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Corrupt Politics Breed Corrupt Practices: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- It has been nine years since the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant accident in Japan, but its aftereffects still linger. A strong earthquake and tidal wave caused the accident in May, 2011.
The Tokyo Shimbun recently carried an article titled "Nine Years after Great Earthquake Disaster in East Japan, Still Over 47 000 Evacuees".

The time set by the Japanese government for "reconstruction and creation" is approaching, but tens of thousands of displaced evacuees still live an arduous life. The longer the evacuation life, the more people are committing suicide and the death toll is on the rise due to the poor living conditions and diseases.

The number of cancer cases caused by radioactive rays is on the increase among those who returned home and they are experiencing extreme sufferings due to the aggravating economic situation, damaged ecological environment, etc.
This notwithstanding, the Japanese government releases underreports, saying that all the problems have already been settled. It is even hatching a plot to discharge the highly concentrated radioactive contaminated water into the sea.
It is a typical reminder of the unpopular policies of Japan which prioritizes the interests of the government more than the safety of the people.

Corrupt politics is bound to beget corrupt practices.
The Japanese society is ailing from all sorts of social evils bred by the reactionary politics, the damage from which has now reaches records high.
According to the Japanese Police Agency, last year the number of the cases of child maltreatment spotted by the police and the number of victims reached the highest figure in history. And the number of the children, believed to have been treated badly, has topped 90 000 for the first time since 2004 when the statistics began to be collected.

The proportion of teenagers in the suicide rate has risen for three consecutive years and the number of children who were found to be abusing hemp increases ten times for the last seven years, arousing concern.
In a report on the status of women published by the World Economic Forum, Japan was the 121st country out of 153 countries, the lowest in its history. The birth rate was also the all time low last year.

As proven by figures and facts, the island country tops even in the capitalist world in terms of mental and moral corruption though it trumpets about human rights, equality and well-being, and often finds fault with the internal affairs of other countries.

It is natural that corruption and jungle-law are endemic and extreme misanthropy and individual selfishness are rampant under the social system of Japan where past history of aggression is denied and justified, world peace is sacrificed for its militarist ambition and rising generations are inspired with reactionary ultra-nationalism, national chauvinism and mammonism.

Genuine human life can never be expected from the desolate political climate in Japan. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Political Conspiracy of S. Korean Conservatives to Deceive People

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- South Korean conservatives have recently formed the "United Future Party (UFP)" which they call a new party for unity.
This is no more than the revival of the "Saenuri Party" as it is merely a recombination of two forces - the one that renamed the "Saenuri Party" the "Liberal Korea Party" to cover up its true colors as partisan of traitor Park Geun Hye when she was impeached and the other that seceded from the traitorous "Saenuri Party" while crying out for "innovation".

Clear is which way the UFP led by Hwang Kyo An, a pace-setter in espousing the "theory on release of Park Geun Hye" that stunned public and an adept excelling Park in treacheries and irregularities and corruption, will go.

Nevertheless, the UFP gentries including Hwang Kyo An try every means available to beautify the UFP as the "one for saving south Korea" and "one for people's happiness". This is a revelation of their wicked plan to prolong their remaining days as "politicians" and retake power by deceiving the people.
It is a forte of the chameleonic conservative group to change the party's name and shake up the party whenever it faces bitter denunciation and severe punishment of the people.

After being sidelined by the people's fierce candlelight resistance, the conservative group has left no stone unturned to improve its poor image through the farce of "long journey for public welfare" and by making a political issue of COVID-19 crisis, but the public censure against those philistines is getting stronger with each passing day.
Upset by this, the conservative traitors are making desperate efforts to rid themselves of the cooled eye of various circles in the south Korean society through the deceptive party founding.

Through the farce of party founding, the deep-rooted evil forces seek to defeat their rivals in the "National Assembly" elections due in April and thus create an opportunity favorable for the establishment of conservative regime.
It is nothing but a pipedream.

Now, the south Korean people determine the attitude not to support the conservative group, saying that the UFP is merely a fascist political party which descended from military gangsters Park Chung-Hee and Chun Doo Hwan and "another Saenuri Party", a den for the evil forces of Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye, and that the merger of conservative forces which were politically sentenced to death along with the impeachment of Park will only precipitate its destruction.

Every sin brings its punishment with it.
It is sure that the conservative traitors will be buried in the grave of history for committing indelible crimes one after another against the public mindset and the trend of the times. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blames Japan for Its Militaristic Ambition

Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) -- The sinister intention of Japan to reinvade other country chills the regional situation from the outset of the year.
According to a recent report, the Japan Ground "Self-Defence Force" conducted a joint landing exercise simulating the attack on remote islands occupied by the enemy with the U.S. forces in Chiba Prefecture.

The Japanese defense minister who appeared in the drill ground under the pretext of inspection dropped from a falling tower earlier than others and made remarks that the U.S. forces take part in the recent drill and he reconfirmed that the bonds of the Japan-U.S. alliance are firm.

This is nothing but the desperate efforts of the militaristic war maniacs to achieve their goal for reinvasion with the backing of the U.S. at any cost.
It is the trite method employed by cunning Japan to realize invasion with the backing of a big power.

In the last century, Japan embarked upon the road of conquering Korea under the positive support and approval of the U.S. and, afterwards, formed an alliance with the fascist forces and ignited extensive wars to dominate the Asia-Pacific region and reduce the regional people into colonial slavers.

The island nation remains unchanged in its zeal and method for invasion even after it suffered an unprecedented and great defeat owing to the merciless counterblows dealt by humankind.
With the backing of the U.S., Japan is making desperate efforts to realize arms buildup and acquire the right of belligerency and the right to participate in a war which are thoroughly prohibited by international and domestic laws and strictly cautioned by the world people.

Under the impudent pretext of protecting its master which pretends to be the "only superpower in the world", Japan resorted to moves to revise laws such as the institution of the "security legislation" and finally increased the operation scope of SDF which is restricted to the country.
While repeating the "threat" from someone which is much touted by the U.S., Japan made the SDF the military force next to the U.S. in the Western and is now hastening the revision of the constitution in order to lay a legal groundwork for reinvasion.

Shortly ago, the Japanese politicians including Abe openly justified their moves for reinvasion, describing the alliance with their master as the "firm pillar defending peace in Asia and Indian-Pacific region and the rest of the world".
However, there is no country to be taken in by their poor deception and talkativeness.

The Japanese reactionaries work hard to realize reinvasion with the backing of foreign forces, far from making a sincere apology for the unethical crimes committed by them in the last century. This can never be allowed.
Mankind will certainly mete out a merciless punishment to the reactionaries of history to bring bloody upheavals to the planet again. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Moves for Overseas Expansion

Pyongyang, December 16 (KCNA) -- Japan is getting desperate in its efforts for materializing its wild ambition for overseas aggression.
Its Defense Minister Kono made his appearance in the Middle East and asked for regional countries' support and understanding, talking about the "reason" why the "Self-Defense Forces" should be dispatched to the region.

Japan announced that it would independently dispatch SDF warships and patrol planes to the Middle East to ensure the security of vessels related to Japan using the sea lanes in the Middle East. It is asserting that it is for "peace and stability in the region."
This is part of its policy of aggression to realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion at any cost by putting overseas dispatch of SDF on a regular basis under the signboard of "security" and "peace."

It is well known that Japan has been crazy about the moves for reinvasion out of revanchism in a bid to retrieve itself from the defeat it sustained in its wars of aggression in the past century.
The Japanese reactionaries projected the overseas dispatch of its armed forces as a prerequisite and key strategy for their policy of aggression.
They have long put spurs to adjustment of laws to legitimize the SDF's overseas advance despite the restrictions by the principle of "exclusive defense."

In the wake of the adoption of the "security legislation" in 2015, the operation sphere of the SDF has been drastically expanded overseas beyond the territory of Japan. What remains to be done is to deal with the viewpoint of the international community on the advance of the Japanese armed forces.

Japan is defined as an enemy state under the UN Charter.
Worse still, it is a dangerous war criminal state which has defiantly refused to admit the crimes of aggression and make an apology and reparation for more than 70 years.

No country will welcome forces for reinvasion with the horrible history.
That is why the Japanese reactionaries loudly talked about "contribution" to global peace, "war on terrorism" and "mopping-up operation against pirates" before dispatching SDF overseas.
This is aimed to relax the international community's vigilance against Japan with deceptive rhetoric about "peace" and "security" and to put the overseas dispatch of SDF for aggression on a routine and active basis.

This is, indeed, a risky ploy.
Japan seeks to dispatch the SDF to various parts of the world and use it as vanguard for aggression in the event of contingency.
It is shocking that warships and war planes of Japan which inflicted untold misfortune and pain upon mankind in the past century are to hang around the world at their will, fluttering the "flag of rising sun shedding rays."

