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Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Leaves Pyongyang for Second DPRK-U.S. Summit Meeting and Talks

Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, left here for the second DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks to be held in Hanoi, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam from Feb. 27 to 28, Juche 108 (2019).

Supreme Leader of the Party, state and army Kim Jong Un is accompanied by Kim Yong Chol, Ri Su Yong, Kim Phyong Hae and O Su Yong, members of the Political Bureau and vice-chairmen of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), Ri Yong Ho, member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and foreign minister, No Kwang Chol, alternate member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and minister of the People's Armed Forces, Kim Yo Jong, alternate member of the Political Bureau and first vice department director of the WPK Central Committee, Choe Son Hui, vice minister of Foreign Affairs, and members of the WPK Central Committee and the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK.

Kim Jong Un was seen off by Kim Yong Nam, Choe Ryong Hae and Pak Pong Ju, members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK, and other senior officials of the Party, government and armed forces organs.

He exchanged greetings with the senior officials.
The senior officials of the Party, government and armed forces organs sincerely wished Kim Jong Un good success in the second DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks and safe return.
His train left Pyongyang Railway Station on Saturday afternoon. -0-

New Year Address of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- The following is the full text of the New Year Address made by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on January 1, 2019:

Dear people and service personnel of the People's Army across the country,
Dear compatriots,
Dear comrades and friends,

Having seen out the year 2018, in which we adorned the history of the motherland, the revolution and the nation with meaningful events leaving another indelible imprint in the history, we are seeing in the new year 2019 full of hope.
As we see in the new year, I extend heartfelt greetings to all the people and service personnel who devoted their all for the cause of socialist construction sharing the same mind and pace with our Party in the eventful days of last year, and wish that homes across the country will brim with affection, hope and happiness.

My warm new year greetings go also to the compatriots in the south and abroad, who shared our will in writing a new history of reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity of the nation.
I wish success in the work of heads of state and other foreign friends who are making efforts for social progress and development and global peace and justice.


The year 2018 was a historic year, in which remarkable changes took place in the internal and external situations and our socialist construction entered a new stage thanks to our Party's line of independence and strategic decision.

The Third Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Party Central Committee held in April last year constituted an occasion of pivotal significance in developing our revolution onto a new stage and continuing to speed up the advance of socialism on the basis of the great victory of the line of promoting the two fronts simultaneously. Following the road of arduous struggle with faith in certain victory of socialism, our people provided by their own efforts a sure guarantee for defending their sovereignty and achieving peace and prosperity, and became able to set out on a grand revolutionary advance to attain still higher goals for the construction of a prosperous country.

Thanks to our proactive and positive efforts, a peace-oriented current was created on the Korean peninsula and the international prestige of our Republic continued to be raised, and in the midst of this we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the glorious DPRK in splendour with great dignity and self-confidence.

Through the celebratory events held in September, the might of the DPRK, which achieved the ideological oneness of the whole society and the single-hearted unity of the Party and the people and which possesses a reliable self-supporting economy and self-reliant defence capabilities, and the ardent will of the heroic Korean people to fight to the end for the victory of the socialist cause were fully demonstrated in front of the eyes of the world.

Last year all the people further consolidated the foundations of the self-supporting economy by turning out in the struggle for carrying out the Party's new strategic line of concentrating all efforts on economic construction.

Meaningful and valuable advances were made in the struggle for implementing the line of making the national economy Juche-oriented. The generation capacity of the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex was increased remarkably, the Kim Chaek and Hwanghae iron and steel complexes and other metallurgical works built on their successes in establishing the Juche orientation in production, and dynamic efforts were made to strengthen the independent foundations of the chemical industry. The quality of various vehicles and light-industry products that give us pleasure at sight as they were made by our efforts, technology and resources was raised to a higher level and their mass production was realized, bringing delight to our people.

The working class in the coal-mining industry, in defence of the lifeline of the self-supporting economy, conducted a do-or-die campaign for production when everything was in difficulty, and the agricultural sector waged an unremitting struggle for increased cereal production, thus producing a large number of high-yielding units and farmers even in adverse weather conditions.

The munitions industry, in hearty response to our Party's militant call for concentrating all efforts on economic construction, produced a variety of farm machinery, construction equipment, cooperative products and consumer goods, thereby giving an impetus to economic development and the improvement of the people's living standards.

Last year the gigantic construction projects, geared to adding glory to the era of the Workers' Party according to the Party's long-term plan and operations, proceeded in a three-dimensional way and on a grand scale. This demonstrated in reality the stout mettle of socialist Korea that never flinches in the face of any adversity but achieves victory after victory by surging forward more forcefully, as well as the inexhaustible potentials of our independent economy.

True to the decision of the April Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee on bringing about a revolutionary turn in science and education, the sector of science and technology presented valuable research findings conducive to accelerating the growth of hi-tech industries and revitalizing the national economy; the efforts to make education modern and scientific gained momentum, the teaching conditions and environment being updated at many universities, colleges, middle and primary schools across the country.

The sector of art and culture produced and staged a grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance, evoking positive response from at home and abroad and vividly showing the advanced level of Juche-oriented art and its peculiar features and advantages.


Through the struggle of last year, which added a new page of proud victory to the annals of our revolution, we have been convinced once again of the validity of our own cause and the invincible strength of our state. Thanks to our people's indomitable fight against the challenge of injustice, our state's might of self-development has increased on a steady basis and the cause of building a powerful socialist country is progressing at a faster pace.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I should like to extend my heartfelt thanks, once again, to all the people including the service personnel of the People's Army for advancing non-stop along the road of victory indicated by the Party and thus performing feats that will shine brilliantly in the history of our country.


Having grown seasoned and powerful amid the struggle to glorify the new era of the Juche revolution, our Party and people are launching the new year march full of greater confidence and ambition.

This year we are faced with the task of expanding the country's capability of independent development to open up bright prospects for taking a step forward towards socialist construction.

We have the strength and foundations to bring forward a brighter future of socialism by our own efforts, and we have also developed our own strategy and creative methods to this end. When we strive hard with an indefatigable spirit on the principle of self-reliance by adhering to the Party's new strategic line, our country's strength will redouble and our people's dreams and ideals will come true.

"Let us open a new road of advance for socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance!"-this is the slogan we should uphold. We should bring about a revolutionary upsurge on all fronts of socialist construction by regarding self-reliance as a treasured sword for prosperity, a spirit which has always been a banner of struggle and driving force for a leap forward in the whole course of the Korean revolution.

The might of the independent socialist economy should be further strengthened.

We should rely on our own technical forces and resources and the high creative spirit and revolutionary enthusiasm of all the people so as to succeed in attaining the strategic goals of national economic development and enter a new stage of growth.
We should properly plan and thoroughly implement the national operations aimed at maintaining, reinforcing and reenergizing the national economy as a whole.

Strategic measures should be taken to give full play to the potentials of the self-supporting economy and utilize the new elements and driving force for economic development, and the manpower and material resources of the country should be enlisted in economic construction in a cost-effective way. We should focus on the main link in the national economic work, reenergize the other links of its whole chain and promote the long-term development of the economy, so as to push forward its revitalization.

The management method should be innovated to satisfactorily realize the unified guidance of the state over the overall economy and give fullest play to the voluntary enthusiasm and creative abilities of the working people. The Cabinet and other state and economic guidance organs should improve planning, pricing, and monetary and financial management in line with socialist economic law and make sure that economic levers have a positive effect on the revitalization of production and expanded reproduction in enterprises. They should adjust the structures and system of work to raise the efficiency of economic work and to make enterprises smoothly conduct their business activities.

Talented personnel, science and technology are our major strategic resources and weapons with which to bring about a great leap forward in socialist construction.

The state should promote talent training and sci-tech development purposefully and increase its investment in them.

It is necessary to improve the quality of training talented personnel, who will shoulder the socio-economic development, by improving the teaching contents and methods in conformity with the world trend of developing education and pedagogical requirements.

We should set a high goal of developing new technologies and concentrate our efforts on the research into core technologies of great practical and economic significance, so as to secure the leading force of economic growth. We should also take institutional measures so that scientific research institutes and enterprises, in close cooperation, can boost production and technological development and enhance intellectual creativity.

Every sector in the national economy should give impetus to hitting the targets of the five-year strategy for national economic development.
We should direct primary efforts to relieving the shortage of electricity to make a breakthrough in revitalizing the national economy.
One of the most important and pressing tasks in socialist economic construction for this year is to radically increase the production of electricity.

By focusing state investment on the electric-power industry to maintain and reinforce its existing foundation and making maximum and effective use of it to renovate and modernize one by one badly needed sectors and projects, we can, for the present, raise power generation to the peak year level.

We should take the problem of easing the strain on electricity as an undertaking of the whole state, step up the construction of hydroelectric power stations including Orangchon and Tanchon power stations and create a capacity for generating tidal, wind and atomic power under a far-reaching plan. Provinces, cities and counties should develop and utilize in an effective way various energy sources available in their local areas.

The coal-mining industry is a primary front in developing the self-supporting economy.

Only when coal is mass-produced can we resolve the problem of electricity and satisfy the demand for fuel and power for different sectors of the national economy including the metallurgical industry.
The coal-mining industry should channel efforts, first and foremost, into supplying coal to thermal power stations so that they can normalize electricity generation without letup.

The whole country should render active ideological and spiritual, material and technical assistance to coal mines, and the state should take stringent steps to provide in a responsible manner facilities and materials needed for coal production and good living conditions for coal miners.

A greater development should be achieved in establishing the Juche orientation in the metallurgical and chemical industries, the two pillars in economic construction.

The metallurgical industry should lower production cost to the minimum by perfecting the scientific and technological aspects of the Juche-oriented iron- and steel-making processes and ensuring their normal operation, and work out and implement an operations plan for providing them with full amounts of iron ore, refractories and ferro-alloys to meet their increased production capacity.

The chemical industry should step up the building of the phosphatic fertilizer factory and the establishment of the C1 chemical industry, develop the glauberite and synthetic fibre industries and convert the existing equipment and technical processes into energy-saving and labour-saving ones. This year a nationwide effort should be made to run the chemical fertilizer factories at full capacity and boost production at the February 8 Vinalon Complex.

Rail and other transport sectors should launch an intensive campaign to strengthen discipline and increase their carriage and traffic capacities to ease the strain on transport.

The machine-building industry should upgrade designing and processing techniques to develop and produce a variety of modern machinery and equipment in our own way to suit our actual conditions.

Improving the people's standard of living radically is a matter of greatest importance for our Party and state.
The agricultural front, the major point of attack in socialist economic construction, should conduct a campaign for increased production.

