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U.S. Ruling Quarters' Frantic Moves against Korean Nation under Fire

Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) -- Choe Kang Chol, a researcher of the Institute of International Studies of Korea, issued an article on Sunday to denounce the U.S. ruling quarters' vicious scheme to spoil the significant event of the Korean nation:

It was at a dazzling speed that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has emerged a strategic state acknowledged by the world with the accomplishment of the great historic cause of completing the national nuclear force. The new policy for improved north-south relations, announced on the New Year's Day in this country, turned the swirling trend of the situation toward the direction of detente, peace and improvement of ties.

Thanks to the initiative proposal and active measures taken by the DPRK, successful north-south high-level talks were held at Panmunjom to delight all Koreans and this opened up the first breakthrough toward the improvement of the ties.
But the present ruling quarters in the U.S. are behaving mischievous, following with uneasiness the progress made in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself.

When the historic New Year Address was made public in the DPRK, there heard from the U.S. political circle such rubbish as "tactic of opening to the south and shutting out the U.S.", "act of driving a wedge" between the south Korea and the U.S. and such remarks that north Korea can again opt for additional missile "provocation" at the end of Olympics.

Before the north-south high-level talks, the U.S. called them a trick to divide Seoul and Washington and weaken sanctions and pressure. It even began to spread the story that talks that can weaken the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure on the DPRK should never be allowed and that the improvement of the north-south relations is inseparable from the solution of the "north's nuclear issue" and, therefore, it can never be advanced separately, which came as a threat to the south Korean authorities.

As the DPRK's big magnanimity and good favor resulted in successful north-south high-level talks far beyond expectation, the U.S. authorities including Trump, hiding their upset mind, made a U-turn in their stand to describe them as the direct result of the unprecedented pressure on the DPRK put by the U.S., a daring act of attributing the result common to the north and the south to its "merit".

It is the bad habit of the U.S. to deliberately strain the situation on the Korean peninsula and check the improvement of the north-south ties while intervening in the internal issue of the Korean nation and instructing others to do this or that.

By nature, the U.S. dislikes to see the situation on the Korean Peninsula defused and the peaceful atmosphere created in Asia-Pacific.
What is all the more dangerous is that the U.S. military actions are pursuant to the lunatic president's ignorance and frenzy, not prompted by any political demand and reasonable judgment.

The U.S. should be deliberate.
The U.S. styling itself the "super power" is being taken to the cliff of destruction led by the lunatic president whose thinking faculty is at the level of preschooler and who has the symptom of dementia.
The warmongers may storm us if they have certainty of handling the responsibility. This is the pluck of the DPRK, the world-level nuclear power and rocket power.

The article stressed that the U.S. nuclear carriers are just good prey for the Hwasong artillerymen of the DPRK who have already put Guam and even the U.S. mainland in their striking range. -0-

Statement of DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman

Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK on Sunday issued the following statement:

The United States, completely terrified at our accomplishment of the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, is getting more and more frenzied in the moves to impose the harshest-ever sanctions and pressure on our country.

On December 23, the U.S., while denouncing our successful test launch of ICBM Hwasong-15, cooked up once again the UN Security Council "sanctions resolution" 2397 which is tantamount to complete economic blockade of the DPRK.

We define this "sanctions resolution" rigged up by the U.S. and its followers as a grave infringement upon the sovereignty of our Republic, as an act of war violating peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the region and categorically reject the "resolution".

The reason we have achieved the great cause of completing the state nuclear force, overcoming all kinds of hardships and weathering through manifold difficulties is to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, ensure the peaceful life of the people and reliably guarantee peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the world against the nuclear blackmail policy and nuclear threats of the U.S imperialists.

As we have stated several times, our nuclear weapons are self-defensive deterrence that does not contradict any international law since we have developed and completed them in a fair and legitimate way outside of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in order to put an end to the hostile policy and nuclear threats and blackmail of the U.S.

It is a philosophical truth we have found through the past showdown with the U.S. that strengthening the powerful nuclear deterrence in every way is the only way to frustrate the moves of the U.S. who makes it its daily business to carry on military threats and blackmail in every region to realize its preposterous dream of hegemony over the world, advocating the "America First Policy" based on force.

There is no more fatal blunder than the miscalculation that the U.S. and its followers could check by already worn-out "sanctions" the victorious advance of our people who have brilliantly accomplished the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, the cause of building a rocket power capable of coping with any nuclear war against the U.S.

The U.S. should not forget even a second the entity of the DPRK which rapidly emerged as a strategic state capable of posing a substantial nuclear threat to the U.S. mainland.
If the U.S. wishes to live safely, it must abandon its hostile policy towards the DPRK and learn to co-exist with the country that has nuclear weapons and should wake up from its pipe dream of our country giving up nuclear weapons which we have developed and completed through all kinds of hardships.

Those countries that raised their hands in favor of this "sanctions resolution" shall be held completely responsible for all the consequences to be caused by the "resolution" and we will make sure for ever and ever that they pay heavy price for what they have done.

Whatever difficulties and challenges lie ahead of our road of advance, we neither feel disappointed nor are afraid of them but are optimistic about brighter future, and no force in the world can break our people's indomitable spirit.
We will further consolidate our self-defensive nuclear deterrence aimed at fundamentally eradicating the U.S. nuclear threats, blackmail and hostile moves by establishing the practical balance of force with the U.S.

No matter how crazy the U.S. and the hostile forces become in their maneuvers against our country, our Republic that advances with the great power of the invincible single-minded unity around the great leader, the strongest military force and the self-reliance and self-development will always shine as the powerful country and the fortress of independence in politics, self-support in the economy and self-reliance in defense. -0-

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Warns U.S. and Its Followers against Sea Blockade on DPRK

Pyongyang, December 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Thursday as regards the fact that the U.S. is now talking about a naval blockade against the DPRK:

The gang of Trump, being terrified by our accomplishment of the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, is driving the situation on the Korean peninsula more and more close to the brink of war, acting recklessly without any sense of reason.

