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KCNA Slashes at Japan's Chauvinism

Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- Recently, district courts in Japan made a judgment terming the authorities' measure of excluding the Korean schools from the application of tuition-free program for senior high schools "legal."
This is a violation of the World Declaration of Human Rights and relevant international laws as it is devoid of legal impartiality. And it is a filthy conduct openly patronizing the Japanese reactionaries' discriminative policy against the Koreans in Japan and suppression of their national education.

It is specified in the International Human Rights Protocol ratified by the Japanese government that foreigners residing in a relevant country should be vested with the right to learn their native language and carry forward their national culture.
The World Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948 stipulates that every person should be treated impartially in terms of law and is entitled to enjoy legal protection equally without any discrimination.

Moreover, it is the moral duty and responsibility of Japan, an assailant nation, to protect the Koreans in Japan, the direct victims of the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists, and their descendants, and to provide them with all kinds of conditions.

However, the Japanese reactionaries have persecuted the Korean schools for decades since they were erected in Japan, regarding them as a thorn in their flesh. Not content with this, they have excluded Korean schools from tuition-free program for senior high schools, for the absurd reason that the educational activities of the Korean schools don't comply with the contents of education in Japan.

They are enforcing the base discriminative policy against the students of Korean schools and even kindergarteners.
The dirty and coarse behavior of the Japanese courts openly justifying the authorities' national chauvinism clearly shows the extreme prejudice and sinister intention of the Japanese reactionaries to antagonize the DPRK and the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, a dignified legitimate overseas citizens' organization of the DPRK, and obliterate the national education of Koreans in Japan.

The reckless behavior of the shameless Japanese reactionaries who are adding to their sins, far from making a sincere apology for and reflecting on their past crime-woven history, further stirs up the hatred of all the Korean people against Japan.
The Japanese reactionaries should prudently behave, well aware of the Korean people's strong will to surely make Japan atone for its past crimes. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Impudence of Denying Past Crimes

Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) -- Impudence of Japan arouses indignation and disgust of the international community.
The Foreign Ministry of Japan in an article it posted on its website recently insisted that Japan had never forced foreign women into sexual slavery.
It also shamelessly asserted that it is hard to recognize "forcible drafting", "sexual slavery", "200 000 women" and "hundreds of thousands of women" as expressions and figures based on historical facts.

This is an intolerable insult to the Korean women and women in other countries who suffered untold misery and pain due to the Japanese imperialists. Such impudent language is also peculiar to depraved guys bereft of human sense of morality.
Sexual slavery, a hideous inhumane crime masterminded by the Japanese state and military, is the truth of history which can neither be erased nor be covered up.

The Japanese imperialists forcibly drafted and kidnapped a large number of foreign women including 200 000 Korean women in an organized way under the patronage of the government. On battlefields for wars of aggression those women were massacred with their rights mercilessly violated as sexual slaves. Such heinous crime has already been brought to light through testimonies made by survivors and historical records.

Countless are the records proving sexual slavery.
Among them are the "Macmillan Report" declassified in 2018, a video showing the spot of horrible killings of Korean women on Sept. 15, 1944 who had been forced into sexual slavery in Yunnan Province, China, the 23 official documents newly collected by the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan in last December proving the involvement of the military and the foreign ministry in the sexual slavery crime, and the map specifying the places in 23 countries and regions where the Imperial Japanese Army detained sexual slaves.

A few days ago, a Dutch pressman made public irrefutable data proving that the Japanese army forced German women into sexual slavery in an organized way in Indonesia during the Second World War. The pressman stressed "the Japanese government should face up to the fact that Japan committed crimes against women of more countries including Germany during the war."

Nevertheless, the Japanese reactionaries completely deny such fact, insisting even at the United Nations General Assembly that the records proving their past crimes against humanity including sexual slavery are "unreasonable and provocative", far from feeling guilty about them.
The more desperately they try to sweep under the carpet their crime-woven history, the more vividly it will bring to light their dirty colors as criminals against humanity.

The Korean nation and the international community will surely punish on behalf of the women of the whole world the war criminal state persistently evading its legal and moral responsibility before humanity. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blames Japanese Reactionaries for Their Invariable Ambition for Reinvading Korea

Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries' ambition for usurping other's territory grows stronger with each passing day and with the emergence of new regimes.
Shortly ago, the chairman of the National Public Safety Commission visited the "exhibition of territorial sovereignty", in which the data asserting that Tok Island is "Japan's own territory" are exhibited, for the first time after his assumption of office to openly reveal the attempt for usurping Tok Island.

This is intolerable as it is a vivid manifestation of the invariable ambition of the island nation to reinvade Korea.
This year alone, the Japanese reactionaries enlarged the exhibition to justify their ambition for territory and made nonsense that they hope the countries dissatisfied with it would visit and have a close look.

They specified in the diplomatic blue book and defence white paper once again the content that Tok Island is a "part of Japan's territory" and examined and passed en masse textbooks for middle schools which carry the ridiculous assertion that Tok Island has always been the territory of Japan.