Mankind will face more terrible disaster if Japan launches a war of aggression again.
The international community is sharply following the overseas military advance of the island country. -0-

KCNA Commentary Condemns Abe Group for Denying Sexual Slavery

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- Japan included in "2019 Diplomatic Blue Book" a sentence that "the expression called sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army should not be used as it is contrary to the fact".
In the final analysis, it means that reasonable is Japan's assertion that the sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army were the "prostitutes and their behaviors were the voluntary services for money".

The gangster-like sophism of Japan unaware of ethics and dishonor is, indeed, the height of turning black into white and the unpardonable mockery of not only the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army but also the entire Korean nation which suffered all sorts of misfortune and pain owing to the Japanese imperialists' aggression in the last century.

The open denial of the well-known crime is an impudent act intended to distort Japan's history of aggression and evade the settlement of its past.
It is the unpardonable crime against humanity that Japan reduced women of several countries including 200 000 Korean women into sexual playthings, ruining their youth and infringing upon their rights.

Human history records a lot of wars but knows no such a group of beasts as Japan which established the system of sexual slavery by exercising the state power and used women as a means for realizing its ambition to invade other countries while taking them to the battlefields by force.
The sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army is, indeed, the most inhuman, immoral and brutal crime against humanity of all the war crimes committed by the island nation.

Hundreds of thousands of female victims who were reduced into playthings of the Imperial Japanese Army were by no means those "giving mental comfort to officers and men serving on the front" but slaves who were deprived of their basic rights and right to existence, to say nothing of dignity as woman and human being.

The Japanese imperialists not only violated women as they pleased, treating them nothing less than animals but also did not bother to commit such heinous crimes as shooting, burning, burying and killing them in group in every quarter to cover up the truth of their crimes.
This is the truth of history which can never be buried.

Despite the disclosure of the sexual slavery committed by Japan one by one by the testimonies made by the victims and records of history, Japan works hard to delete the parts related with its crimes from the textbooks and check the erection of statues of girl sexual slaves.
Not content with such attempts, Japan specified in a sentence in an official document that an expression which means the sexual slavery should not be used.

The Abe group's impudent behavior doubles the will of the Korean nation to settle accounts with Japan, its sworn enemy, without fail.
The settlement of the past is the unavoidable responsibility to be owned by Japan.
The Abe group should make an honest apology for the sexual slavery against humanity and make sincere reparations for it, not to engage in unreasonable acts as now. -0-

KCNA Commentary on U.S. Tightened Control over S. Korea

Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- Nowadays, the U.S. is ratcheting up its pressure on south Korea under the signboard of "tightened alliance."
It urged south Korea to pay more for the upkeep of GIs in south Korea and is forcing it to modify the "note on allies' crisis control", a document attached to the "south Korea-U.S. mutual defense treaty."

The U.S. pressurizes south Korea to change the phrase in the note "emergency on the Korean peninsula" that specifies the range of crisis control by the south Korea-U.S. "combined forces command" into "emergency on the Korean peninsula and in the U.S."
If the note is modified, south Korea will become obliged to send its troops to any strife-torn areas in the world beyond the Korean peninsula and the Pacific region, in case the U.S. finds that the areas are under emergency situation.

As a result, south Korea will turn into a bigger advanced base and logistic base for the U.S. to launch continental invasion and carry out the U.S. strategy for world hegemony and will have to face horrible war disasters after getting entangled in the world's hottest issues the U.S. interfere in.

The U.S. is to use young and middle-aged south Koreans as a shock force for its overseas wars of aggression, not content with turning south Korea into its giant military base and exploiting a fabulous amount of money as upkeep for GIs. This is, indeed, the height of impudence.
What cannot be overlooked is the ulterior intention sought by the U.S. in seeking to modify the note, of which it has taken advantage for decades since its conclusion in October, 1953.

As known, the issue of transfer of OPECON is now high on the agenda between south Korea and the U.S.
The U.S. has lorded it over south Korea with the prerogative of the supreme command of its army for a long time. That's why the U.S. feels a sense of loss as it has to transfer OPECON, the pivot of that prerogative, to south Korea.
So, the U.S., in cahoots with the south Korean authorities, had prolonged the time of transfer several times. Now, it leaves no stone unturned to put south Korea under its further tightened control by increasing the power of the "UN Command" and forcing south Korea to purchase U.S.-made weaponry.

Its pressure on south Korea to modify the "note on allies' crisis control" on the lapse of nearly 70 years is just a part of its moves to preserve and tighten its military control over south Korea even after the transfer of OPECON.

The U.S. lets out rhetoric that its proposal is aimed to make clearer south Korea-U.S. joint counteraction after the transfer of OPECON.
But such jargon can never help it hide its black-hearted intention to tighten its yoke put on south Korea under the signboard of "alliance" and use the latter as a scapegoat for realizing its strategy for domination.

Subjugation to external forces only brings bitter disgrace and misfortune and irreversible disasters in the end. This is just the sad plight of a dependent henchman.
The aggressive and humiliating alliance of subordination must be dismantled. -0-

Japan Can Never Shirk Responsibility for Sinking DPRK Fishing Vessel: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) -- Japan is trying to carry the war into the enemy's camp despite its burglar-like act of sinking our fishing vessel when it was on its normal navigation in the waters of the East Sea of Korea.

The Japanese authorities, opening to the public on Oct. 18 a video showing our vessel sinking, talked nonsense that "while our patrol ship was sailing frontward, the north Korean vessel turned the helm to the left" and "we took an appropriate measure to control illicit operation."
This is none other than a trick to evade the responsibility for sinking the vessel by ascribing the incident to so-called "illicit fishing operation" and "mistake in controlling vessel."
The fishing vessel incident obviously is nothing but a deliberate barbarity as it is a vivid expression of the Japanese authorities' insane hostile policy toward the DPRK.
The chief executive of Japan at the full-dress session of the House of Councilors on Oct. 8 said that an illegal fishing operation by the north Korean vessel was not confirmed. His official statement clearly shows that the DPRK vessel was on a normal navigation in the waters of the East Sea of Korea.

Nevertheless, the Japanese government, far from honestly admitting their gangster-like act, has gone so shameless as to spread the video, not content with peddling a story that the DPRK-flagged vessel didn't respond to its "interception" but made an abrupt turning only to collide with the patrol ship.
The video which shows only a scene of the collision of the vessels and the sinking of the DPRK vessel lays bare the foul mind of the Japanese authorities to hush up the truth of the incident.

Now the Japanese reactionaries are vocal that the DPRK-flagged fishing vessel met with an accident during an illicit fishing, backed by "data" which they made up deliberately to stop the whole story of the incident from being known.
But the broad media are casting strong doubts on the assertion of Japan, saying "it is difficult with the video to understand whether the north Korean vessel's turning was the direct cause of the incident" and "in the video was seen something like a net on the north Korean fishing vessel, but no crew of the north Korean side were seen working."

The fact that the Japanese patrol ship with a displacement of 1 300 tons dashed its head against the middle of the left side of a small ship with a displacement of 400 plus tons vividly proves that the former intentionally caused the collision to sink the latter.
This shows that the Japanese authorities are spreading sophism over the incident and with nothing can they shirk their responsibility for their gangster-like crime that sank our vessel and gravely threatened the life and safety of its crew.

The DPRK already gave an advance warning to the Japanese side that the interception and control of the action of its fishing vessel and other physical act could lead to a sudden clash.
However, as long as the Japanese side came out provocative, it is to be left with no reason to complain about the DPRK when it takes a corresponding action.

We strongly demand that the Japanese government compensate the material damage done to our fishing vessel and press for steps to prevent the recurrence of similar incident.
If such incident occurs again, Japan will see an undesirable result. -0-

Japan's Shameless Distortion of History Slashed: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The international community is shocked by Japan's shameless distortion of history.
Days ago, Prime Minister Abe in his keynote address at the extraordinary session of the Diet let out sophism that Japan is the "country advocating racial equality against neo-colonialism", beautifying its history of aggression.

He even reeled off a cock-and-bull story that Japanese representative Makino advocated racial equality as a "new principle looking forward to a new ideal and future after the war" at the Paris peace conference held in 1919 for the settlement of issues after the First World War and that the "great ideal has served as a fundamental principle for the international community including the international human rights protocol for centuries".

It is the height of shameless distortion of history and a profound confusing of right and wrong.
The Japanese reactionaries in the past tried in every way to cover up their sinful past by justifying the aggressive war ignited by them as a "liberation war" and their colonial rule as a "contribution to modernization".

And now Japan has gone beyond a tolerance limit so much as to tamper with history to make the public believe that it has struggled for "human rights and equality" and to openly debase justice and conscience by claiming that the "ideal of Japan" has become the "fundamental principle of the international community".

