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KCNA Commentary Slams Japan's Risky Preparations for Reinvasion

Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries' military moves have reached a phase that should not be overlooked.
Shortly ago, Japanese Defense Minister Kishi reportedly ordered his inferiors to keep "full preparations", trumpeting about the "severity and uncertainty of security environment" at a commissioning ceremony of a new Aegis ship for the maritime "Self-Defense Force".

This is nothing but an extremely risky order to further step up the preparations for launching continental aggression at any time.
Japan's pursuance of the wild ambition for turning itself into a military giant by all means has been further accelerated since the Suga regime appeared.

Openly calling for the continuity of the policies of the Abe regime which ran amuck to make Japan a war-capable country, the current regime of Japan has poured the largest-ever money into the development, production and purchase of offensive weaponry.

For about six months, Japan has built and launched various kinds of warships such as a new-type submarine and an escort ship. It puts spurs to the development of the next-generation fighter with the latest stealth capability and a long-range missile capable of striking the DPRK and China.

In March alone, it built and launched with due ceremony a miniaturized escort ship which can perform different missions with an intensive operational system. Then, it officially put into commission a new sonar ship dubbed as "submarine hunter" capable of tracking and identifying submarines several hundred kilometers away and the world's biggest diesel-powered submarine with a longer underwater operation time and improved combat power.

Against this backdrop, Japan is speeding up the founding of new military units including a special education unit for training a cyber defense force and a marine transport unit for defending a solitary island. It plans to set up an electronic warfare unit for jamming enemy communications or radar in contingency and deploy such units in various parts of Japan.

Not content with staging war drills for defending and retaking a solitary island more fanatically than ever before, it has frequently dispatched its aggressor forces to joint military drills with other countries in the east and south China seas and the Pacific.

All these facts vividly show what an extreme phase Japan has reached in its wild ambition for realizing the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" at all costs by igniting another war of aggression.

Japan's frantic moves to emerge as a military giant are a serious provocation harassing regional peace and stability.
The international community never welcomes Japan seeking to disturb regional peace and stability and bring misfortune and pain to humankind again.
The Japanese reactionaries should not act rashly, mindful of the ever-sharpening vigilance of regional countries against Japan. -0-

World's Worst Kidnapper Is Japan: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 23 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato uttered nonsense about the abduction issue at an international seminar held in Tokyo Metropolis.
He reportedly said that the Japanese government is making steady, maximum efforts to realize the repatriation of all abductees at the earliest date possible.

At a meeting he also called for "quick repatriation of the victims of abduction," saying "the abduction issue is the most important task for the Suga regime" and it is his duty to "clear Japan of its unfortunate past and aspire to normalization of diplomatic relations by settling the abduction issue."

It seems that he works hard to give impression that he fulfils his duty as minister in charge of the abduction issue.
In view of his repeated stinging rubbish against the DPRK, it is apparent that he is steeped in hostility towards the DPRK to the marrow of his bone.

Explicitly speaking again, the abduction issue oft-repeated by Japan had already been settled.
Though well aware of it, the Japanese politicians are getting vocal about "solidarity with the international community" over the abduction issue. It is intended to tarnish the image of the DPRK in the international arena and abuse the abduction issue for their political purpose.

It is the height of shamelessness peculiar to Japan that it passes itself off as a victim of "abduction" in a bid to sweep under the carpet the heinous crimes it committed by abducting millions of Koreans and inflicting untold mental and physical pain upon them and to dodge its atonement for its crime-woven past at any cost.

The DPRK is the very victim of the abduction issue.
As attested by history, Japan is the world's worst war criminal state and kidnapper on record.

When Japan occupied Korea by force in the last century, it abducted and dragged some 8.4 million innocent Koreans to battlefields for its wars of aggression and medieval slave labor sites, killed more than one million of them, and forced 200 000 women into sexual slavery of the Imperial Japanese Army. All these crimes perpetrated by Japan are undeniable.

Far from honestly reflecting on and atoning for its past stained with hideous abduction, Japan persists in committing sins.
By egging on the notorious anti-DPRK plot-makers including the "investigation council for specific missing persons," Japan has cooked up a series of "abduction" farces and made no scruple of disguising missing Japanese as "victims of abduction by the north."

It is utterly preposterous that such a criminal state, Japan, makes a fuss over the issue of abduction by someone.
Japan's atonement for the past is the exact issue to be internationalized and the political issue to be settled without a fail.
But Japan seeks to justify its crime-woven history and dodge the atonement for its past, an intolerable insult and challenge to the Korean people and mockery of human conscience.

