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KCNA Commentary Censures Japan for Attempting to Cover up Its Crimes

Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the Japanese prime minister made another reckless remark to find fault with the DPRK.
At a full-dress session of the House of Representatives, he said that he would actively cooperate with relevant countries while talking about the so-called abduction of Japanese by the DPRK.
His impudent behavior just like a thief calling "Stop thief!" further stirs up the Korean people's resentment at the island nation.

The abduction issue much touted by Japan is undebatable as it has already been settled irreversibly.
This being a hard fact, Japan seeks to cover up the unethical acts including the world's biggest state-backed abduction in the past while abusing the abduction issue for attaining its political purposes and making money and shamelessly describing itself as "victim."

It is illogical that Japan dares to talk about the abduction issue by the DPRK and this goes to prove the cunning and moral vulgarity of Japan.
In fact, the "victims" pointed out by the Japanese politicians in the context of "possibility of the abduction by north Korea" have nothing to do with the DPRK as they are the missing persons produced by the corrupted political climate and fin de siecle way of social life in the island nation.

Moreover, the fact that missing persons claimed to have been "abducted" by the DPRK are being found in Japan one after another clearly shows the groundlessness of the abduction issue touted by the Japanese reactionaries.
Clear is the purpose of Japan, the biggest abduction state, which tries to draw the attention of the world community while talking about the abduction issue.

Japan seeks to defame the dignity of the DPRK in conclusion with hostile forces, justify its hostile policy towards the DPRK and dodge its responsibility for the past crimes against humanity, notably the world's biggest abduction, by feigning itself to be the miserable "victim" before the world.
It would be the biggest mistake for Japan to calculate that it could get rid of its duty of liquidation of its past crimes with mean farce.

The heinous abduction crimes Japan committed by abducting and forcibly drafting a lot of Korean young and middle-aged people to battlefields and slave labor sites and forced over 200 000 Korean women into sexual slavery in the past can never be covered up with anything.
The Japanese reactionaries should not persistently cling to the useless abduction issue and act recklessly but make a sincere apology and thorough reparation for their heinous unethical crimes against the Korean people. -0-

KCNA Commentary Slams Japan's Projected Constitutional Revision

Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Japan desperately pursues the constitutional revision to specify the existence of the "Self-Defense Forces."
A draft-making commission established within the headquarters for promoting the constitutional revision officially announced that it would draw up a detailed draft of four items such as "stipulation of the SDF in constitution" and "tackling of emergency situation" until the end of the year, before submitting it to the Diet for examination.

This is a dangerous and foolish act to make a legal foothold for overseas invasion and bring the dark clouds of a war of aggression by speeding up the revision of the constitution which the previous regime failed to realize.
As a war criminal state and defeated nation in the Second World War, Japan is banned from having its regular army and exercising the right of belligerency.

This is clearly specified in Article 9, the core of its current constitution.
By amending that article, the Japanese reactionaries seek to vest the SDF with the legal status of a regular army and make sure that the SDF carries out military operations in any parts of the world, unbound by domestic law.
Herein lies the reason why the Suga regime is doggedly pursuing the constitutional revision to turn Japan into a military giant and perfect the legal and institutional mechanism for overseas invasion.

PM Suga is egging on the LDP to "buckle down to the revision", while openly touting the "succession of the Abe's line."
He also makes vicious attempts to gag the academic circles voicing objection to the revision.

The pro-revision reactionary forces of Japan have come under strong protests and rejection at home and abroad for their risky moves for making a war constitution.
Opposition parties remain averse to the regime's projected constitutional revision, terming it a senseless and intolerable act running counter to long-standing rules and procedures of the constitution-screening body. They are also questioning whether the revision of the constitution is really needed.

The Japanese reactionaries should lend an ear to the anti-revision voices at home and immediately stop the revision of the constitution aimed at turning Japan into a war-capable country.
If Japan persists in swimming against the trend of the times, it will never be able to clear itself of the infamy as an "enemy nation" and war criminal state. -0-

KCNA Commentary Slams Abe's Visit to Yasukuni Shrine

Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) -- Japanese reactionaries are getting desperate in militarization.
Abe, who resigned his office as prime minister for illness, suddenly visited the Yasukuni Shrine, the symbol of militarism, less than a week after his resignation.
Not content with it, he twittered "Today I visited the Yasukuni Shrine and reported to the souls on my resignation."

This, a manifestation of recklessness inciting Japan to reinvasion, brings to light the true colors of a militaristic maniac again.
Abe, who inherited a "gene" for revival of fascism from his ancestors, worked hard to realize it and employed sleight of hand to cover up that black-hearted intention during his tenure of office.

In December, 2013, a year after his inauguration as prime minister, he came under sharp criticism at home and abroad for visiting the Yasukuni Shrine.
However, he persisted in inciting ultra-nationalism throughout the Japanese society by employing such a sly method as making ritual offering to the shrine, instead of personally visiting it.

His regime billed its desperate pursuance of constitutional revision, unprecedented armed buildup and overseas expansion as "measures for protecting allies and tackling threat from neighboring countries" and "contribution to international community" and "proactive pacifism."
But as a leopard cannot change its spots, Abe revealed his true colors as an ultra-rightist and his policy of aggression under the eyes of the world by visiting the shrine.

Abe was well aware that he would face protests and denunciation by the international community for his visit to the shrine. But he visited it out of his sinister intention to facilitate the constitutional revision he failed to do during his tenure of office.
Now the public in Japan are getting vocal, censuring the former prime minister who caused social unrest by pursuing unpopular and aggressive policies like buildup of "defense capabilities."

Voices objecting to possession of the "capability for attacking enemy base" are heard even within the New Komeito Party, the partner of the Liberal Democratic Party in managing the coalition government.
Exasperated by this, Abe seeks to keep Japan on the track of militarism through his visit to the shrine.