They held meetings at the Diet to call for conquering Tok Island, at which such war-thirsty remarks as seizing the island through war were openly made, and staged frantic war exercises while talking about defence and recapture of the remote islands.

Clear is the intention of the Japanese reactionaries who assert that the territories of other nations are theirs.
They are going to make an excuse for invading the continent by straining the situation with persistent provocation over territory.

Lurking behind the gangster-like assertion of "dominium over Tok Island" is the revanchist ambition of the descendants of Samurais who have been engrossed in conquest and war after setting the hostile policy towards the DPRK as their national policy and invasion of Korea as a major strategy.
No matter how much Japan reels off the rhetoric about the establishment of stable relations with neighboring countries and total solution of post-war diplomatic problems under the pretext of "peace", it can never hide its ambition for territory, the nature of the aggression state.

The hysteria of the sworn enemy that watches for a chance to invade the sacred land of the Korean nation only redoubles the will of the latter to settle accounts with the former.
The Japanese reactionaries should not act rashly, properly understanding the will of the Korean nation. -0-

"Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" Fabricated by Japanese Imperialists

Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) -- It has been 110 years since the Japanese imperialists fabricated the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty".
The treaty is an illegal and deceptive one which was forcibly fabricated by the brutal Japanese imperialists to legalize their occupation of Korea.

In 1909, the Japanese imperialists began to put into practice their wild ambition for occupying Korea.
The then foreign minister of Japan Jutaro Komura made out a draft on "annexation" and presented it to Prime Minister Katsura. Early in April that year, Katsura, Ito and Komura discussed the ways to "annex" Korea to Japan.

Terauchi, who was appointed as "resident-general in Korea" instead of Ito, fabricated the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" in collusion with Ri Wan Yong and other pro-Japanese traitors on August 22, 1910.
For fear of Korean people's fierce anti-Japanese resistance and international backlash, the Japanese imperialists made public the treaty on August 29.

Nevertheless, Japan has so far shamelessly misled the public opinion to give the international community such impression that its colonial rule over Korea was legitimate.
The Korean people will never forget the history of the Japanese imperialists' aggression of Korea and surely exact apology and compensation from Japan. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Past Crimes against Humanity

Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) -- The truth behind crimes committed by Japan in the past is being revealed one after another.
Tokyo Shimbun recently reported that an official document on a germ warfare unit called the "anti-epidemic water-supply unit of the Kwantung Army" in the past has been found.

The document specifies that the "anti-epidemic water-supply unit of the Kwantung Army" consisted of Unit 731 and five branches.
It also notes that the Dalian branch was involved mainly in research and production of germs till the end of the war. It also contains a table detailing investigation into four other branches and a sketch map showing all the branch units' activities before and after the defeat in the war.

A professor emeritus of Shiga University of Medicine said that the document made by the Japanese government after the end of the war revealed the structure of the "anti-epidemic supply unit of the Kwantung Army", posts of the members of the branches and their activities before and after the defeat in the war.

Noting this has proved for the first time the fact that the branch units also produced germs, the professor added that it is of great significance in verifying history.
The declassified data serve as strong evidence of the thrice-cursed crimes committed by Japan against humanity in the past.

As already known, Unit 731 is ill-famed across the world as the homicide unit of the Japanese imperialists that directly spearheaded and committed the cruel biochemical war crimes.
The murderers of Unit 731 deployed in Harbin City of Heilongjiang Province, China, were provided with hundreds of people as guinea-pigs from the military police, killing lots of people from Korea, China and Russia through different kinds of brutal methods such as vivisection, freezing and injection of germs.
Unit 731 was not the only unit that committed cruel crimes peculiar to the barbarians under human skin.

During the continental aggression, the Japanese imperialists organized secret germ warfare units such as Unit 100, Unit 516 and Unit Nami 8604 and went hell-bent on tests of toxic gas and all kinds of germ weapons. And when Japan was on the brink of defeat in the war, they desperately tried to sweep their crimes under the carpet.

However, the evidence of the hideous crimes of Japan is being discovered in succession still now after the lapse of over half a century, and many films and books have been made and written to tell the world about the crimes of Japan.

Nonetheless, the Japanese reactionaries are justifying their hideous crimes against the Korean people and other Asian people without an iota of guilty conscience.
They resort to vicious retaliation on victims of forced labor far from making apology and reparation for them. Worse still, they insult the victims of state-backing sexual slavery as volunteers for money.

They even built an exhibition hall that totally denies the crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese imperialists, making mockery of the victims. Such moral inferiority and impudence peculiar to the island country are stunning the world.
Reality shows that the evil look of the savage country that indulged in all kinds of crimes against humanity remains unchanged.