Japan should get rid of its vicious look as the world's worst kidnapper to begin with, instead of talking about the abduction issue.
Its moves to brush aside the atonement for the crime-woven past and desperate pursuance of hostility towards the DPRK will only deepen the Korean people's hatred against it.
The Japanese regime should notice it. -0-

Sustained Confrontational Frenzy of S. Korean Conservative Forces May Invite Greater Misfortune: KCNA

Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency released the following report on October 29:
One month has passed since the inglorious incident in which a south Korean citizen had met a death after his illegal intrusion into the waters of the West Sea of Korea.
In the period, we informed the results of investigation into the whole course of the incident immediately to the south side, mirroring the intention of our supreme leadership in order to prevent the north-south trust and respect from further crumbling owing to the sudden inglorious unwanted incident in the waters of the West Sea of Korea. We also conveyed our regret over the incident that happened in the waters under the control of our side.

Since then we have tried our best to retrieve the dead body from the waters of the West Sea and return it to his family, but to no avail, to our regret.
We are regretful for this and have decided to take sustained necessary measures in the future, too, in the relevant field.
But in the south side unsavory acts of insulting our good faith and aiming at maximizing distrust and confrontation between the fellow countrymen have become so worse as to go beyond the tolerant limit and to arouse the concerns and resentment of our army and people.

It is not that we have nothing to say to the south side over the incident.
To look back on the past, history records a number of examples in which unimportant incidents in the border areas spilled over into fierce exchange of fire even between countries that had been in peaceful relations.

The north and the south are now technically at war, not in peace, and the place of the incident is the hotspot in the West Sea where the two sides are standing in acute confrontation.
At that time we did not know out of what intention the south Korean citizen illegally intruded into the waters under the control of our side and that person did not immediately respond to our interception. Therefore, it is certain how our soldier on his routine duty could have reacted, which is clear even to the south side.

But as the unexpected incident happened in the waters where our sovereignty is exercised, we conveyed our feelings of regret to the south side, taking into consideration the present state of the north-south relations, and also exercised maximum patience to face the slandering of all descriptions from the south side after the incident.

But the conservative forces of south Korea including the "People Power Party" with the idea of confrontation with the fellow countrymen steeped into the marrows of their bones are working with bloodshot eyes to slander their fellow countrymen in the north under such rhetoric as "atrocity" and "human rights abuses". They are also raising a hue and cry, going imprudent, in order to make the recent incident an opportunity for attaining their dirty political purposes.

They are even calling for bringing the issue to the international arena including the UN, while faulting someone's "human rights issue".
From the beginning, they have been set to foster distrust and hostility toward the fellow countrymen and to find out and snowball the excuses for blaming the present authorities' incompetence, without any endeavors for reasonable judgment of the whole story of the incident and proper solution.

To describe good faith from the fellow countrymen as a knife seems to be an inveterate bad habit of the conservative forces.
We have been fed up with the frenzy of the conservative forces prolonging their remaining days with the confrontation with the fellow countrymen, but we can not but take account of this, now that deliberate and conspiratorial ill story is constantly around over the incident.

As we already mentioned in our notification to the south side, we had told them clearly enough that our soldier could not but take self-defensive measure as he judged that the south Korean citizen who had made an illegal intrusion into the waters of the West Sea of Korea under the control of our side was about to flee, not responding to interception.

Had the south side made an advance notification to us that its citizen was coming to our waters?
As for the "defamation of the dead body" over which the conservative forces are ranting and raving, its truth has already been revealed by the south Korean military.

Explicitly speaking, the recent inglorious incident in the waters of the West Sea of Korea was the result of improper control of the citizen by the south side in the sensitive hotspot are at a time when there are tension and danger due to the vicious virus sweeping the whole of south Korea.
Therefore, the blame for the incident first rests with the south side. This is our invariable stand.

It stands to reason to try to find one's own mistake, before faulting others.
The conservative forces allegedly valuing "human rights" with great concern for it kept mum about the recent horrible death of its own citizen by a U.S. armored vehicle, and also about the opening of indiscriminate machine gun fire into another citizen of its side when he was swimming across a river in the area along the Military Demarcation Line to enter the DPRK that killed him. Does it have face to talk about someone's "human rights".

We are clearly aware that the recent imprudent act of the conservative forces is designed to make the unprecedented wind of anti-DPRK confrontation and of "exposing of pro-communists" run high in the south Korean society with the incident as a momentum, not because they are truly concerned for the lives and rights of people.

No false misrepresentation and smear campaign of the conservative forces can ever be allowed to tarnish the profile of the dignified DPRK in which it has become a state custom to respect, love and value people despite whatever vicissitudes.

Clouds of uneasiness and discord still hang heavily low in the relations between the north and the south due to those mad men crazy about escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen and political strife and about causing social chaos being indifferent to the daily deterioration of people's livelihood and spread of pandemic, and being greedy for "power". This is a stark reality today.

The present serious situation, in which all sorts of slandering against the DPRK has gone beyond the tolerance limit and there are all indications to resort to dangerous moves to lead this incident to international anti-DPRK smear campaign in south Korea, has resulted in affecting the limits of magnanimity and good faith which we have so far maintained.