Japan was, indeed, the country of aggression and crime in the past and now it is the worst criminal country adding to its past crimes.
The distortion of history getting ever more frantic shows that the island nation has no will to settle its past but it harbors only the wild ambition for militarist aggression.

Clear is the purpose of Japan in denying and justifying its past.
It is to realize its past dream of becoming the "leading power in the east" by launching reinvasion any time.
In order to realize this ambition it has so far rushed forward to become a military power and realize militarization since its defeat.

Japanese militarism is not a ghost any more but has emerged as a dangerous political and military entity seriously threatening peace and security of the Korean Peninsula, Asia and the rest of the world.

Japan's distortion of history is also the reflection of the Abe group's ambition to provide a legal condition for fighting a war by justifying the constitutional revision under the slogan of the "final settlement of Japanese diplomacy after war".

This is the reason why it is hard to overlook the agitation for constitutional revision for the "building of a new state in the new era 'Reiwa'" done by Abe by citing Makino's remark on a "new ideal after war" as an example.
Japan is the hideous criminal state which brought untold disaster to the peoples of Korea and Asia.
The crimes recorded in the human history by island country Japan can never be erased, and Japan cannot get rid of legal and moral responsibility for its past crimes.

However hard it tries to beautify its past with fabrication and distortion, it will only expose its vileness and double the will of our people to settle accounts with Japan.
Our people will never forget the disaster and pain imposed by the sworn enemy Japan but will surly force Japan to atone for its past crimes. -0-

KCNA Commentary Urges S. Korean Military Warmongers to Behave Themselves

Pyongyang, September 6 (KCNA) -- The south Korean military warmongers are running high fever in their moves to introduce F-35As.
On August 21, they deployed two more F-35As in an air force base in North Chungchong Province, six in total by now.
They are now speaking loudly of introducing more than ten F-35As within this year and 40 by 2021.

This shows that despite their lip-service to easing military tension and confidence-building, the south Korean authorities are, in fact, set to completely check the peaceful trend on the Korean peninsula by persistently confronting themselves with the north.

What should not be overlooked is their open rhetoric that the ultra-modern military hardware including F-35A will become the most effective means for launching a preemptive precision attack on major targets such as Pyongyang and for "neutralizing" the north in case of emergency.

Herein lies the real purpose of the south Korean warmongers pushing ahead with the introduction of updated military hardware in disregard of the north's repeated warnings and opposition.
They generate a handshake of peace in public but behind the scene, grind a sword for confrontation and war. This is an unpardonable act of perfidy.

The south Korean authorities are unilaterally and violently breaching the north-south agreements in which both sides committed to totally stop all military hostile acts towards the dialogue partner, the root cause of military tension and conflict.
Since the publication of the Panmunjom Declaration, they have poured huge amounts of money into the purchase of ultra-modern military hardware including Global Hawk, P-8A Poseidon, Patriot, drone for special operation, SM-3 and air tankers while getting vocal about "vacuum of force" and "existent threat from the north".

This year alone, they conducted various north-targeted joint military exercises with the U.S. in camera more than one hundred times and missile-launching drills over ten times.
All the facts clearly prove who the harasser of peace and stability on the Korean peninsula is.

We will never remain a passive onlooker to the dangerous acts of threatening safety of Koreans and regional peace.
The south Korean authorities should behave themselves, bearing in mind that they will be made to pay a dear price for their north-targeted military drills and the stepped-up introduction of ultra-modern military hardware. -0-

KCNA Commentary Warns Japan against Military Moves

Pyongyang, August 26 (KCNA) -- The Japan Defence Ministry recently announced that it officially decided to introduce F-35B to the air "Self-defence Force".
This senseless act is aimed to bolster the attack ability of the SDF and turn the country into a military power and realize its overseas expansion at any cost.

The introduction of the fighter also aims at the operation of carrier-level Izmo escort ship.
Military experts contend that the combination of F-35B with an attack landing ship will help the fleet acquire "qualitative surge" in attack capability, commenting that their overall combat power will be no less than U.S. carrier equipped with F/A-18E/F.

Japan armed the air SDF with the state-of-the art fighter and made naval SDF's possession of a carrier a fait accompli. This shows the true colors of Japan as an aggressor country which has thrown off its mask of "exclusive defence" that had been so far kept for mere form's sake.

Japan rushes headlong into a war state to inflict disaster on humankind again, clean indifferent to the trend of the regional situation.
Under the excuse of coping with "threats" from someone, the Abe group has increased the military spending to hit the historical high for seven consecutive years and recently announced that it would include record over 5 300 billion yen to the estimate budget for next year.

By setting up a "space operational force" with the basic mission of constantly monitoring space and an electronic warfare unit in ground SDF, Japan intends to expand the military operational theatre of the SDF to space and cyber space, to say nothing of the sky, the land and the sea.

Today the SDF have turned into aggression forces capable of fighting a war at any time in any place beyond the boundary of the archipelago.
It is the invariable ambition of the Abe group to retake the status of former colonial power with samurai descendents overheated with reinvasion aboard carriers equipped with preemptive attack capabilities under the fluttering "flag of rising sun shedding rays" as the Japanese imperialists did in the last century.

Too much obsession with ambition will lead to ruin.
It is a lesson taught by the shameful defeat of Japan that defiance of people's warnings, greed for aggression and reckless frenzy will bring only miserable ruin.

Not only the Asian people who underwent pain and misfortune at the hands of the Japanese imperialists in the past but also the international community will never remain an onlooker to Japan's moves for becoming a military power and the unrestricted overseas advance of SDF.
Japan must not forget that its push for becoming a war state will end up in the ruin of the island country. -0-

Minju Joson Warns U.S. and S. Korean Authorities

Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- The U.S. together with the south Korean authorities started the joint military drill against the DPRK despite its repeated warnings.
Concurrently with the drill, F-35A stealth fighters and the U.S. nuclear strategic submarine Oklahoma City were brought into south Korea and the introduction of high-altitude reconnaissance drone Global Hawk into south Korea is now under discussion.

Minju Joson on Saturday says in a commentary that the reckless military moves of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities are the undisguised betrayal and flagrant violation of the June 12 DPRK-U.S. joint statement, Panmunjom Declaration and September Pyongyang Joint Declaration.

The U.S. and the south Korean authorities are leaving no means untried to justify the military drill, but can never cover up its aggressive nature, the commentary says, and goes on:
Such shameless behavior of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities is excessively inciting the DPRK to take hard-line measures for safeguarding its sovereignty and dignity.

It is the principled stand and way of struggle maintained by our Party and government in the whole historical course of the Korean revolution not to allow any slightest concession or compromise for the sake of the sovereignty and dignity of the country.
The DPRK remains invariable in its stand to value peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and solve issues through dialogue, but the continuous hostile military acts of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities will only fade away the dynamics of dialogue.
The U.S. and the south Korean authorities should not run amuck, well aware of who their rival is. -0-

Agreement for War Must Be Repealed: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- Demands for the abrogation of the south Korea-Japan agreement on protecting military intelligence have become increasingly vocal among various circles of south Korea.
After the south Korean "government" announced the reexamination of the agreement, political parties calling for democratic reforms welcomed it and the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and other progressive organizations expressed their support for it, saying that the product of the Cold War era should be abrogated.

This is an expression of anger towards and resistance to the Japanese reactionaries who add sin to the crimes Japan committed against the Korean nation in the past century, far from reflecting on them.
The said agreement is an extremely dangerous agreement for war which poses a grave threat to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the region, as it was cooked up by Japan in conspiracy with the Park Geun Hye group in a bid to draw south Korea into its moves for reinvasion.

The conclusion of the agreement made it possible for the Japanese reactionaries to get various military intelligence, broader "military intelligence about the north" in particular, from south Korea on the "principle of mutual reciprocity".

The Japanese reactionaries are seeking a chance to reinvade Korea, the first target for their overseas aggression to realize the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere". Therefore, it is not difficult to estimate for what the Japanese reactionaries will use the "military intelligence about the north".

Japan's crazy moves for constitutional revision, arms buildup and moves for overseas expansion while loudly talking about "threat from north Korea" in recent years are all unthinkable without the effectuation of the agreement.

While taking retaliatory measures against the south Korean court's verdict forcing Japanese war criminal businesses to compensate south Korean victims of forced labor, Japan is calling for renewal of the agreement under the pretext of "cooperation in security". This is a revelation of their sinister intention to seek after their political and military profits, irrespective of worsening south Korea-Japan relationship.

The agreement is just a risky one representing the wild ambition of the politicians of the island country to occupy the Korean peninsula and furthermore put the whole region under control.
The point is that the agreement would plunge south Korea into serious danger of destruction.

