing to the ultra-right policy, irregularities and corruption and lack of measure for natural disasters and externally it is involved in trade dispute with different economic entities and it is sidelined in diplomatic arena.
For these reasons Abe regime is kept from realising its ambition for militarism and so it tries to find the way out from the theory of "threat from north Korea."
Japan that drew water to its mill in the aggravated situation of the Korean peninsula has not yet abandoned the bad habit under the present situation toward d?tente and peace.

The trend of the times never depends on the political purpose of Japan.
The Japanese reactionaries are crying out for the "threat" in pursuance of the anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK. Their act brings into bold relief under the eyes of the international community the base intention of Japan which is trumpeting about non-existent "threat" for its wild ambition while hurting the regional situation. Japan would be well advised to think of a way to join in the trend of the times. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Attempted Military Coup of Conservatives in S. Korea

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) -- It was recently revealed in south Korea that the Defense Security Command planned a military coup in March last year with the impeachment of Park Geun Hye just ahead, arousing anger among people from all walks of life.

A document, worked out by the command at the instruction of Chongwadae at that time, deals with the action program for the military coup such as declaration of "garrison law" and "martial law" and the phased dispatch of troops and even a person to seize administrative and judicial system to cope with the massive struggle to be escalated in case of the rejection of the bill on the impeachment of Park Geun Hye.

This was an attempt at the barbarous armed suppression of peaceful candlelight demonstrators, a scheme for military coup. It fully betrays the reactionary nature of the Park Geun Hye group of traitors who left no stone unturned to keep the dictatorial rule and power.
In particular, the plan contained a proposal to justify their military coup under the pretext of "threat from the north", which shocks the public at home and abroad.

It is not a secret that all the successive conservative regimes found a way out in the fiction of "threat from the north" and resorted to a reckless campaign of "eliminating the forces following the north" whenever they were driven into a tight corner.
Typical of such examples are the May 16 Military Coup by traitor Park Chung-Hee who suppressed the just struggle of the people for independence, democracy and reunification at the point of bayonet, spreading the fiction of "threat of southward invasion" and "the north's involvement" and the Kwangju bloodbath by the Chun Doo Hwan military gangsters.

The south Korean people are shocked to think that had the plot of the Park Geun Hye group come true, the dark era of "yusin" dictatorship and the bloodbath would have been repeated and there would have been no such climate of peace and unity as today.
The reality clearly proves that the ghost of military coup and military dictatorship is never thrown into the grave of history but still hovers over the south Korean people, watching for a chance.

The conservatives, now at the deathbed, openly betray their ambition to come back to power so as to ruthlessly suppress the progressive forces.
The "Liberal Korea Party" riffraff are zealously defending the attempted military coup, claiming that "there is no trace of the coup" and it is the bounden duty of the military authorities to cope with possible contingency". Their last ditch-efforts bring to light their dirty colors as accomplice.

The military coup failed in the attempt but the conservative traitors never give it up.
South Koreans from all walks of life should fight it out for the liquidation of the deep-seated evils so as to ostracize the conservative group of traitors including the LKP at their last gasp.
They should preserve peace on the Korean peninsula by the concerted efforts of the nation. -0-

KCNA Commentary Flails S. Korean Traitorous Conservatives

Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) -- The conservative group of traitors in south Korea is going more reckless at a time when the expectation and desire of the public for implementation of the historic Panmunjom Declaration grow stronger with each passing day.

Having hurled mud at the third and fourth inter-Korean summits and the Panmunjom Declaration, the "Liberal Korea Party" set itself against the adoption of a bill backing the Panmunjom Declaration at the "National Assembly".

All the fellow countrymen are trembling with anger at the reckless moves of the conservatives to make a mockery of the historic agreement common to the nation reflecting the unanimous desire.
The misbehavior brings into bolder relief the true colors of the group of traitors against reunification.

Hong Jun Phyo and his LKP are a group of the worst traitors like Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye.
The fellow countrymen still remember the great joy at the birth of the June 15 joint declaration in June 2000 which witnessed a breakthrough in the 55-year-long history of national division and the emotional days when the October 4 declaration was adopted in 2007.

The thrice-cursed crimes of the Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye groups of traitors will never be pardoned as they reduced the priceless north-south declarations to scraps of paper and drove the inter-Korean relations into the lowest ebb, trampling upon all the successes gained by the June 15 joint declaration.

A handful of the LKP coterie is now going to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.
The authorities and ruling and opposition parties of south Korea decided to adopt the bill supporting the Panmunjom Declaration. This is a reflection of the public mind that the crime-woven history should not be repeated and the Panmunjom Declaration should be implemented to the letter.

Clear is the intention of the LKP coterie claiming that there is no "hardcore content". It is to block the compulsory and institutional implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration which stands above any political group and regime. In fact, such attempt is a crime against the nation as it is designed to mar the improvement of the inter-Korean ties and destroy peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

The historic significance and justice of the declaration can neither be played down nor be changed by anyone's denial.
Watching the last-ditch efforts of the group of traitors with the 18th publication anniversary of the June 15 joint declaration approaching, all the fellow countrymen come to conclusion that it is a disgrace to the nation to allow the existence of such group of traitors as Hong Jun Phyo and that if they are left intact, the bitter past in which the agreements common to the nation were violated and the inter-Korean ties went through pain and frustration will be repeated.

The abnormal situation, in which marginalized philistines are running amuck, should not be allowed any longer.
Human scum such as Hong and his LKP going against the desire and aspiration of the nation will surely face judgment by history. -0-