Former soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army confessed at a press interview that they suffered ruin for inflicting untold misfortune upon the Asian people.
This is a serious lesson teaching that aggressors have no future.
The Japanese reactionaries will meet miserable and irretrievable ruin for persisting in reviving militarism, oblivious of the lesson. -0-

KCNA Commentary Terms Japan's Space Plan Risky

Pyongyang, July 17 (KCNA) -- There took place a ministerial conference in Japan recently to map out a new basic space plan.
The plan is to double the scale of the space-related industrial market of Japan until the early 2030s and encourage businesses to compete in the market.

What can not be overlooked are Japan's claim that it has updated its space policy because of mounting threat from the DPRK and China, and its announcement that it would improve its space defense and missile detecting and tracking capabilities in cooperation with the U.S.

The plan also calls for possessing many information-gathering spy satellites capable of rapidly detecting missiles from the DPRK. And this has come under the global spotlight.
In a word, the new plan is an open scenario for turning Japan into a military power at any cost by pushing forward with space weaponization, and it is also an extremely dangerous aggression plan for making outer space a war theatre.

Japan has pushed ahead with space weaponization in secrecy for a long time under the pretext of defending itself from someone's threat.
By enacting the "basic law on space" in 2008, Japan threw away the pretext of the "peaceful use of the outer space" and paved a road toward space weaponization. In its revised "defense guidelines" and "Midterm Defence Capability Buildup Outline" in 2018, it declared outer space and cyber space as its new spheres of defense.

The Japanese reactionaries' space weaponization has entered a more serious stage this year.
At the beginning of this year it examined the issue of renaming the Air "Self-Defense Force" the Aerospace "Self-Defense Force." In February it launched an intelligence satellite for gathering information about DPRK's missile facilities. In May it organized a "space operation force," the first of its kind, in its Air "Self-Defense Force".

Abe declared that it is the general goal of Japan to be a "future independent space power", thus openly betraying the black-hearted intention to seize military edge in outer space.
Quoting him, AP said that Abe is seeking to enhance "Japan's roles and capability worldwide" by intensifying the cooperation between its "Self-Defense Forces" (SDF) and the U.S. forces and by equipping the SDF with U.S.-made weapons.

The Japan's "space operation force" is now closely cooperating with the U.S. space force in developing the technology for neutralizing and destroying satellites of other countries.

Not content with having turned the SDF into offensive forces to provoke the international community, Japan, a war criminal country deprived of the rights to possess the army and participate in war and the right of belligerency, included outer space and cyber space in the operational zones of the SDF. It even encourages individual companies to compete in the space industry market in order to monopolize it, a revelation of its long-cherished extremely dangerous ambition to reinvade Korea and its boundless greed.

We can not overlook Japan's desperate moves for hastening space weaponization and becoming a military power, which are all aimed to realizing the old dream for the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere". -0-

KCNA Commentary Censures Japanese Reactionaries for Distorting History

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, Japan opened to the public the industrial heritage information center in Tokyo where data denying the forced labor of Koreans in the Hashima coal mine is exhibited.

The Japanese reactionaries have long tried to register forced labor sites for exploiting Koreans including the Hashima Island as UNESCO's world cultural heritage. But they faced strong opposition at home and abroad and were compelled to admit the forced labor of Koreans in July, 2015 and commit themselves before the international community to taking a proper step to keep the memory of the victims and establishing an information center telling the whole history.

At that time the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee, considering Japan's such attitude, adopted a decision on advising Japan to make public the history about the forced labor of Koreans in every site.
However, just after attaining their purpose, the Japanese reactionaries openly exhibited fabrications denying the forced labor of Koreans, far from the above-said commitment and decision.

This is another unpardonable mockery of the Korean nation and the international community and unethical crime as it is an impudent distortion of history.
As far as the Hashima coal mine is concerned, it had been called by even Japanese a hell from the outset of its development owing to its poor living and labor conditions.

The Japanese imperialists brought some 1 000 Korean people to the island without source of edible water and forced them into painful slave labor of more than 12~14 hours every day. The Koreans were the targets of all sorts of national discrimination and maltreatment.
The testimonies by a Korean who had a narrow escape from the island of death and the Japanese who lived on its neighboring islands and a book written by Eidai Hayashi, a Japanese writer, go to clearly prove the crimes of the militarist murderers who maltreated and massacred Koreans brutally on the Hashima Island.

This being a hard fact, the Japanese reactionaries are spreading false information, describing it as "testimonies" by islanders, terming such act the one following the resolution and advice from the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee. This is, indeed, an unpardonable provocation to the mankind calling upon the island nation to sincerely atone for its crime-woven past.

The Japanese authorities are desperately resorting to distortion of history while labeling the proper understanding of the criminal history of the Japanese archipelago as "self-tormenting outlook on history".

Their purpose is to evade their responsibility for atoning for the unethical crimes at any cost and to keep the Japanese people in ignorance, so as to use them as a shock brigade for overseas invasion again.

This is, indeed, outrageous.
The more desperately the Japanese politicians try to deny their past history and revive militarism, the bitterer denunciation and hatred of the international community they will meet, and this will cast a shadow on the future of the archipelago state.

In the final analysis, they are rejecting "self-tormenting outlook on history" to write another history of their self-ruin.
The Abe regime would be well advised to stop the useless act, though belatedly, and sincerely reflect on the past crimes and make due reparation for them as it is legally and morally obliged to do so. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Height of Impudence

Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- The north-south joint liaison office which had already lost the value of its existence and symbolic meaning was toppled down on Tuesday afternoon as warned by us.
The south Korean authorities are fully aware of why the office built under the agreement between the north and the south two years ago came to lose the justification of its existence and be abandoned.

But explaining the "attitude" towards this, the Ministry of Unification of south Korea talked nonsense such as "deep regret and strong protest", "violation of the Panmunjom Declaration and unilateral scrapping of agreement" and "due responsibility".
This is just like a guilty party filing the suit first.

Do they have the face to daringly talk about the violation of the Panmunjom Declaration and abrogation of agreement?
It is the height of impudence that they talk about our breach of agreement even though they have done countless things that should never be done.
The Ministry of Unification of south Korea impudently branded our people's coming leaflet-scattering against enemy as the evident breach of the Panmunjom Declaration.