Recently, speaking at a gathering in Florida, Trump cried out for the harshest sanctions on our country. Soon after his remarks, Haley, U.S. permanent representative to the UN who is scorned by the world as an evil woman, dared to wag her tongue about further tightening the sanctions against north Korea and utterly destroying it without realizing the meaning of words coming out of her mouth.

Besides, high-ranking officials of the U.S. administration like Tillerson, U.S. secretary of State, and McMaster, national security advisor at the White House, are crying out for sea blockade against our country.

The U.S. is trying to arrange a ministerial-level meeting at the United Nations Security Council on the 15th to cook up another extremely harsh "sanctions resolution" against the DPRK such as enforcing the naval blockade under the excuse of "non-proliferation".

The naval blockade the gang of Trump is trying to pursue is something that was already tried and ended in vain during the collective sanctions campaign against us undertaken by the Bush administration under the signboard of "Proliferation Security Initiative" in the early 2000s.
A naval blockade is an act of wanton violation of the sovereignty and dignity of an independent state and an act of war of aggression which cannot be tolerated.

The gang of Trump is taking extremely dangerous and big step towards the nuclear war by recklessly seeking the naval blockade against our country, neglecting the strategic prestige of our country that has achieved the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force.
Should the U.S. and its followers try to enforce the naval blockade against our country, we will see it as an act of war and respond with merciless self-defensive counter-measures as we have warned repeatedly.

The international society should increase its vigilance on the reckless moves of the U.S. trying to ignite a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, and if the UNSC does not wish to see the Korean peninsula and the whole world plunging into a nuclear war, it should act properly in accordance with its original mission which is to preserve peace and security of the world. -0-

Statement by Director of Press of Institution for American Studies of DPRK Foreign Ministry

Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA) -- Jo Chol Su, director of Press of the Institution for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, issued the following statement on Tuesday:

Recently, some policy research institutions and media of the U.S. and other Western countries publicized the so called "merciless nuclear attack plan" of the DPRK and claimed that the DPRK is planning random and indiscriminate attacks on the U.S. and Asian countries drawing no distinction between military and civilian targets.

On the other hand, they are prompting the baseless speculation that the DPRK seeks a nuclear attack on south Korea during the Pyongchang Winter Olympic Games and that the DPRK might go for another "ultra high level provocation" by conducting a ballistic missile test launch on the occasion of Christmas.

They claim that these projections are based on their study and analysis of the reports by the DPRK's media, however these are nothing but slanders to "demonize" the DPRK by twisting the meaning of our tough stand and absurd paradox worked out by the laymen who lack elementary understanding of the purpose of the DPRK's nuclear deterrence.

It is none other than the U.S. that is hatching plots to launch preemptive nuclear strike on sovereign countries after adding them to the list of targets for its nuclear preemptive strike, and the American politicians are the very ones who call for the military option and preemptive strikes against sovereign states time and again without the slightest hesitation.

The U.S. deployed massive amount of its nuclear assets into the Korean peninsula and ceaselessly carries out joint military exercises under various names. Current situation evidently shows that it is only a matter of time that a nuclear war breaks out on the peninsula due to Trump's war mania and that the choice made by the DPRK was absolutely right.

The attempts to defame the dignified image of the DPRK by spreading baseless allegations against it are further increasing our vigilance as they are happening at the time when Trump designated the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism" after vowing to "totally destroy" it and the moves of the Trump administration to stifle the DPRK are reaching the extremes.

To make it clear once again, the DPRK's nuclear force which targets none other than the U.S. is the reliable deterrent to prevent a nuclear war and firmly defend peace on the Korean peninsula by thoroughly eradicating the half-a-century long unilateral nuclear blackmail and threat from the U.S.

We take this opportunity to issue a warning to the pseudo-intellectuals who are hurling vicious abuse at the DPRK in pursuance of the moves of the Trump administration and some of the Western media that are producing false reports based on absurd and groundless speculations.
If you are truly interested in the settlement of the nuclear issue and peace and security, you should properly understand the root cause of the nuclear issue based on your own principles and contribute to international justice by being true to the principle of objectivity and unbiasedness, the very life and mission of the media. -0-

Park Geun Hye and Her Cult Deserve Punishment: Spokesman for Council for Human Rights in S. Korea

Pyongyang, October 26 (KCNA) -- Traitor Park Geun Hye of south Korea jailed after being impeached, cursed by the candlelight demonstrators, is talking about "human rights abuses", only to be censured by the public.
In this regard, a spokesman for the DPRK Measure Council for Human Rights in South Korea released a statement on Thursday, which said:

Traitor Park let MH group, a legal advisory company, to submit a "report on human rights abuses" to the UN Human Rights Highest Representative's Office and offered it to CNN as coverage. The report contains such false information told by the traitor that she is hard to sleep with the light turned on overnight in a dirty and cold cell and is suffering from a chronic disease due to the lack of medical care.

What Park uttered is just a frontal challenge and insult to the candlelight demonstrators who resolutely punished her for her thrice-cursed acts of treachery.
The UN Office, which received the "report", replied that it is not the subject to be dealt with by it, and that only became a laughing stock of the public.

However, this clearly shows how desperately the traitor and her cult move to escape punishment.
If viper-like Park and her cult are allowed to go with impunity, the south Korean people are bound to meet more terrible disasters.
Only merciless punishment should be meted out to the shameless traitor and her cult, as intended by all Koreans. -0-

Korea-Europe Association Spokesman Blasts Remarks of UK Secretary of State for Defense

Pyongyang, October 2 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korea-Europe Association made public the following press statement on Monday:
On September 29, at the welcoming ceremony for the NATO secretary general held in a British nuclear submarine base in Scotland, the British secretary of State for Defense uttered a reckless remark that the British government is working together with the U.S. administration to end the nuclear program of the DPRK while claiming that their nuclear deterrence protects the U.K. from north Korea and Russia.

His reckless remark is an unsound claim to find an impertinent fake excuse to justify their pursuit of nuclear weapons modernization.
Although the U.K. dispatched its soldiers to the Korean War siding with the U.S. in the last century, we have clarified on several occasions that we do not consider the U.K. as our enemy since our two countries established official state relations in the new century.