We do not want to see the repetition of any unpleasant precedents in which accidental incidents led the north-south relations to a catastrophe. This is our stand.
We issue an advance warning to the south Korean conservative forces that their thoughtless confrontational act may invite greater misfortune. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Wild Ambition for Aggression

Pyongyang, September 17 (KCNA) -- Japan is getting desperate to realize its wild ambition for hegemony.
It has frequently dispatched warships of the "Self-Defense Forces" (SDF) overseas under the deceptive pretext of protecting civilian vessels and frantically staged various war exercises to secure the capability for fighting a war.

Shortly ago, Japan kicked off largest-ever actual maneuvers involving 17 000 troops in 16 key points of Hokkaido under the pretext of protecting a remote island.
Continued dispatch of SDF forces overseas and various military exercises are a part of Japan's undisguised moves for militarization. Therefore, this brings to light the wild ambition of the war criminal state for aggression which has gone to extremes.

Militarization in Japan has reached the final phase for igniting a war.
Japan is banned from having the right of belligerency, the right to participate in a war and a regular army as it is an aggressor country and war criminal nation which turned the Asian continent into a sea of blood in the last century. But, it has emerged as a military giant stretching out its tentacles of aggression to any parts of the world and even to outer space and cyber space.

It has massively developed and introduced dual-use military hardware for attack and defense under the signboard of "exclusive defense" and reorganized SDF in attack formation through various kinds of military exercises for aggression.
In recent years, Japan has more desperately resorted to reckless military action while talking about defense and recapture of a remote island. It openly says that its massive deployment of striking forces in key points targets its neighboring countries.

What should not be overlooked is that it seeks to shape a new security policy legitimizing its possession of the "ability to attack enemy base" after the withdrawal of its plan for deploying U.S.-made Aegis Ashore ground-based interceptor missile system.
The policy is little short of insistence on possession of the capacity for making a preemptive strike as it calls for attacking and destroying a base in "enemy state" with bomber and missile.

Japan has the military muscle strong enough to go to war, which exceeds the minimum of necessity.
Establishment of the new security policy means the completion of its full preparation for reinvasion.

In case Japan, which has not yet got rid of its ill fame as an enemy state, launches overseas aggression again, the world will suffer more terrible misfortune and pain than those it suffered in the past.
The international community should never remain a passive onlooker to Japan's reckless moves for overseas expansion. -0-

Japan's Sycophancy to U.S. Will Only Make Its Future Gloomy: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) -- Public demand for revision of the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement is now mounting in Japan.
Recently, the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun carried an editorial, "It is 60 years since effectuation of Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement and it is high time for Japan to start negotiating for its revision," which commented on the inequitable agreement granting GIs in Japan many privileges.

The paper said that Japan's burden has snowballed to the extent that it is now too huge to accept, adding that the U.S. forces, whose mission is to defend Japan, have used its bases in Japan as strategic ones for putting the Indo-Pacific region under its control.
It also said that the bases with extraterritorial privileges pose a serious threat to the life, stability and rights of the local people.

39 prefecture governors that account for over 80 percent of all governors in Japan demand overall reexamination of the agreement and 25 of them call for the application of Japanese laws to GIs in Japan.
This is an eruption of disillusionment with the authorities who are always at the U.S. beck and call in disregard of the existence, human rights and interests of the people. It is also the mindset of the public in Japan worrying over the future of the country.

The Japanese people want to live peacefully without submitting to the foreign forces bringing misfortune and suffering to them.
However, the Japanese authorities have turned the Japanese archipelago into an outsiders' huge base for aggression characterized by rampant crimes of GIs.
This is aimed to realize at any cost the wild ambition for reinvading Korea.

When a huge amount of toxic materials leaked from a U.S. base in Futenma in April this year, causing a public uproar across Japan, the Japanese reactionaries glossed over the case at the end of a deceptive investigation.
Japan had no other choice but to negotiate the deployment of medium-range missiles in a U.S. base in Japan with its American master recently though it knew that it would face strong opposition and military counteractions by neighboring countries for doing so.

The U.S. pressurizes Japan into bearing more expense for the upkeep of the U.S. forces in Japan, opening the farm products market, purchasing its weapons, etc. The U.S. wants more and more from Japan and Japan has met only humiliation, insult and maltreatment for its decades-long sycophancy toward U.S.

It served Japan right.
If the Japanese reactionaries persist in sycophancy toward the U.S., taking no heed of the international community's derision, condemnation and warning, they will always remain a poor stooge of the U.S., making the future of Japan gloomy. -0-

KCNA on Truth about Japan's Absurd Story of "Kidnapping"

Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA) -- The truth behind absurd story of "kidnapping" has been disclosed one after another in Japan.
Shortly ago, the police of Toyama Prefecture of Japan officially admitted that two women, "the possibility of whose kidnapping by north Korea" was thought to be hard to be excluded after they went missing in 1996, were found dead in the country.

The dead bodies of the two women were reportedly discovered in a car which was lifted up from the bottom of the sea off a port in the prefecture in March of this year and their identities were confirmed through DNA examination.
With this, the number of "kidnapping" victims touted by the Japanese reactionaries has decreased and clear examples proving the nonsense and deceitfulness of "kidnapping" have increased.

