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S.Korean Authorities' Ill-boding Remarks about DPRK's Efforts for Improved North-South Ties Blasted

Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) -- The happy environment for the north-south reconciliation, created by the great magnanimity and initiative measures taken by the DPRK, has greatly excited all the Koreans including those in the south.
The international community is also positively appreciating the efforts made by the north and the south, hoping to see the trend of detente persisting on the Korean Peninsula.

At this time, ill-boding remarks chilling the atmosphere for reconciliation are heard from south Korea, upsetting the people.
That was uttered by the south Korean chief executive at the new year press briefing.

The south Korean chief executive said that the beginning of the south-north dialogue can be described as the effect made by the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure and President Trump played a big role, showing his willingness to express thanks to him. He even made such rubbish that the north was led to dialogue to open up the chapter for "the north's denuclearization", not for the improvement of the south-north relations.

He said that he would not be so weak as to only pursue dialogue with the north. Saying the start of the dialogue does not mean the solution to "north's nuclear issue", he vowed to keep step with the international community in applying sanctions and not to alleviate the sanctions of its own accord. Through his remarks that the improvement of the ties with the north must accompany the solution of the "north's nuclear issue", he openly disclosed his dirty intention.

The "solution of the north's nuclear issue" touted by him is the revised version of the "north's nuclear dismantlement".
Saying that dialogue should never be held for the mere form's sake, the chief executive even made such ignorant and unreasonable remarks that summit can be possible only when preconditions are set and expected results are certain.
His coarse invectives made us think how can he be so ruthless and ignorant of his dialogue partner even though his position is so poor as to read the face of his master.

It is known to all that the U.S. is putting pressure on the south Korean authorities, saying that the improvement of the north-south ties unhelpful to the "north's nuclear dismantlement" would be meaningless, being much upset by the upcoming north-south dialogue, even though it is outwardly voicing "support" and "welcome".

It is needless to say that the new year press briefing of the south Korean chief executive was to curry favor with his discontent master.
It is by no means accidental that media at home and abroad deride the south Korean chief executive's attitude as the one helping to learn the state of mind of the U.S.

It is the obligation of human being to respond favor with favor and sincerity in kind.
This is exactly the case for the north and south authorities who have just begun to kindle the flame for reconciliation and improvement of the relations from the phase of worst confrontation.

The present south Korean chief executive's attitude casts doubt as to his intent to improve the north-south ties and build confidence.
To claim to hold talks which can only be successful is little short of hoping for a meal without cooking it.
Only when talks are held, can there be joint statement and joint press release and can there be an agreement both sides share. This is a common sense.

People ask without dissenting voice if he is truly "president" who hopes for results and success first, before sitting face to face with each other.
What should be respected, one's face or results for the nation, at a time when the nation is about to sit together for betterment.
Dialogue partners have to sit together first to make sincere efforts to produce good results. But the south Korean chief executive said that talks can be held only when results are expected.

How can he be viewed as having proper stand toward the settlement of north-south relations.
Trump said that the north-south dialogue has become possible thanks to the international sanctions and pressure spearheaded by the U.S. The south Korean chief executive expressed gratitude to Trump and pledged to lead the north-south talks to the DPRK-U.S. talks for the "north's nuclear dismantlement". His brownnosing attitude is something beyond imagination.

Therefore, it can be viewed that the south Korean authorities' approach to let the DPRK take part in the Winter Olympics is in the end aimed to induce the DPRK into responding to its demand, while looking far into the "north's nuclear dismantlement" rather than the issue of the north-south ties.

We have made all efforts for the high-level talks and other things in the direction of having everything, wished by the south Korean authorities regarding our participation in the Winter Olympics, settled out of the sincere willingness to improve the north-south ties in line with the ardent expectation and wish of all Koreans.

Now is the first process for improving the north-south ties and building confidence and, therefore, this should be valued.
After making good first step, one should make efforts to solve something possible one by one on the principle of mutual respect while building confidence with each other so that both sides can have good feelings.

But the south Korean authorities have an axe to grind, hoping to eat corn without teeth.
Not content with advertising the north-south dialogue as the result of sanctions and pressure and as "successes" derived by them, the south Korean authorities who announced to postpone the joint military exercises with the U.S. are now bringing into waters off south Korea and its vicinity the U.S. strategic assets like nuclear carrier task force timed for the holding of the Winter Olympics, an occasion for the north and south to sit together and open up a chapter for peace, thereby deliberately straining the situation.

What could be the reason behind such military act?
We have met all the demands raised by them, out of sincerity and magnanimity. Now they are going arrogant, with their head raised.

This proves that the south Korean authorities are not concerned for the interests and demands of the nation but they are a group of pro-U.S. traitors who are only keen on currying favor with their master and keeping their power even at the sacrifice of the Winter Olympics and the valuable sprout of the improvement of the north-south ties.

The south Korean chief executive should not be dreaming.
We will as ever strive to improve the north-south ties but will never remain an on-looker to sordid acts of chilling the efforts.

Everything is now at the beginning.
They should know that train and bus carrying our delegation to the Olympics are still in Pyongyang.
They should discard the impudent idea that someone will cook meal and feed them. One has to cook one's own meal.
The south Korean authorities had better ponder over what unfavorable results may be entailed by their impolite behavior. -0-

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Snipes at U.S. Report on "National Security Strategy"

Pyongyang, December 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK released the following statement on Friday:
The United States released a report on so-called "National Security Strategy" on December 18.

The "National Security Strategy" written and announced by the Trump administration is, indeed, a typical outcome of the Yankee-style arrogance seeking total subordination of the whole world to the interests of the U.S. It is also a criminal document which clearly reflects the gangster-like nature of Trump who likes to create trouble and fish in that troubled waters.

This has fully revealed that "America first policy" which the gang of Trump is crying out loudly about is nothing but the proclamation of aggression aimed at holding sway over the world according to its taste and at its own free will.

The U.S. administrations continue to change and hence the diplomatic and security policies also "change" this or that way. However, there is no change at all in the strategic goal of the U.S. to achieve hegemony over the world by means of force and particularly, the goal to stifle our country and turn the entire Korean peninsula into an outpost for seeking that hegemony remains unchanged.

Out of our will to safeguard the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and put an end to the nuclear threat and blackmail and the hostile policy of the U.S., we held bilateral talks with the U.S. and various forms of multilateral talks such as the Four Party Talks and the Six Party Talks over the last two decades and during the course we had reached some agreements.

However, the previous U.S. administrations threw all the agreements reached with us into a garbage can like waste paper under the absurd assumption that the DPRK would "collapse" and indulged only in the attempts at onward nuclear threat and blackmail as well as sanctions and pressure designed to obliterate the DPRK, even branding it as a "rogue state", "axis of evil", "outpost of tyranny" and "target of preemptive nuclear strike".

We chose the road of possessing the nuclear weapons to defend our sovereignty and rights to existence and development in the face of ever increased hostile moves and nuclear threats and blackmail of the U.S. We are convinced that the only way to ensuring a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula is to have the deterrence that ensures a practical balance of force with the U.S.

The international society should keep vigilance against the maneuvers of the gang of Trump to invade and control the DPRK with force by igniting a nuclear war at any cost in the Korean peninsula and clearly see through the ulterior motive behind its repeated talk of dialogue, designed to cover up its evil intention and mock the world.
The gang of Trump likes to pose itself as if its country is a world superpower. However, the U.S. is nothing but a corpse going to the grave. -0-

FM Spokesperson Hits at U.S. Decision on Israel's Capital

Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Saturday over the U.S.'s decision to recognize Kuds as the capital of Israel:

The decision by U.S. president Trump to recognize Kuds as the capital of Israel and to move the U.S. embassy there well deserves a global condemnation and rejection as it is an open defiance of and an insult to the international legitimacy and to a unanimous will of the international society.

The status of Kuds remains so sensitive that it, for sure, should be solved fairly by means of regaining the national rights of the Palestinian people and striking a comprehensive and lasting solution to the Middle East problem.

This decision of the U.S. is not so surprising as it came from a dotard who had cried out for "total destruction" of a sovereign state at a sacred UN forum. But, through it, the world will be able to well discern about who is really a wrecker of the world peace and security and who is a gang of hooligans of the international society.

Some countries, which still count on the U.S., would become conscious of the true colors of the U.S.
The U.S. should bear full responsibility for all the consequences of tension and instability that will be entailed in the Middle East region owing to its reckless and highhanded act.

We, out of our external ideas of independence, peace and friendship, condemn strongly the U.S. action this time and express our firm support and solidarity with the Palestinians and other Arabian people in their just cause to regain their legitimate rights. -0-

U.S. Flayed for Re-listing DPRK as "Sponsor of Terrorism"

Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee Wednesday issued a statement to denounce Trump for having announced at the ministerial-level meeting of the White House on Nov. 21 that the DPRK will be re-listed as a "sponsor of terrorism".
The statement said:

Trump let loose a torrent of brigandish abuses, claiming that the re-listing of the DPRK as a "sponsor of terrorism" should have been taken long ago and it is a "murderous regime" which threatens the whole world with nukes and goes to all lengths to back international terrorism. And he told that additional maximum sanctions and pressure would be taken in succession upon the DPRK and those countries and individuals doing business with it.

The U.S. act of re-listing the DPRK as a "sponsor of terrorism" is a hideous political provocation as it has neither ground nor validity.
Now that Trump has made an extra-large provocation, tantamount to another declaration of war against the DPRK, its army and people will not sit on their hands.
Trump should be mindful that more desperate efforts Trump makes to strangle the DPRK by "demonizing" it, dearer price the U.S. will have to pay for it, and stop at once such fruitless sanctions and pressure against the DPRK and the brigandish step of re-listing the DPRK as a "sponsor of terrorism".

The U.S. should know that the DPRK's future countermeasures will be up to the former's action.
We take this opportunity to warn the Abe group of Japan and the south Korean authorities, who act as puppets and faithful dogs of the U.S., zealously working to please their master, not to go reckless any longer if they are concerned about their future. -0-

DPRK Will Settle Damage Incurred by Sanctions of U.S. and Its Followers

Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson of the Sanctions Damage Investigation Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued the following statement on Friday:
Today, the manoeuvres of the U.S. and its followers to sanction and stifle the DPRK have reached the extremely vicious and barbarous phase in their attempt to obliterate the rights to existence and development of our State and people, destroy the modern civilization and turn the world back into a dark mediaeval age.