A mentally and morally corrupt country has no future.
Japan should be well aware that the first step for becoming an honorable member of the international community lies in honestly admitting its past crimes and fully discharging its reparation duty as a defeated nation. -0-

Tok Island Is Part of Inviolable Territory of Korean Nation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are devoting all their energies to usurping Tok Island.
Shortly ago, the chief Cabinet secretary said that Takeshima is part of the inviolable territory of Japan from the viewpoints of historical fact and international law.
"Dominium over Tok Island" much touted by the Japanese politicians is very unreasonable sophism and manifestation of their dangerous and aggressive policy for realizing their ambition for reinvasion at any cost.

As proved by historical fact, our ancestors had used Tok Island as a base of fishery and for other purposes from the ancient times, officially put it under the control of Uljin County, Kangwon Province in 512 A.D. and declared dominium over it on several occasions.
Japan was the very country which recognized Tok Island as our territory and legally prohibited Japanese from invading it.

Tok Island is clearly marked as our territory on maps drawn by Japanese geographical scholars in the era of Edo Shogunate. At that time it was said by Japanese that "there is no doubt that Tok Island belonged to Korea from long ago" and "fishing there by people of our country must be banned". So, even a shogunate decision on informing the Korean feudal government of it was made in January 1696.

Our dominium over Tok Island can be found not only on maps drawn by Japanese and in decisions made by Japan in the past but also on maps drawn by the U.S. and Britain to confirm the territory of the island nation after the defeat of the Japanese imperialism.
Order No. 677 issued by the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers on the basis of the Cairo Declaration and Potsdam Declaration in January 1946 stipulates that Ullung Island, Tok Island, Jeju Island, etc. are excluded from Japan.

All the facts go to prove that there can never be a territorial dispute between Korea and Japan from the historical viewpoint.
Then why is Japan obstinately claiming that Tok Island is part of its inviolable territory?
Its aim is to provide a legal justification for invading the continent by misleading the public opinion at home and abroad to meet its taste and triggering off a territorial dispute.

The Korean nation will never allow its inviolable territory where their ancestors lie buried to be held by gangsters of the island nation again.
Tok Island will remain as the eternal land of the Korean nation in the future, too.

Japan would be well advised not to act rashly, clearly bearing in mind that its moves for usurping other's territory will lead to self-destruction. -0-

Harshest Punishment Will Follow Treason: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- The dishonest act of the south Korean authorities of conniving at and shielding the provocative leaflet scattering operation by filthy "defectors from the north" has touched off towering zeal for retaliation among our people.

Shocked by the serious warning issued by us, the south Korean authorities set out in a hurry for follow-up measures. But far from taking due measures, they make nonsense that "it seems the north hopes for dialogue and negotiations", "the leaflet scattering must be stopped because it pollutes ecological environment in the region and has adverse impact on the living conditions of citizens."

They also have gone so impudent as to claim that they have taken measures to stop leaflet-scattering from long ago to fundamentally defuse tension in the areas where both sides stand in confrontation and that a proposal for an effective system has been under examination in a bid to give impression that the inglorious incident happened by accident.

The south Korean authorities' act of keeping a straight face without any proper attitude of sincerely admitting their wrongdoing is an expression of their deep-rooted consciousness of standoff with the fellow countrymen and an act of deliberate perfidy to push the north-south ties to the phase of rupture.
Leaflet scattering is the most undisguised psychological warfare conducted for the purpose of neutralizing the other warring partner and it is, in actuality, an act of a preemptive attack that precedes a war.

To feign ignorance of and support the worst hostile act of hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership which our people regard dearer than their own lives is an unpardonable treason.
Riff-raffs now make a little more advanced excuses to the effect that the "government" is in the process of reviewing a bill after working it out. But our people will never be taken in by it.

To leave the defectors as they are to commit the leaflet scattering is a clear proof that the south Korean authorities have moved overtly and covertly to totally scrap the April 27 Panmunjom Declaration and the north-south agreement in the military field.
Confidence is the mind of trusting and relying on each other and it gets deeper with promises kept.

However, the south Korean authorities, without any practical measures to respect us and not to denounce our social system, are reeling off lame excuses and pretexts in their arrogant behavior to evade and gloss over their crime.
The perfidious act of the confrontational maniacs of inciting escalated tension only makes us reach a clear conclusion that enemies are enemies after all.
A saying goes that "sow the wind and reap the whirlwind".

The south Korean authorities must clearly understand that with nothing can it calm down the greatly enraged mindset of this country.
We do not make an empty talk.
Treason against the nation is bound to be followed by the harshest punishment. -0-

KCNA Commentary Discloses Japan's True Colors under Veil

Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- Japan dispatches warships of the Maritime "Self-Defense Force" in a row to the waters off the Middle East.
Warship Kirisame embarked at the Sasebo Base on May 10 following the warship Onami which left the Yokosuka Base for the Gulf of Aden in late April.

The continuous dispatch of the "Self-Defense Forces" to the Middle East shows that the Japanese reactionaries are rushing headlong into the resurgence of militarism and the overseas expansion.
Covered behind the veil of "handling and defence against piracy" making a mockery of the world was the wicked attitude of the island nation distorted by a wild ambition for aggression.