This being a hard reality, they assert that the number of specified missing persons, whose possibility of having been "kidnapped" by the north can not be excluded, has reached hundreds throughout the country. This is an absurd jargon.
The problem of missing persons, an inevitable product of the reactionary social system of Japan, is clearly an issue pertaining to the country and it has nothing to do with kidnapping even in the light of its conception.

If there is no result after a fixed period of investigation, all the people reported missing are automatically painted as victims of kidnapping in Japan.
This is not just an issue related to the incompetence of police authorities but part of the hostile policy toward the DPRK sought by the Japanese reactionaries who are working hard to draw water to their mill after maximizing and internationalizing the issue of missing Japanese as a political and diplomatic one.

In fact, Japan is neither justified to put up any conditions nor is entitled to raise the issue in the relations with the north.
As shown by the history, Japan is the kingdom of deep-rooted kidnapping.

It is a hideous unethical criminal state as it occupied Korea and abducted, kidnapped and drafted more than 8.4 million young and middle-aged men and 200 000 women to battlefields and construction sites and mercilessly killed at least one million of them in the last century.
Japan tries to present itself as a victim, not an assailant in a bid to evade the past liquidation at any cost and legitimize its hostile policy toward the DPRK through "kidnapping" that has already been solved.

The Japanese reactionaries are seeking to steadily publicize the hackneyed "kidnapping" issue to cover up the reality of unpopular social system troubled with steadily increasing number of suicide and the missing cases and divert the anti-government spirit in the country to abroad and, furthermore, create an atmosphere favorable for realizing its ambition of reinvasion.

This is the essence of "kidnapping" that the Japanese authorities tout as a "core issue pending" and a "top-priority item".
Japan is well advised to stop cunning acts aimed to shirk off its fault onto others. -0-

KCNA Commentary Exposes Corruptness of Japanese Society

Pyongyang, June 11 (KCNA) -- A family dear to every human being as a cradle of happiness has turned into a theatre of murder in the capitalist society. This is a stark reality today.
In-family killing, hard to imagine and understand with normal thinking, has become a social trend in Japan, in particular, in which individual selfishness, misanthropy, immorality and corruption are rampant.

A father who killed his eight-month-old daughter by pouring hot liquid on her was arrested in Ibaraki Prefecture in February and a mother who practiced violence against her two-month-old baby to break its skull was revealed in Tochigi Prefecture shortly ago.

A Japanese newspaper reported the number of children under eighteen suspected to have been mistreated reached an all-time high record of 97 842 last year, 17 590 increase from 2018, deploring the daily occurrences of parents maltreating or killing their own children.
In Saitama Prefecture, a woman choked her mother to death for the mere reason that it was tiring to look after her and in Tochigi Prefecture, a man killed his old mother with a kitchen knife and a younger brother choked his elder brother after stabbing him.
On May 25 in Kanagawa Prefecture, a boy who killed his father described the violence he had suffered from the latter as the motive of his crime, stunning the people.

The above-said facts are an inevitable fruition of the unpopular social system in capitalism where elementary humanity and ethics fall victim to almighty dollar principle and jungle law.
A woman, a resident in Tokyo, was arrested on charges of leaving her own baby uncared for to make it meet death. When investigated by police she said that she had no money for taking the baby to hospital and there was nobody nearby to discuss.

This is the reality of the fin de siecle Japanese society stifling mother's love.
All the facts go to prove the decadent nature of the capitalist society hidden behind the spurious signboard of freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. -0-

Japan Emerges as Main Player of War: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 20 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries have become more persistent in military acts of threatening regional peace and security.
In April the Japanese government newly organized an air transport force for dispatching units of "Self-Defense Forces" (SDF), including a unit with exclusive mission to defend remote islands, to battlefields. To this end, they introduced two Ospreys from the U.S. in recent days and plan to bring a total of 17 Ospreys within five years.

Ospreys, with the speed of above 500 kilometers an hour and with flying range of 1 600 kilometers, can perform intercontinental flight when refueled in mid-air. The introduction of the transport plane will offer Japan an independent ability to rapidly dispatch its aggressive forces everywhere in the world.

This is a very serious development as it is part of the ambitious plan of the military fanatics to emerge as a main player of a war at any cost.
It is well known that Japan has made desperate efforts to revive as an independent aggressive force despite its strict subordinate relationship with the U.S. to avenge its defeat in World War II.

Japan revised the "Japan-U.S. Defence Cooperation Guidelines" and adopted the "security legislation" to legalize the limitless arms buildup and overseas military advance of the SDF, saying that it is hard to fulfill its duty as an ally if its power is only confined to logistic support to the U.S. forces in case of contingencies in areas surrounding Japan.