They turned away even the articles of the UN Security Council "resolutions" which stipulated that the sanctions should not give negative impact on the humanitarian assistances of the UN agencies which are influenced by the sanctions, although they are conducted in a more transparent way. This is the reality today.

The assistances of the UN agencies undertaken in all regions and countries of the world contribute to carrying out the noble missions of the UN aimed at securing global peace and security, developing international relations and promoting international cooperation in economic, social and cultural fields as well as other various areas.

However, the United States and its followers cut off the normal economic and trade activities of the DPRK in all-round way and resort to the unprecedented sanctions and stifling acts in their attempt to obliterate even the basic right to existence. They go even further to take issue with the assistances of the UN agencies which are conducted without any snag and impede their implementation in every way possible.

Unlike in other countries, the assistances of all the UN agencies in the DPRK including UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA are taking place under the strict supervision of the sanctions committee of the UNSC.

As a result, the banking channel of the UN agencies is suspended, delivery of aid goods is delayed and even the ordinary daily consumer goods are restricted under the pretext of dual use, thus creating tremendous obstacles in the protection of the rights and existence of the children and women and causing damage to the people's livelihood, nothing to say of the civilian economy.

Unable to resist strong backlash within and without, they claim to have allowed the transfer service of fund for UN agencies resident in the DPRK. However, due to the absence of practical measures, the transfer service is suspended and the assistances are not progressing.

The delivery of Mobile Digital X-ray equipment and reagents for diagnosis of Tuberclosis, insecticides for Malaria vector control and Emergency Reproductive Health Kits procured and provided by the UN agencies including UNICEF and UNFPA for protection and promotion of the health of children and women have been delayed for several months under the unjustifiable pretext of various reasons in the countries of sale and transit this year. The Gene Xpert Cartridge for diagnosis of Multi-Drugs Resistant tuberculosis patients have not been delivered at all since 2017.

This is a clear act of human rights violation that denies and infringes upon the right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being including clothing, food, housing, medical care and necessary social services stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Thus, it is obvious that the aim of the sanction is to overthrow the system of the DPRK by isolating and stifling it and intentionally bring about humanitarian disaster, instead of "preventing weapons development" as claimed by the U.S. and its followers.

The more unprecedentedly harshest sanctions and strongest pressure the U.S. and its followers impose on the DPRK, the higher the banners of independence, simultaneous development and self-reliance it will uphold, and thus settle the damage to the end incurred by the sanction, decisively frustrating the reckless nuclear war moves and the despicable plot of sanctions and pressure of the enemies. -0-

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Case of Otto Warmbier

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued the following press statement on Thursday:
Lately, Trump and his clique, for their anti-DPRK propaganda, are again exploiting the death of Otto Warmbier, an American college student who had been under reform through labor for the criminal act he committed against the DPRK and died after returning to the U.S.

Trump has let out a stream of invective that Warmbier "suffered unbelievable torture" and that "north Korea abducted and tortured him and intentionally caused his death", while the U.S. State Department announced that they were ready to re-list the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism" over the issue of Warmbier.

The fact that the U.S. is employing even a dead person for the conspiracy campaign to fuel the international atmosphere of putting pressure on the DPRK shows how vile and inveterate the hostility of the U.S. policy-makers towards the DPRK is.

To make it clear once again, Warmbier was a criminal who was sentenced to reform through labor on March 16, 2016 by the law of the DPRK for the hostile act he committed against the DPRK according to the mission he was given by an anti-DPRK conspiracy organization in the U.S. However, we provided him with sincere medical care on humanitarian grounds in consideration of his failing health until he returned to the U.S.

The fact that he was never subjected to any form of "torture" was acknowledged without any doubt even by the American doctors who visited and carried out medical examination on Warmbier in the DPRK last June and by those who examined him after his return to the U.S.
If Trump and the U.S. are truly sorry for the loss of Warmbier, they should repent and apologize for their crime of luring and pushing a student who should be concentrating on his studies into committing criminal acts against the DPRK.

The reason that the present U.S. administration is viciously condemning the DPRK with the death of Warmbier again is not because of their concern for the "security of the U.S. citizens" as they always advocate. This is only a lame and sordid product of anti-DPRK conspiracy trumped up by Trump to save his "face" which has landed hard and flat on the muddy ground by the heavy blow from the DPRK's hard-line stance after carelessly wagging his tongue.

What cannot be overlooked is that the riff-raff in the U.S. dared to cast slurs on the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
The fact that the old lunatic Trump and his riff-raff slandered the sacred dignity of our supreme leadership, using bogus data full of falsehood and fabrications, only serves to redouble the surging hatred of our army and people towards the U.S. and their will to retaliate thousand-fold.

The recent developments teach the lesson again that we should never render leniency or any consideration on humanitarian grounds to the U.S., the DPRK's first enemy.
Trump should ponder over the devastating consequences to be entailed by the anti-DPRK conspiracy and be fully aware that he and his clique shall be held totally responsible for all the undesirable turn of events to be caused by the careless and imprudent remarks that he gabbles on wagging his tongue in and out of his big mouth.
We will closely monitor the conduct of the U.S. -0-

Open Letter of WPK Central Committee to Foreign Political Parties

Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) sent an open letter to political parties of different countries on Sept. 24.
In the letter the WPK Central Committee extended friendly greetings to those political parties struggling for peace and security of the world and social development and wellbeing of the peoples.

Recalling that the chairman of the DPRK State Affairs Commission declared he would surely and definitely make the U.S. chief executive pay dearly for the remarks in which he denied the existence of the DPRK, insulted it and cried for its total destruction under the eyes of the world, the letter said:

The statement of the chairman of the DPRK State Affairs Commission reflects the wrath and will of all the members of the WPK and other people determined to fight against the U.S. imperialists to the last as they dared defame the dignity of our supreme leadership and revealed their scheme to plunge the Korean people into the crucible of a horrible nuclear war.

The statement is a powerful encouragement to the progressive political parties and peoples of the world in the struggle to frustrate the war provocation moves of the U.S. imperialists, the chieftain of the imperialist reactionaries and harasser of the global peace, and build an independent, peaceful and righteous, new society.

Today, to resolutely struggle against the U.S. imperialists regarding aggression and war as their mode of existence serves as a main way for ensuring peace and security of the world.
In order to realize the genuine international justice and defend elementary right to existence of mankind, it is necessary to counter the nukes of tyranny with the nuclear treasured sword of justice. This is the truth taught by the DPRK-U.S. confrontation to the world.

The WPK Central Committee ardently appeals to the political parties around the world valuing independence, justice and peace to turn out as one in the joint action and front to frustrate the U.S. reckless moves to plunge the world into a nuclear disaster.
It also expresses the expectation and belief that they will send invariable support and solidarity to the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean people in the just struggle to defend the sovereignty, dignity and right to existence of the country and protect the peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region. -0-

Haley: ¡°Political Prostitute¡± in Geopolitics

She¡¯s a neocon Ziofascist geopolitical know-nothing ? the most unqualified ever US UN envoy, an embarrassment to the position she holds.
Paul Craig Roberts calls her an ¡°imbecile,¡± ¡°mindless¡± and ¡°stupid¡¦the total antithesis of a diplomat.¡±

Reportedly she¡¯s Trump¡¯s choice to replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, his departure likely by year end or sooner.
Clearly he wants out. He erred taking the job, the former ExxonMobil CEO sidelined to irrelevancy, hawkish generals in charge of US geopolitical policies.

Haley is a brainless Hillary clone, a recklessly dangerous hawk, militantly anti-Russia, cheerleading America¡¯s wars of aggression, threatening Iran and North Korea.

In response to her arrogantly and brainlessly claiming the DPRK is ¡°begging for war,¡± its KCNA news agency responded sharply on Friday as follows, saying:
US UN envoy ¡°Nikki Haley, a political prostitute, has kicked off a hysteric fit, exasperated by the DPRK¡¯s nuclear weaponization that has reached its final phase.¡±
¡°At an urgent UN Security Council meeting on Sept. 4, she hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, stunning the world public.¡±
¡°Nikki should be careful with her tongue though she might be a blind fool. The US administration will have to pay a dear price for her tongue-lashing.¡±

Claiming DPRK ¡°misuse of missile and nuclear weapon (along with) begging for a war¡± is part of Washington¡¯s scheme to impose unacceptably tough new sanctions on the country, designed to cripple its economy. China and Russia oppose this deplorable extremism.

America, not Pyongyang, is begging for war, Haley a diabolical cheerleader, a dangerous fool unqualified for any public position.
Imagine the more prominent platform she¡¯ll have if appointed secretary of state. She should be sacked, not promoted.
The possibility of war on the Korean peninsula going nuclear should terrify everyone. Inflexible US policies and reckless threats make the unthinkable possible.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, North Korea¡¯s Foreign Affairs Vice Minister said the following in response to hostile US threats:¡°We will not take even a step back from the road of our option but keep bolstering the nuclear deterrence for self-defense to defend our government and people from the US nuclear war threat.

¡°The US should never forget the position of the DPRK as a full-fledged nuclear power possessed of ICBM together with A-bomb and H-bomb, and the DPRK will keep watching every move of the US.¡±

Spokesman for Religious Believers Council of Korea Rejects U.S. 2016 Int'l Religious Freedom Report

Pyongyang, August 26 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Religious Believers Council of Korea released a statement on Saturday in connection with the fact that shortly ago, the U.S. branded once again the DPRK as the "country specially suspected of religious freedom" seriously encroaching upon the "religious freedom" in its "2016 International Religious Freedom Report" and is massively spreading the public opinion against the DPRK.

The U.S. asserted in its "report" that the "freedom of religious belief" is specified in the DPRK's Constitution but, in fact, there is no "freedom" and it is mercilessly punishing religious activities. The U.S. also malignantly found fault with the DPRK, enumerating survey data fabricated by all shades of bodies organized by them.

The statement categorically rejected the report, branding it as the thing that does not deserve even a passing note.
It recalled that during the last Korean war the U.S. savagely bombed and destroyed a lot of religious establishments such as more than 1 900 churches, cathedrals and Buddhist temples and mercilessly killed hundreds of thousands of innocent religious believers.