However, recently some British politicians are saying that the possibility of British involvement cannot be ruled out in case an armed conflict takes place on the Korean peninsula.

The DPRK is watching their moves carefully with due vigilance.
Moreover, the secretary of State for Defense pigheadedly branded the DPRK's nuclear deterrence as a threat to the U.K. and even dared to impugn the dignity of our supreme leadership. This is an act that can never be tolerated.

To remind them once more, the DPRK's measures to strengthen the nuclear force are, for all intents and purposes, an exercise of its right to self-defense to safeguard peace and security in the Korean peninsula and the region from the vicious anti-DPRK hostile policy and nuclear threat of the U.S. which aim at obliterating the DPRK's sovereignty and rights to existence and development and annihilating the DPRK itself.

Whoever it is, getting recklessly involved in the confrontation between the DPRK that possesses the powerful nuclear deterrence in practice and the U.S. is a foolish act tantamount to jumping into the fire with fuel.
The U.K. would better get rid of its forlorn hope of eliminating, in collaboration with the U.S., the nuclear deterrence of the DPRK that now possesses even H-bomb and ICBM and address the DPRK-related issues from a strategic perspective.

The secretary of State for Defense should contemplate his words and behavior, rather than persistently ignoring the cause of the evil and dancing to the tune of the U.S. -0-

U.S. Maniacs Will Be Tamed with Fire: KAPPC

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) -- The Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC) issued a statement on Sunday.
The statement said:

The statement issued by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un before the world on Sept. 21 as regards the speech of the U.S. president at the UN General Assembly is the voice reflecting the surging resentment and hatred of the Korean army and people against the U.S. imperialists and a declaration of justice for merciless retaliation of the independent people against injustice.

It is also a declaration of the toughest counteraction of Juche Korea wringing the necks of Trump and the empire of America and a meaningful warning to the disgusting behaviors of the south Korean puppet forces and the Japanese reactionaries clapping the dog's barking of their master and fawning upon him.

And it is a stern warning to the disgraceful acts done by big powers going impertinent while claiming that the DPRK "should not take a dangerous road any longer". They cried out for strictly implementing the "sanctions resolutions" against the DPRK by "international unity" and "global cooperation" at the recent UN General Assembly forum and whenever an opportunity presented itself.

The Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee fully supports the just principled statement of the peerlessly great man, the statement said, and went on:
Trump unhesitatingly talked "total destruction" and annihilation of one country, one state and one nation at the official appearance of the UN General Assembly. His reckless remarks show that neither peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region including the Korean peninsula nor global peace and security can be guaranteed as long as the U.S., the empire of evils, is allowed to exist.

We do not regard Trump's reckless remarks as his impromptu address or his individual willingness. They are a reflection of the notorious hostile policy toward the DPRK pursued by the U.S., and a revelation of the U.S. brigandish intention to totally destroy the Korean people.
We have repeatedly warned the Trump administration of its reckless nuclear war hysteria and sanctions and pressure on the DPRK.

However, Trump, defying all these warnings, has driven the situation into the uncontrollable phase while letting out only invectives of madman such as symptoms of narcotic addiction.
A stick is fit for a rabid dog, and it is the best option to tame the dotard such as Trump with real acts as words do not work on him.

The warning of Songun Korea is not hot air and the army and people of the brilliant commander of Mt Paektu unconditionally do what they are determined to do.
If the U.S. persists in reckless military choice, misjudging our power and will, the destiny of the empire of America will lead to the most tragic end.
Those countries that have followed the U.S. going reckless as the absolute monarch on this planet had better look back on their inglorious behaviors and join in the just struggle against the U.S. high-handed and arbitrary practices and aggression, though belatedly.

The UN, too, should put an end to the inglorious acts in which it has left only disgraces after being reduced into the puppet and waiting maid of the U.S., and should not allow repetition of such abnormal happenings as offering the inviolable UN forum to madman Trump so that he makes reckless remarks.
The U.S. should bear in mind that the historic statement of the chairman of the DPRK State Affairs Commission is the statement of the heroic Korean people living for independence and justice and the worldwide statement carrying the demand of progressive mankind loving peace. -0-

Statement of Chairman of State Affairs Commission of DPRK

Pyongyang, September 22 (KCNA) -- Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, released a statement on Thursday.
The full text of the statement reads:

The speech made by the U.S. Chief Executive in his maiden appearance on the UN arena in the prevailing serious circumstances, in which the situation on the Korean peninsula has been rendered tense as never before and is inching closer to a touch-and-go state, is arousing worldwide concern.
A certain degree of my guess was that he would make stereo-typed, prepared remarks a little different from what he used to utter in his office on the spur of the moment as he had to speak on the world's largest official diplomatic stage.

But, far from making somewhat plausible remarks that can be helpful to defusing tension, he made unprecedented rude nonsense one has never heard from any of his predecessors.

A frightened dog barks louder.

I would like to advise Trump to exercise prudence in selecting words and to be considerate of whom he speaks to when making a speech in front of the world.
The mentally deranged behavior of the U.S. president openly expressing on the UN arena the unethical will to "totally destroy" a sovereign state, beyond the boundary of threats of regime change or overturn of social system, makes even those with normal thinking faculty reconsider discretion and composure.
His remarks remind me of such words as "political layman" and "political heretic" which were in vogue in reference to Trump during his presidential election campaign.

After taking office Trump has rendered the world restless through threats and blackmail against all countries. He is unfit to hold the prerogative of supreme command of the military forces of a country, and he is surely a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire, rather than a politician.

His remarks which described the U.S. option through straightforward expression of his will have convinced me, rather than frightening or stopping me, that the path I chose is correct and that it is the one I have to follow to the last.

Now that Trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history that he would destroy the DPRK, we will consider with seriousness taking a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history.

Action is the best option in treating the dotard who, hard of hearing, is uttering only what he wants to say.
As a man representing the DPRK and upon the dignity and honor of my state and people and upon all my own, I will make the man holding the prerogative of supreme command of the U.S. pay dearly for his rude nonsense calling for totally destroying the DPRK.

This is not a rhetorical expression loved by Trump.
I am now thinking hard about what response he could have expected from us when he allowed such eccentric words to trip off his tongue.

