BomMinRyon: Programme and Statute

Three Headquarters of BomMinRyon (The Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification) in Pyongyang, Seoul and Tokyo on December 16 simultaneously published the body's programme and statute to achieve national reunification within this century, stressing great national unity and establishment of a confederal system.
The newly published statute which includes the general rules, the principle and structure of the organization, regional organizations, decides that the reunification should be managed by a presidium of 51 co-chairmen, which is composed of three chairpersons and vice-chairpersons from the south, the north and overseas (one chairperson and sixteen vice-chairpersons from each headquarters). Koreans in the south, the north and abroad also agreed in the statute that the national conference for the reunification of the country, the supreme decision-making body of Pomminryon, shall be convened once every two years and extraordinary or emergency conferences be held, when necessary.
The statute which is composed of five chapters and 23 articles, stipulates that the pan-national body shall set up a joint secretariat and have its headquarters in the south, the north and overseas, and the overseas headquarters shall have its regional headquarters in Japan, the United States, Europe, the CIS, China, Canada, Australia and other countries.
The newly-published programme which consists of seven paragraphs, stressed great national unity and establishment of a confederal system with two systems and two governments, one each in the south and the north.
It is reported that the programme and statute were finalized through repeated discussion among officials concerned in the south, the north and overseas. BomMinRyon is a nationwide umbrella organization of reunification movements which is composed of political parties, organizations and figures in the south, the north and overseas. Its ultimate goal is to achieve the great unity of the nation and the independent and peaceful reunification of the country.

The Programme of BomMinRyon

Our nation of one and the same blood with a 5,000-year long history, has suffered the tragedy of the division and separation of the nation caused by outside forces for nearly a half century.
BomMinRyon indicates its programme to win the independent and national reunification of the fatherland in the 1990s and recover from the tragedy of national separation through the united strength and knowledge of the compatriots as follow:
I. (BomMinRyon will) Respect the three principles of national reunification - independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity - laid down in the North-South July 4 Joint Statement and programmes and proposals adopted on that basis and all the joint agreements of the nation and regard them as the basic guideline for its activities.
2. Establish a confederal state with two systems and two governments with the south and north co-existing , a national reunified state that represents the will and desire of all the members of the nation on the condition that the south and north admit and respect each other's differing ideologies and systems. 3. Reject interference by outside forces in our nation's internal affairs, realise mutual arms-reduction of the south and the north and the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Korean territory and establish a denuclearized zone on the Korean Peninsula.
4. Remove all the political and physical means of creating inter-Korean confrontation and antagonism, guarantee free travel and the exchange of letters between the south and north and realise inter-Korean cooperation in many fields.
5. Develop dialogue and contact between political parties, social organizations and individual Koreans in the south, north and abroad to represent the will for reunification by the entire nation and set the situation for dialogue in as a wide range as possible to decide a method for national reunification.
6. Rally firmly all the national forces in the south, north and abroad around BomMinRyon and develop the reunification movement into a nation-wide movement.
7. Intensify and develop solidarity with all the peace-loving forces around the world which support our nation's independent and peaceful reunification.