As known, Japan does not hesitate in committing acts irritating south Korea over several issues like atonement for the past crimes.
It is just a suicidal act to offer information to those who are so impudent as to openly embellish the crime-woven history cursed by everyone and try to cover it up with a petty amount of money and to those who make no scruple of imposing restrictions on export to strangle other's economy.

All facts go to prove that the south Korea-Japan agreement on protecting military intelligence is utterly harmful to the Korean nation and other peoples in the region.
The war-inciting, peace-destroying agreement should be scrapped immediately. -0-

Traitors Have No Room for Existence: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) -- The DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks held with surprise at Panmunjom, the symbol of hostility and confrontation, served as an occasion to build unprecedented trust between the DPRK and the U.S., which made all the Koreans and the whole world brim with excitement and emotion.

But the south Korean conservatives, displeased with the world-stirring event, are getting impatient to downplay its significance.
The conservative groups including the "Liberal Korea Party" and the "Parun Mirae Party" slander the recent DPRK-U.S. summit meeting, letting loose such invectives as "it is merely for show" and "there is no change in reality and essence despite the U.S.-north Korea summit meeting".

Their slander is no more than a death cry of traitors who are marginalized by the trend of peace with no room left for their existence for having staked their fate on confrontation, hostility, tension and war.
Peace and security of the Korean peninsula are vital to the Korean nation and global peace and security.

The recent DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks, held at Panmunjom representing the long history of distrust, misunderstanding, conflict and antagonism, heralded a new history of reconciliation and peace all over the world.

The international community, therefore, hails and supports the Panmunjom DPRK-U.S. summit meeting as an epoch-making event that brought about a radical turn in achieving peace and prosperity of the Korean peninsula, the region and the rest of the world.

Nevertheless, the conservative traitors dare challenge all the Koreans and the world.
They are making desperate efforts to check the trend of national reconciliation and unity and peace on the Korean peninsula, obsessed with greed for power and indifferent to the destiny and future of the fellow countrymen, while slandering the historic inter-Korean declarations and crying out for total repeal of the north-south agreement in military field.

The total denial of the stirring event recognized by the world people goes to prove that "peace" much touted by the conservatives is no less confrontation and war. They are, indeed, the shame on the Korean nation as they still run mad to find a way out in anachronistic dependence on outsiders and confrontation with the fellow countrymen, unaware of the trend of the times.

The LKP, a dreg of history, and other conservatives can never block the trend of the times towards peace, prosperity and reunification whatever their efforts.
Sure to come is the day when the traitors plotting permanent national division and living upon confrontation with fellow countrymen will meet ruin. -0-

"Liberal Korea Party" Is Doomed to Ruin: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 29 (KCNA) -- Inter-factional contradiction and conflict are escalating within the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP), a party of conservative traitors of south Korea.
Its representative Hwang Kyo An is mulling purging pro-Park factions, while calling for "party renovation". Now he is handling every work himself with the "elders" excluded.

The pro-Park factions enraged at the "perfidious act" of Hwang, a man who was seated as the representative with their backing, are showing the sign of group secession from the party, complaining that "latecomers are to drive out the owner" and "for whom the party is".
Disruption is the natural end to be met by the "Liberal Korea Party", a dreg of history.

The commonality of ideal is out of argument for the LKP which is just a collection of human rejects leaving no means untried to meet their political greed, political seasonal birds inhabiting here and there and ill-famed conservative riff-raffs.
To look back on history, the "Saenuri Party" that was mired together with the end of traitor Park Geun Hye changed its name into LKP and since then there were non-stop conflict and in-fighting among factions inside the traitorous party.

Pro-Park, anti-Park and genuine-Park factions, middle-of-the-road elements, withdrawal faction, pro-Hwang Kyo An faction and other factions have worked with frenzy for the expansion of their forces.
Still arousing derision and indignation of the south Koreans are the fierce fighting for the posts of the party representative and the floor leader of the party, that for the nomination of candidates of the "National Assemblymen" and the in-fighting still going on over Hwang Kyo An's "emperor-like policy".

The situation proves that the LKP is a group of corrupt men, political philistines and hideous enemies of the people only keen on their own luxury and on ambition for power, clean indifferent to the plight of the people.
Recently this party sought "improving its image" and gaining higher "approval ratings" through what it called "long journey for people" but it was only cold-shouldered by the public.
History shows that those forsaken by the people are fated to ruin.
The destruction of the traitorous party is the inevitability of history. -0-

Rodong Sinmun on Despicable Nature of Hwang Kyo An

Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a commentary discloses the true colors of Hwang Kyo An, representative of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) who is a despicable human scum with a veneer of politician in south Korea.
The commentary cites data to prove that Hwang has killed a lot of innocent people for decades to earn an ill fame as a fascist "public security prosecutor".

It goes on: Hang Kyo An is a heinous murderer who deserves bitter denunciation of the entire nation as he attempted to turn a sea of candle lights into a sea of blood with the same fascist temper as that of traitors Park Chung-Hee and Chun Doo Hwan, the worst dictators and murderers.

Hwang leaves no stone unturned to bury in oblivion all his crimes of the past, claiming that he made a stabilized performance of state affairs during his term of office as an "acting president", but he can never cover up the true colors of murderer in human skin.

Hwang behaves himself as a politician, crying out for democracy and livelihood of the people after seizing the seat of the representative of LKP. It is the height of impudence.

He set himself against the hard-won climate of peace on the Korean peninsula to enrage all the Koreans. He has prolonged his remaining days in the era of confrontation and is running amuck with blood to turn the north-south relations back to those before the adoption of the Panmunjom Declaration.

Traitor Hwang will clearly know before long that his foolish act of swimming against the trend of the times and public mindset leads to a miserable end, warns the commentary. -0-

KCNA Commentary Terms Former U.S. Vice-President Biden Snob Bereft of Elementary Quality as Human Being

Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- Former U.S. Vice-President Biden has gone reckless and senseless, seized by ambition for power.
The presidential candidate from the Democratic Party during his recent election campaigning reeled off rhetoric slandering the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician.
He has been accused even within the Democratic Party, to say nothing of the American society, for his vulgar acts and words about women and his thoughtless remarks.

It is well known to the world that he received a grade of F during university days for plagiarizing other's article in his paper and could not but give up running for presidency in 1988 for plagiarizing a speech of a British politician that led to a public furor.
In April 2011 when the then President Obama was in the middle of making a speech, he was fast asleep in the auditorium to become a laughing-stock of the media. Once he called his political rival Republicans "shrieking pigs" to startle the public.

It is by no means accidental that there is nonstop comment over his bid for candidacy that he is not worth pinning hope on, backed by the jeer that he is a fool of low IQ.
Even the American media derided him as a man with "manic-obsessive running of the mouth", saying that he likes giving a speech but he is not serious in his words.
Yet, he is self-praising himself as being the most popular presidential candidate. This is enough to make a cat laugh.
It is easy to conjecture the politics to be pursued by such a thoughtless guy.

Such a guy had the temerity to insult the supreme leadership of the DPRK, an intolerable and serious politically-motivated provocation against the DPRK.
Explicitly speaking, we will never pardon anyone who dare provoke the supreme leadership of the DPRK but will certainly make them pay for it.
Biden had better think back the reason for his past two failures in presidential elections and remember that prudence commensurate with the object is integral to a presidential candidate. -0-

Immoral LKP Is Disgrace to Nation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 4 (KCNA) -- The true colors of coteries of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea who have committed all sorts of crimes were brought to light again.
At a recent meeting of the Party Ethics Committee, they "punished" those who had described the Kwangju Popular Uprising as "a riot by mobs" instigated by "the north" and branded the bereaved families of the victims as "a group of monsters".

Upset by the public denunciation, the group of traitors promised to inflict a "disciplinary punishment" upon them, but delayed it for more than two months under an unjust pretext. This time, it gave a "warning" to the chief culprits and subjected them to "three months' suspension of party member rights".

This is an intolerable mockery of and an open challenge to the south Korean people who want to mete out severe punishment to those who slandered and defiled the Kwangju Popular Uprising and bereaved families of its victims.

The resistance fighters in Kwangju shed blood and laid down their lives for justice and democracy of the south Korean society.
But, the group of traitors who has whitewashed the fascist dictatorship with the inveterate repugnancy toward the movement for democracy has justified the reckless act of the criminals who insulted the resistance martyrs.

It, from the beginning, made such assertions as "there can be various interpretations of a historical fact" and "other parties may avail themselves of it for by-election" in a bid to buy time, and after all, spiked the examination of disciplinary punishment at the "National Assembly".

LKP is brazen-faced enough to describe nominal intra-party "punishment measures" like "suspension of rights" and "warning" as the one out of "comprehensive consideration for the sentiment and will of the people".