It went on: Such barbarities are being committed across the world. Many religious believers are losing their lives and time-honored holy places are reduced to debris by the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces' indiscriminate bombing. This is the true colors of the "religious freedom" much touted by the U.S.

The U.S. much talk about the DPRK's non-existent" religious issue" is nothing but a last-ditch effort for tarnishing at any cost the international image and strategic position of the latter which is invariably advancing under the banner of independence against the U.S. ,and further fanning up the climate of sanctions and pressure against the DPRK.

The Religious Believers Council of Korea will as ever take a strong counteraction against the U.S. arbitrary practices and hostile policy toward the DPRK in solidarity with the international religious organizations. -0-

KPA Will Take Practical Action: Commander of Strategic Force

Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- General Kim Rak Gyom, commander of the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army, released the following statement on August 9:
As already clarified, the Strategic Force of the KPA is seriously examining the plan for an enveloping strike at Guam through simultaneous fire of four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range strategic ballistic rockets in order to interdict the enemy forces on major military bases on Guam and to signal a crucial warning to the U.S.

On Tuesday, the KPA Strategic Force through a statement of its spokesman fully warned the U.S. against its all-round sanctions on the DPRK and moves of maximizing military threats to it. But the U.S. president at a golf links again let out a load of nonsense about "fire and fury," failing to grasp the on-going grave situation. This is extremely getting on the nerves of the infuriated Hwasong artillerymen of the KPA.

It seems that he has not yet understood the statement.
Sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason and only absolute force can work on him. This is the judgment made by the service personnel of the KPA Strategic Force.
The military action the KPA is about to take will be an effective remedy for restraining the frantic moves of the U.S. in the southern part of the Korean peninsula and its vicinity.

The Hwasong artillerymen of the KPA Strategic Force are replete with a strong determination to fully demonstrate once again the invincible might of the force, which has developed into a reliable nuclear force of the Workers' Party of Korea and the world's strongest strike service, through the planned enveloping strike targeting the U.S. imperialist bases of aggression.

The Strategic Force is also considering the plan for opening to public the historic enveloping fire at Guam, a practical action targeting the U.S. bases of aggression.
This unprecedented step is to give stronger confidence in certain victory and courage to the Korean people and help them witness the wretched plight of the U.S. imperialists.

The Hwasong-12 rockets to be launched by the KPA will cross the sky above Shimane, Hiroshima and Kochi Prefectures of Japan. They will fly 3 356.7 km for 1 065 seconds and hit the waters 30 to 40 km away from Guam.
The KPA Strategic Force will finally complete the plan until mid August and report it to the commander-in-chief of the DPRK nuclear force and wait for his order.
We keep closely watching the speech and behavior of the U.S. -0-

CCNR Spokesman Flays S. Korean Authorities' "Policy towards North"

Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the south Korean authorities made public the "five-year program of state administration" and referred to their "strategy on the north" to be followed during the office.
A spokesman for the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation issued a statement on Saturday to denounce their strategy.

The statement said that the "strategy on the north" touted by the south Korean authorities is little short of sophism as it is dreamy and sinister in its contents and goal. It continued:
The "strategy" has no essential difference from "denuclearization, opening and 3 000 dollars" and "confidence-building process on the Korean peninsula" touted by the Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye groups of traitors while talking about the "north's dismantlement of nuclear weapons" and "unification through absorption".

The south Korean authorities are talking about an "agreement on the north's dismantlement of nuclear weapons" until 2020, turning their back on the DPRK's principled stand that it can never talk about the inter-Korean relations with the "nuclear issue" as a precondition. In fact, this is little short of open announcement that they have no idea of mending the north-south ties.

The south Korean authorities openly copied such anti-DPRK scenarios viciously sought by the conservative group at the instigation of the U.S. as the establishment of "human rights foundation" and support to the human scum in their "strategy on the north". It is unpardonable as it is a heinous political-motivated provocation to tarnish the image of Korean-style socialism, destroy the single-minded unity by misleading the public and "bring down the DPRK's social system".

The above-said "strategy" denies the fundamental issues such as the defusing of political and military confrontation between the north and the south and includes odds and ends. This goes to prove that the present south Korean authorities are keen on worrying about their "administrative results" and popularity.

The south Korean authorities would be well advised to stop such act but ask themselves why the north-south relations are not improved.
They should bear in mind that they would follow the miserable end of their predecessors if they fail in thinking twice, clearly understanding the DPRK's just demand and desire of the candlelight demonstrators. -0-

U.S. Nuclear Threats and Blackmail to DPRK under Fire

Pyongyang, July 15 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Pan-Korean Emergency Measure Committee for Opposing Nuclear War Drills against the DPRK made public a statement on Saturday denouncing the U.S. nuclear threats and blackmail to the DPRK on the lapse of 60 years since the official announcement of arming the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in south Korea with nuclear weapons.

The statement said that on July 15, 1957, the U.S. declared that it started arming the U.S. aggressor forces in south Korea with nuclear weapons and massively introduced nukes into south Korea and on January 29, 1958 officially announced the deployment of the nuclear weapons in south Korea.

It went on: In the subsequent period, the U.S. turned south Korea into the biggest nuclear advanced base in the Far East whose number reached more than 1 720 in the middle of the 1980s.
In the new century the U.S. listed the DPRK as part of "axis of evil" and the target of nuclear preemptive attack and steadily developed scenarios for invasion of the DPRK such as OPLAN 5027 and OPLAN 5015, ceaselessly posing nuclear threats and blackmail to the DPRK.

There is no other country in the world than the DPRK which has been exposed to the persistent and toughest nuclear threats from the U.S. for a long period since the 1950s.
It is very just that the DPRK possessed nuclear deterrence for self-defence and has steadily strengthened it in every way to protect dignity and sovereignty of the nation to cope with the arbitrary nuclear threats from the U.S.

The strategic position of the DPRK and the world political structure has radically changed and gone are the days never to return when the U.S. used to impose threats and blackmail to the DPRK with nukes.

The south Korean authorities should drop at once the disgraceful policy of sycophancy toward outside forces and confrontation with the compatriots, bearing in mind that taking advantages of the U.S. moves is an act of treachery little short of leaving the interests and destiny of the nation to the tender mercy of outside forces. -0-

Pomminryon Calls for Ushering in New Heyday for Korea's Reunification

Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) -- The North, South and Overseas Headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) released a joint resolution on Tuesday, the 45th anniversary of the publication of the historic July 4 joint statement.

Noting the publication of the joint statement was an event of great significance in the history of the Korean nation as it opened a new chapter of dialogue and negotiations for the first time in the north-south relations that had been frozen by distrust and confrontation for decades and provided all Koreans with hope and optimism about national reunification, the resolution said:

The birth of the three principles of national reunification helped the Korean nation dynamically advance the movement for reunification on the track of independence both in name and reality.
The June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, the embodiment of the principles, let all Koreans renew their faith that reunification would surely come when they pool their efforts in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself.

Expressing the will to open up a new heyday of national reunification by firmly preserving and thoroughly implementing the three principles of national reunification and the north-south declarations, the resolution said:

1. Pomminryon will adhere to the principle of independence in the movement for national reunification, the principle of prioritizing and firmly defending the interests of the nation.
It will as ever invariably uphold independence, regarding it as the lifeline in tackling the reunification issue, the issue of the nation.

2. Pomminryon will intensify the struggle to defend the lasting peace of the Korean peninsula from the war moves of the outsiders and their followers seeking to plunge the Korean nation into a nuclear disaster.

It will launch a vigorous pan-national movement for peace against war to resolutely foil the war provocation moves of the gangster-like U.S. which attempts to reduce the Korean peninsula into a theater of nuclear war, indifferent to the destiny of the Korean nation.
It will intensify the mass struggle for driving the U.S. troops out of south Korea and getting all nuclear war equipment for aggression withdrawn from it.

3. Pomminryon will wage a brisk campaign for realizing the solidarity and unity of Koreans of various circles in the north and the south and abroad under the uplifted banner of great national unity.
If all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad get firmly united, irrespective of ideology and ism, political view and religious belief, social system and region, that precisely means national reunification.

Pomminryon will achieve solidarity and unity with all political parties and organizations respecting the three principles of national reunification and the north-south declarations and open the gate to reunification together with them by placing national reunification, the great cause of all Koreans, above all. -0-

Press Statement of DPRK Foreign Ministry

Pyongyang, June 16 (KCNA) -- The Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued the following press statement on Friday over the vicious sanctions and pressure by the U.S. and its followers:

The despicable sanctions and pressure imposed on the DPRK by the U.S. and its vassal forces have reached the extreme.
The DPRK's development of nuclear force that the U.S. and its vassal forces use as a pretext for sanctions is an outcome of the extremely hostile policy of the U.S. and its nuclear threat against the DPRK and, hence, it is a legitimate and righteous measure for self-defense to protect the sovereignty and the right to existence of the country and nation.

Not a single article or provision in the UN Charter and other international laws stipulates that nuclear test or ballistic rocket launch poses a threat to international peace and security. If, nonetheless, anyone were ever to be held accountable for carrying them out, those countries that have conducted most of the nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches so far should be subject to sanctions before any others.

Nevertheless, the U.S. and other hostile forces have constantly waged sanctions and pressure campaign against the DPRK, taking issue with its exercise of the right to self-defense and now they are openly pursuing the criminal intent to completely suffocate the DPRK's national economy and impoverish the people's livelihood.

Their sanctions have grown utterly vicious and barbaric today as to try to obliterate the rights to existence and development of the state and people of the DPRK, destroy modern civilization and bring the world back into medieval darkness.
The very nature of these sanctions running counter to the human ethics and civilization finds its expression in the fact that the hostile forces cooked up the so-called "sanctions resolutions" of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in the most despicable and heinous way and are enforcing them upon the international community.

The UN "sanctions resolutions" are so preposterous that the wide-ranging import and export prohibition or restriction enforced by them has included even luxury goods while listing numerous entities and individuals to be subject to sanctions, allegedly aiming to contain the DPRK's nuclear and ballistic missile-related activities. These "resolutions" are producing endless series of bizarre and ridiculous episodes.

The prohibition on the export of underground resources including coal was indiscriminately expanded and the control over "dual-use" items was exercised in such a careless way that these measures are having adverse consequences for the people's livelihood and normal economic activities.