What's more, its frantic moves to become a military giant as evidenced by the highest military expenditure in history, the possession of constitutionally banned aircraft carrier, the development of the long-range cruise missile, the introduction of at least 100 stealth fighter planes and the launch of the military reconnaissance satellite turned its SDF into the second most powerful aggression force next to the U.S. in the West.

The island country has pressed ahead with the plan to set up an outer space operation force, an electronic warfare unit, an air transport force and other new units in recent days. Lucking behind this is its aim to acquire the capability for perfect military operation and an independent capability to fight a war as early as possible.
If the revision of the constitution is made to grant the SDF the legitimate status, Japan, the war criminal state, will emerge itself as a main player capable of igniting a war to regain its position like the one in the era of empire at any moment.

Now, Japan is running amuck in separate military exercises as never before under the pretext of defending and retaking remote islands, and concentrating its troops on vantage points like major bases favorable for reinvasion including Miyako Island.

It is a matter of time for the descendents of Samurais, who are obsessed with militarism, to ignite a war again.
The Japanese rulers are sadly mistaken if they calculate the road to a war state will lead to their prosperity.
The Japanese reactionaries will be made to dearly pay for their ambitious old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere". -0-

KCNA Report on Completion of Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory as Icon of Chemical Industrial Field

Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) released a detailed report Friday in connection with the wonderful construction of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory.
The scientists, technicians and builders of the country built the modern phosphatic fertilizer production base tantamount to establishing a new industrial field despite the vicious sanctions and pressure from the hostile forces and the disastrous spread of the malignant virus worldwide, thereby sounding the first gun-report of victory in the offensive for making a breakthrough head-on in Sunchon area, the report said, and went on:

The factory divided into production, education and living zones have all its processes automated and streamlined ranging from feeding of raw materials to packing. It is an icon and standard factory in the field of the chemical industry, it being energy-efficient, labor-intensive and environment-friendly.

The completion of the factory which mass-produces high-concentration phosphorus fertilizer in reliance on our own raw materials, resources and technology has opened a break-through in considerably developing the agricultural production and has provided a reliable arsenal of agricultural front and another asset of eternal value for building a powerful country.

The ground-breaking was done in July, Juche 106(2017) for the building of the factory which is like pushing back a new frontier in the development of the chemical industry of the country under the plan and determination of the Party.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the construction which was in a standstill due to various bottlenecks in the early stage of the construction and saw to it that an audacious operation was unfolded to build the factory our own way to be perfect one.
His visit to the construction site on January 6 last as the first place of his field guidance this year marked an epochal occasion that helped complete the construction on the highest level in the shortest period of time.

The technical preparations and designing for different systems of the production processes were completed to suit to the local availability of raw materials and to meet the trend of the worldwide development of phosphatic fertilizer industry, and precedence was given to drawing tens of thousands of designs ranging from the general blueprint to the assembly designs.

In the construction of the factory our scientists, technicians and workers fully displayed their creative ingenuity and scientific and technological potential to manufacture and assemble our own way lots of key equipment requiring the settlement of lots of technological problems.
Through the all-out charge for unconditionally finishing the construction on the level desired by the Party within the timeline set by it, installations and painting of all sorts of equipment and fixtures, pressure tests, power project, etc. were finished in a prompt way and trial operation began from April.

The builders planted more than 35 000 trees of over 40 species including pine, fir and gingko trees and planted creepers to cover over 130 000 square meters based on elaborate greening plan, thus turning the area of the factory into woodland and greenery.
Officials and working people from across the country rendered material and mental aid to the construction of the factory with patriotism.

The completion of the factory clearly proved once again that the motive power of becoming prosperous by self-reliance is in the hearts of our people who are united close around the Party and who have cherished their own might and the validity of their own cause as the faith, and that the dignity and state might of a powerful country can be guaranteed only by self-reliance. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Shameless Distortion of History

Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- The distortion of history by Japan reaches a height of shamelessness.
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan examined and approved textbooks for middle school that shows undisguised ambition to seize Tok Island and seriously distorts history.

Most of textbooks to be used at middle schools across Japan from 2021 specify Tok Island as "territorial part of Japan" and the contents on past crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists like forcible drafting of Koreans and sexual slavery were deleted from them or distorted.

This is a part of dangerous policy of aggression employed by the Japanese reactionaries who work hard to realize their wild ambition for reinvasion at any cost by implanting the ultra-right historical view in the minds of young generations.

Every distorted or revised phrase is saturated with the wickedness of Japan seeking to justify the history of aggression, avoid its responsibility for liquidating the past and grab other's land at any coast.

From long ago, Japan has been desperately keen on imbuing young generations with a view negating the history.
In particular, falsified textbooks are massively introduced to educational establishments along with evermore intensified moves of "rewriting the history" under the Abe regime.

The gravity of those moves lies in the increase of kinds of textbooks as well as the steadily intensified distortion of their contents.

The textbooks for primary, middle and high schools have more pages dealing with justifications for the shameless territorial ambition of the Japanese authorities. On the contrary, such contents about Japan's war crimes like its history of aggression and issue of sexual slavery were completely distorted and deleted or drastically cut and omitted.
It is obvious what sort of world outlook and mentality will dominate young generations of Japan after they learn from such textbooks.