Whatever Trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectation.
I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire. -0-

Pomminryon-Joint Appeal Issued

Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) -- The North, South and Overseas Headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea's Reunification made public a joint appeal on Thursday in connection with the fact that the touch-and-go situation is prevailing on the Korean peninsula due to the Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills kicked off by the U.S. in south Korea.

The joint appeal calls for expressing firm will to eradicate the root cause of war on the Korean peninsula, safeguard the dignity and the sovereignty of the nation and take the lead in ushering in the new era of peace of the country and its independent reunification, it says:
Let us all the compatriots at home and abroad wage a vigorous struggle to oppose the frantic Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises by the U.S. and its vassal forces!
Let us all Koreans turn out as one in the nation-wide anti-U.S. sacred struggle for defending the security and peace of the nation, feeling responsible as the masters of their own destinies and peace!
Let us stage a nation-wide struggle against the attempt to unleash a war by the U.S. introducing THAAD and all other nuclear strategic assets into south Korea!
Let us invigorate the struggle to frustrate the U.S. moves for igniting a nuclear war everywhere fellow countrymen live!

2. Let's wage dynamic nationwide struggle to drive out the U.S. forces out of south Korea!

It is the U.S. invariable ambition to make the Korean peninsula a stronghold for realizing its strategy for putting Northeast Asia under its control. It does not care even though a nuclear war breaks out on this land and tens of thousands of Koreans die. This is the real intension of the U.S.

Let's resolutely reject the U.S. arrogant behavior of attempting to turn three thousand-ri land of Korea into a nuclear war theatre and offer the Koreans as cannon fodder of a nuclear war, and strikingly demonstrate the nation's dignity and spirit!
Let all the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad turn out in the struggle to immediately drive the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces out of south Korea and achieve the lasting peace of the country!
Let's wage dynamic nationwide movement to make the U.S. forces pay a price for all the crimes it committed against the Korean nation!

3. Let's resolutely foil the acts of serving the U.S. and the moves for escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen by the forces standing against the reunification at home and abroad!

Today the north-south relations have reached the catastrophe and they fail to make even an inch of advance, and the military tension has reached the height on the Korean peninsula. This is attributable to the south side authorities' servile act of following the U.S. vicious policy hostile toward the DPRK.

The south side authorities have to make a serious option at crossroads of pursuance of outsiders, national independence, peace and prosperity.
Let's never tolerate the vicious traitorous act of leaving the destiny of the nation and its interests to the tender mercy of outsiders but thoroughly reject it!
Let's denounce the vicious policy of serving the U.S. and the policy of submitting to outsiders and maintain firm stand of national independence and the stand of giving priority to the nation and attaching importance to it!

Let all the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad get firmly united, foil the U.S. and its followers' frantic moves for provoking a nuclear war and usher in the new era of peace and independent reunification of the country! -0-

U.S. Should Be Prudent under Present Acute Situation: Spokesman for KPA Strategic Force

Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army (KPA) released the following statement on August 8:
Recently, the U.S. test-fired ICBM Minuteman-3 at its Vandenberg Air Force Base in California State targeting the DPRK, the fourth one this year, openly staged an actual nuclear strike drill targeting the strategic objects of the DPRK by mobilizing its nuclear strategic bombers formation stationed at its Anderson Air Force Base on Guam in the Pacific. It is driving the regional situation to an extreme pitch by bringing various kinds of nuclear strategic hardware before the very eyes of the DPRK. The Strategic Force of the KPA has taken special note of such maneuvers.

Such military maneuvers of the U.S. may provoke a dangerous conflict under the present extremely acute situation prevailing on the Korean peninsula.
Typically, the nuclear strategic bombers from Guam frequent the sky above south Korea to openly stage actual war drills and muscle-flexing in a bid to strike the strategic bases of the DPRK. This grave situation requires the KPA to closely watch Guam, the outpost and beachhead for invading the DPRK, and necessarily take practical actions of significance to neutralize it.

In the morning of August 8 the air pirates of Guam again appeared in the sky above south Korea to stage a mad-cap drill simulating an actual war.
Supreme Commander of the revolutionary forces of the DPRK Kim Jong Un, estimating the nature of the military action taken by the U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific region, once recommended examination of a powerful and effective action plan for containing the U.S. imperialists' aggression hardware as the U.S. forces are resorting to inappropriate and reckless military actions in the sensitive area, while going on the rampage in the waters off the Korean peninsula and the Pacific waters.

The KPA Strategic Force is now carefully examining the operational plan for making an enveloping fire at the areas around Guam with medium-to-long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 in order to contain the U.S. major military bases on Guam including the Anderson Air Force Base in which the U.S. strategic bombers, which get on the nerves of the DPRK and threaten and blackmail it through their frequent visits to the sky above south Korea, are stationed and to send a serious warning signal to the U.S.

The plan is to be soon reported to the Supreme Command soon after going through full examination and completion and will be put into practice in a multi-concurrent and consecutive way any moment once Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the nuclear force of the DPRK, makes a decision.
The execution of this plan will offer an occasion for the Yankees to be the first to experience the might of the strategic weapons of the DPRK closest.

Explicitly speaking again, the strategic weapons which the DPRK manufactured at the cost of blood and sweat, risking everything, are not a bargaining thing for getting acknowledgement from others and for bartering for anything, but they serve as substantial military means for resolutely countering the U.S. political and economic pressure and military threat as what has been observed now.

Will only the U.S. have option called "preventive war" as is claimed by it?
It is a daydream for the U.S. to think that its mainland is an invulnerable Heavenly kingdom.
The U.S. should clearly face up to the fact that the ballistic rockets of the Strategic Force of the KPA are now on constant standby, facing the Pacific Ocean and pay deep attention to their azimuth angle for launch.