It is as clear as noonday that the said disciplinary punishment is, in fact, a "commendation" for those desecraters produced by a premeditated plot of the LKP that seeks to turn down the will and demand of the public in cahoots with them and, furthermore, throttle democracy in toto.

The group of traitors remains unchanged in its bad habit and physiology of seeking the fascist dictatorship.
It is a tragedy of the south Korean politics and a disgrace to the nation that the corrupt LKP letting loose a spate of evil words without an iota of guilt-consciousness remains as the first opposition party.
That is why different public circles in south Korea say that the LKP had better replace its name with "liberal invectives party", describing in utter shock the disciplinary punishment as "encouragement".

People in Kwangju and other parts of south Korea say that those denying the May 18 history, people, democracy and the constitution are real mobs and monsters. And voices demanding the expulsion of those desecrators from the "National Assembly" can be heard even from Taegu and North Kyongsang Province, the strongholds of the conservatives.

The LKP coteries will never evade the severe punishment by the public as they have committed treason only while regarding the people as beings inferior to dog and pig. -0-

Revival of Conservatism Must Not Be Overlooked: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, April 14 (KCNA) -- So ill-boding are the moves of the south Korean conservative forces to rally their camp. Groups of conservatives are being formed one after another under various names including the group of general officers on reserve duty consisting of former ministers of Defence, a collection of six conservative groups in Kyongsang Province, a group of riff-raffs posed as university professors and lawyers.

The conservative forces that were holed up, upset by the candlelight demonstrations which culminated in the impeachment of Park Geun Hye and punishment of dictatorial regime, now busy themselves, rallying the forces. This can never be overlooked.

This is a clear proof of the revival attempt of the reactionaries of history who should have been removed.
As one devil knows another, those in the group of conservatives are traitors intent on sycophancy, treachery and confrontation with the fellow countrymen, being dead-set against reunification.

Such guys go roughshod to turn their doomed fate around and revive the past.
The conservatives' moves to rally their force have something to do with the "Liberal Korea Party's" ever-increasing efforts to come to power.

The challenging rhetoric made at the inaugural ceremonies of those conservative organizations have something in common with the call for "stopping leftist dictatorship" and seizure of "power" uttered by Hwang Kyo An and the "Liberal Korea Party."

The conservative riff-raffs even bluff that they would "contain the government's leftist dictatorial rule and pursuance of domestic and external policies" and "expand membership to make it conservative rightist camp comparable with progressive democratic organizations".

Out of an ambition to hold an upper-hand over the progressive camp and come to power grounded on the conservative rightist camp, Hwang and the "Liberal Korea Party" group are giving a shot in the arm of the conservative forces.
To this end, they run a whole gamut of invective to defile the progressive forces, and haphazardly collect die-hard conservatives.

The wild act of the conservative forces is a mockery of the south Koreans who punished the group of traitors through candlelight resistance and an open challenge aimed to turn around the situation from the improvement of the north-south ties and the peace on the Korean peninsula.

Still fresh in the memory of the south Koreans are the crimes committed by the conservative forces including various organizations like "thaegukgi unit" and the "Association of Love for Park Geun Hye" who went on the rampage in the streets, holding "counter-fire rallies" to check the impeachment of traitor Park and funding such hysteric organizations.

In case the conservative forces get aligned with the "Liberal Korea Party," breeding ground of evil, here and there, fascist violence will sweep across south Korea again, touching off retaliation against the progressive democratic forces.
This is the main reason why the desperate moves for the revival of the conservative forces should no longer be overlooked. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Hostile Policy towards DPRK

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- Japan is desperately persisting in its hostile policy towards the DPRK.
The Japanese government recently said that it is necessary to keep on pressurizing the DPRK as no progress has been made in the "north Korean issue", revealing its intention to renew "its own sanctions on the DPRK" the term of which expires on Apr. 13.

Great irony is that the Japanese reactionaries are foolish enough to regard their sinister act as the only means to "neutralize" the DPRK and the way out to join the trend of the regional situation.
It constitutes a foolish act of those who have no elementary ability to judge the reality and are unable to perceive their miserable status.

If Japan thinks that they can prevent the advance of the DPRK by sanctions, they are sadly mistaken.
Does Japan expect that it can do harm through the sanctions campaign to the DPRK vigorously advancing towards a powerful socialist country by itself and with the self-reliance as a driving force for the leap forward.

Contrary to their expectations, it is Japan which suffers loss from their hostilities.
As known already, Japan is experiencing the estrangement from the diplomatic trend regarding the DPRK in the world.

As Japan has persistently pursued the hostile policy towards the DPRK to make itself a military giant and realize the overseas expansion and to enforce other criminal ultra-right policies, there is no qualification and justification for Japan to take part in the regional peace process now underway centering on the DPRK.

Japan should have opted to make a policy switchover after drawing a lesson from their circumstances.
But Japan is continuously resorting to "its own sanctions on the DPRK" as part of its reckless and invariable hostile policy, which is a frontal challenge to the trend of the detente in the Korean Peninsula and the region the world people desire.

The campaign to renew the sanctions will invite the world community's bitterer condemnation and rejection of the Japanese reactionaries, peace wreckers running counter to the trend of the times, and make the desolate Japan undergo extreme and unprecedented political and diplomatic isolation.

The Abe group is little short of blind guys and the group who leads the country to ruin through foolish reckless acts, as it has done nothing but engendered antagonism with the international community.
The Japanese reactionaries are well advised not to resort to the unnecessary sanctions, but to make an apology and reparation for the extremely hideous crimes committed against the Korean people in the past for the sake of Japan's future. -0-

KCNA Commentary Censures Japan for Checking Trend towards Peace

Pyongyang, March 21 (KCNA) -- Japan reveals its true colors as the one that does not want peace with each passing day. It is childishly acting by implicating France in naval interception against the DPRK, not content with going busy with it together with the riffraff while talking about the possibility of the latter's transshipment.

Appreciating France's joining with Japan as a part of supporting an operation for monitoring the said transshipment, the Japanese ministry of Defence announced that "it hails France in view of the united efforts of the international community and will as ever closely cooperate with the relevant countries".

Japan's disgraceful behavior is being strongly denounced by the public as it is the last-ditch effort to check the trend towards peace on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

It is the trend of the times and unanimous demand of the world community to defuse tension and ensure permanent and durable peace on the peninsula.
That's why many countries including those around the peninsula express support for the development of the positive situation in the peninsula and the region and strongly call for lifting the sanctions against the DPRK.

Nevertheless, Japan incites the pressure upon the DPRK, swimming against the trend.
Clear is its aim of eagerly inveigling countries out of the region into its moves for escalating tension.

As known, Japan has been isolated and rejected by the regional states since long ago, owing to its ambition for a military giant and overseas expansion.
Moreover, the atmosphere of d?tente created by the DPRK's proactive measures brings Japan's bad image as the destroyer of peace into bold relief and throws a shadow over its moves for reinvasion.

Japan, much upset by this, is making desperate efforts to get rid of a dilemma while turning its attention to "cooperation" with countries out of the Asia-Pacific region.
It is the real intention of the Japanese reactionaries to show their existence by inveigling countries out of the region into monitoring the DPRK's activities under the pretext of the implementation of the UN Security Council's "sanctions resolutions" and thus provide an environment favorable for militarization.

However, the more persistently the Abe group resorts to its hostile policy towards the DPRK, the more clearly it shows its miserable position marginalized by the trend of situation.

The people in the region and world community will never pardon the Japanese reactionaries hell-bent on laying a grave obstacle on the way of peace on the Korean peninsula with their reckless moves for naval interception against the DPRK.
Japan will be left out of the positive situational trend and thus lose even its miserable existence. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Claim to Tok Island

Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- Japan keeps provocation to meet its aim of holding Tok Island.
The Japan foreign minister calling Tok Island "territory of Japan" in his recent speech on diplomatic affairs for new year in Diet, re-iterated his intent to "keep tackling the insistence".

This official indication of Japan's plan to openly tackle the task, with it set as key policy orientation for this year, is a blatant challenge and serious act of aggression against the dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation.
Absolutely enraging the entire Korean nation is the gangster-like act of the Japanese reactionaries who, flatly denying the past crimes pending prompt liquidation, only makes far-fetched assertion that the land of Korea belongs to them.

Japan's persistent attachment to Tok Island issue betrays its never-ending ambition for territorial expansion and its brazen-facedness that has reached the extremes.

It is illogical and something intolerable for Japan to go arrogant to raise the Tok Island issue, today when exclusively heightened atmosphere for reunification is witnessed among the Korean nation, renowned for having lived long as a homogeneous nation on one and the same territory.

Tok Island is inalienable part of Korea both in name and reality.
Even key historical data and maps of Japan, to say nothing of all historical documents of Korea, specify Tok Island as Korea's. None of them found to have marked the islet as Japan's.