Education is an important work decisive of the future and prospect of every country.
But, the Japanese reactionaries are seeking to easily send out young generations as shock troops for realizing the unattained dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by teaching make-believe and immorality to them and brainwashing them.

They have been persistently keen on distorting the history, far from making deep repentance of the history of crimes that inflicted severe pains on the Korean people and other Asian peoples. This clearly shows that Japan fails to get free from the departed soul of aggression.
No matter how desperately the Japanese reactionaries are trying to negate the past history, they can neither erase the traces of crimes against the Korean nation nor obscure the fact that Tok Island belongs to the Korean nation.

History itself is a living witness and truth.
Japan's daydream about covering up the truth of history by deleting and distorting the facts unfavorable for it will lead itself to misfortune. -0-

Corrupt Politics Breed Corrupt Practices: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- It has been nine years since the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant accident in Japan, but its aftereffects still linger. A strong earthquake and tidal wave caused the accident in May, 2011.
The Tokyo Shimbun recently carried an article titled "Nine Years after Great Earthquake Disaster in East Japan, Still Over 47 000 Evacuees".

The time set by the Japanese government for "reconstruction and creation" is approaching, but tens of thousands of displaced evacuees still live an arduous life. The longer the evacuation life, the more people are committing suicide and the death toll is on the rise due to the poor living conditions and diseases.

The number of cancer cases caused by radioactive rays is on the increase among those who returned home and they are experiencing extreme sufferings due to the aggravating economic situation, damaged ecological environment, etc.
This notwithstanding, the Japanese government releases underreports, saying that all the problems have already been settled. It is even hatching a plot to discharge the highly concentrated radioactive contaminated water into the sea.
It is a typical reminder of the unpopular policies of Japan which prioritizes the interests of the government more than the safety of the people.

Corrupt politics is bound to beget corrupt practices.
The Japanese society is ailing from all sorts of social evils bred by the reactionary politics, the damage from which has now reaches records high.
According to the Japanese Police Agency, last year the number of the cases of child maltreatment spotted by the police and the number of victims reached the highest figure in history. And the number of the children, believed to have been treated badly, has topped 90 000 for the first time since 2004 when the statistics began to be collected.

The proportion of teenagers in the suicide rate has risen for three consecutive years and the number of children who were found to be abusing hemp increases ten times for the last seven years, arousing concern.
In a report on the status of women published by the World Economic Forum, Japan was the 121st country out of 153 countries, the lowest in its history. The birth rate was also the all time low last year.

As proven by figures and facts, the island country tops even in the capitalist world in terms of mental and moral corruption though it trumpets about human rights, equality and well-being, and often finds fault with the internal affairs of other countries.

It is natural that corruption and jungle-law are endemic and extreme misanthropy and individual selfishness are rampant under the social system of Japan where past history of aggression is denied and justified, world peace is sacrificed for its militarist ambition and rising generations are inspired with reactionary ultra-nationalism, national chauvinism and mammonism.

Genuine human life can never be expected from the desolate political climate in Japan. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Political Conspiracy of S. Korean Conservatives to Deceive People

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- South Korean conservatives have recently formed the "United Future Party (UFP)" which they call a new party for unity.
This is no more than the revival of the "Saenuri Party" as it is merely a recombination of two forces - the one that renamed the "Saenuri Party" the "Liberal Korea Party" to cover up its true colors as partisan of traitor Park Geun Hye when she was impeached and the other that seceded from the traitorous "Saenuri Party" while crying out for "innovation".

Clear is which way the UFP led by Hwang Kyo An, a pace-setter in espousing the "theory on release of Park Geun Hye" that stunned public and an adept excelling Park in treacheries and irregularities and corruption, will go.

Nevertheless, the UFP gentries including Hwang Kyo An try every means available to beautify the UFP as the "one for saving south Korea" and "one for people's happiness". This is a revelation of their wicked plan to prolong their remaining days as "politicians" and retake power by deceiving the people.
It is a forte of the chameleonic conservative group to change the party's name and shake up the party whenever it faces bitter denunciation and severe punishment of the people.

After being sidelined by the people's fierce candlelight resistance, the conservative group has left no stone unturned to improve its poor image through the farce of "long journey for public welfare" and by making a political issue of COVID-19 crisis, but the public censure against those philistines is getting stronger with each passing day.
Upset by this, the conservative traitors are making desperate efforts to rid themselves of the cooled eye of various circles in the south Korean society through the deceptive party founding.

Through the farce of party founding, the deep-rooted evil forces seek to defeat their rivals in the "National Assembly" elections due in April and thus create an opportunity favorable for the establishment of conservative regime.
It is nothing but a pipedream.