It should make a proper option so as not to regret today in the future.
It should immediately stop its reckless military provocation against the state of the DPRK so that the latter would not be forced to make an unavoidable military choice. -0-

DPRK FM Spokesman Slams U.S. CIA Director's Remarks

Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to question put by KCNA on July 25, over the fact that the director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) dared to talk about "removal of the supreme leadership" of the DPRK:

On July 20, the U.S. CIA Director Pompeo mentioned impertinently, at a security forum hosted by a civilian organization, about the "removal of the supreme leadership" of the DPRK, saying that what is most dangerous about the north Korean nuclear issue is the character who holds the control over the nuclear weapons and that the intelligence community and the Department of Defense are figuring out the way to separate the weapons from someone who might well have intent to use them.

Although his reckless remarks are just balderdash of a guy who has become so angrily desperate due to the ever-increasing nuclear strike capability of the DPRK, they have gone over the line, and it has now become clear that the ultimate aim of the Trump administration's hostile policy towards the DPRK is the "regime change" in the DPRK.

That the person who is supposed to be in charge of all foreign intelligence in the U.S., harbors an illusion that it could separate our army and people from our supreme leadership is an expression of his illiteracy about the DPRK and an explicit illustration of incompetence of the U.S. intelligence community.
The successive U.S. administrations could not but fail in the DPRK-U.S. confrontation. That is also attributable to the "merits" of such stupid intelligence community of the U.S.

Our army and people have never thought about their destiny and future separated from their supreme leadership.
The first and foremost mission of our revolutionary armed forces with the nuclear force as their backbone is to defend the leader at the cost of their lives.

The DPRK legally stipulates that if the supreme dignity of the DPRK is threatened, it must preemptively annihilate those countries and entities that are directly or indirectly involved in it, by mobilizing all kinds of strike means including the nuclear ones.
We will find out and smash all those who intend to do something against our supreme leadership, wherever they are. This is an immutable and indomitable will of the army and people of the DPRK.

We once again felt deep in our hearts from the reckless remarks of the CIA director how just it was that we have achieved the great historic cause of completing the nuclear force by overcoming all difficulties and trials.
Should the U.S. dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership, we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the U.S. with our powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time.

The likes of Pompeo will bitterly experience the catastrophic and miserable consequences caused by having dared to shake their little fists at the supreme leadership, our eternal sun and everything of life for our nation. -0-

U.S. Troops in S. Korea Can Never Escape Strikes by KPA's Long-range Artillery: Panmunjom Mission

Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People's Army (KPA) released a statement on Friday over the recent desperate and undisguised moves of the U.S. to provoke a nuclear war against the DPRK and perpetuate its forces' presence in south Korea.

The statement said: On Tuesday the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces, which moved the Command of their 8th Army present in south Korea to Humphrey Base in Phyongthaek of Kyonggi Province, invited bosses of the south Korean puppet government and military and even human scum including ultra-right conservatives to an "opening ceremony of the new building" of the Command.

The commander of the 8th Army in his "welcoming speech" praised the south Korean lackeys, terming the move an "event demonstrating the solid south Korea-U.S. alliance" and allowing journalists to look round the interior of the base.

As far as the transfer of the U.S. 8th Army Command to Phyongthaek is concerned, the U.S. has pushed ahead with it in collusion with the puppet regime since 2003 in order to move its aggressor forces bases in south Korea to the areas south of the River Han to get rid of the striking range of the KPA's long-range artillery strike.

Lurking behind it is the ulterior design of the U.S. to save its troops only, indifferent to the plight of the south Korean puppet army at stake.
The U.S. imperialists are busy hyping the transfer of their 8th Army Command, the shock brigade that will play a flagship role in igniting a war against the DPRK. This fully revealed the U.S. scenario to perpetuate its military presence in south Korea and stand in confrontation with the DPRK to the end in league with the south Korean puppet warmongers.

The U.S. regards the Korean peninsula as a vantage point of strategic importance where the strength of maritime forces and the strength of land forces are interchanging. It is the century-old Asia policy of the U.S. to occupy the whole peninsula with south Korea as its springboard and thus realize its wild ambition for dominating the world.

It is a tragedy of the U.S. that it is unaware of the tremendous might of the army of the DPRK.
The bases of the U.S. imperialist aggressors in south Korea, the primary targets of the KPA, can never escape the mercilessly annihilating strikes by its long-range artillery, no matter whether they are located in Phyongthaek or in Pusan.
The U.S. imperialist warmongers will never escape the miserable destruction if they persist in foolhardy military confrontation moves in south Korea despite the warnings of the KPA. -0-

U.S. Should Dissolve "UN Command": Spokesman for NPCK

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea released a statement on Saturday on the lapse of 60 years since the U.S. brought the "UN Command" to Seoul.
The statement said:

The U.S., which ignited a war against the DPRK in June 1950, veiled the command of its forces in the Far East as "UN Command" and brought it to south Korea in July 1957 in a bid to internationalize the issue of the Korean peninsula and establish the Asia-version NATO. Since then, it U.S. has sought a wild ambition for carrying out its policy for occupying the whole Korean peninsula and its strategy for securing hegemony throughout the world.

The U.S. is resorting to the moves for intensifying the "UN Command." This is definitely aimed to ignite the second Korean war and stifle the DPRK by force of arms under the signboard of the UN.
Hypocrisy, fraud and deception are methods of existence peculiar to the imperialist hooligans. But the world witnessed no country like the U.S. which has abused the name of the UN for aggression and war century after century.

The U.S. and the pro-American elements of south Korea are working hard to preserve the "UN Command", a leftover of the Cold War and lever for aggression. It is just a blatant challenge to all Koreans aspiring after independence and setting store by peace and an unpardonable insult to the international community.

There is no justification for the "UN Command" to exist any longer. It should be dismantled in order to preserve peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in other parts of the Asia-Pacific and for the UN to save its face as an international body.
The U.S. should immediately dissolve the worn-out and illegal "UN Command" and withdraw all its aggression forces and lethal hardware from south Korea, as unanimously demanded by the Korean nation and the international community. -0-

S. Korean Conservative Media Slammed for Hurting Dignity of DPRK Supreme Leadership

Pyongyang, June 15 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Journalists Union of Korea issued a statement Thursday to denounce the south Korean puppet conservative media for daring fault the Workers' Party of Korea's policy of loving the rising generations and the future.