The Cabinet and other relevant sectors should give effective scientific and technical guidance for each farming process and supply sufficient amounts of materials needed for this year's farming, thus increasing cereal production decisively. They should respect the opinions and interests of farmers, masters of farming, and meet the demands of the socialist principle of distribution properly.

It is necessary to adhere to the four key factors set forth by the Party for the development of livestock farming, modernize and reenergize stockbreeding bases like chicken farms, and encourage the joint stockbreeding by cooperative farms and the sideline stockbreeding by individual farmers so as to supply the people with more meat and eggs.

The fishing sector should consolidate its material and technical foundations, put fishing and aquatic culture on a scientific basis and protect and increase aquatic resources, so as to open a new path for developing the fishing industry.

The sector of light industry, by consistently upholding the banner of modernizing production lines, obtaining at home everything needed for production and improving quality, should produce and supply various kinds of consumer goods that are favoured by the people, and ensure that provinces, cities and counties renovate the condiments factories and other locally-run plants and maintain their regular operation by relying on the locally available raw materials and other resources.

This year, too, we should push ahead, in a bold manner, with huge construction projects for national prosperity and the people's wellbeing.

The whole Party, the entire army and all the people should turn out to transform Samjiyon County into a model of modern mountainous city, an ideal socialist village, and complete on the highest possible level the construction projects that would represent the present era, including the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area and other new tourist areas. It is important to steadily improve architectural designing and construction methods, and ensure domestic production and better quality of finishing materials, so as to build all the architectural structures magnificently and in our own style and provide our people with a cultured, happy life. With the national-level construction projects underway on an extensive scale, we should build up the capacity of producing cement and other building materials as planned.

We should make proactive efforts to implement the tasks for the second stage of the forest restoration campaign, improve landscaping, urban management and road administration, and take every precaution against environmental pollution.

All sectors and all units should fulfil their quotas of the national economic plan in all its indices by identifying and enlisting every last reserve, possibility and potential and by increasing production and practising economy.

The politico-ideological strength of our socialist state should be increased in every way possible.

It is necessary to unite the broad sections of the masses solidly around the Party by thoroughly applying the Juche-oriented view on the people, a people-oriented philosophy, in Party and state activities.
Party and government organs and working people's organizations should give top and absolute priority to the people's interests whatever they plan and whatever they conduct; they should lend an ear to their sincere opinions, prioritize their wants and anything beneficial to them, and strive to translate them into reality without any conditions attached.

Anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances, they should make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people, direct primary attention to their livelihood, and ensure that everybody benefits from the politics of affection and trust, the one of embracing and taking care of them all. They should intensify the struggle to eradicate both serious and trivial instances of abuse of power, bureaucratism and corruption, which would wreak havoc on the harmonious whole of the Party and the masses and undermine the socialist system.

However the situation and circumstances may change, Party members and all other working people should cherish the principle of our state first as an element of their faith and step up socialist economic construction in our own way. They should glorify the country's great history by working with sincere devotion and a patriotic desire for developing their homeland by their own efforts before the eyes of the world, the precious land of socialism which they have defended from generation to generation.

We should accelerate the building of socialist civilization.

A revolutionary habit of studying and a way of cultural and emotional life should be established throughout society, so that all the people possess versatile knowledge and cultural attainments as required by the developing times. The sector of art and literature should create splendid works including films and songs that reflect the times and reality and touch the people's heartstrings, thus enriching the spiritual and cultural wealth of the nation and giving a powerful impetus to today's grand revolutionary march.

We should ensure that all the people realize the advantages of the socialist public health system by modernizing pharmaceutical and medical appliance factories, upgrading medical institutions and raising the level of medical service. Mass-based sporting activities should be conducted briskly and specialized sporting techniques developed to ensure that the whole country brims over with vigour and optimism and the sportspeople continue to demonstrate the wisdom and might of Koreans in international competitions.

We should launch a powerful drive to establish a socialist way of life and ennobling moral discipline, thus ensuring that no immoral and uncultured practices that run counter to our people's emotions and aesthetic view are revealed. By doing so, we can turn the whole society into a large, harmonious family filled with moral excellence and tender feelings.

The national defence capability should be solidified.

The People's Army should reliably defend the Party and revolution and the security of the country and the people and continuously perform miraculous feats at all sites of socialist construction as in the past by consistently holding fast to the four-point policy for developing it into a powerful army. By doing so, it should demonstrate to the full the might of the revolutionary army, the invincible might of the army of our Party.

The Korean People's Internal Security Forces, as befitting the red shield of the revolution, should defend unto death our Party, system and people, and the Worker-Peasant Red Guards should effect a turn in strengthening its combat efficiency in this year of its 60th founding anniversary.

Powerful self-defence capacity is a cornerstone of the existence of a state and a guarantee for safeguarding peace.

The munitions industry should, on the one hand, steadily raise the national defence capacity to that of the world's advanced countries by stepping up the effort for making the defence industry Juche-based and modern, therefore guaranteeing the peace on the Korean peninsula by force of arms, and, on the other, should actively support economic construction.

In order to successfully carry out the militant tasks facing us this year, officials, leading members of the revolution, should make redoubled efforts and struggle with determination and courage.

It is none other than the masses of the people that constitute the motive force and are responsible for carrying out Party policy, and they know actual conditions better than anybody else. Officials should always immerse themselves in the pulsating reality, seeing everything with their own eyes and conducting a comprehensive analysis of how matters stand; they should go deep among the masses, sharing board and lodging with them and motivating them to resolve bottlenecks if any. They should set their ideals and ambitions in keeping with the Party's plans, and steadily improve their practical abilities and widen their horizon; in this way they should become competent organizers and hands-on workers who make persistent efforts to achieve everything perfectly at the standard demanded by the Party. They should throw themselves into doing any challenging task, burn the midnight oil pondering on how to bring benefit to the country and people, and find the worth of their work in the people's happy laughter.

Today young people should play a large part in promoting socialist construction.

With the same spirit and mettle which they displayed in recent years to create legendary tales of the new era in response to the Party's militant appeal, they should honour their title of vanguard at the revolutionary posts where the Party wants them to be. In the present stirring era they should become pioneers of new technology, creators of new culture and pathfinders for a great leap forward; they should make sure that youthful vigour and stamina are overflowing wherever they work.

It is needed to decisively increase the role of Party organizations.

Party organizations at all levels should conduct political and ideological work in a progressive manner in line with the requirements of the times and the developing revolution in order to make our people give full play to the strength of their indomitable spirit on all fronts of socialist construction. They should give a boost to administrative and economic officials so that they can map out plans and provide guidance for implementing Party policy in a responsible way, and fire a zeal for collective innovation and competition in their sectors and units. Provincial, city and county Party committees should wage a powerful struggle to bring about a turn in the development of farming, education and local industries.


Last year was a stirring year which witnessed a dramatic change unprecedented in the history of national division spanning over 70 years.
With a determination to usher in an era of national reconciliation, peace and prosperity by putting an end to the abnormal state on the Korean peninsula which had suffered a constant war crisis, we took proactive and bold measures to effect a great turn in north-south relations from the outset of last year.

It is unprecedented that three rounds of inter-Korean summit meetings and talks were held in a year amid great expectations and interest of peoples at home and abroad, and this clearly showed that north-south relations entered a completely new stage.

The Panmunjom Declaration, the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and the north-south agreement in the military field, which were adopted by reflecting the firm resolve and will to usher in an era of peace in which war exists no longer on the Korean peninsula, are of great significance as a virtual nonaggression declaration in which north and south have committed themselves to terminating fratricidal war based on force of arms.

While sportspersons of north and south displayed the wisdom and strength of the nation by jointly entering international competitions, artistes came and went to Pyongyang and Seoul to fire the enthusiasm for national reconciliation and reunification.

We took the significant first step towards common prosperity of the nation by promoting cooperation projects in various fields including railways, road, forestry and public health while resolutely overcoming manifold obstacles and difficulties.

The surprising changes which took place in inter-Korean relations last year convinced all the fellow countrymen that when they join minds and efforts, they can turn the Korean peninsula into the true home of the nation, which is the most peaceful and will prosper forever.

Though it was the initial step, north and south pooled intentions and wisdom to surely reverse inter-Korean relations in the utmost extremes of distrust and confrontation to those of trust and reconciliation and make in a short time eye-opening achievements which were unimaginable in the past. I am very satisfied with that.

In the New Year 2019 we should make greater strides in our efforts to boost inter-Korean relations, achieve peace and prosperity and reunify the country on the basis of the priceless achievements we made last year which was wonderfully adorned with unprecedented events.

All the nationals should hold high the slogan "Let us usher in a heyday of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula by thoroughly implementing the historic north-south declarations!"
It is our steadfast will to eradicate military hostility between north and south and make the Korean peninsula a durable and lasting peace zone.

North and south, as they agreed, should take practical measures proactively to remove military hostility on the whole of the Korean peninsula, including the ground, airspace and sea, as a follow-up to its ending in the areas of confrontation.

Given that north and south committed themselves to advancing along the road of peace and prosperity, we maintain that the joint military exercises with foreign forces, which constitute the source of aggravating the situation on the Korean peninsula, should no longer be permitted and the introduction of war equipment including strategic assets from outside should completely be suspended.

It is also needed to actively promote multi-party negotiations for replacing the current ceasefire on the Korean peninsula with a peace mechanism in close contact with the signatories to the armistice agreement so as to lay a lasting and substantial peace-keeping foundation.

All the fellow countrymen should unite as one, being conscious that the master of peace on the peninsula is our nation, in order to wage a powerful struggle to check and frustrate all the moves that wreck peace and incite military tension on this land.

Inter-Korean cooperation and exchanges should be expanded and developed in an all-round way so that national reconciliation and unity can be consolidated and all the fellow countrymen can practically benefit from improved north-south relations.

For the present, we are willing to resume the Kaesong Industrial Park and Mt Kumgang tourism without any precondition and in return for nothing, in consideration of the hard conditions of businesspersons of the south side who had advanced into the Kaesong Industrial Park and the desire of southern compatriots who are eager to visit the nation's celebrated mountain.

When north and south join hands firmly and rely on the united strength of the fellow countrymen, no external sanctions and pressure, challenges and trials will be able to hinder us in our efforts to open a broad avenue to national prosperity.

We will never tolerate the interference and intervention of outside forces who stand in the way of national reconciliation, unity and reunification with the design to subordinate inter-Korean relations to their tastes and interests.

North and south should not pass up the favourable atmosphere of today when all the nationals' interest in and aspiration for reunification are growing unprecedentedly, but actively try to find a peaceful reunification plan based on nationwide agreement and direct sincere efforts to this end.