Last year, the customs office of a certain country seized even frozen chicken, cosmetics packaging and zipper tab production equipment and materials as well as frequency stabilizers and voltage regulators to be used at fishery stations, and returned them after several months.

These are only few of many cases which testify to the fact that the "sanctions resolutions" rigged up at the UNSC allegedly to protect the international peace and security are actually pursuing the nefarious objective of impeding the development of the overall national economy of the DPRK.

The "Resolution 2270" coercively adopted at the UNSC was weird enough to include recreational sports equipment in the list of luxury goods.
As the result, a country in Europe is prohibiting the export of sports equipment and apparatus to the DPRK such as ski, yacht, mountaineering boots, snowmobile, snow groomer and even billiard table for the reasons of implementation of the "resolution".

Another country prohibits the export of sports apparatus including sports firearms, ammunitions and archery equipment that the DPRK used to import regularly, for fear of violating the "sanctions resolutions".
In November 2016, seven sets of diving flippers addressed to the Rungna Dolphinarium in Pyongyang were confiscated by the customs office in a European country as they were classified as luxury goods.

It had been decided to hold the 2017 World Junior Judo Championship and 2018 IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) Junior World Championship in the DPRK, but the venues have now changed to other countries. One country has denied entry visas to the teams and delegations of the DPRK to attend the international sports tournaments while the support grants legally provided by the International Olympic Committee and other international sports federations are not being remitted to the DPRK.

Archery equipment would never become ballistic rockets and sports rifles could never be used to launch nuclear warheads, but some countries either being overpowered by or blindly following the high-handed practices of the hostile forces are bringing disgrace to the ideal and purpose of sports.
These brutal and barbarous sanctions and pressure have stretched out their claws to the public health and humanitarian areas as well.

The UNICEF country office in the DPRK ordered 24.4 tons of malaria mosquito repellent (Insecticide Residual Spray) from other countries in September 2016, but they were unable to sign a contract for the transportation of the goods as that would breach the UN "sanctions resolutions". The goods could never leave the place of origin and they have remained piled up in the warehouse for 9 months until today.

In November 2016, the country office procured 15 mobile X-ray units and the reagent for diagnosis of tuberculosis, but the delivery was delayed for 6 months for the reason that those were classified as "dual-use" items by the UN "sanctions resolutions" on the DPRK.

In January 2017, a hundred thousand ampoules of ephedrine being imported by a health company of the DPRK were unreasonably seized although the company had gone through the procedure of informing the International Narcotics Control Board in advance as per the regulations.

The fact that the items urgently needed for the treatment of chronic diseases are being subject to sanctions for such absurd reasons as "dual-use" proves that the clause in the "sanctions resolutions" which underlined that the measures imposed by the resolutions are "not intended to have adverse humanitarian consequences for the civilian population of the DPRK" is only a deception and that the "sanctions" are actually targeting the daily life and the very existence of the people of the DPRK.

Some countries in Europe refuse to grant basic diplomatic privileges and immunities to the DPRK diplomatic passport holders and treat them with impudence by randomly searching their luggage and confiscating used household items, cosmetics, and even carbonated drinks and children's bicycle in flagrant disregard of the universally recognized legal norms and practices.

They are so crazy and obsessed about "sanctions" that diplomats do not make any difference to them and children's bicycle, refrigerator, kitchen utensils and hairdryer appear to be weapons of mass destruction-related items.

As seen above, the sanctions and blockade racket aimed to isolate and suffocate the DPRK is going beyond the limits.
The U.S. is the primary mastermind of this frantic campaign of sanctions and pressure on the DPRK.

Not only the U.S. fabricated the unprecedented vicious "sanctions resolutions" against the DPRK by abusing the mandate of the UNSC and made attempts to drag all countries of the world into their implementation, but it maliciously resorted to "unilateral sanctions" against the DPRK claiming to close the loophole in the UN sanctions.

The "sanctions" of all sorts that the U.S. has imposed on the DPRK for more than half a century are now becoming all the more reckless backed by such evil laws as the "North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016".

The newly emerged Trump administration announced "maximum pressure and engagement" as its policy towards the DPRK, and continues to invent different kinds of "sanctions" including the "sanctions on specially designated nationals" which targeted even the supreme dignity of the DPRK, in attempt to comprehensively furnish its domestic law to accommodate the "unilateral sanctions" on any entity or individual of the DPRK.

A quick calculation shows that 15 Party and government organs, 73 other firms and entities and about 90 individuals of the DPRK are currently placed on the sanctions list together with 16 airplanes and 20 trade cargo ships, but hardly any of them are associated with munitions area at all.

The U.S. is also making desperate and frenzied moves to involve other countries in the "sanctions" campaign against the DPRK.
The U.S. state secretary said on a recent occasion that the U.S. made it clear to all countries including China and Russia that they should join in imposing "sanctions" on the DPRK. He also said if a country claims that the total amount of its trade with the DPRK does not exceed 5 million USD, the U.S. would ask the country to reduce it to 2 million. This fully reveals the true colors of the U.S. as the gang of muggers.

The U.S. has employed the "secondary boycott" to achieve its wicked aim, and business persons and firms of several countries including China and Russia have already fallen victim to it and suffered huge losses in their economic activities and business management as they were unreasonably put on the sanctions list of the U.S.

Besides, the U.S. is coercing all the countries that established diplomatic relations with the DPRK to sever the relations or scale down the level, in a blatant violation of the international laws including the UN Charter and Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Except one Latin American country and two or three Asian countries that show signs of attempts to reduce the number of the DPRK diplomats in their countries under the pressure of the U.S., the overwhelming majority of the countries resolutely reject the U.S. demand, regarding it an interference in their internal affairs, or simply ignore it.

The sanctions campaign waged by the U.S. and its vassal forces is a heinous act of hostility and aggression against the DPRK to deprive it of her sovereignty and rights to existence and development, and to overthrow its ideology and system by all means.
If the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the U.S. are tolerated, allowed and sympathized with, their spearhead will eventually be leveled at the other countries adhering to independence and the world will plunge into gloom where the U.S. holds sway on everything.

The U.S. and its vassal forces that always suffer crushing defeats in the overall politico-military confrontation with the DPRK may resort to much more despicable and barbarous sanctions, but they can never check the advance of the DPRK marching towards the final victory of the building of a powerful socialist country by dint of self-reliance and self-development.

As the U.S. and other hostile forces get more frantic in the moves to impose the toughest sanctions and pressure on the DPRK, the hatred and rage of the army and people of the country will only grow stronger and the DPRK will further speed up the strengthening of its nuclear force to root out the base of aggression and all evils. -0-

S. Korean Authorities Urged to Repatriate Detained DPRK Women

Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society gave an answer to question raised by KCNA on Friday as regards the fact that organizations of various circles in south Korea are staging a vigorous action in demand of the repatriation of detained DPRK women citizens.

A vigorous struggle for the repatriation of detained Kim Ryon Hui and other twelve DPRK women citizens was launched in south Korea with the people of different strata involved, amid the growing demand for the liquidation of evils done by the Park Geun Hye group of traitors for confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

But the authorities of south Korea are intentionally turning away from the matter of their repatriation, despite of the appeal and demand by the people from all walks of life, and the "National Assembly" and ruling and opposition parties agreed to adopt a NA resolution "urging" the "reunion of divided families in the south and the north on August 15", turning aside the issue.

Criticizing such wrong attitude, the spokesman said that the detention of DPRK woman citizens, who were abducted and taken away to south Korea, is a product of the heinous anti-DPRK confrontation policy of the Park group, which was sternly punished by the public, and it is an unpardonable unethical crime.

He further said: If the south Korean authorities are truly interested in the issues of "human rights", "humanitarianism" and "separated families", they should pay attention to the strong demand of the families of those abductees and settle the issue of their repatriation at an early date before anything else.

It is preposterous to discuss on the "humanitarianism" and reunion of divided families and relatives, in disregard of such hideous unethical crimes as imposing bitter pains and misfortune on the compatriots by artificially making new "divided families".

Any humanitarian cooperation between the north and the south, including reunion of divided families and relatives, can never be expected before the unconditional repatriation of the detained women citizens of the DPRK.
We will watch the attitude of the south Korean authorities and strive for the repatriation of the detained women citizens to the last. -0-

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Rejects Press Statement of UNSC

Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Tuesday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the successful test-fire of ground-to-ground medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12:
The successful test-fire of Hwasong-12 is of great and special significance in ensuring peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the region, and it is the greatest victory of the Korean people.

As part of the routine work to raise the nuclear capability to the maximum and thus increase the military capability for self-defense, the test-fire was conducted at the highest angle in consideration of neighboring countries' security. It was aimed at verifying the tactical and technical specifications of newly-developed ballistic rocket capable of carrying a large-size heavy nuclear warhead.

However, some countries described this legitimate exercise of right to self-defense as "violation" and "threat" and the UNSC issued a press statement pulling up the DPRK over the ballistic rocket launch.

The DPRK categorically and totally rejects the UNSC's press statement which called into question its bolstering of nuclear deterrence for self-defense, pursuant to the U.S. vicious anti-DPRK policy.
Just in recent one week the U.S. conducted two test-fires of intercontinental ballistic missiles, but the UNSC never mentioned them.

The right to self-defense is the first criterion of sovereignty. Therefore, accusation against it is an undisguised encroachment upon sovereignty and an act of rude interference in internal affairs.
Should the U.S. dare make a military provocation against our State, we will readily counter it.

The most perfect weapon systems in the world will never be the eternal exclusive property of the U.S., and the day when the DPRK uses corresponding retaliatory means is sure to come.
Then, the U.S. will come to see for itself whether the ballistic rockets of the DPRK pose actual threat to it or not. -0-

Disarmament and Peace Institute of Foreign Ministry on Validity of DPRK's Principled Stand to Defend Peace and Stability

Pyongyang, May 5 (KCNA) -- The Disarmament and Peace Institute of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Friday released a study report disclosing the danger of the heinous moves the U.S. has persisted while resorting to military adventure to push the situation on the Korean peninsula to the point of explosion of a thermonuclear war, and clarifying the validity of the principled stand of the DPRK to firmly defend the peace and stability on the peninsula and in the region.