The statement said: The conservative media of south Korea including KBS, MBN and Yonhap News branded the 8th Congress of the Korean Children's Union as a "demonstration event for maintaining social system" and even hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

The public broadcasting service KBS put forward experts and "defectors from the north" to talk about "the children on the market" and "limitations of instilling ideology", giving impression that there are some changes in the idea of the youths and children of the DPRK.
This clearly shows that confrontation hysteria of the conservative group and hack writers of south Korea, seeking to make even children scapegoats for its plot-breeding against the DPRK, has gone beyond the red line.

We have already clearly warned that the puppet conservative media and journalists will be made to pay a dear price for their distortion of reality and propaganda against the DPRK, the statement said, clarifying:
Firm and steadfast is our stand to inflict merciless punishment on those who hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK wherever they might be on the earth.

The puppet conservative media and the reptile writers who slandered the WPK's noble politics of loving the rising generations and the future, and those who organized and instigated such smear campaign will be made to suffer constant horror and uneasiness from this moment.

If the south Korean authorities are truly interested in improving the north-south relations, they should make an immediate investigation into the conservative media's hideous provocation against the DPRK and punish those responsible.
If this demand is turned down, we will regard the recent case as an act masterminded by the south Korean authorities and will force them to pay dearly for it.
Those who challenged the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership can never go scot-free. -0-

U.S. Imperialists' Reckless Military Provocation under Fire

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- The gangster-like U.S. imperialists are making all the more desperate in their moves to ignite a nuclear war despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK.

On May 29, the U.S. imperialists committed a grave military provocation by letting a formation of infamous B-1B nuclear strategic bombers fly over south Korea once again to stage a nuclear bomb dropping drill.

The formation of B-1B took off Guam at the dawn of the day and flew over the 80kms of the east of Kangrung on the East Sea of Korea near the Military Demarcation Line. It frantically staged a joint drill making a precision strike against the DPRK's major objects together with pursuit and assault planes on nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson which is conducting a joint naval drill with the puppet navy on the East Sea of Korea.

And air pirates of the U.S. imperialists waged a drill for getting familiar with order of joint action when flying over the Korean peninsula with fighters of the puppet air force.

Such military provocation of the U.S. imperialists is a dangerous reckless racket for bringing the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a war.
What should not be overlooked is that they staged the nuclear bomb dropping drill with nuclear strategic bombers involved once again, timed to coincide with the war drill against the DPRK with the Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan nuclear aircraft carrier strike groups deployed on the East Sea of Korea.

The U.S. imperialists' ever-more reckless military provocation clearly proves that their talk about "dialogue" is nothing but hypocrisy to disarm the DPRK and their wild ambition to eliminate the DPRK with nukes remains unchanged even a bit.
Their nuclear war provocation redoubles the will of our army to revenge the warmongers hell-bent on a war against the DPRK.

The U.S. imperialist warmongers should not forget even a moment that their increasing danger of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula would precipitate a disaster whereby the U.S. mainland turns into a scorched-earth. -0-

U.S. Is to Blame for Consequences of Anti-DPRK Sanctions- Chief of Law Institute

Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- The chief of the Law Institute of the DPRK Institute of International Studies released a statement on Monday over the fact that the Trump administration of the U.S. seeks to slap new sanctions on the DPRK, pursuant to its policy called "maximum pressure and engagement".

On May 4, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new anti-DPRK Sanctions Act, the keynote of which is to ratchet up sanctions on the DPRK to the maximum and impose sanctions on the foreign businesses, organizations and individuals that have business deals with it and employ its workers.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is seeking unprecedented sanctions, pressure and diplomatic blockade against the DPRK by pressurizing and blackmailing other countries and their businesses and individuals not to have normal diplomatic and economic and trade relations with the DPRK under the "sanctions resolution" of the UN Security Council.

The statement denounces this as an unethical crime violating all the principles of international law including the UN Charter as it seeks the most vicious aim of deteriorating the economy of the DPRK and the people's living under the pretext of "nuclear non-proliferation".
Such sanctions have not just begun today. It is a wanton violation of international law and an impudent mockery of the international community that the U.S. is persisting in the moves to justify sanctions against a sovereign state by its domestic law.

What is more serious is that the U.S. seeks to realize its world hegemonic ambition under the pretext of such sanctions, the statement points out, adding:
Those countries under naval threats and pressure from the U.S. to break ties with the DPRK and stop their economic and trade activities with it are largely at strategic rivalry with the U.S. or located at vantage points of geopolitical importance. Most of them have already been exposed to various forms of sanctions by the U.S.

The facts go to prove that the Trump administration is seeking to kill three birds with one stone: The U.S. scheme is to stifle the DPRK, a stumbling block in implementing its strategy for world hegemony, by citing the DPRK's exercise of independent rights as "threat" and "provocation" to global peace and security and to tame the countries disobedient to it and put the strategic bases under its control.

After all, the passage of the illegal Anti-DPRK Sanctions Act shows that such elementary principles and institutional mechanisms on international relations as respect for sovereignty, non-interference and peaceful settlement of a dispute have almost disappeared.
The present situation evidently proves that the U.S. has already gone beyond the pale in arrogance and shamelessness to gratify its hegemonic ambition and that it is impossible to expect any peace and stability in the earth when such rude action is allowed.

To remain vigilant against the U.S. sanctions and pressure on the DPRK and struggle against them is the way for defending the sovereignty of each country and ensuring global peace and security.
The U.S. should not test the DPRK's perseverance any longer.

Explicitly speaking, the DPRK's nuclear deterrence for self-defence and preemptive strike capability are aimed at the U.S. trying to antagonize, isolate and stifle it. Accordingly, they can never be any political or economic bargaining chip and they will never be abandoned though the U.S. ratchets up the sanctions and pressure to the utmost.