All the fellow countrymen in north, south and abroad should further accelerate in high spirits the nationwide advance for implementing the north-south declarations, and thus glorify this year as a historic one when another radical change is brought about in the development of inter-Korean relations and implementation of the cause of national reunification.


Last year, our Party and the government of our Republic exerted responsible efforts to safeguard the peace and security of the world and expand and strengthen friendship with different countries.
The three rounds of our visit to the People's Republic of China and the Cuban delegation's visit to our country were remarkable events in boosting strategic communication and traditional ties of friendship and cooperation among the socialist countries.

Last year, frequent visits and exchanges were made on Party, state and government levels between the DPRK and many countries of the world, with the result that they deepened mutual understanding and confirmed the stand and will to promote sound development of the international community.

The historic, first-ever DPRK-US summit meeting and talks brought about a dramatic turn in the bilateral relationship which was the most hostile on the earth and made a great contribution to ensuring peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region.

It is the invariable stand of our Party and the government of our Republic and my firm will to establish a new bilateral relationship that meets the demand of the new era as clarified in the June 12 DPRK-US Joint Statement, build a lasting and durable peace regime and advance towards complete denuclearization.

Accordingly, we declared at home and abroad that we would neither make and test nuclear weapons any longer nor use and proliferate them, and we have taken various practical measures.
If the US responds to our proactive, prior efforts with trustworthy measures and corresponding practical actions, bilateral relations will develop wonderfully at a fast pace through the process of taking more definite and epochal measures.

We have no intention to be obsessed with and keep up the unsavoury past relationship between the two countries, but are ready to fix it as early as possible and work to forge a new relationship in line with the aspirations of the two peoples and the requirements of the developing times.

As evidenced by the reality of north-south relations that made rapid progress last year, nothing is impossible to a willing heart, and dialogue partners will reach the destinations that are beneficial to each other without fail if they put forward fair proposals on the principle of recognizing and respecting each other by abandoning their dogged insistence broadmindedly and conduct negotiations with a proper stand and the will to settle issues.

I want to believe that our relations with the United States will bear good fruit this year, as inter-Korean relations have greeted a great turn, by the efforts of the two sides.

I am of the opinion that, while meeting and holding talks beneficial to both sides with the US president in June last year, we exchanged constructive views and reached a consensus of understanding for a shortcut to removing each other's apprehensions and resolving the entangled problems.

I am ready to meet the US president again anytime, and will make efforts to obtain without fail results which can be welcomed by the international community.

But if the United States does not keep the promise it made in the eyes of the world, and out of miscalculation of our people's patience, it attempts to unilaterally enforce something upon us and persists in imposing sanctions and pressure against our Republic, we may be compelled to find a new way for defending the sovereignty of the country and the supreme interests of the state and for achieving peace and stability of the Korean peninsula.

The stabilized situation on the Korean peninsula and in the region is never something that has been created with ease, and the countries that are truly desirous of peace have the common responsibility for setting great store by the current situation. The neighbouring countries and international community have to support our sincere stand and efforts for promoting the positive development of the situation on the Korean peninsula and fight against all practices and challenges that wreck peace and run counter to justice.

Our Party and the government of our Republic will continue to bolster up unity and cooperation with the socialist countries and develop relations with all countries that are friendly to us under the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.


We are beginning the journey of the new year as we brace ourselves once again with the resolve to work devotedly for our country, our motherland, and the happier laughter of younger generations.

What we are convinced of once again as we proudly review the past year when we made rapid progress while paving our way by our own efforts with belief in our own strength in the face of harsh economic blockade and sanctions, is the truth that our state is fully capable of dynamically advancing along the road of development of socialism of our own style by dint of our people's great strength and efforts, without any external assistance or any other's help.

This year, too, we will face constant obstacles and challenges in our progress, but no one can change our determination and will and stop our vigorous advance and our people will successfully achieve their beautiful ideals and goals without fail.

Let us all work energetically and with one mind and will for the prosperity and development of the genuine people's country, the socialist motherland. -0-

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Makes New Year Address

Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made an address to mark the New Year 2019.

He, in his New Year Address, offered warm greetings to all the people and service personnel throughout the country and the fellow countrymen in the south and abroad, and expressed his hope that foreign state leaders and friends would register successes in their work.

He said that 2018 was a historic year in which a great change was made in the domestic and foreign situation by the independent line and strategic decision of the Workers' Party of Korea and the socialist construction entered a new phase.

Noting that this year we face the tasks of opening up a sure prospect for a big stride in the socialist construction by expanding and bolstering the capabilities of the country for independent development, he said that "Let's open a new road of advance for socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance!" is the slogan to be held up by us.

He called for effecting a revolutionary surge on all fronts of the socialist construction by regarding self-reliance as a treasured sword for prosperity.

He underscored the need to successfully attain the strategic goals for national economic development by depending on our own technical power and resources and the strong creativity and revolutionary enthusiasm of the entire people and thus switch over to a new phase of development.

He underlined the need to consolidate the political and ideological power of our state in every way.
He stressed the need to step up the building of socialist civilization and bolster the national defence capabilities.

He said that last year was a year of stirring events that witnessed a dramatic change unprecedented in the history of national division spanning more than seven decades.

On the basis of the valuable successes brought about by the unheard-of events last year, a bigger stride should be made in the struggle for the development of the north-south relations, peace, prosperity and national reunification in the New Year 2019, he pointed out.

All Koreans should uphold the slogan "Let's usher in a heyday of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula by thoroughly implementing the historic north-south declarations!", he stressed.

Noting that it is our fixed will to completely end the military hostility between the north and the south and turn the Korean peninsula into a zone of permanent and durable peace, he called for boosting the inter-Korean cooperation and exchange in an all-round way to consolidate the national reconciliation and unity and make sure that all Koreans can actually benefit from the improved north-south relations.

He said that we would never tolerate the intervention by the outsiders seeking to subordinate the north-south relations to their taste and interests and blocking the Korean nation's path toward reconciliation, unity and reunification.
He said that last year, the WPK and the DPRK government had made responsible efforts to safeguard peace and security of the world and develop the friendship with different countries.

Noting that the first historic DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks made a great contribution to ensuring peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region by making a dramatic switchover in the DPRK-U.S. relations, the most hostile relationship on the earth, he stressed that it is the invariable stand of the WPK and the DPRK government and his firm will to establish a new relationship between the two countries, set up a permanent and durable peace mechanism in the Korean peninsula and completely denuclearize it in keeping with the demand of the new century, as clarified in the June 12 DPRK-U.S. joint statement.

He said that the DPRK has no intention to persistently entertain the unpleasant past history of the two countries, but a will to put an end to it at an early date and move on towards the establishment of a new relationship, as desired by the peoples of the two counties and demanded by the developing era.

As evidenced by the rapid progress in the inter-Korean relations last year, if there is a will, there is nothing impossible and if dialogue partners boldly get rid of their chronic maintenance, set forth fair proposals in the principle of mutual recognition and respect and approach with correct attitude towards negotiation and determination to solve problems, they would reach a terminal favorable for both of them, he said.

Saying that he is always ready to sit together with the U.S. president anytime in the future, too, he stressed that he would work hard to produce results welcomed by the international community without fail.

But if the U.S. fails to carry out its promise to the world but seeks to force something upon the DPRK unilaterally after misjudging the patience of the Korean people and remains unchanged in its sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK, we might be compelled to explore a new path for defending the sovereignty of our country and supreme interests of our state and achieving peace and stability of the Korean peninsula, he pointed out.

He called on the neighboring countries and the international community to support the sincere stand and efforts of the DPRK to accelerate the positive development of the situation on the Korean peninsula, and to work hard against all sorts of acts and challenges disturbing peace and going against justice.

He stressed that the WPK and the government of the DPRK would continue to promote unity and cooperation with the socialist countries in the idea of independence, peace and friendship and develop relations with all countries who are friendly to the DPRK. -0-

U.S. Distortion of Facts Censured

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- The director of the Pyongyang Friendship Hospital gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Saturday as regards allegations coming out recently within the U.S., which distort the truth as to the cause of death of an American student Warmbier.
American student Warmbier died after his return to the U.S. following the release on sick bail in June 2017. He was undergoing the reform through labor which he had been sentenced to on a charge of anti-DPRK hostile act committed in January 2016.

However, several American doctors reportedly involved in the health check-up and treatment of Warmbier submitted ˇ°medical observationˇ± to a federal district court in Washington D.C. on October 10 to the effect that "he had died of torture", alleging that "they had concluded his teeth were dislocated and his gum bone damaged by physical force from outside".
Worse still, Haley, U.S. permanent representative to the UN, reportedly made such reckless remarks as "in north Korea, where Warmbier was tortured to death, and that was evil".

As the director of the hospital directly involved in medical treatment of Warmbier, I cannot repress my indignation over the American total distortion of the truth regarding his death.
As Warmbier had admitted by himself at a press conference, we provided medical care to him with sincerity from humanitarian viewpoint until his return to the U.S., though he was a criminal who had committed a hostile act against the DPRK.

The American doctors who came to the DPRK to help Warmbier's repatriation acknowledged that his health indicators were all normal and submitted a letter of assurance to our hospital that they shared the diagnostic result of the doctors of our hospital. That document is still in our hands.

According to an article carried in the American newspaper "USA Today" on June 21, 2017, a neurosurgeon in the University of Cincinnati admitted that medical examination of Warmbier had not found any trace of physical abuse like bone fracture or internal injury and he came home in a well-nourished condition.

And also according to the American NBC news on September 27, 2017, a medical examiner from Ohio of the U.S. testified in his report that they combed Warmbier's body to find any trace of torture, but failed to do so and forensic dentists couldn't find any evidence of trauma to Warmbier's teeth.

Now the question is: what is the ulterior motive of those American doctors trying to make a different story at this point in time with regard to the cause of Warmbier's death.

Medical assessment of doctors should be objective and accurate, and it should not be influenced by any selfish purpose or political interest. Anyone, who values truth in sincerity, should instead ask for an investigation into the cause of Warmbier's sudden death soon after his arrival in the U.S., whose health indicators were all normal at the time of his release.

The DPRK treats as ever those who are undergoing reform in conformity with the relevant international laws and international standard. -0-

Hideous Crime with No Statute of Limitations

Pyongyang, September 14 (KCNA) -- Japan is a heinous criminal state that had abducted a large number of Koreans by using the government and military power during the colonial rule over Korea.
It is well evidenced by the fact that remains of Koreans have been unearthed in Japan en masse in recent years.

After the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war, the Japanese imperialists kidnapped or abducted more than 8.4 millions of young and middle-aged people to impose slavery on them in battlefields and hard toil places.
And most of 200,000 Korean women reduced to sexual slavery for the imperial Japanese army were slaughtered.