Toward the end of 2013 Japan worked out "defense guidelines" in which it expanded the essence of "security" into "international security" from national security, under the pretext of "aggravated security environment around it".
According to it, Japan has cleared the policy and legal hurdles to militarization and reinvasion, while ceaselessly expanding the scope of the overseas military operation of the "Self-Defence Forces" little by little.

Historically, it has employed a "theory of threat from surrounding countries" to realize its wild ambition for the aggression.
In the past century Japan had turned Korea into its colony while talking about threats from Qing Dynasty and Czarist Russia and run amuck to put the Asian continent under its control with the Second World War as an occasion.

After the end of the Cold War, it paved the path for overseas dispatch of troops under the pretext of the U.S. "war on terrorism" and now it has further hastened the establishment of a war state, trumpeting about the "threat and provocation" from the DPRK and neighboring countries whenever opportunity presented itself.
The dispatch of troops of the "Self-Defence Forces" to the Middle East is also part of such moves for overseas expansion.

A French research institute claimed that Japan is going ahead with even a military act without hesitation contrary to its Constitution under the plea of "anti-piracy action" while taking note of the fact that it is strengthening the naval fleet and flying force and increasing the attack capability.
Even at the moment warships and sea-patrol planes of the Japan's SDF are enthusiastic about surveillance and information gathering on the sailing ships and sea lanes while going on the rampage in the gulfs of Oman and Aden and the northern part of the Arabian Sea.
No one can predict when the said troops will unleash a war of aggression under the ambiguous guideline of the authorities that "it is possible to use weapons in contingency."

The international community never hopes that the Lugouqiao incident or the Pearl Harbor attack incident which became detonating fuses of the Sino-Japanese war and the Pacific War would repeat.
The reckless frenzy of Japan running amuck for realizing its ambition for reinvasion under the pretext of a "threat" and "defence" will only invite self-destruction of the island country. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Samurais' Descendants Taking Up Their Attack Positions

Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Japan has gone to extremes in its reckless military moves of posing a threat to the regional peace and security.
After the surface-to-warship and surface-to-air missile units of the Ground "Self-Defense Force" were deployed on Miyako Island of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, recently, the units started their operations in earnest.

Three ammunition chambers which will house multipurpose guided missiles, mortar shells and missiles and a firing range are also reportedly under construction.
The dangerous moves for arms buildup, made under the pretext of strengthening the defense preparedness, are the clear revelation of the ever more open moves of the Japanese militarists towards reinvasion.

The Japanese reactionaries are now becoming all the more reckless in carrying out the strategy of making the continent the major military theatre of the "Self-Defense Forces" (SDF).
The Japanese defense minister gave a lecture at the U.S. Centre for Strategic and International Studies at the very beginning of the New Year. He said there that if China ignores the freedom of navigation and laws and orders regarding it, the international community should pool efforts to create the situation to force China to pay dearly for it, and begged for its support.

Talking about the threats from neighboring countries, Japan has, since 2018, pushed forward with the building of 22 new prototype escort ships whose main mission is to guard and monitor in the East China Sea. And after announcing that it will completely establish the system of monitoring in the East China Sea by 2030s, Japan is pressing ahead with strengthening the naval supremacy.

Japan ensured that an amphibious task force of the Ground SDF and units of the U.S. marines staged their first landing exercise in Okinawa Prefecture in February last and opened them to public.
The Japanese reactionaries are not hiding the fact that the forces, which are amassed on Miyako Island and other islands of military importance, target the neighboring countries.

Foreign media said that in case of a military conflict with China, the Japanese government would first react to it through missile units, and added that to this end it saw to it that the said ammunition depot and firing range are built.

Protesting against the deployment of the SDF units and the building of the depot which disturb the regional stability, the inhabitants of Miyako Island are raising the voice of protest, saying "Turning Miyako Island into a military one is only aggravating the war crisis" and demanding "Stop getting the island ready for a war!"

It is the black-hearted intention of the Japanese reactionaries to take up the attack positions for aggression at any cost after making the whole island a great advance base quite indifferent to the suffering of the inhabitants.

Japan, which has built the biggest military capabilities next to the U.S. in the West under the pretext of "the north's threat," remains unchanged in its ambition to control the neighboring countries so as to be the leader of the region. So no one can predict when Japan will start a war of reinvasion.
The Japanese reactionaries would be well-advised to keep in mind the tragic fate which they will meet in case they start reinvasion in disregard of the warnings of the international community. -0-

The coronavirus crisis should convince Washington to abandon ¡®maximum pressure¡¯ against North Korea
by Elizabeth Beavers, Catherine Killough

Many people are rightfully outraged that the United States just imposed fresh sanctions on Iran during a global pandemic, as the U.S.-led sanctions regime is already causing ordinary Iranians to suffer, and the coronavirus crisis only puts them more at risk. But amidst demands to lift sanctions on Iran, it¡¯s important to remember that another country is also at grave risk because of U.S. militarism and ¡°maximum pressure¡±: North Korea.