Upon such awkward and shocking words, we stopped for a good time to consider whether it is human beings that we are arguing, before thinking about enemy and friend.
What leaves us doubtful is if those who connived at and left the leaflet-scattering by human scum "defectors from the north" as it is in violation of the agreement can stately talk about "our breach".

They are, indeed, brazen-faced.
The south side which has systematically breached and destroyed the Panmunjom Declaration, Pyongyang Declaration and agreements between the north and the south while openly doing all sorts of hostile acts including war exercises against the north has no qualifications whatsoever to talk about the violation of the agreement.

It is really questionable if Chongwadae of south Korea still wants to meet greater misfortune by neglecting such words.
The Ministry of National Defense of south Korea is equal to Chongwadae in failing to control its tongue.
Just like feared mongrel dog, it kept bragging and bluffing, rattling the dialogue partner and stoking confrontational atmosphere, making barks like track-monitoring, firm posture and strong counteraction.

Wrong words and actions are bound to bring ensuing result. It can be the story of setting Seoul on fire that was raised long ago or more horrible threats, and the south Korean authorities have to take care of themselves just in case.
They have to control their tongues, bearing in mind that the explosion in the Kaesong Industrial Zone can be a prelude to the total catastrophe of the north-south relations. -0-

Japan's Intention to Reinvade Korea Assailed by KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 3 (KCNA) -- Madness of Japan, a war criminal state, has reached an extreme.
Shortly ago, it was disclosed through a photo that a Korean map is hung on the wall of the office of Kono, minister of Defence of Japan, together with the "flag of rising sun shedding rays", the icon of the imperialist aggression.
It is not an issue that can be overlooked that the blood-stained flag of the war criminal state is with the Korean map in the office of the supreme commander of the armed forces of the state hostile to the DPRK.

It is clear evidence proving that the ambition of the barbaric island country to reinvade Korea has reached an extreme as it is little short of an intention to hoist again the colors of the Imperial Japanese Army which inflicted untold misfortune and pain upon the Korean nation in all parts of the Korean peninsula.

The Japanese reactionaries are making poor excuses that the map of the Korean peninsula is one of a lot of maps on the wall in the office and there is no special intention. These are nothing but sophism to cover their intention to invade Korea, which was brought to daylight.

They have made no hesitation to remark that they should usurp the holy land of the Korean nation through a war. Not content with this, they stipulated Tok Island as their territory in 2020 Diplomatic Blue Book once again.

The ongoing anti-DPRK and anti-Chongryon (the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) moves and persistent moves for imbuing the rising generations of Japan with the distorted history are based on the revanchist ambition of the descendants of Samurais who are engrossed in the moves for reinvasion after fixing the hostile policy towards the DPRK as their national policy and invasion of Korea as their main strategy.

Japan is amassing troops of the "Self-Defence Forces" in strategic vantages favorable for overseas invasion under the deceptive pretext of the defence and recapture of the remote islands. This also clearly shows the black-hearted intention of the Japanese warmongers anxiously watching for a chance to reinvade.

It is the invariable aim of the Japanese reactionaries to invade Korea and expand the war of conquest to other countries on its basis.
All the facts go to clearly prove that the Japanese reactionaries are, indeed, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation.

The madness of Japan coveting for the territory of Korea generation after generation and working hard to fly the flag of the war criminal state on the land of Korea only redoubles the will of the Korean nation to settle accounts with Japan.
The Japanese reactionaries would be well advised to bear in mind that if they act rashly, oblivious of the history of the defeat, they would be brought to a miserable end. -0-

Vigilance Must Be Taken against Military Moves of War Criminal State: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 5 (KCNA) -- Japan's reckless military behaviors are becoming ever more undisguised.
Shortly ago, Japanese Air "Self-Defense Force"(SDF) staged a joint drill over Okinawa region and areas around it with U.S. fighters including B-1 strategic bombers.

This is the second Japan-U.S. joint drill staged this year in which bombers from the U.S. mainland were involved. In February, more than 50 fighters including B-52 nuclear strategic bombers of the U.S. forces and fighters of the Japanese Air SDF waged a joint drill on the largest scale targeting the DPRK and China.

This is a war-thirsty behavior gravely threatening the regional situation and a vivid manifestation of the militarization moves of Japan to become a military power and realize its wild ambition for reinvasion by availing itself of the U.S. policy for world domination.

As reported, Japan is building armed forces in the major bases favorable for its overseas invasion including Miyako Island of Okinawa Prefecture and frequently conducting all kinds of military drills in sky, land and seas of the country, which are becoming a matter of serious concern.

Such reckless military moves being conducted in collusion with its master is further escalating the tense situation of the region, reflecting the sordid intention of the island nation to openly commit continental aggression by taking the advantage of it.

The Japanese reactionaries' wild ambition for invasion is by no means limited to the regional scale.
The Japanese reactionaries are stretching out its tentacles of aggression to any region of the world and even to the space, far beyond the scale of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere", while getting vocal that the SDF has become the "comrade-in-arms" of the U.S. forces.

Japan, which has been banned to have the regular army as well as the right of belligerency and the right to participate in a war as a state of aggression and a criminal state that stained the Asian continent with blood in the last century, has now emerged as a huge military entity ranking itself among world five military giants.
When taking its maritime force as an example, it is in the advanced level of the world in the tonnage of the ships, and the latest warships, submarines, icebreakers, and all kinds of naval flying force are numberless.

A French institute for international relations and strategic studies said that Japan has possessed perfect capabilities, even the operation system in the oceans and the North Pole, and such build-up in attack power indicates the change in the formation of Japanese forces. It exposed that the moves of the SDF for increasing operation capabilities is against the Constitution but it is conducting illegal military moves without hesitation.

It is natural that every military move of Japan disregarding all the restrictions to the war criminal state under the patronage of its master is drawing international attention. The world should not forget the terrible disaster the Asian people had suffered in the first half of the 20th century, and should keep a close watch over the moves of the Japanese reactionaries for becoming the "leader" while embellishing the past crimes. -0-

KCNA Commentary Censures S. Korean Ministry of Unification for Being Engrossed in "Unification by Absorption"

Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Ministry of Unification put back the part dealing with the "German-style reunification," which had been deleted last year, in a textbook titled "2020 Understanding of Unification Issue".