Young and middle-aged Koreans were forced into deadly labor in various countries of Asia, to say nothing of Japan, and even islets in the Pacific for 12 to 18 hours a day, 20 hours to the maximum under the slavery discipline and were brutally killed.

A Japanese who served as an intelligent officer in the imperial Japanese army testified that nearly 2 000 chained Koreans were subjected to forced labor in the underground bomb-shelter of the Matsushiro imperial headquarters under construction with top secrecy from April 1945 to the defeat of Japan and many of them were killed.

And many Koreans drafted into the imperial Japanese army met with a tragic end, which is proved through the fact that 1 500 Koreans were annihilated on several southern islets in November 1943 and only a few people returned home from battlefields.

All these facts prove once again that the abduction of Koreans committed by the Japanese imperialists is, indeed, a hideous crime against humanity with no statute of limitations to be liquidated without fail. -0-

No Future for Japan without Atonement for Past: KAPPC

Pyongyang, August 23 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC) issued a statement Wednesday as it has been 108 years since the Japanese gangsters cooked up "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty", illegal document for invasion, and usurped the sovereignty of Korea.

Had the Japanese invaders not stretched their dark tentacles to Korea, there would not have occurred such a tragedy in which the Korean nation has suffered the misfortune and pain for more than seven decades, being divided into the north and the south, the statement said.
Noting the Japanese reactionaries, however, have now gone more and more impudent, far from apologizing and reflecting on their hideous past crimes, the statement cited facts to prove this.

It went on: What is all the more intolerable is that the Abe group is adding new crimes to the piles of the hideous past crimes, far from atoning for them.
While shelving their cursed past crimes, the Japanese reactionaries are talking about the "solution of the issue of abductees" as if they are interested in improving the DPRK-Japan relations. This is the height of craftiness.

While keeping mum about the hideous crime that took the lives of millions of the Koreans, they are hyping the issue of a few "abductees". This absurd claim against common sense and appropriateness is just the occult art peculiar to Japs to transform themselves into "victim" though they are just sinful assailants.

Japan overheated with militarist frenzy has to keenly realize that it can never go to the future, with their crime-woven past left pending.
At a time when the new trend for peace created on the Korean peninsula has massive impact on the world political situation and there witnesses a drastic change in the relations of dynamics in the region, only Japan is being treated like an outcast. This is just disgrace and tragedy invited by itself.
Japan has to clearly understand that without atonement for its past crimes it can never take even one step toward the future. -0-

FM Spokesman on DPRK-U.S. High-level Talks

Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Saturday released the following statement:
International society has focused its expectation and attention on the DPRK-U.S. high-level talks for the implementation of the Joint Statement of the DPRK-U.S. summit after the first historic summit meeting and talks were held between the DPRK and the U.S.

We expected that the U.S. side would bring itself with a constructive proposal which would help build up trust true to the spirit of the DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks. We, on our part, were also thinking of doing something which corresponds with it.
It was, however, so regretful to mention what the U.S. side had shown in its attitude and stand at the first DPRK-U.S. high-level talks held on July 6-7.

The DPRK side, during the talks, put forward the constructive proposals to seek a balanced implementation of all the provisions of the Joint Statement out of its firm willingness to remain faithful to the implementation of the spirit and agreed points of the DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks.

These include taking wide-ranging proactive steps of simultaneous actions in a respective manner such as realizing multilateral exchanges for improved relations between the DPRK and the U.S., making public a declaration on the end of war first on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement to build a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, dismantling the test ground of high thrust engine to make a physical verification of the suspension of ICBM production as part of denuclearization steps and making an earliest start of the working-level talks for recovering POW/MIA remains.

Before the talks, Kim Yong Chol, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea who is also a chief delegate from our side to the talks, was authorized to convey with due respect to U.S. State Secretary Pompeo a personal letter sent from Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK Kim Jong Un to President Trump.

Chairman Kim Jong Un expressed his expectation and conviction that good personal relations forged with President Trump and his sentiments of good faith built towards the latter at the Singapore summit meeting and talks would be further consolidated through the process of future dialogues such as high-level talks this time.

But, the U.S. side came up only with its unilateral and gangster-like demand for denuclearization just calling for CVID, declaration and verification, all of which run counter to the spirit of the Singapore summit meeting and talks.
The U.S. side never mentioned the issue of establishing a peace regime on the Korean peninsula which is essential for defusing tension and preventing a war. It took the position that it would even backtrack on the issue it had agreed on to end the status of war under certain conditions and excuses.

As for the issue of announcing the declaration of the end of war at an early date, it is the first process of defusing tension and establishing a lasting peace regime on the Korean peninsula, and at the same time, it constitutes a first factor in creating trust between the DPRK and the U.S. This issue was also stipulated in inter-Korean Panmunjom Declaration as a historical task to terminate the war status on the Korean peninsula which has lasted for nearly 70 years. President Trump, too, was more enthusiastic about this issue at the DPRK-U.S. summit talks.

The issues the U.S. side insisted on at the talks are all roots of troubles, which the previous administrations also had insisted on to disrupt the dialogue processes, stoke the distrust and increase the danger of war.
The U.S. side, during the talks, made a great publicity about suspension of one or two joint military exercises. But suspension of one action called exercises is a highly reversible step which can be resumed anytime at any moment as all of its military force remains intact in its previously-held positions without scraping even a rifle. This is incomparable with the irreversible step taken by the DPRK to explode and dismantle the nuclear test ground.

The results of the talks can't but be so apprehensive.
We thought that the U.S. side would come with a constructive proposal which accords with the spirit of the DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks. But expectation and hope of ours were so naive as to be gullible.

Conventional ways can never create new things. Treading on trite stereotype of all the failure would invite another failure only.
Valuable agreement was reached in such a short time at the Singapore summit first ever in the history of the DPRK-U.S. relations. This is attributable to the fact that President Trump himself said he would move towards resolving the DPRK-U.S. relations and the issue of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula in a new way.

If both sides at the working level reneged on the new way agreed at the summit and returned to the old way, the epoch-making Singapore summit would be meaningless, which was held thanks to the determinations and will of the two top leaders to open a new future for the interests of the two peoples and peace and security of the world.

The first DPRK-U.S. high-level talks this time brought us in a dangerous situation where we may be shaken in our unshakable will for denuclearization, rather than consolidating trust between the DPRK and the U.S.
In the last few months, we displayed maximum patience and watched the U.S. while initiating good-will steps as many as we can.
But, it seems that the U.S. misunderstood our goodwill and patience.

The U.S. is fatally mistaken if it went to the extent of regarding that the DPRK would be compelled to accept, out of its patience, the demands reflecting its gangster-like mindset.

A shorter way to denuclearization on the Korean peninsula is to remove deep-rooted mistrust and build up trust between the DPRK and the U.S. For this, both sides should be bold enough to be free from old ways which had only recorded failures and resolve the problem in a fresh manner which is never bound by the existing ways. A shortcut to it is also to take a step-by-step approach and follow the principle of simultaneous actions in resolving what is feasible one by one while giving priority to creating trust.

But, if the U.S., being captivated in a fidget, tries to force upon us the old ways claimed by the previous administrations, this will get us nowhere.
If the objective situation does not stand in favor of the denuclearization against our will, this would rather cast a heavy cloud over the atmosphere of developing bilateral relations which had shown its good movement in its beginning.

Should the headwind begin to blow, it would cause a great disappointment not only to the international society aspiring after global peace and security but also to both the DPRK and the U.S. If so, this will finally make each side seek for another choice and there is no guarantee that this will not result in yet another tragedy.

We still cherish our good faith in President Trump.
The U.S. should make a serious consideration of whether the toleration of the headwind against the will of the two top leaders would meet the aspirations and expectations of the world people as well as the interests of its country. -0-

Joint Statement of Trade Unions in North and South of Korea

Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea and south Korea's Federation of Trade Unions and Confederation of Trade Unions issued a joint statement on June 15, the 18th anniversary of the historic June 15 joint declaration.

The statement said that the June 15 joint declaration, which all Koreans including the workers in the north and the south had firmly defended and implemented, was led to the Panmunjom declaration at last and the emotion of June 15 developed into the joy and passion of April 27 and then set the entire nation agog with excitement of May 26.

Expressing full support for the two inter-Korean summits in Panmunjom and the adoption of the April 27 declaration again, the organizations of workers in the north and the south are filled with enthusiasm and will to take the lead in making a new history, a new era of peace and reunification, it added.

Noting that all Koreans are now faced with the historic task of the nation to end the history of division and subordination, which has lasted for over 70 years, and realize the independent reunification, the statement said:

Workers in the north and the south will discharge in the van the duty facing the nation at the historic turning point that our nation brought by its own efforts, overcoming the hill of ordeal and crisis.
It is the most primary task for co-existence and co-prosperity of the nation to put an end to the history of mistrust and confrontation and establish a durable peace-keeping regime on this land.

A total end should be put to the state of war which stopped on July 27, 1953. Moreover, a peace accord should be concluded to completely terminate the war crisis and realize lasting peace.
At the historic turning point made in 73 years of division, the workers in the north and the south will do their best to settle the historic task facing our nation.
All the workers in the north and the south will take the lead in getting the armistice agreement abrogated and realizing a peace accord.

Today the idea of By Our Nation Itself, clarified in the June 15 joint declaration, was developed into the principle of national independence in the Panmunjom declaration.
The party most responsible for peace and reunification is just our nation.

The workers in the north and the south will conduct all their activities strictly in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself and the principle of national independence and stand in the van of struggle to decisively reject domination and interference of outsiders obstructive to peace and reunification.

They will resolutely struggle against any attempt to impair the Panmunjom declaration and do their best for the unceasing implementation of the declaration.
The statement expressed the firm resolve of all the workers in the north and the south to dynamically usher in a new era of peace and independent reunification. -0-

North-South High-Level Talks Held

Panmunjom, June 1 (KCNA) -- The north-south high-level talks were held at the "House of Peace" in the south side portion of Panmunjom on Friday to implement the historic Panmunjom Declaration.
Present at the talks were a delegation of the north side led by Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK, and a delegation of the south side with Minister of Unification Jo Myong Gyun as chief delegate.

At the talks both sides confirmed the principled stand for the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration, sincerely discussed problems for taking practical measures and adopted a joint press release.
The joint press release says that a north-south joint liaison office shall be set up at the Kaesong Industrial Zone, and ways for significantly commemorating the 18th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 Joint Declaration be found and discussed by way of exchanging documents.
It also clarifies the times and venues of north-south general-level military talks, sports talks and Red Cross talks.