Although North Korea has not internationally reported any cases of COVID-19, experts agree that the virus has likely begun to spread there. With more than 88,000 confirmed cases in China and South Korea combined, North Korea is highly susceptible to a coronavirus outbreak. And an outbreak in North Korea has the potential to be catastrophic given the country¡¯s socioeconomic conditions and already debilitated health care system due to being one of the most heavily sanctioned countries in the world.

As in Iran and Venezuela, the U.S.-led global sanctions regime against North Korea has seriously undermined the country¡¯s health care system, economic development, and the ability of humanitarian workers to deliver life-saving aid. Forty percent of North Korea¡¯s population ? 11 million people ? lack ¡°sufficient nutritious food, clean drinking water or access to basic services like health and sanitation,¡± according to a 2019 U.N. report. In 2018 alone, an estimated 3,968 civilians ? mostly women and children ? died from sanctions-related delays and funding shortfalls to U.N. humanitarian programs. In this current crisis, many more North Koreans are certain to suffer.

Despite the State Department¡¯s recent assurances to ¡°expeditiously facilitate¡± exemption requests, in practice, most humanitarian workers will be unable to provide timely assistance as international financial institutions generally refuse to facilitate the transfer of funds in North Korea needed to cover medical and operating expenses.
Furthermore, it has been extremely difficult for international public health officials and humanitarian workers to assess and respond to the coronavirus¡¯s impact in North Korea.

This isn¡¯t an accident. It¡¯s the result of years of deliberate and flawed policymaking. In the decades since American officials arbitrarily divided the Korean peninsula along the 38th parallel, our posture toward North Korea has been almost entirely based on militarism, sanctions, and isolation. Consider the Korean War: the conflict turns 70 this year and, true to what textbooks call America¡¯s ¡°forgotten war,¡± remains unresolved as it concluded not with a formal peace agreement but a temporary armistice. The continued state of war may seem like a technicality for most Americans, but it¡¯s responsible for keeping tens of thousands of families divided, prohibiting inter-Korean cultural and economic exchange, and threatening millions in the region with renewed military conflict.

While the Trump administration¡¯s behavior toward North Korea has been particularly erratic - lurching from threats of nuclear war to love letters - it¡¯s not fundamentally different from prior administrations. The Obama administration¡¯s ¡°strategic patience¡± was based on the same flawed theory that North Korea could be punished and isolated into compliance with maximalist demands. North Korea policy under the Bush administration was largely driven by hardliners like Vice President Dick Cheney and noted war enthusiast John Bolton, both of whom preferred a strategy of regime change. Even the Clinton administration¡¯s most modest diplomatic efforts were badly undermined by congressional opposition, and the administration initially came very close to bombing North Korea.

The global health crisis we now face underscores that such measures don¡¯t just punish North Korea, they punish us all. Ignoring and isolating North Korea hasn¡¯t led to any progress on denuclearization or human rights. It has only ensured that millions of people remain critically vulnerable to a global pandemic, and that the international community remains divided at a time when cooperation, solidarity, and our common humanity are essential to confronting a massive threat that endangers us all.

The coronavirus pandemic is bringing into sharp relief a devastating policy reality: sanctions kill.

Ultimately, the coronavirus crisis demonstrates that just about every assumption undergirding the U.S. national security apparatus is at best misguided and at worst false.
Washington has carefully and meticulously constructed a military machine that¡¯s the most powerful and destructive in the world, stationed troops and bases across the globe, and continued to maintain an war paradigm with seemingly no end in sight.
But none of this is of any use right now. There¡¯s an imminent threat to all of our security, and we can¡¯t bomb it, invade it, or occupy it. It¡¯s not a military challenge and there¡¯s no military cure.

U.S-North Korea relations may be just one aspect of failed U.S. national security policy, but it¡¯s a crucial feature of both the problem and solution. The unresolved Korean War helped usher in the modern era of endless war and exponentially growing military budgets that continues to destabilize entire countries and regions. The decades-long bipartisan failure to account for such legacies of war-making and to prioritize diplomacy and cooperation to confront shared challenges has left us ill-prepared and insecure to deal with the current moment.

This is the crux of the question we are now faced with: Are we capable of adjusting our notion of what ¡°security¡± means moving forward from this crisis? To repeat the same old playbook ? implementing more sanctions, refusing to resolve the war, ignoring and isolating North Korea ? could put millions of lives in jeopardy. Instead, let¡¯s move to a people-centered human security paradigm that is guided by a vision of peace, international cooperation, and an ethics of care.

KCNA Commentary on Purpose of Japan's Provocative Military Drills

Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- Of late, Japan has frequently staged provocative military drills together with the U.S.
Days ago, tens of fighters belonging to its Air "Self-Defense Force" conducted a joint drill around Japan with U.S. Air Force fighters including two B-52s.
Mainichi Shimbun said it seems that the recent drill, largest ever in history in terms of scale, is designed to contain the DPRK and China.