If the Trump administration truly wants to adopt a new policy towards the DPRK, drawing a lesson from the preceding administration's failure, it should go for change of the Armistice Agreement between the DPRK and U.S. into a peace accord and total removal of the hostile relations so as to help ensure lasting peace of the Korean peninsula and furthermore global peace and security.
If it persists in anti-DPRK sanctions without understanding its rival, the administration will have to take full responsibility for the ensuing catastrophic consequences. -0-

Policy Department of CPRC Slams S. Korean Puppet Unification Ministry

Pyongyang, May 5 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on Friday as regards the fact that the south Korean puppet group of traitors attempt to hold a "south-north human rights dialogue":

According to the reports of south Korean media, the puppet Ministry of Unification began developing "scenario and measure for talks for human rights in the north".
The "idiots of the ministry", who are reduced into living corpses and being treated like a mange-affected dog together with the doom of the traitor Park Geun Hye, for pushing the inter-Korean relations to the worst catastrophic phase while serving her, obsessed with the escalation of confrontation with the compatriots in the north, as her cat's paw, are preparing north-south dialogue, unaware of where they stand. It is utterly ridiculous.

It is the height of impudence and shamelessness for the human butchers who turned the whole of south Korea into the tundra of the worst human rights to talk about the "human rights dialogue" with their dirty mouths.

It is a useless act little short of catching at a straw to get out of the quagmire of destruction for the puppet group of conservatives with their doom just at hand to clamor for "human rights dialogue".
The fools of the puppet Ministry of Unification had better stop dreaming a daydream and going reckless but get themselves ready to go to the hell together with Park.

The DPRK will mete out merciless punishment to those who dream of the "human rights dialogue", smear campaign against the DPRK, and certainly force the gentries of the puppet Ministry of Unification to pay for their crimes before the nation. -0-

U.S. Biochemical War Plan against Korean Nation under Fire

Pyongyang, April 21 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the North Headquarters of the Nationwide Special Committee for Probing the Truth behind the GIs' Crimes released a statement on Thursday as regards the fact that the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces present in south Korea brought equipment to Pusan Port recently in a bid to press ahead with the Jupiter Plan, a scenario for a biochemical war against the north.

Vehemently denouncing the U.S. for pursuing the scenario to inflict an unprecedented horrible disaster upon the Korean nation again by introducing even equipment for biochemical warfare into south Korea, and the south Korean puppet group of traitors for zealously joining the U.S. in its scenario, far from protesting it, the statement said:

The U.S. has fully revealed its criminal scenario to make no scruple of using biochemical weapons to exterminate the Korean nation in order to realize its wild ambition for dominating the world.
Recently, the U.S. is busy floating the wild rumor about "threat from biochemical weapons" of the DPRK. Lurking behind this is its sinister design to secure a pretext for provoking a biochemical war against the DPRK.

But the U.S. is sadly mistaken.
The DPRK will never remain a passive onlooker to the moves of the U.S. to provoke a biochemical war against it but will conclude the standoff with the U.S., the empire of evils, by wiping it off the face of the Earth.

The U.S. must not disregard the warning of the DPRK that its reckless military moves would lead to its most miserable final doom.
The south Korean puppet group of traitors should not run riot, thinking twice about the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by their treacherous acts of conniving at and backing the thrice-cursed and inhuman moves of the U.S. for igniting a biochemical war by playing the role of its stooge.

All Koreans in the north, the south and abroad should turn out as one in the nation-wide struggle to frustrate the foolhardy north-targeted war moves of the U.S., the harasser of human peace and the most brutal mastermind of aggression, and the south Korean puppet group of traitors toeing the U.S. line. -0-

Press Release of North Preparatory Committee for Pan-national Conference

Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- The North-side Preparatory Committee for the Pan-national Conference for Peace and Reunification of the Country and Development of North-South Relations Friday released the following press release:

Now Koreans in south Korea and abroad are becoming increasingly vocal opposing and rejecting the U.S. and the south Korean puppet regime's war moves against the DPRK. Against this backdrop, activities are getting brisk among Koreans to realize the pan-national conference.

The South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification formed its preparatory committee for successful holding of the pan-national conference for peace and reunification of the country and development of the north-south relations on March 25 and vowed to take the lead in making the conference a success.

Amid the high-pitched public struggle against the joint military drills of the U.S. and south Korean warmongers and for peace of the Korean peninsula and improved north-south relations going on in Seoul, Pusan and all other parts of south Korea, the work to form regional preparatory committees for the pan-national conference is gaining in scope and strength in various parts of south Korea including South Kyongsang and Kyongsang provinces and Kwangju City.

The Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Trade Unions of south Korea are also making dynamic efforts to form a preparatory committee of workers organizations in the north and the south for realizing the pan-national conference for reunification.

Compatriots' bodies and personages in different regions of the world, including Japan, China and the U.S., joined in the dynamic campaign for opposing the north-targeted military drills of the U.S. and realizing the pan-national conference for reunification.

A meeting of the joint working committee of Koreans in the north and the south and abroad for the pan-national conference will be held in Shenyang of China in mid-April amid the ever-growing enthusiasm and will of all Koreans for peace and independent reunification of the country at home and abroad. -0-

DPRK Will Not Take Part in UN Conference on Nuclear Weapons: Foreign Ministry

Pyongyang, March 24 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Friday as regards the DPRK's decision not to take part in the United Nations conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons:

There will take place the UN conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons at the UN headquarters at the end of March and from mid-June to early in July this year.
The UN conference reflects the human desire and wish for total elimination of nuclear weapons.

But question is whether the conference can produce a result reflective of this desire and wish now that the U.S. and other nuclear weapons states deny the participation in the conference.
As it presents itself as an immediate vital requirement for the DPRK to further bolster the capabilities for self-defence with a nuclear force as pivot given that the U.S. is staging joint military exercises for aggression after introducing largest-ever strategic assets into the Korean peninsula, the DPRK can not but take into serious account its participation in the conference and, therefore, decided not to take part in the conference.

But the DPRK will continue to support the idea of the non-aligned movement for the total dismantlement of nuclear weapons and the worldwide efforts for it and will fulfill its responsibility as a nuclear weapons state until the denuclearization of the world is realized. -0-

Park Geun Hye Group Should be Severely Punished

Pyongyang, March 4 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation Friday gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA as regards the actions for the ouster of Park Geun Hye mounting among organizations of various circles in south Korea:

The waves of dynamic all-people resistance demanding the impeachment of Park are now sweeping south Korea with the date for deciding the impeachment of Park at the "constitutional court" approaching.