From the viewpoint of the textbook to be used at junior high schools, senior high schools, public organs and libraries, it can never be overlooked.
It is nothing but a traitorous and reckless act to realize the daydream about "unification under liberal democracy" by imbuing the overall society including rising generations with the consciousness of "unification by absorption".

The "German-style reunification", a typical mode of "unification by absorption", means the "unification under liberal democracy" which was sought by the successive conservative "regimes".
The south Korean authorities were compelled to delete the part dealing with it with their own hands owing to its groundlessness, confrontational colors and bad influence on the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The Ministry of Unification is well aware of it but it openly revealed its intention to realize the "unification by absorption". This is a clear provocation against us and challenge to the desire of the nation for peace.
The so-called Ministry of Unification is disturbing national reconciliation and unity and inciting only mistrust and hostility towards fellow countrymen.
The reality shows that the ministry talks about "fresh thinking and improvement of relations" but is still engrossed in deep-rooted confrontational consciousness.

Seventy-odd year-long history of national division proves that if anyone persistently resorts to fantastic "unification of social systems" and "unification by absorption", he can never make a new history of national reconciliation and unity, peace and prosperity and unification.

"Unification of social systems" and "unification by absorption" will bring about only collision.
Until when is the ministry of Unification going to repeat the crime-woven history of the conservative "regime", being branded by fellow countrymen as the ministry of confrontation with compatriots and ministry of anti-reunification?

The ministry of Unification should bear in mind that if it continues to go against the unanimous desire and demand of the nation, it will be certainly branded as the group of traitors. -0-

KCNA Commentary Censures Japan for Invariable Militarist Ambition

Pyongyang, March 30 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" (MSDF) put into commission its new Aegis destroyer Maya.
Japanese Defense Minister Kono said at the vessel-launching ceremony that the launch of the 7th Aegis would "improve the air defense capability of Japan", talking about the "increase of military threats from the DPRK and China".

The military buildup of the MSDF being pushed ahead under the pretext of threat from someone is nothing but a reckless act of the militarists hell-bent on realizing their wild ambition for a military giant.
As well-known, the newly-launched destroyer is the first one equipped with the new system of the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) for exchange of information between other destroyers, early warning planes, etc. of the "Self-Defence Forces" (SDF).

In case the radar of the destroyer fails in picking up a rocket or a plane of the opposite side, the destroyer can immediately receive relevant data from the U.S. forces. It also carries the Standard Missile-3 Block IIA interceptor jointly developed by Japan and the U.S.

The Japanese media reported that the MSDF plans to build more vessels equipped with the said system by next year, and thirteen early warning aircrafts to be bought from the U.S. in the future would also be equipped with the system.
In the final analysis, it means that Japan, which is banned from having the right of belligerency, the right to participate in a war and the right to have a regular army, became possible to share information with the U.S. forces on the ground and in the air and sea in real time and carry out any military operations as it wishes.

Herein lie the danger and gravity of Japan's moves for modernization of the SDF threatening peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region.
Still now, Japan is working hard to boost the SDF's capability of fighting an actual war and open a road of reinvasion, availing itself of the U.S. policy for domination.

It has openly revealed the hostility towards its neighboring countries and its territorial ambition while ceaselessly staging joint military exercises with the U.S. on the ground and in the air and sea of the archipelago from the beginning of this year.
ITAR£­TASS disclosed the sinister intention of Japan, saying that the deployment of the Aegis vessel equipped with the new information exchange system is a link in the chain of the U.S. missile shield system in the Far Eastern region.

Shortly ago, Japan launched a "submarine-hunter" capable of tracking down and identifying even a sub hundreds of kilometers away to let it join the MSDF.
Arms buildup of the SDF and remarks that the main target of Japan is China and north Korea being openly heard from the island country go to prove that the wild ambition of the war criminal state to repeat the past history of aggression with the backing of its master remains unchanged.

The Japanese reactionaries should clearly understand that their reckless militarist hysteria is the root cause that brings only disaster and misfortune to the island country. -0-

KCNA Commentary Blames S. Korean Conservatives for Raising "North Wind"

Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- The south Korean conservative group is again whipping up the "north wind" hysterics.
In recent days, the group of traitors including the "United Future Party" is massively spreading the "rumor about the north's interference in general election", saying that the north is conducting the psychological warfare to agitate the public for judging the conservative political party through media and that it can commit a provocation.

As the saying goes, the leopard cannot change its spots.
The "north wind" racket is a stereotyped method employed by the conservatives every election time and a treacherous and unpardonable act for realizing the sinister political ambition of the conservative group to seize power by fanning the atmosphere of provoking confrontation with the DPRK and accelerating the rally of its forces.

Successive conservative forces of south Korea have persistently raised the "north wind" such as the "rumor about the intervention of the People's Army in the May 18 Kwangju Popular Uprising", the "rumor about the north's hacking into the network of the peasant's association" and the "rumor about the north's fabrication of the drone incident", and resorted to "security" racket whenever they were thrown into the political crisis.

This time, too, schemers are making desperate efforts to make an opportunity favorable for establishing a conservative regime by holding domination over National Assembly through the victory in the coming "general election" at any cost.

They are inciting the people to confrontation with the fellow countrymen, setting "the principled policy" towards the north as their election commitment and talking such nonsense that the north watches for every chance to invade the south and shows two faces of dialogue and provocation.

Shortly ago, traitor Hwang Kyo An was very emphatic about the possibility of provocation from someone at the hall of national assemblymen, saying that warship "Cheonan" sank by the provocation of the north, and south Koreans should not forget the young people's sacrifice.

It is, indeed, the shame of the nation that the traitors behave themselves recklessly to usurp the power while seeking a way-out in the confrontation with the fellow countrymen and escalation of tension, indifferent to the destiny and future of the nation.

