What is Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification(BomMinRyon) aiming at?

The BomMinRyon was created in 1990 with those civilian delegates from both parts of Korea and from overseas whose names are widely known for their outstanding reunification activity.
Since its creation, the PKAR, widely known as BOMMINRYON, has been striving for a peaceful reunification of their divided fatherland on the ground of the three basic principles agreed and declared between the south and the north in 1972, that is, Self-reliance, Peace, and Grand national unity.
Korea was divided as soon as the World War II was over, not at the will of the Korean people but simply by the superpowers, particularly the United States, for their own convenience and interest. There is no doubt that without the superpower intervention in our course, the Korean reunification can be accomplished rather easily. Korean people are proud of having a long history of 1.300 years during which their ancestors had sustained a unified nation despite repeated external invasion.
A peaceful reunification based on the national self-reliance and grand national unity logically infers a process in which neither party of Korea, the south or the north, would absorb or be absorbed by the other party.
We emphasize that it is important that the two different political and socio-economic systems now existing on Korean soil be allowed to continue their way, competing and cooperating each other, for an ultimate evolution into one. We consider that a most realistic form of government fulfilling that end is a south-north confederation. We believe that through a government of such form we can restore our lost national hornour and the south and the north prosper together.
The governments of the south and the north came to an agreement effective of 19th February, 1992, on a national reconciliation, non-aggression and exchange and cooperation. This is certainly a first step achievement in our reunification efforts in which we have bound ourselves to the basic principles.
Although the Pomminryon is not very much free under government restriction in the south we do fully support the action made at the government level and will support any further government actions as long as they conform to the principles.
As far as the essential nature of the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula is concerned, we believe that it is caused by the introduction of nuclear weapons into the south by the United States. It is also the United States which complicated the situation by bringing forward "suspected nuclear development by the north". Thus the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula is a matter to be solved between the United States and the DPRK in view of its origin and background of its complexity today.
For the United State to remove the nuclear threat to the DPRK and renounce its hostile policy to stifle the DPRK is the precondition for a fundamental solution of the nuclear issue.

What is BomMinRyon?

BomMinRyon (Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification) is a pan-national joint organization to realize reunification of the country, participated in by all reunification and patriotic forces in the north, the south and overseas transcending differences in thoughts, ideas, political views and religions.
BomMinRyon was formed on November 20, 1990 at tripartite working-level talks held in Berlin, Germany participated in by delegates from the north, south and abroad, as a nation-wide joint organization to realize great national unity and accelerate the reunification of the country.
The proposal of forming BomMinRyon was made at the 1st Pan-National Rally for Peace and Reunification of the Country, the first nationwide grass-roots rally for reunification, held on August 15, 1990.
BomMinRyon is guided by the three principles of national reunification -- independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity -- agreed on and declared by the north and the south on July 4, 1972.

Who are involved in BomMinRyon?

As BomMinRyon is a pan-national civilian organization to realize great national unity and reunification of the country, BomMinRyon opens its doors to all political parties, social organizations and Korean people in all walks of life at home and abroad who love their country and want national reunification.
A lot of Korean artists, scientists, scholars, men of religion and statesmen at home and abroad participate in BomMinRyon.

What is the organizational structure and scale of BomMinRyon?

BomMinRyon is a federation-style organization and takes a cooperative form in its activities.
It has headquarters respectively in the north, the south and overseas. The overseas headquarters has its regional branches over the world -- Japan, China, the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Russia, Europe and so on. The north-side headquarters was inaugurated on Jan. 25, 1991 in Pyongyang, and the south-side headquarters was formed on Jan. 23, 1991 in Seoul. The overseas headquarters was inaugurated on Dec. 16, 1990 in Berlin, Germany. The overseas headquarters in Toky, Japan is working as virtual general headquarters of BomMinRyon for the sake of free mutual contact.
The present chairman of the north-side headquarters is Peak In Jun, south-side's chairman is Kang Hwi Nam and overseas' chairman is Dr. Liem ChangYong residing in USA.
The organization of BomMinRyon mainly consists of the presidium, the central committee and the secretariat.
Its supreme decision-making body is the Pan-National Rally for National Reunification. The chairman of each headquarters in the north, the south and overseas form the co-presidium of BomMinRyon.
Members of the central committee number 120. Each regional headquarters is equally given 40 of them.
Meetings of the joint presidium and the central committee are administered by the principle of unanimous consent.
The secretariat acts as a liaison body of BomMinRyon between regional headquarters. It is operated jointly by the members who are sent by each headquarters of the north, south and overseas. The joint secretariat consists of a director, a spokesman and six auditors.

What is BomMinRyon's activity?

BomMinRyon's major activity is to sponsor an annual Pan-National Rally for Peace and Reunification of the Fatherland (PNR). In addition, BomMinRyon organizes various events for national unity and reunification such as musical concerts, discussions on great national unity and reunification of the country. Regional headquarters and branches publish magazines 'Paekdu-Hanna', 'Fatherland is One' and organs 'Great National Unity' and 'News of BomMinRyon'. Since 1990, BomMinRyon has proposed to all Koreans at home and abroad to hold pan-national reunification rallies at Panmunjom, but the south Korean authorities blocked the rally and banned the south-side body from going to Panmunjom every year.