The U.S. military provocation moves have reached the height with Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 17 joint military drills as occasions, the report said, and went on:
The U.S. hurled 300 000-strong troops into the aggression war drills including troops from the U.S. military bases in areas around the Korean peninsula and even its mainland, to say nothing of those troops present in south Korea and the south Korean puppet forces.

Through the joint military drill the U.S. posed an open military threat to the DPRK and, in actuality, planned to put preemptive attack and aggression war into practice.
Under the active patronage and instigation of the U.S, the south Korean puppet forces conducted provocation in the hotspot waters in the West Sea of Korea in real earnest to ignite a war.

Due to the U.S. extreme military provocation moves, the acute situation on the peninsula has lasted even after the joint military drills.
Timed to coincide with the end of the drills, the U.S. introduced Carl Vinson carrier task force, Michigan nuclear submarine and other strategic assets into the Korean peninsula, ratcheting up military tension to the maximum.

On May 1, just one day after joint military drills came to an end, B-1B nuclear strategic bomber formation was brought into the sky over south Korea to hold the drill of dropping nuclear bombs.
From May 3 the U.S. staged joint military drills in areas around the Korean peninsula together with Japan, Britain and France, rendering tenser the situation on the peninsula, over which dark clouds of a nuclear war hang heavily.

The evil cycle of escalation of tension has continued on the Korean peninsula due to the aggression war moves steadily conducted by the U.S. in conspiracy with its vassal forces.
It is nothing but a despicable double-dealing tactics for the U.S. to talk about "dialogue" while hyping its political, economic and military pressure on the DPRK to an extreme pitch. And to clamor for denuclearization is a revelation of the gangster-like intention to deprive the DPRK of its nukes and open the way for a war of aggression.

The report contended that it is the exercise of the full-fledged sovereignty which no one can fault with for the DPRK to continue to take measures for bolstering its nuclear force to the maximum with a firm hold on the nuclear treasured sword for independence and justice to stand against the U.S. unprecedented anti-DPRK moves. -0-

DPRK Will Foil U.S., S. Korean Forces' Nuclear War Moves: CCNR Spokesman

Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation (CCNR) in a statement Saturday said all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad are hardly repressing their surging indignation at the U.S. and the south Korean conservative group pushing the situation of the Korean peninsula to the point of explosion.

What is all the more infuriating is the puppet conservative group's act of fanning up the U.S. war fever, the statement said, and went on:
The present situation, in which the U.S. frenzy for nuclear war against the DPRK has reached the extremes with an aim at annihilating the Korean nation, clearly proves what a wise option the DPRK made when it decided to bolster up the nuclear force in quantity and quality with a firm hold on the nuclear sword of justice.

The DPRK has nothing to be afraid of and is ready to fight any mode of war wanted by the U.S. as it has now towered as a nuclear power in the East and a rocket launching power in Asia.
If the U.S. provokes even a bit the sovereignty and the right to existence of the DPRK, the powerful nuclear strike means of the DPRK associated with blood and sweat shed by its people will blow up in a moment the stronghold of aggression and provocation in any space whether it is ground, air and sea and underwater, and the shouts for annihilating enemies which shook the square of military parade will resound as hurrahs for national reunification.

The puppet warmongers getting frantic in sycophantic treachery and racket for confrontation with the DPRK while working as henchmen of the U.S. can not get away from the target of nuclear strike but will meet a miserable end.

All the fellow countrymen in the north and the south and abroad should courageously turn out in the struggle to foil the U.S. and the puppet conservative group's nuclear war moves in the indomitable spirit of the nation which has a firm grip on the nuclear sword, and bring about a reunified power in which 80 million Koreans live in one and the same territory. -0-

U.S. Missile Attack on Syria Unpardonable: DPRK FM Spokesman

Pyongyang, April 8 (KCNA) -- The Trump administration on April 7 mounted a massive missile attack on an air-force base of the Syrian government army under the pretext that it killed civilians by using chemical weapons.

A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry in a statement on April 8 termed this an act of aggression on a sovereign state that can never be tolerated.

Through the recent U.S. military attack on Syria, the world clearly sees who is disturber and wrecker of peace, the statement said, adding:
The successive U.S. administrations have perpetrated strikes at those countries which do not have nukes only, styling themselves a superpower and the same is true of the Trump administration.

Some forces are loud-mouthed that the recent U.S. military attack on Syria is an action of "warning" to the DPRK, but the latter is not frightened at such threat.
What happened in Syria once again taught a bitter lesson that no one should have an illusion about the imperialists and one can defend oneself from the imperialist aggression only when one has one's strength.

Our tremendous military muscle with a nuclear force as its pivot serves as a treasured sword of justice for foiling the U.S. shameless high-handed and arbitrary practices and aggression moves and protecting the sovereignty of the country and the right of the nation to existence.

The reality today goes to prove that any aggression should be countered with force only and that the DPRK's choice is entirely just as it has bolstered up its nuclear force remarkably.

The DPRK will increase in every way its military capability for self-defence to cope with the U.S. evermore reckless moves for a war and will defend itself with its own force. -0-

Traitors of S. Korean Puppet Unification Ministry Should Be Buried together with Park Geun Hye

Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK Sunday issued a statement demanding the group of traitors at the south Korean puppet ministry of unification be buried in the cemetery of history together with Park Geun Hye.

Much upset by the voices growing stronger in south Korea demanding the total scrapping of the treacherous policies of traitor Park who faced a severe judgment of the public, the gentries of the puppet unification ministry are making desperate efforts to justify the bankrupt policy of confrontation with the compatriots in the north and pass the buck for the deadlocked inter-Korean relations to the DPRK, the statement said, adding:

No matter what silly jargons the gentries may let out in a bid to mislead the public opinion, they can never evade the responsibility for having brought the inter-Korean relations to a total collapse and created the worst danger of a war.
Park and her stooges, gentries of the unification ministry, brought to naught the precious gains common to the nation made in the June 15 era of reunification by going against the desire of the compatriots for the nation's harmony and reunification. However, they are unhesitatingly insisting that they are the "success of the policy toward the north."

The gentries of the ministry look like dogs at a mourner's house after Park's impeachment. Yet, they are still busy crying out for confrontation, a disgusting behavior.
Reality calls for throwing overboard at once and punishing in the name of the nation such betes noires as Hong Yong Phyo, the wicked traitor and accomplice in the hideous case of abuse of power who took the lead in implementing Park's vicious policy of confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.

It is the DPRK's stand that the unification ministry should be disorganized under any circumstances as it is opposed to reunification and it is staffed with lazybones, who receive salaries provided with money collected from the south Koreans as taxes, and the bankrupt policy of confrontation be scrapped unconditionally.

The south Korean people will have to send the group of traitors of the ministry along with Park to the cemetery of history as they are making desperate efforts to prolong their despicable remaining days, while justifying the said policy of Park. -0-

DPRK Will Deal Merciless Retaliatory Strike at Provokers: Foreign Ministry Spokesman

Pyongyang, March 4 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry released a statement on Saturday in denunciation of the ongoing U.S.-south Korea joint military drills against the DPRK.
The spokesman branded the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises being staged by the U.S. in south Korea as the most undisguised nuclear war move to throw the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia into nuclear disaster.

Nobody can vouch when the war drills kicked off after introducing a lot of nuclear strike means and huge forces into south Korea and the waters off it may go over to an actual war and, consequently, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is again inching close to the brink of a nuclear war, the statement said, adding:

The U.S. nuclear war drills assume more dangerous nature as they are staged at a time when it is resorting to the worst political and economic sanctions and pressure against the DPRK while finding fault with the latter's measure for bolstering up its nuclear force.

The U.S. seeks to convince the public that the joint military exercises are ascribable to the DPRK's access to nuclear weapons, but this is sophism making profound confusing of right and wrong.

The DPRK will never remain a passive onlooker to the new U.S. administration overtly revealing its intention to put military pressure on the DPRK and invade it while crying out for "peace by dint of strength".

The spokesman stressed that the army and people of the DPRK are unshakable in their will to further bolster up the deterrence for self-defence with the strategic nuclear force as a pivot in order to put a radical end to the danger of a nuclear war being imposed by the U.S. and deal a merciless retaliatory strike at any provocation by the invaders. -0-

Foreign Ministry Spokesman of DPRK Slams U.S. and Vassal Forces for Faulting Its Strategic Ballistic Missile Test-fire

Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Wednesday as regards the fact that the U.S. and its vassal forces faulted the DPRK's surface-to-surface medium to long-range strategic ballistic missile test-fire:

The UN Security Council issued a press release under the manipulation of the U.S. on Feb. 13 in which it faulted the DPRK's test-fire as a "breach of resolution" and threatened it would take "additional crucial measures".
The recent missile test-fire conducted by the DPRK is part of normal course which it has to go through in implementing the line of simultaneous development of the two fronts, its state line.

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address for this year declared that the preparations for the inter-continental ballistic rocket test-fire had reached the final phase, and in the subsequent period, the DPRK officially clarified more than once that the measure for further bolstering its nuclear force can be taken any moment the Supreme Leader makes his decision.

The self-defensive measure is for firmly protecting the sovereignty of the country and the right to existence of the nation from the threat of nuclear war posed by the U.S. and its vassal forces and reliably guaranteeing the peace on the Korean peninsula and the security of the region.
No one is entitled to fault this legitimate right of a sovereign state.

The UNSC has long been disqualified to take issue with the DPRK's legitimate step for self-defence as it has gone to the extremes in its application of double-standards by which it labels the tests carried out by the DPRK for self-defence "illegal" but keeps mum about the tests conducted by the U.S. and other countries.

For UN member nations or the UN secretary general to blindly follow the UNSC resolution, failing to discern its absurd double-dealing attitude, means that they do not properly perform their duties.
There is no paragraph in the UN Charter which specifies nuclear test and missile test-fire as illegal. Therefore, the DPRK will never acknowledge the UNSC "resolution" which termed the DPRK's nuclear test and rocket test-fire "illegal", and will never do in the future, either.

We categorically reject the press release of the UNSC which took issue with the right of a sovereign state to self-defence under the high-handed pressure of the U.S. in utter disregard of the DPRK's just demand. -0-

Meeting of Co-Chairmen of Pomminryon Held

Pyongyang, January 26 (KCNA) -- The 17th meeting of co-chairmen of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) was held on Thursday by way of exchanging facsimile messages among the north and the south and overseas headquarters.
The meeting discussed an action program of Pomminryon for ushering in a heyday of the reunification movement this year. A report was made at the meeting.