Candlelight demonstrators desirous of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula and progressive development of the society spitted at traitors and immoral persons including the conservatives long ago.
As long as the group of traitors is not eliminated completely, the pain of national division which the Korean people suffer will further increase and the tragic submission to outsiders which the south Korean people have been subject to will continue.
The conservative group should be removed from the list of the nation as soon as possible. -0-

Japan Slashed for Its Wild Ambition for Expansion: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) -- Japan's wild ambition for expansion has reached its height.
Days ago, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan approved an amendment to the law on establishment of Defence Ministry aimed at organizing space operation corps in the Air "Self-Defense Force" under the signboard of studying measures for evading collision of space debris and satellites and checking the attack of foreign satellites, and decided to submit it to the Diet.

The passage of the amendment through the Diet will provide Japan with a legal guarantee to turn the moves for space militarization for air espionage into the preparations of attack posture and the dangerous phase of practice.

Japan's space-related moves are linked directly with the moves for its military giant.
Japan enacted a deceptive "bill" on the use of space for peaceful purpose in 1969 and has since stepped up to seize space. It enacted the basic law on space which allows the use of space for military purpose under the pretext of the use of space for "defensive purpose" in 2008. It, not content with this, removed the legal barriers to space militarization by modifying an article that confines space development to peaceful purpose in 2012.

Japan has already established a system under which it can keep watch on the whole world including the DPRK round the clock with espionage satellites and has a rocket technology on a high level.

It is as clear as noonday that the development of offensive means and deployment the Japanese militarists have stepped up in accordance with the amendment to the law on establishment of Defence Ministry under such situation will bring a danger to the planet.

What should not be overlooked is that the Japanese reactionaries are making a fool of the international community by shamelessly claiming that their moves for a military giant are for "defence" and "the thing for coping with someone's threat".
At the regular Diet session convened on Jan. 20 Japanese Prime Minister Abe designated the DPRK, China and Russia as the main rival states that can attack its satellites and justified the establishment of the space operation corps.

With nothing the Japanese reactionaries can cover up the final aim for reinvasion.
The sordid intention of the Japanese authorities is revealed in the fact that they are whitewashing the past crimes, refusing to atone for them, revising the "Pacifist Constitution" and building up the SDF beyond the principle of "exclusive defense" and that politicians are letting loose remarks that Japan should grab others' land through by means of war.

Japan should not act rashly, mindful that it will fall into the abyss of ruin if it makes desperate efforts for a military giant, going against the desire of mankind for peace. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Intention for Constitutional Revision

Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- Japan is desperately going against the demand of the international community.
Prime Minister Abe revealed again his wild ambition to push ahead with the constitutional revision for black-hearted purposes during his tenure of office, saying at a recent news conference that he would carry out the constitutional revision at any cost.

Japan has made dispatch of the "Self-Defense Forces" to the Middle East a fait accompli and worked hard for it.
The Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party respectively held security meetings and approved the maritime SDF's dispatch to the Middle East. And reportedly, the Defence Ministry will give orders to dispatch the SDF next January, if a ministerial meeting decides on it.

The Japanese Defense Minister has visited the Middle East. Abe is going to visit there in mid-January next year and Japan is going to set up a supply center for Japanese warships in Oman located in the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
The desperate acceleration of the constitutional revision aimed at specification of the existence of SDF and hurried moves for the dispatch of SDF to the Middle East bring to light the sinister intention of the militaristic maniacs of Japan seeking to realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion after making Japan a country having the legality of going to war at any cost.

The Japanese reactionary conservative forces have always dreamed of the revival of the "Great Japanese Empire" which once bragged about its mightiness after putting the Asian continent under its control.
To this end, the reactionaries have worked hard to revive militarism and turn Japan into a military giant out of their will to avenge the defeat.

They developed SDF into full-fledged war forces equipped with modern weaponry in disregard of the "Pacifist Constitution" that bans Japan from having army and exercising the right to belligerency and the right to participate in a war.
If the constitutional revision, the last process for making a war state, is carried out, Japan will take the path of reinvasion under that legal guarantee.

Japan stretches out its tentacles toward various parts of the world under the pretext of "peace and security", "international contribution" and "war on terrorism." It is not a secret that its final goal is to realize the wild ambition for overseas invasion.
Japan once claimed that SDF dispatch to the Middle East is for "survey and research" aimed at ensuring security of the vessels related to Japan.

It hinted at the SDF's recourse to arms, saying "Japan may issue an order of maritime escort action not ruling out the use of weapons in an unforeseen situation." Abe talked rubbish that the vast sea from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean should be made a common asset of the international community. The 2020 defense expenses determined at a ministerial meeting of Japan hit an all-time high, 5. 3133 trillion yen. They are a clear proof of the wild ambition of the Japanese reactionaries for reinvasion.

Such moves of Japan oblivious of the bitter defeat in the past will only boomerang on it.
The international community will never pardon the Japanese militarists running riot to bring a terrible disaster to mankind again. -0-

Japan's Challenge to Current of Times and History Can't Be Tolerated: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- Many countries have made apology for and reflected on their wrongdoings of the past.
This year Britain returned cultural relics to Ethiopia, Germany made an official apology for the slaughter of civilians by a Nazi unit in Italy and France recently returned cultural heritage which it plundered in Senegal in 19th century.
This is an expression of the will of those countries not to commit the crimes again and a reflection of the international trend of promoting reconciliation and new development of relations among countries through the atonement for the past.

There is such a shameless country as Japan which swims against the trend.
Japan still refuses to admit, apologize for and make reparation for the monstrous crimes against the Korean people, other peoples of Asian countries and mankind.
Japan's past history is a crime-woven history of aggression, war, plunder and massacre.

In particular, Japan robbed Korea of its sovereign rights, a huge amount of natural resources and priceless cultural assets and destroyed them early in the last century. Its crimes are the worst ever known in history.
Japan's plunder of cultural assets started before its occupation of Korea and came to a climax during 40-plus year-long colonial fascist rule.

During the occupation of Korea, the Japanese imperialists took to Japan valuable historic relics which the Korean people created and preserved for thousands of years and destroyed what it couldn't carry away. They blew up the Mausoleum of King Kyonghyo (31st King of Koryo) in Kaesong and robbed relics equivalent to over 10 oxcarts.