Currently on increase are disclosure of historical data and materials proving that Japan did not recognize Tok Island as its land.
This notwithstanding, Japan insists on its dominium over "Tok Island", not because of its ignorance of international law or misunderstanding of historical facts. This is a vivid expression of its militarist ambition to justify past aggression acts that drenched the vast Asian continent in blood and realize its old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere".
Clear is the aim sought by Japan in going mad to hold control of Tok Island.

By holding the islet, geographic and strategic linchpin rich in natural resources, Japan designs to monopolize economic interests in the region and turn it into a military base for serving its overseas expansion ambition.

What it also has in mind is to make the islet topic of international disputes and take the issue to the International Tribunal Court.
By doing so, it wants to create plausible excuses and long-term guarantee for constitutional revision and military giant move.

If the Japanese reactionaries keep going reckless for overseas territorial expansion, defying repeated protest and rejection by the DPRK and other countries around it, they will face earlier isolation and self-ruin.
Tok Island is an inseparable part of Korea's territory forever. -0-

Rodong Sinmun Blasts Hostile Forces for Anti-DPRK Sanctions, Pressure

Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) -- The U.S., Japan and south Korean conservatives make reckless remarks, being displeased with the climate for peace prevalent on the Korean peninsula.
Of late they say a hole is made in the cooperation for sanctions against the DPRK and that the south Korean authorities destroy the U.S.-Japan-south Korea cooperation as they are at loggerheads with Japan.

As regards the moves of many countries to resume cooperation with the DPRK, they say that the sanctions resolutions against the DPRK can be scraped.
Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says that their claim is nothing but behaviors of political underwits without an elementary sense of judgment and the times.

The commentary notes that those who assert that sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK should be kept until denuclearization is realised are just guys who do not want the improvement of the DPRK-U.S. relations and stable situation of the Korean peninsula.

It goes on: Sanctions do not work on the DPRK at all as it moves forward in the spirit of self-reliance and self-development.
The DPRK can make a dynamic advance along the road of the development of Korean-style socialism in reliance upon the efforts of its people without any external assistance and somebody's help.

The hostile forces who press for sustained sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK would be well advised to lend their ears to the demand of the international community that an action should be taken to respond to the DPRK's preemptive efforts, and behave themselves with reason. -0-

Rodong Sinmun on Independence, Peace and Friendship

Pyongyang, January 4 (KCNA) -- Independence, peace and friendship, the idea of the external policy the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and the government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) have consistently preserved, reflect the aspiration and desire of not only the Korean people but also mankind, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in an article.

The article goes on:
Global independence is the desire of mankind and is the aspiration and the goal of the struggle of the Korean people.
Since its foundation, the DPRK has worked hard for global independence, mapping out its external policy independently in accordance with its own faith and determination out of its consistent stand of independence and firmly defending the sovereignty of the country.

If the socialist countries support each other, intensify solidarity and boost cooperation and exchange in the struggle for shared goals and ideals, fast progress will be made in achieving global independence.
It is the fixed external policy stand of the WPK and the DPRK government to develop relations with all countries that are friendly to the DPRK.

The validity and vitality of the independent, peaceful and friendly external policy pursued by the WPK and the DPRK government have been clearly proved in practice.
The WPK and the DPRK government will as ever fulfill their responsibility and role in defending global peace and security and powerfully accelerating global independence. -0-

Rodong Sinmun Labels Japan as Barbarous State of 21st Century

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) -- Recently an international meeting was held for peace and prosperity of Asia and the Pacific. Often heard at the meeting were strong voices branding Japan as a barbarous state which behaves arrogantly and imprudently far from admitting its past crimes and making an apology for the hideous crimes against the Korean nation and Asian countries in the last century.

Rodong Sinmun Monday comments that Japan acts as if it has completely forgotten the thrice-cursed crimes committed in the wake of its illegal occupation of Korea in the last century.

It is an instinctive movement of a brute to rush about unaware of what waits for himself, says the commentary, adding:
The Japanese reactionaries - a herd of beasts in rags of "the Imperial Japanese Army" wielding a Japanese sword to call back the departed soul of "Yasukuni Shrine" - should be mindful that today's Korea is not a weak country trampled because of a lack of national power to defend itself, but a country strong enough to bury the archipelago in the Pacific along with its indelible past crimes.

Crime-ridden Japan, though belatedly, should honestly apologize for, reflect on and make reparation for its hideous past crimes to the Korean nation and the conscience of mankind and give up the daydream of reinvasion without reluctance, if it wants to get rid of its disgrace.

Barbarous Japan should learn first what disgrace and conscience are instead of freaking out.
To do so is the first step to be taken by Japan to undo shackles of crime and enter the bright world. -0-

Japan Should Admit Sexual Slavery: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) -- Films dealing with the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army hit the silver screen at an international film festival in Washington D.C.
The first film festival squarely dealing with the sexual slavery has the theme "wartime sexual abuses, unhealed wounds."
Seeing this, the international community realizes that the settlement of the sexual slavery issue still pending in the crime-woven history of Japan has become a serious question, the solution of which brooks no further delay.

The sexual slavery is the heinous inhuman crime which was perpetrated by the Japanese imperialists with the direct involvement of their government.
Many Asian women including 200 000 Korean women were raped, gang-raped and massacred by the Japanese imperialists in an organized way. Yet, today's Japan fails to make an apology and reparation for it, still going with impunity.

Far from making an apology for the hideous past crimes and reflecting on them, the Japanese reactionaries are behaving so impudently, only to stun the public.
Worse still, they are working hard to cover up the information related to the sexual slavery.

Principal criminals involved in the establishment and operation of the sexual slavery system keep mum, not confessing their crimes.
A lot of classified documents detailing the sexual slavery run by the military are kept in the Ministry of Defense, Police Agency, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Ministry of Finance of Japan.

The ruling quarters of Japan are disallowing the description of the fact in the history textbooks while refusing to declassify the documents.
The Abe regime is talking rubbish that there is no information proving the Japanese army's forcible drafting of comfort women, and even terms the sexual slavery "volunteer service for making money."

However, the crime-woven history can be neither written off nor covered up.
A footage proving the heinous massacre of Korean women by the Japanese imperialists kept in the U.S. National Archives was opened to public recently. And operational records of the allied forces dealing with the gun-killings of the 30 Korean women dating September 13, 1944 were declassified.

This being a hard fact, Japan desperately moves to push under the carpet the sexual slavery crime and evade the international responsibility for it only to betray its moral vulgarity.
Japan should honestly apologize and atone for the sexual slavery, instead of disregarding the demand of the international community for the settlement of the sexual slavery issue.
Everything will go uneasy for Japan if it fails to atone for its past crimes. -0-

KCNA Slashes out at Dishonest Forces' Political Provocation

Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- Recently some dishonest forces including Japan are working hard to cook up another "resolution on human rights in north Korea" in the arena of the United Nations.
Such "resolution on human rights" shaped and presented by them every year is a typical example of politicization of human rights, selectivity and double standards as it is full of falsity, fraud and mud-slinging.

It is an outcome of the conspiratorial and criminal scenario of the hostile forces to defame the dignity of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and stifle its sacred socialist system and a revelation of their deep-rooted confrontational campaign.
The reality of the DPRK, in which the dream and ideal of the people are translated into reality, clearly proves how preposterous the story of the dishonest forces about "human rights" is.

The human rights issue is found in Western countries where the misanthropy and abnormal way of life are rampant.
It is very self-evident that "civilization" and "standard" of Western countries cannot be the human rights standard of the world as those countries have already turned into a barren land of human rights for embodying the imperialistic viewpoint of thinking and view of value and way of life to look down upon, suppress and dominate others.

Moreover, no one in the international community has ever given those countries a privilege to set the world "human rights standard."
In particular, Japan becoming a shock brigade of "human rights racket" against the DPRK is a criminal state against humanity recognized by the world as it has no face and justification to talk about someone's "human rights issue".
It is a mockery and insult to justice and human rights that Japan, which committed the unethical crimes against the Korean nation and other Asian countries but has made no apology for them, is taking the lead in the "human rights" campaign.

What merits attention is that the outdated "human rights racket" continues even at a time when the situation in and around the Korean Peninsula turned to dialogue and peace thanks to the positive efforts of the DPRK.
This is a deliberate politically-motivated provocation to escalate the sanctions and pressure on the DPRK and block the favorably-developing trend of dialogue and peace under the pretext of the "human rights issue".