This year has witnessed one U.S.-Japan joint military exercise after another on the ground, in air and in the seas such as joint parachuting drill involving the Ground SDF and the U.S. forces in Chiba Prefecture, large-scale joint drill involving the Ground SDF and the U.S. marines in Hokkaido and other areas, joint drill involving the transport planes at the U.S. Futenma Air Base in Kumamoto Prefecture and first landing drill involving the amphibious task force of the Ground SDF, which is the marines of the Japanese version, and the U.S. marines in Okinawa Prefecture.

This bellicose move of seriously threatening the regional situation shows Japan's intention for a military giant and reinvasion getting more undisguised.
The Japanese reactionaries seek to increase the capability of the SDF for an actual war and complete the preparations for reinvasion by taking the advantage of the U.S. policy for hegemony.
Japan still remains unchanged in its inveterate habit of drawing water to its mill with the backing of a big country while kowtowing to it.

It was thanks to the support of the U.S. that Japan, which had been defeated in the war while running amuck for realizing its wild ambition for overseas expansion, could revive and systematically accelerate its scheme for a military giant and revival of militarism.

Japan has revived and grown by stealth under the U.S. positive patronage and backing after its defeat. It has steadily developed the ground, maritime and air SDFs into the forces of aggression well known to the world in violation of the principle of "exclusive defence" stipulated in its constitution.

It frantically conducts U.S.-Japan-south Korea joint military exercises unprecedented in scope alongside independent military exercises under the simulated conditions of overseas invasion while perfecting the commanding system, composition and deployment of the SDF for a war of aggression.

Recently the Japanese politicians including the prime minister, defense minister and chief Cabinet secretary termed the Japan-U.S. alliance a "firm pillar" and the one playing a "role of cornerstone" while calling for strengthening it. The transfer of the Futenma Air Base of the U.S. forces to Henoko has also been stepped up to meet the demand of the U.S. All this is a revelation of their sordid intention.

It is by no means fortuitous that military experts say the U.S. is trying to use Japan as its shield in containing China in Asia-Pacific, and that Japan is getting all the more undisguised in the wild ambition to increase the combat power of the SDF through the offensive drills and become a normal state capable of conducting a war.

Japan, far from making an apology and remorse for the unheard-of crimes against the Korean people and other Asian peoples and mankind, is getting desperate in its try to repeat the history of aggression with the backing of its master. Japan is, indeed, a shameless and barbarous country.
If Japan over-heated with the daydream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" continues to take the road to a military giant and reinvasion, it will get nothing but destruction. -0-

Outer Space Can Not Be Abused by State of Aggression: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, January 18 (KCNA) -- Japan is madly keen on exploiting even the outer space for its sinister purpose of building up "defence capacity".
It is going to rename the air "Self-Defense Force" the aerospace "Self-Defense Force", which was already put under examination.
It is said that Japan will start the coordination for revision of laws, including the law on the "Self-Defence Forces" (SDF), which is aimed at the renaming by 2023.

This goes to clearly prove that Abe's remarks "the air SDF's evolvement into the aerospace SDF is no longer a dream" made at a meeting of the SDF high-ranking officers held in last September while insisting on the organization of a space operation corps of the air SDF are being materialized.
Such a move under the pretext of "building up defense capacity in space" is a dangerous move to expand the SDF's sphere of activity even to the outer space, so as to realize the wild dream of a military giant at any cost.

It can never be overlooked that Japan, which provoked a war of aggression against mankind and committed all sorts of brutalities in the last century, slavers over the outer space that should be used for peaceful purpose.

Japan still remains a war criminal state, a war force dreaming of overseas invasion which has made desperate efforts to whitewash and repeat its blood-stained and crime-woven past, before the international community.
Worse still, all the moves of Japan are being rapidly directed to the realization of its wild dream of becoming a military giant and launching overseas invasion.

From the beginning of the year, the Japanese reactionaries have pushed ahead with turning the Pacifist Constitution, which bans Japan from having the right of belligerency and possession of combat power, into the war constitution, claiming that "it is high time to press ahead with the building of a state for a new era".
Since the appearance of the Abe regime, Japan's defense cost has reached a record high in history every year and the cost for space-related plans like the organization of the space operation corps reaches 50.6 billion yen in its defence budget for the next year.

Japan is going to organize the space operation corps of the air SDF with 20 men this year and increase its number up to 100 by 2022 to operate it in full swing from the next year.
Since the defeat, Japan has upgraded the SDF's attack capability to the world level and expanded its sphere of activity to all parts of the world under the signboard of "exclusive defense".
It is as clear as noonday what Japan seeks through the constitutional revision aiming at freeing itself from the deceptive constitutional fetters and through militarization of outer space.

Japan is an actual force threatening and wrecking peace.
The outer space can never be reduced to a theatre for the state of aggression, the war-thirsty state.
The Japanese reactionaries' development of the air SDF into the aerospace SDF and their pursuit of a military giant will bring a miserable end to Japan, the war criminal state. -0-

Japan's Atonement for Crime-woven Past Is Demand of International Community and Humankind: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 14 (KCNA) -- More data proving the involvement of the military and foreign ministry in the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army were recently revealed in Japan.
Seen in the report made by the Japanese Consulate in China, one of 23 official documents newly collected by the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan, are expressions like the "intention of the army to demand one service girl per 70 soldiers" and "special women who went south aboard military vehicles". Another report likened "service girl and special woman" to "kisaengs" and added "they were compelled to do indecent work".