And it says that the times and venues of the subcommittee meeting for discussing the issue of connecting and modernizing the east and west coast railways and roads agreed at the October 4 declaration, the working-level talks for the DPRK's art troupe's performance in the south side area and other talks shall be agreed by way of exchanging documents and the north-south high-level talks for promoting the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration shall be held on a regular basis. -0-

Statement of Nuclear Weapons Institute of DPRK

Pyongyang, May 24 (KCNA) -- The Nuclear Weapons Institute of the DPRK issued the following statement on Thursday:
True to the decision of the Third Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Nuclear Weapons Institute of the DPRK held a ceremony for completely dismantling the northern nuclear test ground of the DPRK on May 24 Juche 107(2018), to ensure transparency of the discontinuance of nuclear test.

Dismantling the nuclear test ground was done in such a way as to make all the tunnels of the test ground collapse by explosion and completely close the tunnel entrances, and at the same time, explode some guard facilities and observation posts on the site.
It has been confirmed that there were neither leakage of radioactive materials nor any adverse impact on the surrounding ecological environment.

Complete closure of the area surrounding the nuclear test ground will come on the heels of successive removal of all ground observation facilities, research institutes and structures of guard units, and withdrawal of staff concerned.
It has been confirmed by local and international reporters that two tunnels at the nuclear test ground were ready for use for carrying out very powerful underground nuclear tests at any time.

The dismantling of the nuclear test ground conducted with high-level transparency has clearly attested once again to the proactive and peace-loving efforts of the DPRK government being made for ensuring peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and over the world.

The discontinuance of the nuclear test is an important process moving towards global nuclear disarmament, and we will continue to join hands with the world peace-loving people in building a nuclear-free peaceful world, a new independent world where the dream and ideal of humanity are realized. -0-

Historic North-South Summit for National Reconciliation and Unity, Peace and Prosperity

Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) Kim Jong Un Crosses Demarcation Line at Panmunjom for North-South Summit.
Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, came to Panmunjom on April 27 for the historic north-south summit meeting and talks.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un left the Phanmun Pavilion at 9 a.m., leading senior party, government and army officials, and reached the Demarcation Line at Panmunjom.
President Moon Jae In of south Korea was present before the line to greet Kim Jong Un.
Kim Jong Un shook hands with Moon Jae In and exchanged greetings.

He crossed the Demarcation Line and had souvenir photos taken with Moon Jae In with the Phanmun Pavilion in the north side portion and the "House of Freedom" in the south side portion for backgrounds.

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In crossed the Demarcation Line of Panmunjom and shook hands with each other warmly once again in the north side portion before proceeding to the south side portion of Panmunjom.

Kim Jong Un Warmly Greeted by Moon Jae In

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un crossed the Demarcation Line at Panmunjom with south Korean President Moon Jae In and headed for the "House of Peace" in the south side portion of Panmunjom.

Personages of the north and the south welcomed with enthusiastic applause the top leaders who significantly took their first steps for national reconciliation and unity.
Children of the south side presented bouquets to Kim Jong Un.

The top leaders of the north and the south headed for the ground for inspecting the guards of honor of the south Korean forces, escorted by traditional honor guards.
The military band, guards of honor of the army, navy and air force of south Korea, traditional guards of honor and traditional band lined up at the plaza before the "House of Peace" in the south side portion of Panmunjom.

When Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In mounted the inspection stand, the head of the guards of honor of the south Korean forces made a salute and the military band played a welcome music.
Kim Jong Un, together with Moon Jae In, reviewed the guards of honor of the south Korean forces and the traditional guards of honor.

Moon Jae In introduced to Kim Jong Un the south side officials who came to greet him. Kim Jong Un shook hands with them one by one.
Moon Jae In exchanged greetings with the officials from the north side.
The officials of the north and the south had souvenir photos taken with the top leaders.

Present there were Kim Yong Nam, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, and senior party and government officials Ri Su Yong, Kim Yong Chol, Ri Yong Ho, Choe Hwi, Kim Yo Jong and Ri Son Gwon, and senior officials of the armed forces Ri Myong Su and Pak Yong Sik.

Present from the south side were Im Jong Sok, presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae, Jong Ui Yong, chief of the State Security Office of Chongwadae, So Hun, director of the Intelligence Service, Jo Myong Gyun, minister of Unification, Song Yong Mu, minister of Defense, Kang Kyong Hwa, minister of Foreign Affairs, Jong Kyong Du, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Yun Yong Chan, chief secretary in charge of communication with the people of the Chongwadae Secretariat.

Kim Jong Un Has Talks with Moon Jae In at "House of Peace"

Talks between the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and President Moon Jae In took place at the "House of Peace" in the south side portion of Panmunjom.
Present at the talks from the north side were Kim Yong Chol, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director of the C.C., WPK.
Present from the south side were Im Jong Sok, presidential chief of staff at Chongwadae, and So Hun, director of the Intelligence Service.

At the talks both sides had a candid and open-hearted exchange of views on the matters of mutual concern including the issues of improving the north-south relations, ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula and the denuclearization of the peninsula.

Referring to the very significant meeting with Moon Jae In at Panmunjom, a symbol of division and confrontation.

Kim Jong Un said that the meeting at such special place would mark an occasion of giving once again hope and dream for the future to all people.
He said he felt once again the national mission and duty to usher in a new era of peace and reunification after putting an end to the history of division and confrontation and that he came today with the thought that he would fire a signal flare at the starting line writing a new history.

Moon Jae In said the weather was nice as if it congratulated today's meeting and that the moment Chairman of the State Affairs Commission Kim Jong Un crossed the Demarcation Line, Panmunjom became a symbol of peace, not a symbol of division.

Paying deep respects to the great decision of Kim Jong Un who produced the significant meeting like today, Moon Jae In hoped that open-hearted dialogue would be continued to build confidence between themselves.

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In reached a consensus of views on the agenda items and agreed to meet often and sincerely discuss the pending issues and the important matters for the nation in the future and thus make joint efforts to wisely open up a new history of the north-south relations and further develop the good trend for peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Before the start of the talks, in commemoration of the historic north-south summit meeting Kim Jong Un wrote in a visitor's book at the "House of Peace" that "A new history begins now - at the starting point of history, an era of peace. Kim Jong Un. April 27, 2018."
He had a significant photo taken with Moon Jae In.

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In Plant Pine Tree

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un together with President Moon Jae In planted a pine tree, a symbol of peace and prosperity, at Panmunjom in commemoration of the historic north-south summit.
They planted the pine tree by using a mixture of soil from Mt Paektu and Mt Halla and water from the River Taedong and the River Han prepared by the north and the south.

Kim Jong Un said meaningful words calling for developing the hard-won trend of improved north-south relations with the will to be base manure and soil covering the precious root and shelter protecting rainstorm together with the tree and for opening up the future with the spirit as strong as the evergreen pine.

A stone plaque in the names of Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In was built at the pine tree.
The top leaders of the north and the south unveiled the plaque.
Engraved on it are the letters "Peace and prosperity are planted."
After the tree planting, the top leaders of the north and the south had a souvenir picture taken with the plaque and the pine tree for a background.
Then they had a photo taken with the officials accompanying them.

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In had a sincere conversation while having a walk.
Kim Jong Un, Moon Jae In Sign "Panmunjom Declaration"

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un together with President Moon Jae In signed the "Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula" and exchanged written declaration.

Kim Jong Un had a significant souvenir picture taken with Moon Jae In and embraced him in congratulation of the birth of the historic Panmunjom Declaration reflecting the unanimous desire and demand of the Korean nation.

Attending the signing-ceremony from the north side were Ri Su Yong and Kim Yong Chol, vice-chairmen of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director of the C.C., WPK, Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, and Jo Yong Won, vice department director of the C.C., WPK, and from the south side were Im Jong Sok, presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae, Jong Ui Yong, chief of the State Security Office of Chongwadae, So Hun, director of the Intelligence Service, Jo Myong Gyun, minister of Unification, Song Yong Mu, minister of Defense, Kang Kyong Hwa, minister of Foreign Affairs, and Yun Yong Chan, chief secretary in charge of communication with the people of the Chongwadae Secretariat.
At the end of the signing-ceremony, the top leaders of the north and the south made statements over the Panmunjom Declaration.

Dinner for Kim Jong Un Given by Moon Jae In

President Moon Jae In hosted a dinner at the "House of Peace" of Panmunjom in welcome of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's visit to the south side area.

Invited to the dinner were First Lady Ri Sol Ju as well as Kim Yong Nam, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, Ri Su Yong, Kim Yong Chol, Choe Hwi, Kim Yo Jong, Ri Son Gwon who are senior party and government officials, and other leading officials accompanying the Supreme Leader and suite members.

Present there were Im Jong Sok, presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae, Jong Ui Yong, chief of the State Security Office of Chongwadae, So Hun, director of the Intelligence Service, Jo Myong Gyun, minister of Unification, Song Yong Mu, minister of Defence, Kang Kyong Hwa, minister of Foreign Affairs, representatives of various political parties and personages of various circles of the south side including those related to the historic north-south summits.

Ri Sol Ju was warmly greeted by Moon Jae In and his wife Kim Jong Suk at the "House of Peace".
Prior to the dinner, Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju chatted and shared feelings with Moon Jae In and Kim Jong Suk in a cordial atmosphere.

Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju expressed deep thanks to Moon Jae In for the sincere dinner.
Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In and their wives exchanged greetings with personages of the north and the south one by one outside the dinner venue.
When the top leaders appeared in the venue, all the participants welcomed them who successfully finished the historic Panmunjom talks with an enthusiastic applause.

At the dinner, Moon Jae In made a welcome address.
Then, Kim Jong Un made a reply address.

The south side served various dishes of special meaning and the north side Pyongyang cold noodle of Okryu Restaurant, deeply impressing the participants.
The dinner proceeded in an amicable atmosphere overflowing with feelings of blood relatives.
Artistes of the north and the south gave performances in congratulation of the historic north-south summit meeting and talks at the dinner.

Kim Jong Un Says Goodbye to Moon Jae In

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un successfully concluded the historic north-south summit meeting and talks and said goodbye to President Moon Jae In.
When Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju came out of the "House of Peace" together with Moon Jae In and his wife, the personages from the north and the south broke into thunderous applause.

Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju took the reserved seats installed outdoor with Moon Jae In and his wife and watched a farewell performance "One spring" prepared by the south side.
At the end of the performance Kim Jong Un shook hands with the personages from the south and Moon Jae In with those from the north one by one, exchanging farewells.

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In took hands and said goodbye to each other, promising a fresh start.
Kim Jong Un left the "House of Peace" amid a warm send-off of personages from the south side. -0-

Meeting of Co-Chairmen of Pomminryon Held

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- The 18th meeting of co-chairmen of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) was held on Sunday by way of exchanging facsimile messages among its north, south and overseas headquarters.