It noted that Pomminryon set it as its major tasks to respect the Three Principles of National Reunification and common agreements of the nation and open the way for improving the relations between the north and the south and worked hard to carry them out last year.

It stressed that Pomminryon fully supports the appeal of the joint conference of the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK to open up a broad avenue to independent reunification by the concerted efforts of the whole nation this year.

The report clarified the following tasks and ways for glorifying this year as a year of bringing a new phase of independent reunification:
Pomminryon will make continuous efforts in the van to remove acute military conflict and danger of war between the north and the south, create the atmosphere for improving their relations and provide a peaceful environment.

It is necessary to give further momentum to the anti-war peace movement in order to resolutely reject all sorts of slander and sordid hostile acts escalating mistrust and danger of war between the north and the south and to stand against the joint military exercises for aggression under various codenames, which are staged together with outsiders under the signboard of "annual" and "defensive" ones, and arms buildup.

Pomminryon will direct positive efforts to revving up the atmosphere for improved north-south relations as wished and desired by all Koreans.
It is needed to conduct vigorous and various activities for respecting the Three Principles of National Reunification and the north-south agreements such as the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and translating them into a reality.

Out of its desire to pave a new path for peace and independent reunification of the country, Pomminryon will turn out to make the pan-national gathering for reunification a historic one attended by personages representing all classes and strata of Koreans at home and abroad and other many compatriots in name and reality.
It will give spurs in the van to the nationwide movement for meeting the challenges of the separatist forces at home and abroad going against the nation's desire for reunification.

Pomminryon should fully display its responsibility and mission as vanguard for independent reunification and standard-bearer of great national unity so as to glorify this year marking the 45th anniversary of the publication of the July 4 joint statement and the 10th anniversary of the publication of the October 4 declaration as a very significant year in opening a new phase for independent reunification.

A joint resolution was adopted at the meeting. -0-

Joint Resolution of Pomminryon

Pyongyang, January 26 (KCNA) -- The north, the south and overseas headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) held a meeting of Pomminryon co-chairmen and adopted a joint resolution on Thursday.

Noting that the north side recently held a joint conference of the government, political parties and organizations and called for opening up a broad avenue to independent reunification by the concerted efforts of all Koreans this year, the resolution said:

Pomminryon supports the patriotic appeal of the north side, recognizing that it serves as a practical way for opening up a broad avenue to independent reunification and it also fully agrees with the main mission of Pomminryon and its action program for this year.

Pomminryon, which has led the way for independent reunification, expresses the following resolution to step up a grand nationwide march toward reunification, firmly holding hands with compatriots from all walks of life at home and abroad who hope for peace and reunification of the country, this significant year marking the 45th anniversary of the publication of the July 4 joint statement and the 10th anniversary of the publication of the October 4 declaration.

Pomminryon will continuously strive in the van to remove the source of war and provide peaceful environment.
Pomminryon will conduct positive activities to rev up an atmosphere for improving the relations between the north and the south.
It will encourage multi-sided dialogue and negotiations and exchange of visits and contacts for implementing the north-south agreements and categorically smash all sorts of confrontation moves denying the agreements and hindering their implementation.

Pomminryon will open up a heyday for a nationwide reunification movement through successful holding of a pan-national reunification gathering.
Pomminryon will take the lead in promoting the pan-national movement to frustrate the challenges of the separatist forces at home and abroad going against the nation's desire for reunification.

The resolution called on all Koreans to cherish deep in their mind the responsibility and mission as vanguard for independent reunification and standard-bearer of great national unity and vigorously struggle to glorify this year as a year of opening up a new phase for independent reunification. -0-

DPRK's ICBM Development Is to Cope with U.S. Nuclear War Threat: FM Spokesman

Pyongyang, January 8 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA Sunday as regards the fact that the U.S. is pulling up the DPRK over its preparations for ICBM test-fire that have reached their final phase:
The DPRK's ICBM development is part of its efforts for bolstering its capability for self-defence to cope with the ever more undisguised nuclear war threat from the U.S.
Nevertheless, the U.S. is crying out for tightening sanctions to pressurize the DPRK, terming the entirely just rocket launch preparations of the latter "provocation" and "threat." This reminds one of a guilty party filing the suit first.

A U.S. deputy secretary of State spouted rubbish on January 5 that threat from north Korea has reached an extreme pitch and sanctions aimed at pressurizing north Korea would as ever continue no matter what administration may appear in the U.S.
Some pseudo-experts and conservative media are busy joining the Obama group in putting pressure on the DPRK.

Explicitly speaking again, the U.S. is wholly to blame for pushing the DPRK to have developed ICBM as it has desperately resorted to anachronistic policy hostile toward the DPRK for decades to encroach upon its sovereignty and vital rights.

Despite the unheard-of harsh sanctions and pressure, the DPRK developed H-bomb and had access to standardized nuclear warheads by bolstering up its nuclear weapons on a high level at an unimaginably high speed on the strength of self-development.

The ICBM will be launched anytime and anywhere determined by the supreme headquarters of the DPRK.

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un clarified that the DPRK will continue to build up our self-defence capability, the pivot of which is the nuclear forces, and the capability for preemptive strike as long as the United States and its vassal forces keep on nuclear threat and blackmail and as long as they do not stop their war games they stage at our doorstep disguising them as annual events.
Anyone who wants to deal with the DPRK would be well advised to secure a new way of thinking after having clear understanding of it. -0-

Open Questionnaire of DPRK Institute of International Studies

Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- The Institute of International Studies of the DPRK on Tuesday released an open questionnaire "Does on Earth the United States Know It Is Doomed to Failure in Its Outrageous Anti-DPRK Human Rights Campaign", which reads in full text:

The United States, styling itself the "human rights judge" on the international stage, abuses human rights issues more undisguisedly to interfere in other countries' internal affairs and violate their sovereignty.
It labels those countries that uphold anti-imperialism and independence against its domination-oriented strategy as "countries of evil" or "countries stricken with human rights issues". And it even tries to overthrow their governments.

Notably, upset by the DPRK's quantum leap and sophistication of its nuclear capabilities, the United States is hell-bent on the smear campaign to isolate and stifle the DPRK by politicizing and hyping up the latter's "human rights issue".
Outgoing Obama, Kerry and other U.S. authorities argue that every possible measure should be adopted to address "north Korea's human rights issue". The Congress claims it would further extend the "north Korean human rights act" to 2022.

More ridiculously, the United States stages a series of farces such as the "hearing on north Korea's human rights situation" on the basis of false testimonies given by the human scum who fled their country after committing crimes and are now desperate to earn their living. In November, it goaded the European Union and Japan to cook up another anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" at the Third Committee of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Obama clique, which has pursued "strategic patience" in vain, makes a last-ditch attempt this time to make up for its failed DPRK policy by stepping up the outrageous human rights campaign.
Given that the DPRK is now making big strides by dint of its strong military strength and self-reliance and self-development, it is crystal clear that the human rights campaign against the DPRK serves a sinister political purpose: to tarnish its prestige and image and to stamp out its ideology and system.

On the occasion of the World Human Rights Day, the Institute of International Studies of the DPRK releases this open questionnaire to vehemently condemn the U.S. nonsensical human rights campaign and pronounce the inevitability of its failure.

1. Does the United States ever know about the human rights situation of the DPRK where the leader and people form a harmonious whole and people are fully enjoying their rights?

The United States has called the DPRK "illegitimate and unlawful regime" and talked about "human rights sanctions", even going to the extremes of pointing an accusing finger at the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.
The former UN "special rapporteur" on the human rights situation in the DPRK even argued that, as part of the "human rights sanctions", restriction should be placed on the DPRK's access to the Olympics and other international competitions. Such a ridiculous argument runs against the sacred Olympic ideal.

What a pity the United States is still far out of touch with the actual situation of the DPRK.
The DPRK is a genuine people's country. It is based on people-centred political philosophy that the masses of the people are the master of society and everything serves them. In short, the DPRK is the only socialist state in the world which holds the people-first principle as its political ideal.

In the DPRK, the leader and people are firmly bound together with love, affection and a bond of kinship. The leader believes in the people as in heaven while the latter reveres the former as their saviour and father. Such single-minded unity cannot be found in any other parts of the world.
It is a commonplace in the DPRK to see people--be they a worker, farmer, scientist, artiste, soldier or even child--opening their hearts to their leader when they meet him and shedding tears of emotion, grasping his hand reluctant to part from him.

Thanks to the people-oriented policies of the Workers' Party of Korea and the government, the people are fully exercising and enjoying human rights in every realm of social life. But U.S. authorities are too steeped in hostility and prejudice against the DPRK to see this reality.
The DPRK makes sure every member of society is given rights to politics, labour, rest, education, medical service and other social activities in a comprehensive and sufficient manner.

Everyone benefits from the free education and free healthcare systems, and the government provides the ordinary working people with houses gratis.
Indeed, top and absolute priority is given to the people's desire and demand, and their interests and convenience, and everything serves them.
Given this, if the United States tries to apply to the DPRK its standards for human rights it has habitually used to interfere in others' internal affairs, or if it dares to do harm to the dignified socialist system of the DPRK under the pretext of "protecting human rights", it would be nothing but ignorance and pipe dream.

The United States should act prudently, well aware of the socialist system the Korean people chose for themselves and have taken as their life and soul. And it should also see squarely the brilliant reality of the DPRK in which people are enjoying every possible right on the highest level, united as one in mind around their leader.

2. Can the United States admit to the world that the human rights racket it makes against the DPRK, in parallel with the nuclear issue, is designed to overthrow its socialist system?

U.S. hierarchy including Obama and Kerry take every opportunity to build public opinion against the DPRK, making such absurd remarks that the DPRK pours a colossal amount of money into its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes and that they are concerned about its residents' livelihood.
Above all, when it comes to the human rights issue, the United States has no right whatsoever to take issue with the DPRK's self-defensive military buildup.

Who on earth has not recognized the ideology and system chosen by the people of the DPRK since the very first day of the country? Who on earth has caused the vicious cycle of confrontation in and around the Korean peninsula with nuclear threats and moves for unleashing another war of aggression? And who on earth has imposed harsh sanctions unparalleled in history?
It is none other than the United States that compelled the DPRK to build nuclear weapons. And it is the U.S. hostility that still drives the DPRK into upgrading its nuclear capability.