Reviewing these, experts said that they could clearly understand that the military and foreign ministry had offered comfort women from the sake of the state and the facts confirm the "involvement of the military" admitted in the Kono Statement in 1993.
The heinous unethical crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists with the state backing are the truth of history which can never be deleted and buried.

To correct the wrong past and usher in a new era of reconciliation and cooperation has become a strong trend worldwide.
Shortly ago, the German chancellor visited the Nazi German-run Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland to cherish the memory of the victims and offer an apology for the war crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

She said that she felt deep shame when she thought about the barbaric crimes, adding that ignorance of the past will cause another massacre like the genocide of Jews.
She stated that to remember criminals can never be separated from the state of Germany as it is the eternal responsibility of Germans, affirming that sincere efforts will be steadily made to make an apology and reparation for the crimes.

Contrary to this, Japan is keen on sweeping under the carpet the hideous inhuman crime of killing a lot of women including 200 000 Korean women after raping and gang-raping them in an organized manner by the use of state power.

The Abe group reels off a string of rhetoric that "there is no data proving the forcible drafting of comfort women by the Imperial Japanese Army" and "it was voluntary service for money". The group even bans the description of facts related to the sexual slavery in history textbooks.

It has gone desperate to stop the erection of sexual slave's statues in various parts of the world, which bring to light the Japanese brutes' atrocious acts of reducing Korean women into sexual playthings. It also specified in its "diplomatic blue paper" that "expression of sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army should not be used as it is not true".

These two contrasting attitudes bring to light the nature and moral vulgarity of the barbaric island country which is set to repeat the crime-woven past, far from taking a proper stand to part with the wrong past and become a full-fledged member of the international community.

Repudiation and embellishment can never help change or justify the past.
However desperate Japan may go, talking about the era of "Reiwa" and "active pacifism", it only faces international censure and cold treatment and earns the ill fame as a war criminal state for its insincere approach toward the settlement of the past.

Atonement for the past is the unavoidable legal and moral obligation of Japan and strong demand of the world community and mankind.
The future of Japan is gloomy as it is still in the dock, failing to shake off the shame of a war criminal state. -0-

Trump¡¯s Lose-Lose Proposition in Korea-His exorbitant demands on the South alienate yet another ally in a dangerous region.

By The Editorial Board of NYT
The editorial board is a group of opinion journalists whose views are informed by expertise, research, debate and certain longstanding values. It is separate from the newsroom. Nov. 21, 2019

President Trump¡¯s conviction that allies are getting American military protection at a bargain-basement price is well known. It is also dangerous, as his current tiff with South Korea demonstrates.
Mr. Trump has groused about the cost of keeping 28,000 American troops on the Korean Peninsula and has reportedly questioned whether they should be there at all. On Tuesday, his outlandish demand that the South Koreans roughly quintuple what they pay the United States led to an abrupt breakdown of negotiations on how to divide the cost.

In a troubling coincidence, the impasse came a day after North Korea ? the main reason American troops are there ? slapped down Mr. Trump¡¯s tweet urging Kim Jong-un to revive talks on ending the North¡¯s nuclear weapons program, which the president concluded with a playful, ¡°See you soon!¡± Mr. Trump even postponed a scheduled joint Air Force exercise with South Korea to entice Mr. Kim to meet with him again. North Korea responded dismissively that it had ¡°no intention to sit at the table with the tricky U.S.¡±

Talks with North Korea may yet resume, and the American troops in South Korea will not be leaving anytime soon, thanks in part to bipartisan congressional resistance to Mr. Trump¡¯s dumping on allies while hobnobbing with dictators.

The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act, whose name boldly proclaims its intent, includes a requirement that the president justify any sanctions relief to North Korea before Congress. And the National Defense Authorization Act for 2019 bars using any military funding to reduce American forces in South Korea below 22,000, unless the secretary of defense can certify that allies have been consulted and that the reduction won¡¯t harm their, or America¡¯s, security.

Still, Mr. Trump¡¯s mercantile approach to stationing American troops abroad is highly detrimental to America¡¯s role in the world, and to its own security and prosperity. In effect, he reduces the Americans abroad to a for-profit mercenary force, willfully ignoring the fact that they have been stationed in South Korea since the end of the Korean War not only to protect the South Koreans, but as the front line of the free world. Their presence affirms America¡¯s position as a bulwark against the ambitions of suspect actors, including China, a role that pays concrete dividends in peaceful trade. How the waning of American influence could play out was demonstrated by an announcement Sunday that the defense ministers of South Korea and China had signed an agreement on improving their security ties.