Displayed at the Ueno Museum in Tokyo are hundreds of cultural assets of Korea which Hirobumi Ito, the first resident-general of Korea, had taken to Japan.
Displayed or kept at the Tokyo National Museum, big and small museums, universities and temples are cultural relics of Korea such as ceramic wares, metal handicrafts, mother-of-pearl handiworks, Buddhist statues, drawings, books and printing types. The number of the cultural relics of Korea added to those under private ownership is hundreds of thousands.

The plunder of cultural assets of Korea by the Japanese imperialists is not mere property plunder by individuals but a hideous state-sponsored crime designed to obliterate the Korean nation by dint of the government power and military power and an unpardonable international crime contrary to international laws.
Over 70 years have passed since Japan's defeat. But it has no an iota of consciousness over the mucky atrocities including plunder of cultural relics. It is totally denying and whitewashing them.

Japan, not content with this, runs amuck to revive militarism with the revanchist ambition for reinvasion.
Japan's attempt to flee from the responsibility for its foul past doubles anti-Japanese sentiments of the Korean people and mankind with sore affliction and scars.
Japan should stop the foolish act of challenging the current of the times and history and immediately atone for its past. -0-

Japan Is Dangerous Warmongering State: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- There will be no such country as Japan, which so much likes to use the word "peace" when referring to itself.
There are so many phrases it likes to talk about all the time -- "peace state", "peace constitution", "peaceful development", "proactive pacifism," etc.

But its actual behavior is contrary to those phrases.
The Japanese regime recently brought up for formal discussion the issue of dispatching an escort warship of the "Self-Defense Forces" to the Middle East. It built an ultra-modern submarine capable of conducting underwater operation longer than other subs, the biggest diesel-powered sub in the world, and put it in commission.

The Japanese authorities are insisting that the sub is for ensuring the security of its vessels and preserving peace. But as a leopard can't change its spots, Japan's abnormal behavior comes to be a denial to such insistence.

Now in Japan its past wars of aggression are openly embellished as "liberation wars" and such false notion that there will never ever be apology and reparation for them is getting stronger.
Japan instituted the "security legislation", "law on emergency", "law on special measures against terrorism," etc. They are just de facto evil war laws legally guaranteeing Japan's military operation anywhere on this planet with the right of belligerency and the right to participate in a war.

Japan is now going ahead with the final procedure of the constitutional revision to legitimize the existence of SDF.
Against this backdrop, the military principle of "exclusive defense" advocated by Japan in the post-war period has morphed into an offensive strategy and the offensive capability and operation scope of SDF have been further increased.

Some emboldened politicians of Japan are even spouting rubbish that Japan should grab others' territory through wars.
So, no country will be taken in by Japan's wordplay, no matter how desperately it may work to justify the overseas dispatch of SDF troops and arms buildup under the pretext of "protection" and "peacekeeping."

All the military moves of the archipelago nation are just aimed to turn Japan into a military giant and materialize its wild ambition for overseas expansion.
Now the Japanese reactionaries are getting crazier in their militaristic moves despite the strong concern and opposition by the international community.
Japan's moves for emerging as military giant and carrying out overseas expansion are bound to lead to invasion of Korea and other Asian countries and a war for conquering the world.

Japan is just a warmongering nation, against which the international community should keep vigilance.
Japan should not act rashly, understanding that the people, who suffered untold pain and misfortune due to the Japanese imperialists in the past, will never remain an onlooker to the militaristic moves of the island country. -0-

Miserable Situation of Japan Prolonging Days with Submission to Foreign Forces: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- A written complaint for a radical revision of the unfair "Japan-U.S. status of forces agreement" was unanimously approved at a recent Okinawa Prefectural assembly.
The agreement grants extraterritorial status to the U.S. forces in Japan, and Okinawa housing over 70 percent of the U.S. military bases in Japan has long suffered tremendous losses due to backbreaking defrayal, ceaseless crimes, various incidents and environmental destruction.

Protest resolutions and letters of complaints adopted at the prefectural assembly following the accidents caused by the U.S. forces numbered one hundred as of 2012, which vividly shows how strong the rebuff of the Japanese public is to the mean government.

Minju Joson Blasts Military Conspiracy between U.S., Japan and S. Korea

Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The military chiefs of the U.S., Japan and south Korea held the "talks" in the U.S. recently. At the U.S.-led "talks" they discussed "the plan for military cooperation" among the U.S., Japan and south Korea.
Minju Joson Thursday in a commentary says that the "talks" were a sinister conspiracy based on the U.S. scenario for strengthening the triangular military alliance of aggression.

The commentary goes on:
The U.S. claims that the "talks" have nothing to do with the general security of military intelligence agreement between south Korea and Japan, but it is a childish trick of trying to deceive others.

At the "talks" the U.S. stressed the necessity of the "military cooperation" between south Korea and Japan that are playing cat and mouse over the issue of the past crimes and the abrogation of the said agreement. This is aimed at strengthening the U.S.-Japan-south Korea triangular military alliance by making south Korea and Japan conclude the agreement again at any cost through the "talks".

The south Korean military's unhesitating attendance at the "talks" seeking the black-hearted purpose constitutes an unpardonable challenge to the mindset of the participants in the candlelight actions demanding that Japan atone for its past crimes and opposing its moves for reinvasion.
The south Korean military forces are taking an active part in the extremely dangerous military conspiracy due to the pressure of foreign forces, which is a traitorous act of running counter to the mindset of the participants in the candlelight actions.

It is crystal clear that the strengthening of the triangular military alliance will aggravate the situation in the Korean Peninsula.
If the south Korean military forces recklessly persist in swimming against the trend of the times, they will certainly face the more fierce condemnation by all the fellow countrymen and the international community. -0-

KCNA Commentary on Deceptive Nature of Japan's Rhetoric about "Abduction"

Pyongyang, September 20 (KCNA) -- "Specified missing persons" have been found one after another in Japan, deriding the Japanese reactionaries who repeatedly got vocal about the "abduction issue."
The Police Agency recently announced that a man of Yamagata Prefecture origin who went missing in 1983, giving rise to a claim that "possible abduction by north Korea" can not be ruled out, was found dead in the country in April last year and a woman who was reported missing in 1990 was found safe in June this year.