Now, the south Korean people determine the attitude not to support the conservative group, saying that the UFP is merely a fascist political party which descended from military gangsters Park Chung-Hee and Chun Doo Hwan and "another Saenuri Party", a den for the evil forces of Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye, and that the merger of conservative forces which were politically sentenced to death along with the impeachment of Park will only precipitate its destruction.

Every sin brings its punishment with it.
It is sure that the conservative traitors will be buried in the grave of history for committing indelible crimes one after another against the public mindset and the trend of the times. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blames Japan for Its Militaristic Ambition

Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) -- The sinister intention of Japan to reinvade other country chills the regional situation from the outset of the year.
According to a recent report, the Japan Ground "Self-Defence Force" conducted a joint landing exercise simulating the attack on remote islands occupied by the enemy with the U.S. forces in Chiba Prefecture.

The Japanese defense minister who appeared in the drill ground under the pretext of inspection dropped from a falling tower earlier than others and made remarks that the U.S. forces take part in the recent drill and he reconfirmed that the bonds of the Japan-U.S. alliance are firm.

This is nothing but the desperate efforts of the militaristic war maniacs to achieve their goal for reinvasion with the backing of the U.S. at any cost.
It is the trite method employed by cunning Japan to realize invasion with the backing of a big power.

In the last century, Japan embarked upon the road of conquering Korea under the positive support and approval of the U.S. and, afterwards, formed an alliance with the fascist forces and ignited extensive wars to dominate the Asia-Pacific region and reduce the regional people into colonial slavers.

The island nation remains unchanged in its zeal and method for invasion even after it suffered an unprecedented and great defeat owing to the merciless counterblows dealt by humankind.
With the backing of the U.S., Japan is making desperate efforts to realize arms buildup and acquire the right of belligerency and the right to participate in a war which are thoroughly prohibited by international and domestic laws and strictly cautioned by the world people.

Under the impudent pretext of protecting its master which pretends to be the "only superpower in the world", Japan resorted to moves to revise laws such as the institution of the "security legislation" and finally increased the operation scope of SDF which is restricted to the country.
While repeating the "threat" from someone which is much touted by the U.S., Japan made the SDF the military force next to the U.S. in the Western and is now hastening the revision of the constitution in order to lay a legal groundwork for reinvasion.

Shortly ago, the Japanese politicians including Abe openly justified their moves for reinvasion, describing the alliance with their master as the "firm pillar defending peace in Asia and Indian-Pacific region and the rest of the world".
However, there is no country to be taken in by their poor deception and talkativeness.

The Japanese reactionaries work hard to realize reinvasion with the backing of foreign forces, far from making a sincere apology for the unethical crimes committed by them in the last century. This can never be allowed.
Mankind will certainly mete out a merciless punishment to the reactionaries of history to bring bloody upheavals to the planet again. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Moves for Overseas Expansion

Pyongyang, December 16 (KCNA) -- Japan is getting desperate in its efforts for materializing its wild ambition for overseas aggression.
Its Defense Minister Kono made his appearance in the Middle East and asked for regional countries' support and understanding, talking about the "reason" why the "Self-Defense Forces" should be dispatched to the region.

Japan announced that it would independently dispatch SDF warships and patrol planes to the Middle East to ensure the security of vessels related to Japan using the sea lanes in the Middle East. It is asserting that it is for "peace and stability in the region."
This is part of its policy of aggression to realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion at any cost by putting overseas dispatch of SDF on a regular basis under the signboard of "security" and "peace."

It is well known that Japan has been crazy about the moves for reinvasion out of revanchism in a bid to retrieve itself from the defeat it sustained in its wars of aggression in the past century.
The Japanese reactionaries projected the overseas dispatch of its armed forces as a prerequisite and key strategy for their policy of aggression.
They have long put spurs to adjustment of laws to legitimize the SDF's overseas advance despite the restrictions by the principle of "exclusive defense."

In the wake of the adoption of the "security legislation" in 2015, the operation sphere of the SDF has been drastically expanded overseas beyond the territory of Japan. What remains to be done is to deal with the viewpoint of the international community on the advance of the Japanese armed forces.

Japan is defined as an enemy state under the UN Charter.
Worse still, it is a dangerous war criminal state which has defiantly refused to admit the crimes of aggression and make an apology and reparation for more than 70 years.

No country will welcome forces for reinvasion with the horrible history.
That is why the Japanese reactionaries loudly talked about "contribution" to global peace, "war on terrorism" and "mopping-up operation against pirates" before dispatching SDF overseas.
This is aimed to relax the international community's vigilance against Japan with deceptive rhetoric about "peace" and "security" and to put the overseas dispatch of SDF for aggression on a routine and active basis.

This is, indeed, a risky ploy.
Japan seeks to dispatch the SDF to various parts of the world and use it as vanguard for aggression in the event of contingency.
It is shocking that warships and war planes of Japan which inflicted untold misfortune and pain upon mankind in the past century are to hang around the world at their will, fluttering the "flag of rising sun shedding rays."