The DPRK attaches importance to international cooperation for the protection and promotion of genuine human rights, but will not remain a passive onlooker to any attempt for sinister political purpose under the pretext of the "human rights issue". -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Territorial Claim over Tok Island

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- Japan's ambition for other's territory continues, going against the trend of the new era.
Shortly ago, the Japanese government again committed the shameless act of posting on the internet website, run by the planning office on measures for territorial sovereignty under the Cabinet Secretariat, the data asserting the "territorial dominium" over Tok Island.
Such gangster-like assertion that other nation's inviolable territory belongs to Japan is a clear revelation of the unchangeable sinister aim of the descendants of Samurais seeking to destroy the regional peace and security and subsist on aggression and war.

The international community is seriously worried over the territorial ambition of Japan going against the trend of stable and peaceful situation created in the Korean peninsula and the region.
Clear is the intention of Japan keen on claiming the dominium over Tok Island while running counter to the trend of the era.
Its aim is to internationalize the issue of Tok Island, spark off the territorial dispute and invade Korea just like in the last century.

As is known, aggression, plunder and war have been Japan's way of living throughout history.
It has never changed the burglar-like logic by which it insisted that other's territory is part of its own country, a clear reminder of the method for aggression used by its ancestors who had justified the aggression of Korea, crying for "one and the same ancestry and roots" and "oneness of Japan and Korea".

Today, the ruling forces of Japan are working hard to take up the appearance as a war state and ignite a war for reinvasion of Korea while getting zealous in its moves to carry out the political tactics including the arms buildup, overseas expansion and the revision of constitution.
They finalized the study guidelines for high schools in which they made it compulsory to educate in "dominium over Tok Island" in March last and described Tok Island as "part of the inviolable territory of Japan" in the defence white paper for 2018.

After all, Japan's talk about "territory of its country", a prelude to destroying peace, is aimed to openly secure the territorial sovereignty in the region by justifying different problems of territorial conflicts which it is involved in including the Tok Island issue.

Territory is a symbol of sovereignty of each nation and it constitutes the valuable wealth to be handed down to the coming generations.
As proven by history and recognized by the world, Tok Island is part of the Korean nation's inviolable territory that no one can encroach upon.
No matter how desperately Japan, obsessed with the ambition for territory, may try to invade other's territory, it can never encroach upon even an inch of the territory and this will only redouble the will of the Korean nation determined to settle accounts with Japan.

Japan's territorial claim can never be accomplished.
Tok Island will remain part of the inalienable territory of the Korean nation. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Ill-boding Military Moves

Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) -- The recent military moves of Japan have given rise to concern among the regional states.
Japan of late decided to organize a cyber unit in the west district corps of the Ground "Self-Defense Force" (SDF) - the unit to control the region with frequent naval frictions with China.

Against this backdrop, the Japan Maritime SDF is waging a military drill in the vast waters from South Sea of China to the Indian Ocean across the Malacca Strait from Aug. 26.
Japan announced that the joint naval exercise involving different countries would continue till the end of October.
The escalated military moves in the nearby waters of China were carried out pursuant to Japan's ambitious strategy towards China.

Japan Should Stop Playing Cunning Tricks: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 6 (KCNA) -- Japan is behaving imprudently again.
Shortly ago Japanese Foreign Minister Kono and the president of the House of Councillors spouted gibberish about denuclearization and "abduction issue".

It came soon after Prime Minister Abe talked about "bearing of cost" and "realization of summit talks", which betrays the disturbed feelings of Japan trying to meddle in the issue of the Korean peninsula.
But it is impossible to change the position of Japan that has sunk into a quagmire.

As known, now Japan is subject to disgrace and shame because it is the only one who doesn't have a share in the process of negotiations and cooperation of various countries for ensuring peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region.
As it oversteps the mark casting a chill over the climate of dialogue and causing trouble, the international community's attitude to it gets cold day by day.
In a nutshell, Japan has sunk into the worst-ever quagmire of being marginalized and given the cold shoulder.

That's why it tries to draw the attention of the world with the whole gamut of nonsense.
Its miserable position is totally attributable to its anachronistic one-sided policy of pressure on the DPRK.
Apart form the trend of the times it keeps on its keynote of hostile policy towards the DPRK, which is the reason why it can't sit face to face with the DPRK and why it fails to flee from "passing Japan".
Nevertheless, it refers to the already-settled "abduction issue" again to stoke the atmosphere of hostility towards the DPRK, only plunging its fate into an abyss of hell.

It's very ridiculous of Japan to persistently pursue the escalation of tension and deterioration of situation on the Korean peninsula, even though the others give up.
No wonder, even foreign media say that "Japan has been definitely sidelined to the second group in tackling the issue of the Korean peninsula".

Today the first legal and moral obligations Japan assumes before the DPRK are the honest reflection on its bloody past crimes of aggression, full apology and thorough reparation.
No matter how craftily it acts to thrust itself into the trend of the times, it can never flee from the current pitiful position until it has properly settled its past chock-full of crimes. -0-

KCNA Commentary Urges Repatriation of Women Citizens from S. Korea

Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Truth behind conspiratorial cases is bound to be disclosed.
More details of the story about forcible abduction of DPRK women citizens by the Park Geun Hye group of traitors have been disclosed in south Korea, touching off a flurry of censure at home and abroad.

An official concerned of a UN human rights body in a press conference on July 10 quoted the DPRK women employees as saying they did not know they were coming to south Korea, calling on the authorities to conduct thorough-going investigation, ferret out and punish those concerned with the case and respect the employees' intent for return.

On July 15 there was a confession by a criminal who had been involved in deceiving the women and bringing them to south Korea by appeasement, deception and threatening of the "Intelligence Service", which brought to light the case of "defection from the north according to free will".
This has proved in fact that the Park Geun Hye group cooked up the conspiratorial farce against the DPRK in order to turn the table in its favor a few days before the "National Assembly" election.

The crime committed by the group of traitors, which forcibly separated young girls from their beloved families in wanton violation of their rights in order to meet its political purpose, has aroused strong indignation of the public and this has touched off strong demand for their immediate repatriation.

Their repatriation is a pending issue which brooks no further delay.
But the south Korean authorities are still not taking a proper stand on the issue.
Now the north and the south are promoting issues for improvement of the relations and for peace and prosperity in the spirit of the Panmunjom Declaration and the reunion of separated families and relatives is also high on the agenda.

It is ridiculous to trumpet about the "pain of separated families" while keeping the new "separated families" deliberately created due to the inhumane act of the former conservative regime and while shunning the strong appeal of the separated families.

The repatriation of the women has to be realized without delay in the light of humanitarianism and for the abolition of evils and for the sustained development of the north-south ties.
Solution of humanitarian issue is an urgent issue more important than any exchange and cooperation.
The implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration does not mean the selected implementation for saving face or putting on airs.

It is utterly disgusting that the south Korean authorities have taken up double-dealing attitude while talking about "solution of humanitarian issue" and "development of the south-north relations" after forcibly separating those women from their parents for years.
The south Korean authorities should acknowledge the inhuman crimes committed by the Park Geun Hye group, though belatedly, and send back the DPRK citizens to the embrace of the motherland at once.

An attitude to this issue would make one judge their will for the improvement of the north-south ties.
Hypocrisy will never work. -0-

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Putting End to Disputes and Ensuring Global Peace

Pyongyang, July 2 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Monday in an article underlines the important matters for putting an end to disputes among countries, political forces and tribal and religious sects in different parts of the world and ensuring peace and security.
Disputes threatening world peace and security occur as the imperialists and some other forces still seek domination and hegemony, the article says, and goes on:

To be loose in vigilance over the cunning moves of the imperialists leads to serious consequences.
For conflict-torn countries to achieve peace as early as possible is important to find out agreed points to meet mutual interests through dialogue. If one side imposes its requirements upon the other side for the egoistic purpose, it is impossible to find out a key to the solutions forever.

One should not inveigle outside forces into the settlement of disputes. The parties concerned should be responsible for the disputes and settle them through negotiations on the principle of unity free from outsiders' interference.
Every country should refrain from supporting or opposing one side in disputes of other countries. One-sided support will result in further aggravating disputes and confrontation.

All the countries should positively help the parties concerned peacefully settle disputes in mutual interests out of fair stand.
It is harmful to accept the prescription of the imperialists in settling disputes. Their prescription is aimed to paint themselves as "peace champion" and fish in troubled waters. -0-

KCNA Commentary on S. Korea-Japan Agreement

Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- Now the Korean nation and the whole world hope that the Panmunjom Declaration on Peace, Prosperity and Reunification of Korean Peninsula would be implemented as early as possible.
But, a number of hurdles still lie in the way for implementing the declaration.

Such dangerous hurdles should be removed without fail as they harm the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and create a war crisis on the Korean peninsula.
That's why south Koreans from all walks of life have recently pressed for the abrogation of the agreement on protecting military intelligence with Japan.