The meeting discussed an action program of Pomminryon for glorifying this significant year as an eventful year to be specially recorded in the national history, under the banner of national independence.

A report was made at the meeting.
It noted that Pomminryon has made great efforts to positively arouse all Koreans to the struggle for peace against war and realize solidarity and unity of the pro-reunification patriotic forces.
The report clarified the following tasks and ways for speeding up the grand march for reunification to glorify this significant year as an eventful year to be specially recorded in the national history with redoubled courage and belief in the rosy future of the nation and the country's reunification:

Pomminryon will vigorously promote the improvement of the north-south relations under the banner of By Our Nation Itself.
It will stand in the van to positively create an atmosphere for national reconciliation and reunification.
It will as ever lead the nationwide movement for rejecting all the war and confrontation moves that threaten the destiny of the fellow countrymen and ensuring lasting and durable peace on the Korean peninsula.

The report stressed the need for Pomminryon to fully discharge its responsibility and role before the times and the nation as vanguard for independent reunification and standard-bearer of great national unity.
A joint resolution was adopted at the meeting. -0-

Pomminryon Issues Joint Resolution

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- The North, South and Overseas Headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) adopted a joint resolution at the 18th meeting of co-chairmen of Pomminryon held on Sunday.
The resolution stated as follows:

1. Pomminryon will spur the improvement of the north-south ties under the uplifted banner of By Our Nation Itself.

In particular, all the valuable achievements of the June 15 era would be recovered and the June 15 era of independent reunification would be revived to further advance into the second June 15 era in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself.

Pomminryon will resolutely reject all the sycophantic and traitorous moves aimed to leave the interests of the nation and the destiny of the fellow countrymen at the tender mercy of outsiders and actively struggle against any sinister attempt on the part of outsiders to estrange the fellow countrymen and foster confrontation between them by creating any artificial block in the improvement of the north-south ties and seeking interference and arbitrary practices.

2. Pomminryon will take the lead in the efforts to actively foster the atmosphere for national reconciliation and reunification.

Pomminryon will play a pace-setter role to promote great unity of the nation and fan up the hot air of independent reunification by carrying forward the spirit of the historic April Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea.
In particular, it will ensure successful events common to the nation on major occasions this significant year including the anniversaries of the north-south declarations and thus demonstrate the will for great unity of the nation and the independent reunification.

3. Pomminryon will lead the nationwide movement for ensuring lasting and durable peace on the Korean peninsula.

Pomminryon will as ever conduct in the van the nationwide movement for rejecting all acts of war and confrontation that threaten the destiny of the nation and ensuring lasting and durable peace on the Korean peninsula.

4. Pomminryon will strengthen itself and further enhance its function and role.

Pomminryon will go among the people of all social standings, breathe the same breath with them, strengthen regional and lower organizations and steadily expand ranks and further consolidate itself through diverse practices for independent reunification and peace against war.

The resolution appealed to all its members to more dynamically advance to the eminence of independent reunification with faith and optimism about sure victory. -0-

U.S. Hit for Bringing Clouds of War to Hang over Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK issued the following press statement on Sunday:
Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un affirmed his will in his New Year Address to make strenuous efforts to improve inter-Korean relations, create a peaceful environment on the Korean peninsula and ensure a successful holding of Phyongchang Winter Olympics.

Thanks to our supreme leadership's noble love for the nation and strong determination for peace, long-awaited inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation have been realized and the Olympics took place successfully by the inter-Korean collaboration.
However, on the eve of closing of the Olympics, United States is running amok to bring another dark cloud of confrontation and war over the Korean peninsula by announcing enormous sanctions against the DPRK.

Trump has announced new sanctions, the core of which is to completely block the DPRK's maritime trade with other countries, and he openly threatened us by making wild remarks that if the said sanctions do not work, "very rough phase 2" will be operated.
Trump group's attempt itself to threaten us by such sanctions or wild remarks only reveals its ignorance about us.

We came to possess nuclear weapons, the treasured sword of justice, in order to defend ourselves from such threats from the United States. As we have stated on numerous occasions, we will consider any type of blockade an act of war against us, and if U.S. has indeed the guts to confront us in "rough" manner, we will not necessarily take the trouble to stop it.

If U.S. ignores all of our sincere efforts for improving inter-Korean relations and for preserving peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, as desired by the nation, and doggedly persists instead in provocation against us, we will have a tight grip on U.S. and deal with it with our own way of counteraction, no matter how rough and hysterical the U.S. moves are.

If tension on the Korean peninsula escalates into a brink of war due to the U.S. reckless actions, all the catastrophic consequences resulting therefrom will be borne by the United States. -0-

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Blasts Trump

Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on February 4, as regards "State of the Union Address" made by Trump.

In the "State of the Union Address", Trump described last year as a year fully recorded with "incredible progress and extraordinary success"- the year during which he pushed the American society and the world into disturbance through his reckless words and deeds as well as aggression moves dumbfounding the world public. This is indeed the height of Trump-style arrogance, arbitrariness and self-conceit.

The whole world is deeply concerned, seeing as an omen of new disaster the Address of Trump who asserted "America First" and "unmatched power" based on nuclear weapons while forcing other countries to submit themselves to the U.S. chauvinistic interest.

Trump also insisted upon the "maximum pressure" against our country, viciously slandering our most superior people-centered social system. However, it is no less than screams of Trump terrified at the power of the DPRK that has achieved the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force and rapidly emerged as the strategic state recognized by the world, and it is purely a nasty perversity aimed to disturb the advance of inter-Korean relations.

Trump even reveals his sinister intention to do something against us by relying on strength while talking about "American resolve". Our self-reliant defense capability with the nuclear force as its backbone will, however, completely deter Trump and his lackeys from showing off on the Korean peninsula.
If Trump does not get rid of his anachronistic and dogmatic way of thinking, it will only bring about the consequence of further endangering security and future of the United States. -0-

We Will Never Pardon S. Korean Conservative Forces' Shuddering Hideous Crime against Dignity of DPRK

Pyongyang, January 23 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK issued the following statement Tuesday:
A breakthrough was made in the improvement of the north-south ties and there is a warm wind for reconciliation thanks to the DPRK's sincere efforts, to be warmly welcomed by the whole Korean nation and the world.
But the puppet conservative forces have gone beyond a tolerance limit in their ill intention to chill the atmosphere for the improved north-south ties and ruin the great event of the nation, shocking the public at home and abroad.

A hideous provocative act, openly perpetrated in downtown Seoul in broad daylight on Jan 22, clearly proved that the wild act of the group of traitors challenging the trend of the national history toward the improvement of the north-south ties and reunification has reached the extremes.

Timed to coincide with the arrival of our field survey delegation for dispatch of an art troupe in Seoul that day, coteries of the "Korean Patriotic Party" flocked to the plaza of Seoul Railways Station where they held a press interview and viciously slandered the DPRK's participation in the Olympics.

They went on the rampage, torching a portrait symbolizing the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and a DPRK flag, not content with talking hoarse that "Phyongchang Olympics is about to change into Pyongyang Olympics for promoting the north's social system and making the north's nuclear weapons a fait accompli" and "dispatch of the north's cheering group and joint training at the Masikryong Ski Resort are an attempt to bring to naught the sweats and efforts exerted by inhabitants in Kangwon Province and Phyongchang".

This is a never-to-be-condoned hideous crime as it is an intolerable mockery of the sincerity and efforts being made by the DPRK for the improvement of the north-south relations and a deliberate political provocation to turn the Olympics into a theatre for escalating confrontation between the north and the south.

Far from making a deep bow to the fellow countrymen for their sincere efforts for the successful Olympics, the conservative group resorted to all sorts of slandering and committed such shuddering acts in the eyes of the delegation of the DPRK. They are a despicable group of gangsters in human form.

The conservative forces who had been pushed into the cesspool of history being severely punished by history for their acts of treachery under the armpit of Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye, are now going on the rampage, making hideous provocations. This is a shame to the nation.

It is deplorable that due to a handful of betes noires, our efforts and the desire of all Koreans to make the Olympics a great auspicious event common to the nation are being mocked and dark clouds lay low over the prospect of the Olympics.

The puppet conservative forces are human rejects devoid of appearance as human beings, to say nothing of elementary etiquette and manners toward the fellow countrymen, and dregs of history that would do only harm to the nation if they are allowed to go at large.
It is quite natural that the south Koreans from all walks of life raise their voices calling for throwing overboard those rubbish so that they would not give off stinking smell any more, being concerned that such acts omen new trouble in the north-south relations.

What should not be overlooked is the south Korean authorities' behavior of conniving at such serious politically-motivated provocation.
As we truly hoped for the Olympics becoming a theater for promoting trust and reconciliation between the north and the south, we repeatedly advised and warned them so as to keep any acts that may incite mistrust and confrontation between the fellow countrymen and get on the nerves of the dialogue partner from being occurred.

Even though they watched the reckless confrontation moves committed by the conservatives, the south Korean authorities have taken a non-committal stand, reading the faces of those conservatives who are no more than living corpses, while talking about "freedom of expression" and only asking them to "restrain". No wonder, the situation is turning out to be worse, far from being brought under control.

This is little short of egging the conservative group on to foster such acts so that they go on the rampage.
The criminal acts committed by the conservative forces with no fear of divine punishment have now greatly enraged the people of the DPRK.

We will never tolerate hideous acts of the conservative hooligans who insulted the sacred dignity and symbol of the DPRK, and the dishonest behavior of the south Korean authorities who connived at such acts, and we can not but take a serious consideration of our follow-up measures regarding the Winter Olympics.

The south Korean authorities have to apologize before the nation for the political provocation, severely punish those involved in the crime and take a prompt measure to prevent the recurrence of such acts.
If the north-south agreement and schedules for the DPRK's participation in the Olympics are cancelled due to the confrontational act of the conservative riff-raffs keen on spouting vituperation and committing provocative acts against the fellow countrymen, the blame will wholly rest with the conservative group and the south Korean authorities.

We value the north-south ties but have no intention to continue to show good faith and magnanimity even while seeing the confrontational fanatics dare challenge the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and its sacred symbol.
We will closely follow the future attitude of the south Korean authorities concerning the recent hideous crime. -0-

U.S. Denounced for Abusing Religion in Its Moves against DPRK

Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korean Council of Religionists issued a statement Thursday over the fact that the Trump group of the U.S. started a smear campaign against the DPRK under the pretext of "religious issue" from the outset of the new year.

The statement said: The U.S. State Department in a statement of its spokesman on Jan. 4 re-listed the DPRK as a "state of special concerns for religious freedom" where "religious freedom" is seriously encroached upon.
This is the last-ditch efforts of those lost to senses, being taken aback by the DPRK's successful completion of its state nuclear force, and it is part of the vicious smear campaign to tarnish the dignity of the DPRK and its drastically enhanced strategic position over the religious issue.