On March 1, the action organizations of various circles such as the People's Emergency Action for the Resignation of Park Geun Hye Regime held rallies "Day of the 18th all-people action for resignation of Park Geun Hye to mark March First" and staged demonstrations throughout south Korea including Seoul, Inchon, Kwangju, Taejon, Pusan, Ulsan and Taegu. They waged vigorous candlelight actions, shouting such slogans as "Impeach Park Geun Hye immediately" and "Her accomplice Hwang Kyo An should resign."

They set March as "all-out action period of candlelight rallies" for impeaching Park and steadily stage candlelight actions in various places in demand of earlier decision on impeachment not only on weekend but also on workdays, stirring up the atmosphere of impeachment.

The resolution to stage actions was manifested by the farmers' organizations including the south Korean Federation of Peasants Associations.
It is quite natural that people of all social strata in south Korea have turned their backs on the Park group of gangsters, disillusioned with its anti-social, anti-national deeds and corrupt politics.
March when the impeachment of Park Geun Hye is to be decided is an important point of time for the south Korean people as it is decisive of the victory of their just mass struggle.

The spokesman said that just a few days are left for traitor Park Geun Hye before meeting her miserable end as she committed all sorts of crimes by abusing her power in quest of wealth and luxury, utterly indifferent to the people's living, while maltreating the people as dogs and pigs. -0-

National Reconciliation Council Slams Park Geun Hye for Setting "New Records" of Committing Crimes

Pyongyang, February 12 (KCNA) -- The National Reconciliation Council released an indictment Sunday to leave in record of history how traitor Park Geun Hye, who set "new records" of crimes matchless with the successive south Korean rulers in their items and contents, became a "breathing mummy" forsaken by the nation and was forced to stand a stern trial by the nation.

The indictment said Park invented such clumsy words as "confidence-building process on the Korean peninsula", "Dresden Declaration" and "great opportunity of unification", making an awkward contribution of strange and unfamiliar words of ambiguous meanings to the "new history" of division and treachery.

By making awkward vocabulary, she mixed up the Korean language with the foreign languages, thus mocking and insulting the nation's aspiration for reunification, the indictment said, and went on:
The "unification policy" which seems like a patchwork of vulgar commercials admits of no discussion in the light of its contents, either.

Park is like Don Quixote in the 21st century who carries sword in skirt while going under helmet.
She stooped to any infamy, to go on the rampage, not fearful of divine punishment.
She escalated to the extremes the north-south confrontation through the leaflet-scattering operation against the DPRK and had gone zealous in slandering the fellow countrymen by resorting to broadcasting propaganda. She even worked out such scenarios as "operation of advancing to Pyongyang", "ruling plan after conquering Pyongyang" and went the lengths of mapping up "beheading operation".

Going in military uniform, she went around forefront areas, crying out for invasion of north.
She strangled the windpipe of the Kaesong Industrial Zone and finally led it to a shutdown.

Not content with this, soon after the closure of the Kaesong Industrial Zone, she severed all channels of contacts and visits between the north and the south that had barely been maintained, through such "independent anti-DPRK steps" as "financial sanctions" and "maritime sanctions".

Park is a winner of "medal of special merits" which no other pro-U.S. elements of the world had been awarded, to say nothing of the successive rulers of south Korea.
The "medal" is in recognition of the deployment of THAAD, American-made monster.
By introducing at random ultra-modern war means which its preceding regimes dared not to do, she turned south Korea into a nuclear war advanced base of the U.S.

What is all the more intolerable is that traitor Park treated the souls of the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army as a bargaining chip for the pro-Japanese policy.
South Korea has now entered into the second era of "yusin" under the security rule, information rule and fascist dictatorship and this is entirely attributable to Park, descendant of the "yusin" dictator.

The case of sunken ferry "Sewol" was not just a sudden accident but a hideous disaster deliberately caused by Park. Her behavior after the accident made every one shudder.
Soon after she took office in Chongwadae, Park resorted to the farce of retrogressively revising history textbooks. The hideous "Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil scandal" made a great political storm rage across south Korea.

Saying that the ends of the successive puppet rulers who were engrossed in confrontation with the fellow countrymen, sycophantic treachery, dictatorship and unpopular rule have all been miserable, the indictment continued:
Park who set "new records" in committing crimes can not but face the most miserable end which can hardly match the pains and soreness suffered by her predecessors put all together.
It is a stark truth of history that the biggest criminal is bound to face the biggest punishment. -0-

DPRK Will Remain Committed to Independence, Peace and Friendship, Its Idea of Foreign Policy: Foreign Ministry

Pyongyang, January 26 (KCNA) -- Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address reviewed with pride the achievements made by the army and people of the DPRK last year and clarified the stand of the DPRK government on its foreign policy.
A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry declared in a statement on Thursday that the DPRK would carry through the tasks in the field of foreign policy, set forth in the New Year Address, and actively develop the external relations as befitting its position as a dignified power of independence and a nuclear weapons state.

The statement said: We will certainly defend peace and security of the country by our own efforts and make active contributions to safeguarding peace and stability of the world.
It is the consistent stand of the party and government of the DPRK to expand and develop the relations of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation with those countries advocating independence in the idea of its foreign policy--independence, peace and friendship.

This year we will put efforts into expanding contacts and exchanges with countries having long-standing traditions of friendship and cooperation with us and consolidating the bonds of friendship.
We will improve relations with all countries which respect our sovereignty and are friendly toward us, and will actively conduct multi-faceted exchanges and cooperation in political, economic and cultural fields with them.

This year, too, we will strive to closely cooperate with various countries on the international arena including the UN to oppose and reject all sorts of high-handed and arbitrary practices and application of double standards including the unwarranted and illegal racket for putting sanctions and pressure on the DPRK, build an independent and fair new international order and realize genuine international justice.

We will also make joint efforts to settle international issues like anti-terrorism, disputes and environment and promote development and prosperity common to humankind.
We will as ever remain committed to the idea of our foreign policy, further raise the international influence of the DPRK and develop foreign relations on our own initiative and in a multilateral way. -0-