The point is that the ongoing anti-DPRK human rights racket coincides with the unprecedentedly large-scale nuclear war games that are often staged on the peninsula to remove the DPRK's nuclear deterrent.
The United States, which has lost out in the nuclear standoff with the DPRK, now seeks an excuse for another war against the latter by abusing the human rights issue, in a last-ditch attempt to isolate and stifle it.

The DPRK has built the nuclear deterrent of justice by surmounting all difficulties, and it is an absolutely just self-defensive measure aimed at protecting national sovereignty and the people's genuine human rights from the United States that tries to stifle its system.
A devastating war might have broken out in the Korean peninsula, had the DPRK failed to channel efforts into building up the self-defensive military capability, with the nuclear force as the backbone, in the face of the long-standing, ever-increasing U.S. nuclear threats and hostility.

Thanks to this powerful nuclear deterrent, the DPRK has been able to defend national security and the people's well-being and put great efforts into economic construction, opening up bright prospects for building a powerful socialist country where the people can lead a peaceful, affluent and civilized life.

The United States and its vassal forces, though belatedly, should see what is happening in the flood-hit northern areas of the DPRK at least, instead of talking such nonsense that the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets cost huge sums of money and the people's livelihood is in a mess.

Others might have yielded to such an unheard-of disaster or could not have thought of rising up for years. But the DPRK mobilized and concentrated all its human and material potentials to work a miracle of turning misfortune into blessing in a matter of 60 days by building dozens of marvellous villages and streets on the banks of the Tuman River in the afflicted northern areas of North Hamgyong Province. Over 11 900 victim families have moved into better new houses at the same time.

This is the epitome of Korean-style socialism that can be brought about only by the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government, which hold it as their supreme principle of activities to prioritize, respect and love the people and regard it as their mode of existence to serve them with devotion. And such a wonder can never be desired or imitated by others.

The world has been astounded by this singular reality and is envious of it.
U.S. desperate persistence in the row over human rights in parallel with the nuclear issue demonstrates that it is revealing more undisguisedly its sinister intention to bring down the genuine socialist system in the DPRK by all means.

The Americans are raising the racket in a bid to isolate and stifle the DPRK by dint of preposterous "human rights issue", now that the nuclear issue cuts no ice with it. Does the United States think that such a row can work on the DPRK which has emerged victorious in the confrontation with it for many decades?
It should answer this question with sound thinking and reason.

3. Doesn't the United States know yet that the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" it fabricates every year is the criminal document that totally runs counter to international law?

The United States cooked up a unilateral domestic law called "north Korean human rights act" in 2004 and has updated it periodically. With this draconian law as a yardstick, it dares to "assess" and criticize the human rights situation of the DPRK.
Not content with this, it instigated its puppets, Japan and south Korea, to adopt their own acts. And every year its minions cook up an anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" in the UN arena.

Such a frantic bid is a manifestation of the U.S. hostile policy geared to maximizing the "human rights issue" to isolate the DPRK internationally.
The unlawfulness and criminal nature of these resolutions lie in that they are grounded on the report of the "inquiry commission on north Korean human rights situation" which was cooked up by absurdly exaggerating the contents of the documents drawn up by those steeped in deep-seated prejudice and hostility against the DPRK, including the north Korean "human rights special envoy" of the U.S. Department of State and the UN special rapporteur on Korean human rights situation, and the false testimonies of the scum of the earth.

It is a universal principle of international law that a sovereign state does never come under the jurisdiction of other country in any case, and the application of political and economic pressure and sanctions on other country in peacetime constitutes a crime and an act of aggression.
Whoever has granted the United States the right to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and infringe its sovereignty, and whoever has empowered the United States the authority to reduce the UN arena to a scene of political chaos in which even international law is neglected?

U.S. fabrication of the "human rights resolutions" by mobilizing its following forces constitutes a crime of flagrantly violating the international human rights law and regulations on respecting the freedom of ideology and cultural diversity.
The joint initiators of the anti-DPRK "human rights resolutions" are none other than the United States and its vassals that have serious human rights problems themselves.

It is the height of politicization of human rights, selectivity and double standards for them to dare to shake fist at the DPRK, symbol of genuine human rights, while sympathizing with the U.S. master, the kingpin of human rights abuse, unable to utter even a word of protest against its high-handedness and arbitrariness.

Full support and encouragement were expressed for the DPRK and the United States and other Western countries became the butt of criticism in the final document of the 17th summit of Non-Aligned Movement held in Venezuela last September and the declaration of the ministerial meeting of G77 convened on the sidelines of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly. This is the stern judgment on them for making the mockery of international law and tarnishing the sacred UN arena.

The United States, though belatedly, should admit that the "north Korean human right act" and "human rights resolution" are the documents of political provocation slandering and insulting the DPRK by American-style "human rights yardstick" and the criminal documents of aggression and interference that are totally contrary to international law, and make a courageous decision of discarding them into the dustbin of history.

4. Is the United States willing to apologize and compensate for having utterly violated the Korean people's rights to life, subsistence and development?

The basic guarantee of the rights to life, subsistence and development is peaceful environment.
No other nation in the world has been under constant war and nuclear threats as long as the Korean nation.

Etched in history are the capital crimes committed by the United States: it divided Korea into two, separated millions of family members with A-bomb threat. It has deployed lots of nuclear weapons in south Korea and intensified nuclear threat systematically to start a nuclear war since the 1950s. And it has ruthlessly violated the DPRK's human rights to life, survival and development through vicious economic blockade and sanctions.

No sooner had it signed the Korean Armistice Agreement than the United States shipped war equipment into south Korea to threaten the DPRK, and whenever it staged large-scale joint military exercises with south Korea since the 1960s, a touch-and-go situation was created in the Korean peninsula.
It has constantly strained the situation so that the Korean people could not live at ease even for a moment, and stood in the way of their economic development and survival and hindered their efforts for socialist construction and improvement of their livelihood at every step through all kinds of blockades, pressure and sanctions.

The human and material damages the DPRK sustained as of 2005 amounted to 64 959 854 000 000 U.S. dollars.
Moreover, the anti-DPRK sanctions that are being stepped up constitute the cruellest and basest unethical crime tantamount to fully depriving the Korean people of the rights to life, survival and development.

Extremely crazy about hostility towards the DPRK, the United States tries to ratchet up military pressure by hurling nuclear strategic assets in and around the Korean peninsula on one hand, and includes in the list of "sanctions items" even consumer goods and, more specifically, ordinary foods and children's toys, on the other hand.
For the single reason that the DPRK does not give in to its outrageous demand, the United States is trying to deprive the Korean people of their vital rights by putting the noose of sanctions--devoid of justification, ground and validity--around their necks.

As the world people unanimously say, it is a miracle of history that the DPRK is stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country while channelling efforts into economic construction and improvement of the people's living standards in the most dangerous hot spot in the world, on the land adjoining south Korea that has been reduced to a nuclear arsenal of the United States.

Can the United States make an apology and compensation to the Korean nation for its capital crimes of keeping the Korean nation divided for more than seven decades and violating the DPRK's rights to life, survival and development through nuclear threat and nuclear war rehearsals?
The United States should answer this question clearly.

5. Doesn't the United States know that it is nothing more than a pipe-dream for it to try to tarnish the image of the DPRK by fabricating a pile of "human rights" documents?

The United States continues to make bundles of human rights documents consistent with falsity and fabrications against the DPRK, while letting loose a stream of sophism about "violations of women's human rights", "infringement of children's rights" and "liquidation of persons with disabilities" whenever opportunity comes.

The United States, in hot pursuance of its policy of hostility against the DPRK, dares to try to mar the dignity and image of the DPRK by fabricating and spreading false documents with the help of the human scum who eke out an existence on lies. It is tantamount to a mean and vicious class-A political terrorism.

Human have so long and ardently desired gender equality since the term "human rights" was first coined. But nowhere in the world can be found such women as the Koreans who are respected and loved by all as a powerful social force that has the same social status as men and turns one of the two wheels of the revolution and flower of the country, and proudly demonstrate their dignity.

In the DPRK where women are highly valued and respected, every ordinary woman, irrespective of her occupation, can lead a worthwhile life as a heroine of the times, deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly, professor and doctor. And service amenities and medical facilities for women including the workers' hostel of the Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill and the Breast Tumour Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital have sprung up in the country.

Thanks to the Party and state policies of putting children forward as the kings of the country, palaces for babies and schoolchildren and children's camps have been built throughout the country, and the orphans also enjoy a happy life at palatial baby homes, orphanages and primary and middle schools, free from the grief of being left orphaned.

Does the United States know how base and despicable a crime it is to describe the true features of our society as "oppression of human rights" groundlessly?
The children from the northern areas which were badly hit by an unprecedented natural disaster had a pleasant time at the Songdowon International Children's Camp singing loudly the song "We Are the Happiest in the World" under the benevolent and meticulous paternal care. This legendary story still arouses envy and admiration worldwide.

Persons with disabilities also enjoy the same socio-political rights as ordinary people and are provided with vocational education for persons with disabilities, education for handicapped children and rational working and living conditions under the care of the government. And they conduct positive artistic and sporting activities on the "day of persons with disabilities" and other important occasions. If you have eyes and ears, come and witness this reality in the DPRK.

It is an intolerable insult to and typical human rights violations against the women, children and persons with disabilities in the DPRK, who enjoy the happiest life in the world, that the United States politicizes the purely humanitarian issue by distorting and falsifying such reality groundlessly.
It is nothing more than a pipe-dream of flying in the sky on the cloud that the United States thinks it can induce a "system collapse" in the DPRK by preparing rubbish documents that turn black into white and tarnishing its image.

The United States must keep in mind that these forged documents for anti-DPRK human rights smear campaign consistent with its deep-rooted prejudice against and policy of hostility towards the DPRK are the noose around its neck, leading it to self-ruin.

6. Is the United States ready to stop acting as an unqualified and unjustified "human rights judge" and appear before an international court as an accused?