In May and August the agency officially admitted that it "rules out the abduction possibility by the north" as the whereabouts of the residents who disappeared several decades ago were confirmed in the country.
As proved by the frequent release of statements by the police authorities, the "abduction issue" touted by the Japanese government is nothing but a clumsy charade which has no justification for being politicized and internationalized as it is just an internal issue in Japan.

Clear is the intention of the Japanese reactionaries unyieldingly talking about the "abduction" the falsehood of which has already been exposed to the public eyes.
In fact, Japan's issue of missing persons is an incurable phenomenon as it is the illness attributable to the corrupt political climate and the trend of the decadent society rampant with extreme misanthropy and almighty-dollar principle.

According to data, 100 000 persons have "evaporated" from Japanese society every year since the 1990s and the rate of suicide is 60 percent higher than the global average.
The Japanese reactionaries groundlessly pull up the DPRK, describing suicides and missing persons, inevitable products of the social evils, as abduction victims. Their behavior is a cunning trick to cover up the vice of unpopular far-right conservative politics and divert the dissatisfaction of the people.

The "abduction issue", signboard of Japan's political diplomacy at present, can not only be viewed as chronic vicious habit of the islanders who are accustomed to faulting others for no reason.
Their real intention behind the persistent spread of the "abduction issue" which has already been resolved is to evade the settlement of Japan's past by highlighting the tattered "abduction issue" amidst the hideous crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past century against the Korean nation and create a favorable atmosphere for Japan's militarization by inciting the bitterness toward the DPRK in Japan and abroad.

No trick can ever cover up the truth, however.
The Korean people remember the bitter history of the abduction of Koreans historically committed by Japan and burn with anger at the moves of the shameless Japanese reactionaries styling themselves the victims.
Japan should clearly understand the Korean people's will to settle accounts with Japan and stop persisting in the absurd deed. -0-

KCNA Commentary Ridicules LKP's Wild Ambition for Power

Pyongyang, August 28 (KCNA) -- Of late, the "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea on the verge of ruin is busy rallying like-minded forces under the signboard of "great unification of the conservatives."
Hwang Kyo An, representative of the party, said that "all conservative right-wingers should pool their efforts and share the same intention to check the tyranny of Moon Jae In." Ra Kyong Won, floor leader of the party, calls for merging with "Parun Mirae Party".
These are nothing but a political trickery for realizing their ambition to seize power.

To look back on history, the group of conservatives has worked hard to extend the influence of its party while raking up even conservatives antagonistic towards each other with the "presidential election", elections to the local self-governing bodies and others as occasions.
The same is the purpose sought by the "Liberal Korea Party" in calling for "mega-merging of the conservatives".

After the Park Geun Hye "government" was impeached by the candlelight demonstrators, the south Korean conservative group has faced the most serious crisis.
Under the situation where they have support rate going into tailspin even in Taegu and North Kyongsang Provincial region, the place called the stronghold of the conservatives, it is as clear as noonday that it is difficult to expect their coming back to power.

In the final analysis, the "mega-merging of the conservatives" much touted by the "Liberal Korea Party" aims at finding its way out of rock-bottom by gathering the scattered conservative remnants and laying a springboard for coming back to power in the election of the "National Assembly" next year.

But the sinister intention of the traitors group only boomerangs on them now.
The more loudly they call for the "mega-merging of the conservatives", the more openly the greed of Hwang Kyo An and his group for power is revealed and the more serious the factional conflict and contradiction get.

It is not difficult to guess what consequences will be entailed in case of leaving the traitors group, seized with usurpation of "power" irrespective of the will and demand of the people, reviving.
It is clear that the second Park Geun Hye regime will be created, bringing the clouds of a war to hang over the Korean peninsula and driving the south Korean economy and people's livelihood to a catastrophe.

Therefore, the south Korean people ranging from schoolchildren to the aged are waging a more dynamic struggle to dismantle the group of conservatives, chanting slogans "Arrest the remnants of Park Geun Hye" and "Dismantle the LKP seeking south-north confrontation and war."

It is a warning to the conservative group that they had better give up the dream which will inevitably bring about its ruin.
The south Korean people from all walks of life will certainly take to the grave of history the LKP group which makes desperate efforts to bring back the dark age. -0-

War Rehearsal Will Bring Disastrous Consequences: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and the south Korean authorities keep staging joint military drills for aggression despite warnings from the DPRK and denunciation from the international community.
This is an open denial and an outright challenge to the historic DPRK-U.S. joint statement in which commitments were made to establish new DPRK-U.S. relations and build lasting and durable peace-keeping mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

Now the U.S. makes all descriptions, claiming that the on-going exercises are mock exercises for confirming the south Korean army's ability to take over the wartime operation control.
But the aggressive nature of the actual maneuvers, the war rehearsal for stifling the DPRK by force of arms, can neither be covered up nor justified in the bright world today.

Experts on the situation, commenting on the joint military exercises, pointed out that "they are not favorable for building mutual trust and can entail countermeasure of the DPRK as they still take the DPRK for an imaginary enemy" and that "they may render tense the situation on the Korean Peninsula again."
It is none other than the U.S. and the south Korean authorities who whet a sword to do harm to the DPRK behind the scene despite their lip-service for dialogue in front.

A stop to the joint military exercises is an issue which the man with the full command of the armed forces of the U.S. committed to do in person at the Singapore DPRK-U.S. summit in the world's eyes and an issue which was repeatedly committed to do at the Panmunjom DPRK-U.S. summit also.

However, the U.S. together with the south Korean authorities is resorting to the military action of openly pressurizing the DPRK, while describing it as "defensive one" and an "essential element" for combat preparations.