The U.S. is a matchless monster state, the world's biggest rogue state devoid of any right and face to talk about religious freedom.
The religionists of the DPRK consider the U.S. to be a group of Satans and Asuras as it barbarously bombed and destroyed religious facilities in Korea like churches, Buddhist temples and cathedrals and mercilessly massacred a large number of religionists.

During the last Korean War, thousands of religious facilities that had existed in the northern half of Korea were leveled by the barbarous bombardment of the U.S. who often advocates "religious freedom" and hundreds of thousands of innocent believers were ruthlessly massacred by the American ogres.

The U.S. is keen on getting braced for a nuclear war against the DPRK while openly calling for "total destruction" of the DPRK and "extermination of the nation", thereby seriously threatening the sacred cradle of the religious life of the believers in the DPRK.
The U.S. is trying hard to insult the dignified DPRK and shake the faith of the believers in the DPRK while trumpeting about the "religious freedom". But it is nothing but an anachronistic wild dream.

The faith and will of the believers of the Republic who trust and follow the great leader, Heaven of Korea, as savior of the destiny remain unchanged and they are unbreakable.
The U.S. has to immediately stop the mean and vicious act of finding fault with the DPRK, being pursuant to the anachronistic hostile policy toward it.

The Korean Council of Religionists will strongly counter the U.S. ferocious tyranny and hostile policy toward the DPRK in solidarity with the religionists of different countries valuing love, peace and justice, in the future, too. -0-

Press Statement of Korea-Europe Association

Pyongyang, December 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson of the Korea-Europe Association on Friday issued the following statement:
It was reported that on Dec. 19, in an interview with a newspaper in Britain, the British defense secretary made reckless remarks such as "the pariah regime is on the pathway to have ballistic missiles that could strike London", "this is a real threat to the U.K." and "Britain has to step up in terms of dealing with it", referring to the self-defensive state nuclear force of our dignified Republic.

We are shocked that the current defense secretary of Britain, right after taking the office, expressed his view that our state nuclear force poses a "threat to London".
The defense secretary of a country should at least have the ability to see what constitutes a threat to the country and who is the culprit behind a threat to the world peace.
It is no coincidence that he is criticized even at home as a person without basic military knowledge.

It is a fact all people with proper sense would know that Trump is the rogue who uttered the words of totally destroying a sovereign country in the sacred UN arena and the U.S. is the rogue state that threatens to use force to anyone who is even slightly offending to it.

Our deterrence is the guarantee that defends the sovereignty of the country and nation and the rights to existence and safeguards peace in the Korean peninsula and the region against the U.S.
Our nuclear force would not pose any threat to any country and region as long as the interests of the DPRK are not infringed upon.

Nevertheless, the British defense secretary is crying out that our nuclear force is posing a threat to the U.K. This cannot be explained in any other way but as a servile act of Britain to give good impression to the U.S. who is inciting international cooperation to isolate and pressure our country by "demonizing" it.
If the U.K. continues to kowtow to the U.S. in this way, others will say that the U.K is not acting in a way that deserves the prestige as a permanent member state of the UNSC and it will only tarnish its image. -0-

S. Korean Authorities' Anti-Reunification Act Will Face Curse and Censure: GFTUK Spokesman

Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- The Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Trade Unions of south Korea were going to send a message to the General Federation of Trade Inions of Korea (GFTUK) in congratulation of its 72nd founding anniversary, but it was not realized due to the anti-reunification act of the puppet authorities.

The puppet Unification Ministry threatened the Confederation and the Federation to delete expressions like "national meeting for peace and reunification of the country and the improvement of the north-south relations", charging that "national meeting" means "a political event".

A spokesman for the GFTUK in a statement Thursday denounced this as an unpardonable challenge to the desire and wish of the workers of south Korea and all other Koreans for national reconciliation, unity, peace and reunification and a traitorous act aimed to sever the fraternal ties between the fellow countrymen.

The puppet authorities even found fault with the title of the national meeting and hindered the dispatch of the congratulatory message. This can not but be considered as an attempt to make the north-south relations the monopoly of the authorities and to stand against the nation's movement for reunification, the statement said, and went on:

The situation clearly proves that nothing has changed from the days of fascist dictatorship by the group of conservative traitors even though there has been a regime change in south Korea, and the new regime has nothing different from the preceding regimes in using despicable and crafty methods as it trumpets about "exchanges" outwardly but hampers the solidarity activities of organizations of people of various social standings in the north and the south behind the scene.

Greater crime will cause more miserable end.
The puppet authorities keen on despicable submission toward outsiders and confrontation with the fellow countrymen can never evade curse and censure by the whole nation determined to open up the heyday of nationwide reunification movement. -0-

FM Spokesman Blasts U.S. for Re-listing DPRK as "Sponsor of Terrorism"

Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on Wednesday as regards the fact that the U.S. re-listed the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism":
On November 21, the U.S. made a scene of re-listing the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) as a "state sponsor of terrorism".

Following Trump's reckless remark on the UN arena of "totally destroying" our country, the U.S. labeled the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism" this time. This is a serious provocation and a violent infringement upon our dignified country.
Since 1979 the U.S. has been labeling the countries that are not obedient to it as "state sponsors of terrorism". In January 1988, it listed our country as a "state sponsor of terrorism" and de-listed it in October 2008.

The U.S. deleted Iraq and Libya from the list of "state sponsor of terrorism" that gave in to its pressure. It also deleted Cuba from the list as a part of the normalization of bilateral relations. These facts clearly show that the label of "state sponsor of terrorism" is just a tool for American style authoritarianism that can be attached or removed at any time in accordance with its interests.

The U.S., the kingpin of all kinds of terrorism who cannot even prevent terror in its own territory, is acting like an "international judge on terrorism" while attaching or removing the label of "state sponsor of terrorism" on sovereign countries. This is clearly an absurdity and a mockery to the world peace and security.

The act of listing other countries as "state sponsors of terrorism" by the U.S. is one of the heinous means to suffocate independent countries disobedient to it, and it is only a cloak to hide its incompetence.

The DPRK government values international justice and peace, and consistently stands against all forms of terrorism and any sponsorship for terrorism. That's why the DPRK announced that it would faithfully fulfill its duty of nuclear non-proliferation before the international society as a responsible nuclear power.

We have nothing to do with "terrorism" and we do not care whether the U.S. puts a cap of "terrorism" on us or not.
This time, while re-listing the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism", the U.S. announced additional sanctions against the DPRK under the pretext of blocking illegal funds for "prohibited nuclear and ballistic missile program of the DPRK".

The nuclear weapons of the DPRK are the deterrence to safeguard our sovereignty and our rights to existence and development from the U.S. heinous hostile policy and nuclear threats that have lasted for over half a century, and as long as the U.S. continues with its anti-DPRK hostile policy, our deterrence will be further strengthened.

By re-listing the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism", the U.S. openly revealed to the whole world its intention to destroy our ideology and system by using all kinds of means and methods.
Not content with its sanctions against our country, the U.S. is making a last-ditch attempt to suffocate our country by labeling it as a "state sponsor terrorism". However, no sanction or pressure can stand up to the great and limitless strength of self-reliance and self-development of our people who are closely rallied around their leader.

Our army and people are full of rage and anger towards the heinous gangsters who dared to put the name of our sacred country in this wretched list of "terrorism" and are hardening their will to settle all accounts with those gangsters at any time in any way.

The U.S. is talking about some kind of "peaceful solution" while making a provocation by labeling our dignified country as a "state sponsor of terrorism". Its pitiful lot reaffirms the philosophical truth that we were absolutely right to choose the path for simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the up-building of the nuclear force and we must continue to keep the treasured nuclear sword in our hands more tightly.
The U.S. will be held entirely accountable for all the consequences to be entailed by its impudent provocation to the DPRK. -0-

Spokesperson of NSGC of DPRK Slams U.S. Despicable Sanctions

Pyongyang, October 26 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson of the National Sports Guidance Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Thursday issued a press statement. It said:
Today, the frantic campaign of sanctions and pressure led by the U.S. against the DPRK is stretching its tentacles deep into the area of sports as well.

The U.S. has included various kinds of sports equipment and apparatus in the sanctions list and sees to it that not only the sales of sports equipment and apparatus to the DPRK are prohibited, but also the transit through the territory of other countries of the items donated to the DPRK by international sports organizations is blocked.

Due to the despicable and relentless pressure of the U.S., the regular leg matches which were set to be played in Pyongyang according to the agreements with some countries are being delayed for more than a year, and the decisions by relevant international sports organizations to hold 2017 World Junior Judo Championship and 2018 International Weightlifting Federation Junior World Championship in the DPRK were overturned. Australia even denied the entry of the DPRK players to take part in the AFC U-19 Championship 2018 Qualifiers.

Sports activities that promote friendship among peoples of the world and development of human civilization should not be abused in any case for sinister political purposes.
However, the heinous sanctions targeting the sports area of the DPRK, which the U.S. pursues by instigating its vassal forces, are an act that destroys modern civilization while seeking to overthrow the DPRK's ideology and system and completely shut out our people from enjoying proper cultural life.

This is clearly substantiated by the reckless remarks that Trump made recently at the UN General Assembly about "totally destroying" the DPRK.
The U.S. abuses even the lofty goals of sports for its wicked political purpose to topple the system of a sovereign state, but international sports organizations should defend the ideal of sports to promote peace and progress for humanity and development of humankind's physical culture and modern civilization. -0-

NPCK White Paper on Worldwide Censure of Trump

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) -- The National Peace Committee of Korea released a white paper Friday reflecting the worldwide curses and denunciation of Trump hell-bent on inflicting a nuclear holocaust on the Korean nation and humankind.
The U.S. imperialists' last-ditch efforts have gone beyond the limit, being upset by the tremendous might of the DPRK, the white paper says, adding:

Shortly ago in his UN address, U.S. President Trump insulted the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and denied the existence of its state and threatened to totally destroy tens of millions of the Korean people. This unprecedented invective against humanity has touched off the towering indignation and wrath of the army and people of the DPRK and has shocked the whole world.

Heads of state and dignitaries of various countries and foreign media and experts and even Americans are denouncing and jeering Trump's reckless outburst with such expressions as "rhetoric that made UN a stage of threatening a war", "most ferocious address", "rogue", "mentally deranged man" and "sleep-walker".