The south Korean people have waged an all-people signature campaign, saying that it is unpardonable to conclude a military agreement with war criminal state Japan and any attempt for military cooperation with Japan should be stopped as the top leaders of the south and the north declared that there would be no more war on the Korean peninsula.
This reflects the mindset of south Koreans who hope for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and peace on the peninsula. It is also their demand that the authorities have to live up to the expectation.

As was clearly disclosed, the south Korea-Japan agreement on protecting military intelligence is a criminal product traitor Park Geun Hye and the Abe group made under the pretext of "threat from the north". So, it is an extremely dangerous and treacherous war agreement as it ferments distrust and confrontation among the fellow countrymen and opens the door to the Japanese reactionaries bent on the revival of militarism for the reinvasion of the Korean peninsula.

Now Japan, seized with the wild ambition for overseas aggression, is rushing headlong into militarism and gravely threatening peace and security in the region.
The desperate efforts of Japan to stem the current of reconciliation and peace prevailing on the peninsula are inviting criticism and derision from the world.

The conclusion of military agreement with Japan is quite contrary to the desire of the fellow countrymen for the Korean peninsula free from war.
There is no justification for the existence of the agreement.

The existence of such treacherous agreement is disgrace on the nation when the north and the south promised to open a new era for the independent reunification, peace and prosperity by their concerted efforts. It also goes against the expectation of the Asian people and the international community hoping for the stable situation in the peninsula and the region.

The agreement should be promptly abrogated in view of implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration and the south Korean authorities' combat against the deep-rooted evils.
The abrogation of the agreement, concluded by the Park Geun Hye group and Japan in a hurry, is one of the election commitments made by the present authorities of south Korea.

Actions speak louder than words, and it is more important to yield fruits through bold practice.
The south Korean authorities should show the will to implement the Panmunjom Declaration by taking a bold decision to repeal the treacherous war agreement. -0-

Nation and Partisan Interests and Policy Are Inseparable: KCNA

Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- South Korea's largest opposition party "Liberal Korea Party" is behaving unseemly when all the Koreans in the north, the south and abroad and the whole world including hostile countries are warmly supporting the historic inter-Korean summit meeting.

The ultra-right conservatives including Hong Jun Phyo are talking such nonsense every day as "the rarest camouflaged peace show" and "oral feast" so as to run down the Panmunjom summit and April 27 declaration and play down their meaning and success.
They are also viciously opposing Chongwadae's putting forward of the Panmunjom declaration to the "National Assembly" to be ratified by it, terming it "reversed thing" and "an unpardonable thing".

It clearly shows the true colors of the extremely vicious anti-national and anti-reunification group that exists only through the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north and war, indifferent to the desire and requirement of the nation as it is hysterics of the group of traitors to the nation keen on the division and confrontation.

Because of the crimes of the conservative regime which ended the June 15 era of reunification, talking about "the lost decade", the "Liberal Korea Party" has nothing to say of the present dramatic turning point.
It is running amuck going against the hard-won trend of improving the inter-Korean ties, far from apologizing to the nation for the monstrous crimes. It is surprising all.

No faction can ever stand above the nation, and the nation and partisan interests and policy are inseparable.
If one is a politician, one should be faithful to the historic great cause of the reconciliation and unity of the nation and peace and prosperity rather than say this or that over conservatism and progress.

The "Liberal Korea Party" has been engrossed in factional strife such as elections to the local self-governing bodies and containing of the ruling forces by the trite coloring campaign without idea and political tactics and is going the lengths of going against the public sentiment and betraying the nation.
Now the south Korean ultra-right conservative media and forces that have long supported conservatives are opposing the reckless act of the party beyond the common sense.

The candidates from the party are openly criticizing Hong Jun Phyo, representative of the party, with the elections just ahead and keep away from him, which is something unprecedented.
The herd of traitors to the nation is doomed to be isolated and rejected as it is using the fate of the nation and even the future for partisan strife with the outdated cold war mode of thinking.

It should be well aware that it will be sunk by the waves of the angry public like the "Park Geun Hye ship in distress" if it swims against the national trend of peace and reunification, failing to face up to the situation. -0-

KCNA Commentary Derides Japan's Immature Politics

Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- Japan persists in pursuing immature politics against the trend of the times.
Japan's Foreign Minister Kono talked rubbish chilling the atmosphere of dialogue on the Korean peninsula at a recent lecture, only to be censured by the public at home and abroad. He said that "one should not respond in haste to north Korea's 'charm offensive'" and "there is no need to hurry as north Korea may take advantage of it".

Commenting on such ill language often let out by the Abe government, Asahi Shimbun said "Japan fears that it might be isolated in the hot wind of north Korea-centered diplomacy in Northeast Asia", adding "people are concerned that Japan might be left alone under the rapidly changing situation."

As recognized by the public, the Abe government's trite hard-line policy and attitude toward the DPRK are no more than grumbling by the lonely island nation which was sidelined under the developing regional situation.

The phenomenon of "alienating Japan", of which it is now much concerned, was just brought by Japan itself, not by anyone else.
Japan is ahead of others in the geographic time zone but is always the last of the region and among the international community in the political time table. Its politics must be problematic.

Different from some opinions about smart "Japan's politics", the Abe government's short-sighted and backward politics are the worst ever in history.
Its authorities' language is run through with crude words and unilateral attitude betraying their ill intention to seek their interests only by disregarding the demand and interests of neighboring countries or by abusing them.

As for its hard-line policy hostile toward the DPRK, Japan persists in pursuing it in order to not only turn its home politics into reactionary and ultra-right ones but also step up rearmament and become a military giant.
That's why Japan was forsaken by the countries in the region calling for stability and atmosphere of reconciliation while keeping sharp vigilance against the moves of Japan. It is bound to be sidelined in the current trend of situation.

Recently, it invited others to tighten "cooperation in pressurizing" the DPRK, crying out for monitoring its "sea smuggling" and talking about "sharing of burden and observation", but got only silent or frosty receptions.
Japan is a country of Asia but is an island country apart from the Asian continent.
It should know that it can never change its fate as a politically isolated "lonely island nation" if it fails to face up to the demand and the trend in the region. -0-

KCNA Blasts Dishonest Forces' Distortion of Truth

Pyongyang, March 20 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency issued a commentary titled "Truth Must Not Be Distorted with Sheer Sophism" on Tuesday.
The commentary noted that thanks to the proactive measure and peace-loving proposal made by the DPRK, dramatic atmosphere for reconciliation has been created in relations between the north and the south of Korea and there has been a sign of change also in the DPRK-U.S. relations.

At this time, the dishonest forces in the U.S. and Japan and the conservative group of south Korea are peddling groundless stories distorting the truth in a bid to mislead public opinion, the commentary said, citing facts.

It went on: Incumbent and former officials and experts of the U.S. have become vocal, claiming that "north Korea took a change-about attitude even though the U.S. did not make any concession", "Trump's high-intensity sanctions and pressure strategy proves effective" and "it is a sign that north Korea has reached a limit beyond which it can no longer sustain itself", in an attempt to meet their own interests.

The Abe group, which is left alone as a result of the unexpected sudden change in the situation of the Korean peninsula, claims that "north Korea's dialogue and peace offensive is a result of the sustained pressure put by the international community" and "hasty dialogue would mean being taken in by north Korea's strategy of gaining time" and that "sanctions should never be slackened under any circumstances".

In the meantime, the conservatives of south Korea including the "Liberal Korea Party", conservative media and self-professed experts are reeling off invective that "it is a trite method for the north to opt for dialogue whenever it finds itself in a fix", "it is camouflaged peace offensive" and "it is aimed to make a crack in south Korea-U.S. alliance and to seek lift of sanctions".

The great change in the north-south relations is not an accidental one but a noble fruition made thanks to the DPRK's proactive measure, warm compatriotism and will for defending peace. Such an event as today could be possible as the DPRK's dignity has remarkably risen and it has strong might.
Such rubbish as "result of sanctions and pressure" and sort of "limit" spread by the hostile forces is just as meaningless as a dog barking at the moon.

The economy of the DPRK is rising, not sitting down as claimed by the riff-raffs, and is being put on a Juche and modern basis. Sci-tech achievements and models have been created in different parts of the country, promising the bright future for the improvement of the people's living standard.
It is by no means accidental that the public at home and abroad are unanimously commenting that the dialogue peace offensive of the DPRK is an expression of self-confidence as it has acquired everything it desires.

It is really an expression of small-mindedness for the riff-raffs to spoil the atmosphere and say this or that even before the parties concerned are given a chance to study the inner thoughts of the other side and are seated at a negotiating table.
We do like to remind that it is time for all to approach everything with prudence with self-control and patience.
The fault-finders have to face up to the unanimous demand of the public at home and abroad for the improvement of the north-south relations and for peace on the Korean peninsula and stop the mean act of distorting truth. -0-