The United States is the living hell for humanity governed by the law of the jungle and mammonism in which the one-percent privileged cannot survive without exploiting the 99-percent working people and fighting with one another, a kingdom of homicide where all kinds of gangs rampage and crimes of violence are rife and a human rights desert in which practices of heinous racial discrimination are rampant below the Statue of Liberty, which is allegedly symbolic of liberty.

It, however, commits state-sponsored terrorism, massacres and crimes against humanity unprecedented in human history without hesitation while covering up its own flaws in human rights provision, launching "war on terror" and giving rise to "colour revolution" in various parts of the world under the ostentatious signboard of "peace and security" and "human rights protection."

The international community clearly saw and still sees the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, intervention in Syria, brutal and indiscriminate air raids on peaceful civilians, arrest of innocent people and medieval torture of them in overseas secret detention centres and the worst-ever refugee crisis in history the United States perpetrated under the pretext of "war on terror."

It really does not stand to reason and is the height of shamelessness and impudence that the United States, the kingpin of human rights abuses, styles itself a "human rights judge," while pointing an accusing finger at the human rights situations in other countries.

More ridiculous is that it argues in a conceited manner that the DPRK's "human rights issue" should be brought to the International Criminal Court.
The International Criminal Court has turned away its face from the human rights situations in the United States and other Western nations long ago and been reduced to a tool for realizing their domination and intervention in the developing countries.

It has never accused or called into question even once the thrice-cursed crimes of the United States and the West that commit invasion, war and human rights violations against the whole world on the pretext of hypocritical "human rights protection" and "counterterrorism," and many countries including African nations spit at, break away one after another from and turn their back on it as it is obsessed with prejudice and unilateralism devoid of impartiality and independence, life of an international organization.

It is preposterous that the United States, which is hell-bent on aggression and human rights abuses across the world by relying on such a figurehead, dares to pick a quarrel with the DPRK, which protects and provides its population with genuine human rights.

The world conscience that values justice and truth strongly demands that the U.S. rulers be put in the dock of the international court and punished severely as class-A war criminals as they have extended the "war on terror" to a 100-year war in the 21st century and committed unheard-of crimes far surpassing Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo who had inflicted the greatest calamity on humankind in the past century.

Are the U.S. ruling circles ready to take off the mask of "human rights judge" and appear before the international court as class-A human rights abusers for shunning international justice, turning the world into a theatre of bloody disputes and riots and plunging it into a vicious cycle of terrorism and retaliation?
Lie cannot last long, and truth will finally come out.

As the sun cannot be covered with the palm of a hand, the United States can by no means cover or deny the reality of the DPRK in which its people enjoy genuine human rights at the highest level as true masters of the state and society, even if it tries to find fault with the latter over the fictitious "human rights issue."
The United States would be well advised to keep in mind that however desperately it resorts to extreme anti-DPRK human rights trickery, it can never hurt the people-centred Korean-style socialism, an ideal land of genuine human rights, and rather hasten its own ignominious ruin. -0-

Japan-S. Korea Agreement on Protecting Military Intelligence Termed Hostile to DPRK

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK released a statement on Friday sniping at the agreement on protecting military intelligence concluded between Japan and south Korea despite the unanimous opposition and denunciation of Koreans and other people in the world.

Terming the agreement hastily concluded by Japan and the south Korean puppet forces at the prodding of the U.S. under the absurd pretext of coping with "nuclear and missile threat" from the DPRK an intolerable act hostile to the DPRK, the statement said:
Acute military confrontation and tensions linger on the Korean peninsula due to the hideous moves of the U.S., Japan and other hostile forces against the DPRK.

Against this backdrop, Japan and the south Korean puppet forces concluded an agreement on military cooperation. This will only result in escalating the danger of war on the Korean peninsula as it is an act of the lackeys of the U.S. to do harm to the DPRK, pursuant to the U.S. hostile policy and nuclear threat and blackmail against the DPRK.

The conclusion of the agreement is a blatant challenge to the Korean people and the international community aspiring after peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
The situation clearly proves that the U.S. and its vassal forces are chiefly to blame for harassing peace and stability and ratcheting up confrontation and tensions.

Through the conclusion of the agreement Japan seeks to pave the way for emerging a military giant and realizing the wild ambition for launching reinvasion and the south Korean puppet regime works hard to tide over the worst-ever ruling crisis.
However, it will only precipitate their self-destruction. -0-

Park Geun Hye Regime's Hastened Conclusion of Agreement on Protecting Military Intelligence with Japan Termed Act of Treachery

Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee in a statement Thursday denounced the Park Geun Hye group for pressing for the conclusion of an agreement on protecting military intelligence with Japan by taking advantage of the worst-ever chaos created in south Korea due to a hideous political scandal.

On Oct. 27 right after the outbreak of the "scandal of Park Geun Hye and Choe Sun Sil", the south Korean regime of traitors announced that it would resume the negotiations for the conclusion of the above-said agreement. On Nov. 1 and 9 it held technical meetings with descendants of Samurais in Tokyo and Seoul where they agreed on key items of the agreement. On Nov. 14 they again met for the third round of the meeting in Tokyo and initialed the agreement.

This hideous act of treachery aimed to stifle the fellow countrymen in the north in league with the sworn enemy of the nation is a dangerous act of pushing the already tense situation on the Korean peninsula and in the region to the worst phase, the statement said, and continued:
In case the puppet forces and Japan sign the pact on protecting military intelligence, this will further advance the move for the formation of triangular military alliance among the U.S., Japan and south Korea for aggression and the U.S. MD system.

This will also offer the Japanese reactionaries always watching for an opportunity for reinvasion a legal guarantee for taking part in provoking a war against the DPRK, and reduce south Korea into the double colony of the U.S. and Japan and an advanced base for aggression.
Lurking behind the puppet forces' hasty move for the conclusion of the agreement with Japan is their sinister intention to prolong their rule at stake.

Now mounting in south Korea is the anti-"government" struggle of the people in protest against the hideous corruption and scandal of traitor Park Geun Hye unprecedented in history.
At the instigation of the U.S., Japan has now gone desperate to strike the agreement with Park who is little short of a "breathing mummy" before she breathes her last breath.

Park who got herself involved in the conclusion of the treacherous agreement further rattling the nerves of the south Koreans even though her fate is at stake and the U.S. and Japanese masters trying to use Park more dead than alive till the last moment are all betes noires of history.
Park is the top-class trouble-maker who adds to the misfortune and disaster of the nation, the statement said, stressing the need to bring down the group of modern-day "five traitors of 1905" from the posts of power. -0-

DPRK Institute of International Studies Exposes U.S. Nuclear Crimes

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Institute of International Studies Monday released a memorandum exposing the nuclear crimes of the U.S. It recalls that the U.S. "Manhattan Plan" and the nuclear disasters inflicted by it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were aimed at exterminating mankind and using innocent people as guinea pigs, the memorandum noted, and went on:

The U.S. real intention of using nukes was to browbeat the progressives and bring the world to its knees by showing the destructive power of the bombs in the eyes of the world.
The U.S. made no scruple of hatching unethical plots and committing monstrous crimes for establishing an unchallenged monopoly on nukes and making our planet subject to chains of nuclear weapons in a bid to threaten the existence of mankind with nuclear sticks in every part of the world.

The U.S. deployed about 800 nukes in Okinawa, 600 in south Korea, 225 on Guam, 60 in the Philippines and 12 in Taipei, China in 1960, bringing the number of nukes to some 1 700 in total in Asia-Pacific. The number of nukes increased to 3 200 in 1967. The U.S. deployed at least 1 000 nukes in south Korea, in particular, in 1975 and more than 1 720 in 1985, according to the minutes of the "National Assembly" of south Korea in 1985.

In November 1948 Truman laid down "nuclear blackmail strategy" calling for making nuclear strike at the depth of socialist countries. But when the U.S. failed to establish monopoly on nukes, it came out with the doctrine for establishing "world domination with an unchallenged edge of strength" and put forth the "strategy for preempting the operation for containing surrounding countries," the strategy making the Soviet Union and progressive countries in its vicinity targets of attack.

The Korean War which broke out in June 1950 was the first war in which the above-said strategy was put into practice. On November 30, 1950 Truman directly gave the U.S. Strategic Flying Corps an instruction to make preparations for dropping A-bombs. In December MacArthur, commander of the U.S. forces in the Far East, brought an aircraft carrier with A-bombs aboard to the sea off Inchon.

When the U.S. defeat in the Korean War became clear, its warmongers vociferated about "large-scale retaliation strategy". In August 1953 right after the ceasefire the U.S. worked out the top-secret plan 8-53 for massively dropping nuclear bombs in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula and attempted to ignite a nuclear war.

The criminal nature of the U.S. nuclear war policy found the most vivid expression in its nuclear policy towards the DPRK.
When the DPRK-U.S. talks were kicked off, the Clinton Administration made assurance that the latter would neither use nor threaten the DPRK with armed forces including nukes but staged a series of mock nuclear attack drills targeting the DPRK at a military base in North Carolina State from January in 1998.

Bush II totally overturned the October 21, 1994, DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework and the October 12, 2000, DPRK-U.S. joint communique and listed the DPRK as part of the "axis of evil" and a target of a preemptive nuclear attack upon it.

In the joint statement issued at the six-party talks on Sept. 19. 2005, the U.S. confirmed that there is no intent to attack or invade the DPRK with nukes or conventional weapons but at the annual security consultative meeting with south Korea in 2006 it went in the opposite direction by reiterating its plan to introduce nuclear carriers, nuclear submarines and strategic bombers and other latest nuclear war means in peace times, too.

The Obama administration excluded the DPRK from the object of non-use of nuclear weapons in the "report on nuclear posture review" in April, 2010. In the "quadrennial defense strategy review report" in March, 2014 it openly defined the DPRK as "the country posing a direct threat to it" and undisguisedly cried out for "containing it with nuclear force".

Pursuant to this scenario, the U.S. pushed the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war through the Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills with the south Korean warmongers in 2015. It staged the largest-ever Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 16 in March and Ulji Freedom Guardian nuclear war drill in August this year with all type nuclear war means involved. It recently decided to deploy THAAD in south Korea.

As long as the U.S. exists on the earth, the world without nuclear weapons is no more than a daydream and our planet will be in peace only when it is free from its aggression.
Thanks to Juche Korea, nuclear power of independence and justice, mankind's ideal to live independently and peacefully on our planet free from a war will surely come true. -0-