And South Korea is not getting a free ride, even by Mr. Trump¡¯s abacus. Seoul pays almost half the cost of maintaining American troops in South Korea and spends much of its arms budget in the United States. Those same troops would cost far more to maintain on bases in the United States, and their duties in South Korea provide real-world training that exercises at home could never duplicate.

Perhaps most damaging, Mr. Trump¡¯s unreasonable compensation demand undermines yet another alliance. South Koreans have consistently shown overwhelming support for their alliance with the United States, whether under dovish or hawkish presidents. Mr. Trump¡¯s demands, however, have provoked outrage.

There is never a good time to squander political capital or weaken alliances, but this is an especially bad one in Asia. For all the hype about Mr. Trump¡¯s meetings with North Korea¡¯s dictator, the North is continuing to test missiles, while China is rapidly growing as a powerful and ambitious rival in Asia. And South Korea is entangled in a nasty feud with America¡¯s other major Asian ally, Japan. Not surprisingly, Mr. Trump is also demanding that Japan fork out four times more than it has for American troops, though those negotiations are still some time off.

South Korea is wealthy, and should increase its share of the cost of American troops, as it has every five years for decades and would most likely do again in normal negotiations. But Mr. Trump¡¯s outrageous demand, coming out of thin air and far beyond anything the South Korean government or Parliament could countenance, is an insult that serves only to alienate a critical ally, weaken America¡¯s standing and raise more questions about America¡¯s reliability as an ally or partner.
The winners? North Korea and China.

Rabid Dog Must Be Beaten to Death: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) -- A rabid dog in the U.S. has another fit of spasm, being greedy for power.
Biden bereft of elementary appearance as a human being, much less a politician, again reeled off a string of rubbish against the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

A crow is never whiter for often washing. Biden, still going reckless, not coming to his senses though he was censured and rejected by all people, must be a rabid dog only keen on getting at others' throats.
Such rabid dogs are second to none in their craftiness in seeking their own interests.

A typical example is in 2011 when he, as the then vice-president, categorically rejected the preparations being pushed forward in the U.S. to kill Osama bin Laden.
He reportedly called for reconsidering the operation, because in case the operation goes futile, Obama will not be able to come to power and he will also have to say goodbye to his comfortable life in the White House.

Such a profiteer who ran for the two failed presidential elections has now gone zealous in another presidential election campaign, wandering about like a starving field dog.
He even forgot the name of Obama, whom he had served, and called him his senior, a sign of the final stage of dementia. It seems time has come for him to depart his life.

No wonder, even the Americans call him "1% Biden" with low I.Q., "mad Biden", and "Biden not awakened from a sleep".
Such a guy had the temerity to dare slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK. It was the last-ditch efforts of the rabid dog expediting his death.

Baiden, listen carefully.
Anyone who dare slanders the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, can never spare the DPRK's merciless punishment whoever and wherever. And he will be made to see even in a grave what horrible consequences will be brought about by his thoughtless utterances.

Rabid dogs like Biden can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about. They must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late.
Doing so will be beneficial for the U.S. also. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Military Provocation of South Korea

Pyongyang, October 26 (KCNA) -- The military of south Korea has gone beyond the red line in its reckless act of belligerency.
The commander of the missile command of the south Korean army announced at the "National Assembly" that it would conduct a ballistic missile firing drill again this year and regularly stage Hyonmu-series ballistic missile firing drill every year.

This is just an open declaration of war to open fire at the compatriots in the north and an intentional provocation to throw the Korean peninsula into lingering tensions.
As known, Hyonmu-series ballistic missile was developed to target the DPRK and its capacity for preemptive attack has been drastically increased for decades since its introduction.

The military of south Korea has constantly threatened the DPRK, screwing up tensions by ceaselessly conducting ballistic missile launching drills behind the curtains of dialogue and peace.

Billing it as a "missile with a longer range and stronger power than the north's", the military of south Korea has conducted its firing drill more than ten times this year. Not content with this, it has gone the lengths of openly calling for staging such drill on a regular and annual basis.
Such military provocation will doubtless escalate tensions in the Korean peninsula.

The situation clearly proves who wrecks peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and adds fuel to its tensions.
The hard-won phase of peace on the Korean peninsula is facing difficulties and the north-south relations plunged into deadlock. This is because the south Korean authorities are still seeking their way out in escalating the danger of war, failing to drop their confrontational posture.

It is just the south Korean warlike forces who talked about "reconciliation" in public and staged a north-targeted war games with foreign forces afterwards, touting "unchanged pressure offensive against the north," and lavished a fabulous amount of money on introduction of modern military hardware despite the public opposition inside and outside.

The south Korean regime has gone so shameless as to term the entirely just measure of the DPRK for self-defense "provocation" though it has been crazy about war drumbeats for confrontation with the latter.
Anachronistic confrontational military racket will add fuel to escalating tensions and the south Korean bellicose forces will never be able to endure its consequences.

The military of south Korea should drop its foolish dream for bringing the north-south relations back to the past when the relations were distressed with extreme confrontation and danger of war. -0-