The flurry of denunciation and censure of Trump, an old man in his dotage with no responsibilities for his utterances that were made irrespective of time, place and object, is prophetic of the fate of the U.S. on its downward slope.
Citing the voices of heads of state and dignitaries of various countries and foreign media and experts, but also Americans deriding Trump under the subtitles "Hitler in the 21st century", "Boss of gangsters of empire of evil", "Political layman ignorant of elementary knowledge", "Top-class imbecile inviting destruction" and "Lunatic suffering from incurable disease", the white paper goes on:

As was recognized and estimated by the public at home and abroad, Trump is a root cause of misfortune who has to be eliminated at an early date as he is an old rabid dog barking irrespective of the time, place and object and a rogue upsetting the world and plunging mankind into a nuclear holocaust.
Even at this moment, he is pushing the situation to the extremes, while reeling off rhetoric, not yet coming to his senses despite the strong denunciation by the public at home and abroad.

Trump, who dared challenge the DPRK, letting out rhetoric little short of a declaration of war against the DPRK and its people, and the empire of evil U.S. will be made to pay a dear price for the crime that shocked the world. -0-

CCNR Advises U.S. to Consider Statement of DPRK SAC Chairman

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) -- The Consultative Council for National Reconciliation (CCNR) issued a statement on Sunday to fully support the statement of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, which solemnly declared that he would surely and definitely tame Trump, an ignorant war maniac, with fire.

Trump, a mad dotard, blared that he would "totally destroy" the Korean nation, daring hurt the dignity of the DPRK's supreme leadership. His sophism revealed the U.S. imperialists' heinous hostile policy toward the DPRK and ambition to stifle it by force, which has been persistently pursued century after century, the CCNR said, adding:

The recent remarks of this mentally deranged person fully laid bare the ferociousness, cruelty and aggressive nature of the cannibals that built the U.S., an empire of evils, on the death of Indians.
The Korean people, who have suffered from the division of the nation forced by outsiders for more than half century, are wishing for the national reconciliation, unity and reunification more ardently than ever before.

The reckless remarks of Trump and his coteries and their ceaseless moves for invading the DPRK more clearly show that not only the reconciliation and unity of one nation but also national reunification the Koreans want so ardently cannot be achieved as long as the U.S., the empire of evils, exists.
That's why they are unanimously shouting with century-old resentment toward the wolf-like U.S. imperialists; "Annihilate the U.S. imperialist aggressors, sworn enemy!" and "Blow up the U.S. land as a whole with nukes and H-bombs of Juche!"

The mad dotard and his hirelings across the ocean can never avoid the fate of final doom though they make every desperate effort. Merciless punishment only is awaiting the aggressors and provocateurs.

The U.S. should not remain indifferent to the resolute decision and solemn declaration of the brilliant commander of Mt Paektu that we will surely make the U.S. pay for Trump's rude nonsense calling for "totally destroying" our state and nation while insulting our supreme leadership and whatever Trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectation. -0-

FM Spokesman Discloses U.S. Intention of Claiming Implementation of "Resolution on Sanctions"

Pyongyang, September 18 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Monday released the following statement:
Recently, the U.S. and its vassal forces rigged up the UNSC "resolution 2375" on sanctions harsher than ever against the DPRK branding its measures to strengthen the state nuclear force as "a threat" to international peace and security, and released a UNSC "press statement" calling for the implementation of the "resolution" as a follow-up.

The anti-DPRK sanctions campaign of the U.S. has grown so reckless as to impose a full-scale blockade of all sections to include areas directly related to the livelihood of civilian population as well as foreign trade of the country.
This is the most vicious, unethical and inhumane act of hostility to physically exterminate the people of the DPRK, let alone its system and government.

What is more deplorable is that the U.S. is misleading public opinion by disseminating the fraudulent claim that the sanctions and pressure are geared to the so-called peaceful solution.
The U.S. is strangling and suffocating a country and breaking its will to impose U.S. intention upon it. Is it a peaceful and diplomatic solution?

The U.S. blustered that it would not rule out "military option" while making absurd assertion that the sanctions are a peaceful solution. This constitutes an open extortion against the international community as it implies that if they do not join the U.S.-led sanctions campaign against the DPRK, the U.S. will start a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

The true intention of the U.S. is to appease the opposition from several countries against the escalation of tension and the outbreak of war in the Korean peninsula and the region and involve them in the sanctions and pressure campaign against the DPRK by all means.
Although the U.S. is acting so shameless and devious to justify the sanctions and pressure against the DPRK, it will not be able to delude even a single country.

It is a foolish dream to hope that the sanctions could work with the DPRK while the sanctions have failed to stop it from becoming a full-fledged nuclear weapons state and making rapid progress in the building of an economic power for more than half a century.

The increased moves of the U.S. and its vassal forces to impose sanctions and pressure on the DPRK will only increase our pace towards the ultimate completion of the state nuclear force.
The countries joining the U.S. in imposing sanctions on the DPRK should start working on a good explanation for the day when an actual balance of power is established between the DPRK and the U.S. -0-

FM Spokesman Denounces U.S. for Trying to Impose Additional Sanctions on DPRK

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Tuesday as regards the fact that the U.S. is attempting to impose additional sanctions and pressure on the DPRK over its test of H-bomb for ICBM:

The U.S. is taking the lead in "condemning" the DPRK over its test of H-bomb for ICBM and going frantic in the sanctions campaign against the DPRK.
At the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council convened on Monday, the U.S. representative demanded the adoption of a new "sanctions resolution" against the DPRK while dwelling on the ridiculous rhetoric that the DPRK is begging for war in defiance of their collective voice.

The U.S. is running amuck to defame the DPRK, taking issue with our measures to bolster the self-defensive nuclear force, but this is only a sophistry to hide true colors of the U.S. as the main culprit for escalated tension and nuclear threat.
The wild and belligerent remarks of "fire and fury" let loose by Trump and the frenzied moves of the U.S. to stifle the DPRK testify that the U.S. is indeed the heinous aggressor who is begging for war in defiance of the collective voice of the international community calling for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

No one has the right to make a fuss about our test of H-bomb for ICBM as it is a routine and indispensable process for the implementation of the strategic line that we have chosen for ourselves, the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts.
In order to thoroughly eradicate the hostile moves and nuclear threat of the U.S. going on for decades, the DPRK chose to possess nuclear weapons and is holding fast to the strategic line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force.

With the emergence of the Trump administration, the U.S. has become all the more reckless in its attempts to completely obliterate the sovereignty and the rights to existence and development of the DPRK, and we were left with no other choice than redoubling our efforts to strengthen the state nuclear force.

The recent test of H-bomb for ICBM is part of our efforts to attain the final goal of completing the state nuclear force.
Now we are armed with the ultimate nuclear deterrence by which we can resolutely repel any aggression forces in any part of the world and reliably defend peace and security in the Korean peninsula and the region.

The U.S. is terribly mistaken if it thinks it can frighten or persuade the DPRK by talking about "all options" on the table and imposing the toughest sanctions and pressure upon the latter in every dimension of political, economic and military fields.
We will respond to the heinous sanctions and pressure of the U.S. with our own mode of counteroffensive and the U.S. shall be held totally responsible for all catastrophic consequences to follow.
The U.S. should not forget even for a moment about the presence of the DPRK, the full-fledged nuclear power in possession of ICBM as well as A-bomb and H-bomb. -0-

Spokesman for DPRK Foreign Ministry Blames Australia for Joining U.S. in Aggravating Situation

Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on August 19 as regards the fact that the Australian government is joining the U.S. in aggravating the situation on the Korean peninsula and the region:

At a local radio interview on August 11, the Australian prime minister made reckless remarks that the allies including Australia were together with the U.S. and that ANZUS stood for the mutual defense between the U.S and Australia, should either one of them come under attack, and Australia would back the U.S. in time of emergency.

Meanwhile, the defense minister and the military brass hat of Australia officially announced that the Australian troops would participate in "Ulji Freedom Guardian" joint military exercises.
Trump faced a hail of criticism from numerous political and social figures of the U.S. including the Congress for revealing his war hysteria by making belligerent remarks such as "fire and fury", and the countries which are supposedly the U.S allies are trying to avoid getting involved in the aggressive maneuvers of the U.S.

Not long after the Australian prime minister had stated that they would join in the aggressive moves of the U.S., even referring to ANZUS which exists in name only, the Australian military announced that they would dispatch their troops to the aggressive nuclear exercises of the U.S. This is a suicidal act of inviting disaster as it is an illustration of political immaturity unaware of the seriousness of the current situation.

Great irony is that the Australian premier, who had once condemned the military option for confrontation of Trump that it will have destructive consequences, made U turn in his stand at the admonition of the U.S, taking no account of Australia's own interests.
Australia followed the U.S. to the Korean War, the Vietnamese War and the "war on terrorism", but heavy loss of lives and assets were all that it got in return.

The Australian government had better devote time and energy to maintaining peace of its own country, instead of forgetting the lessons learned in the past and joining the U.S. in the moves for nuclear war.
Countries like Australia that join the military adventure against the DPRK, blindly following the U.S., will never avoid the counter-measures of justice by the DPRK. -0-

DPRK FM Spokesman Denounces U.S. Reckless Moves

Pyongyang, August 3 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on August 3 as regards the fact that the U.S. is escalating its military threat to the DPRK by deploying strategic nuclear assets in the Korean peninsula:

Recently, the U.S. is continuously deploying a huge amount of its latest strategic assets in the Korean peninsula in a bid to resort to military adventure, calling for military response to the DPRK's successful second test-launch of ICBM Hwasong-14.
The U.S. carried out a joint missile launching drill together with south Korea targeting the DPRK and dispatched two of its B-1B strategic bombers into the air above the Korean peninsula to conduct aerial bombardment drill for ten hours. It also waged a drill simulating the interception of the DPRK's ballistic missile while finalizing in haste the decision on the deployment of additional THAAD launchers in south Korea.

No sooner had the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Pacific Command chief admiral of the U.S. held a consultation with their south Korean counterparts about the so-called military response than the U.S. openly stated that it will concentrate its latest strategic assets on the vicinity of the Korean peninsula in an explicit manifestation of its intention to carry out an armed attack on the DPRK.

The second test-launch of ICBM Hwasong-14 by the DPRK was meant to send a stern warning to the U.S. going reckless and making senseless remarks about threatening the DPRK with military pressure and extreme sanctions.
Unfortunately, the U.S. still thinks that its military bluff would work, and it seems like the U.S. has not yet realized that its opponent is a mighty nuclear power which is capable of smashing the U.S., an aggressor state, into smithereens.

Any form of military threat or blackmail by the U.S. can never scare the DPRK and, on the contrary, it will only redouble the resolve of the Korean army and people to annihilate the enemy.
If the U.S. is stupid enough to shove its stinky face on this land again and keep brandishing its nuclear club despite our repeated warnings, the DPRK will teach the U.S. some manners with the strategic nuclear force that it had so far shown to the world. -0-