Mankind will face more terrible disaster if Japan launches a war of aggression again.
The international community is sharply following the overseas military advance of the island country. -0-

KCNA Commentary Condemns Abe Group for Denying Sexual Slavery

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- Japan included in "2019 Diplomatic Blue Book" a sentence that "the expression called sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army should not be used as it is contrary to the fact".
In the final analysis, it means that reasonable is Japan's assertion that the sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army were the "prostitutes and their behaviors were the voluntary services for money".

The gangster-like sophism of Japan unaware of ethics and dishonor is, indeed, the height of turning black into white and the unpardonable mockery of not only the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army but also the entire Korean nation which suffered all sorts of misfortune and pain owing to the Japanese imperialists' aggression in the last century.

The open denial of the well-known crime is an impudent act intended to distort Japan's history of aggression and evade the settlement of its past.
It is the unpardonable crime against humanity that Japan reduced women of several countries including 200 000 Korean women into sexual playthings, ruining their youth and infringing upon their rights.

Human history records a lot of wars but knows no such a group of beasts as Japan which established the system of sexual slavery by exercising the state power and used women as a means for realizing its ambition to invade other countries while taking them to the battlefields by force.
The sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army is, indeed, the most inhuman, immoral and brutal crime against humanity of all the war crimes committed by the island nation.

Hundreds of thousands of female victims who were reduced into playthings of the Imperial Japanese Army were by no means those "giving mental comfort to officers and men serving on the front" but slaves who were deprived of their basic rights and right to existence, to say nothing of dignity as woman and human being.

The Japanese imperialists not only violated women as they pleased, treating them nothing less than animals but also did not bother to commit such heinous crimes as shooting, burning, burying and killing them in group in every quarter to cover up the truth of their crimes.
This is the truth of history which can never be buried.

Despite the disclosure of the sexual slavery committed by Japan one by one by the testimonies made by the victims and records of history, Japan works hard to delete the parts related with its crimes from the textbooks and check the erection of statues of girl sexual slaves.
Not content with such attempts, Japan specified in a sentence in an official document that an expression which means the sexual slavery should not be used.

The Abe group's impudent behavior doubles the will of the Korean nation to settle accounts with Japan, its sworn enemy, without fail.
The settlement of the past is the unavoidable responsibility to be owned by Japan.
The Abe group should make an honest apology for the sexual slavery against humanity and make sincere reparations for it, not to engage in unreasonable acts as now. -0-

KCNA Commentary on U.S. Tightened Control over S. Korea

Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- Nowadays, the U.S. is ratcheting up its pressure on south Korea under the signboard of "tightened alliance."
It urged south Korea to pay more for the upkeep of GIs in south Korea and is forcing it to modify the "note on allies' crisis control", a document attached to the "south Korea-U.S. mutual defense treaty."

The U.S. pressurizes south Korea to change the phrase in the note "emergency on the Korean peninsula" that specifies the range of crisis control by the south Korea-U.S. "combined forces command" into "emergency on the Korean peninsula and in the U.S."
If the note is modified, south Korea will become obliged to send its troops to any strife-torn areas in the world beyond the Korean peninsula and the Pacific region, in case the U.S. finds that the areas are under emergency situation.

As a result, south Korea will turn into a bigger advanced base and logistic base for the U.S. to launch continental invasion and carry out the U.S. strategy for world hegemony and will have to face horrible war disasters after getting entangled in the world's hottest issues the U.S. interfere in.

The U.S. is to use young and middle-aged south Koreans as a shock force for its overseas wars of aggression, not content with turning south Korea into its giant military base and exploiting a fabulous amount of money as upkeep for GIs. This is, indeed, the height of impudence.
What cannot be overlooked is the ulterior intention sought by the U.S. in seeking to modify the note, of which it has taken advantage for decades since its conclusion in October, 1953.

As known, the issue of transfer of OPECON is now high on the agenda between south Korea and the U.S.
The U.S. has lorded it over south Korea with the prerogative of the supreme command of its army for a long time. That's why the U.S. feels a sense of loss as it has to transfer OPECON, the pivot of that prerogative, to south Korea.
So, the U.S., in cahoots with the south Korean authorities, had prolonged the time of transfer several times. Now, it leaves no stone unturned to put south Korea under its further tightened control by increasing the power of the "UN Command" and forcing south Korea to purchase U.S.-made weaponry.

Its pressure on south Korea to modify the "note on allies' crisis control" on the lapse of nearly 70 years is just a part of its moves to preserve and tighten its military control over south Korea even after the transfer of OPECON.

The U.S. lets out rhetoric that its proposal is aimed to make clearer south Korea-U.S. joint counteraction after the transfer of OPECON.
But such jargon can never help it hide its black-hearted intention to tighten its yoke put on south Korea under the signboard of "alliance" and use the latter as a scapegoat for realizing its strategy for domination.

Subjugation to external forces only brings bitter disgrace and misfortune and irreversible disasters in the end. This is just the sad plight of a dependent henchman.
The aggressive and humiliating alliance of subordination must be dismantled. -0-