Military exercises always presuppose an actual war.
It is a well-known fact that the U.S. and the south Korean authorities grew proficient in the capabilities for fighting a war, steadily modifying and supplementing operational plans of all descriptions that presuppose a sudden preemptive attack on the DPRK for the past decades.

As acknowledged by the world people, the purpose of the war exercises targeting the DPRK has not changed.
The ultra-modern offensive arms and equipment including reconnaissance drone Global Hawk finding their unhindered way to south Korea and the war exercises that are constantly held clearly prove from where the threats hurting the security of our state come.

The war scenario which set the dialogue partner as an enemy is no longer exercises when they are put into a phase of implementation.
No law stipulates that the one side may backtrack from commitments and only we have to fulfill them.

The right answer for removing all the potential and direct threats posed to the security of our state is the constant development of powerful physical means and their deployment for an actual war.
The U.S. should keep in mind that our repeated warnings are not hot air. -0-

Peace and War Exercise Can Never Go Together: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities remain persistent in joint military exercises against the north despite the opposition and denunciation at home and abroad.
In June, the south Korean military warmongers conducted in secrecy a joint infiltration training targeting the DPRK in collusion with U.S. troops in south Korea.
The training was carried out at the U.S. military base in Uijongbu City, Kyonggi Province to get familiar with such provocative military actions as "infiltration and search into underground facilities in the north" and "removal of WMD key components".

On the other hand, the south Korean navy together with warships of the U.S. Seventh Fleet conducted a joint submarine drill codenamed Silent Shark under the simulated conditions of searching, tracking and destroying the "enemy" submarine in the waters off Guam some days ago.
These are dangerous hostile military moves against the trend of peace created on the Korean peninsula.

It is a prerequisite for improving the inter-Korean relations and ensuring peace on the Korean peninsula to call an overall and permanent halt to anti-north war drills, the root cause of confrontation and war.
However, the present south Korean "government" orchestrated a "handshake of peace" in public, and behind the scene, holds joint military exercises against the fellow countrymen in collusion with outsiders.

It persists in kicking up joint military exercises, which the north and the south already promised to stop, by changing their codenames. Such double-dealing deeds go to clearly prove that the confrontational maniacs remain unchanged in their black-hearted intention to stifle the DPRK by force.
In the past, precious opportunities for peace, prosperity and improvement of the inter-Korean relations on the Korean peninsula faded away due to the vicious moves of the traitors against reunification who threatened their dialogue partner.

What matters is that the present south Korean authorities reproduce the past tragedy never to be repeated.
Peace and war drill, improvement of the bilateral relations and hostile military moves can never go together.

The south Korean authorities should ponder over the consequences to be entailed by their frequent war drills at a crucial time when the future of the north-south relations is threatened.
The south Korean authorities had better stop their reckless suicidal acts and come back to the proper stand at an early date. -0-

Japan Is in Dock: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) -- A south Korean court recently ruled that Japanese war criminal businesses must make reparation to the victims of conscript labor forced by the Japanese imperialists.
In defiance of the decision, the Japanese authorities claimed that the postwar reparation issue had been "completely and finally settled", and clamored for counter-measures. And they went the lengths of imposing restrictions on export to south Korea.

Japan's shameless moves enrage all Koreans as it went abusive and reckless, far from making an apology and reparation for the thrice-cursed crimes it committed against the Korean nation, and even took the absolutely unjust retaliatory economic measures.
What should not be overlooked is that Japan is pulling up the DPRK under an absurd excuse that "key materials for semiconductor production may find its way into the north via south Korea".

This is a cunning artifice to justify the unreasonable economic retaliation by disguising it as an "issue related to national security" and "international issue," which constitutes a revelation of the trite hostile policy towards the DPRK and an intolerable political provocation against it.
Japan has no say as it still remains in the dock of the court of history.

The Korean nation suffered great human, material, spiritual and moral damage from the long occupation of Korea by the Japanese imperialists and their brutal colonial rule over it, and its aftereffects still continue along with national division.
Notwithstanding, the Japanese reactionaries have persistently evaded the atonement for the past while benefiting from adding fuel to the aggravation of situation in the Korean peninsula and the escalation of confrontation between the north and the south of Korea.

Though an unprecedented trend of peace settles in the region, Japan is running amuck to sacrifice the interests of the Korean nation and the peace of the region for its political tactics while putting all sorts hurdles in the improvement of the DPRK-U.S. and inter-Korean relations.

In fact, Japan has cried out for "cooperation in sanctions and pressure" on someone and "solidarity", if there is anything beneficial to it, but if not, it has not scrupled to hurt anyone. Such dishonest behavior of the island country shows to the international community once again how untrustworthy Japan is.

It is quite natural that Japan is put on the periphery of the trend of regional situation over the Korean peninsula.
Japan had better atone for the past first, well aware that it is in the dock. -0-

KCNA Commentary Warns Japan against Going Wild

Pyongyang, July 2 (KCNA) -- Japan has become all the more pronounced in its arms buildup.
Recently the Japan defence minister announced they would go ahead with the plan for the deployment of Aegis Ashore in defiance of domestic and international rebuff.

The interceptor missile system touched off a great contention at home and abroad ever since the decision for its introduction in 2017 for its specifications far beyond the defence requirement, namely its firing range longer than THAAD and its ability to turn into an offensive weapon when loaded with a cruise missile.

Whenever they faced international opposition the Japanese authorities justified their moves, claiming "its deployment is inevitable to cope with threats from north Korea".
What matters is that the deployment is being pressed forward today when the Korean peninsula and the region have greeted the unprecedented warm wind of detente by the proactive efforts by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The Japanese reactionaries' push for the deployment clearly indicates their desperate bid to become a military power.
Japan's military capabilities are huge enough to seize the world with panic.
This year Japan set defence expenditure to be record 5 257.4 billion yen and has been keen on bolstering the preemptive attack capabilities of the "Self-Defence Forces" including the possession of a carrier and the development of a long range cruise missile and weapon-grade computer virus, after shaking off the veil of "exclusive defence".

The SDF which has taken up attack capabilities have made overseas expansion the "regular" part of their activities with the scope of their military operation ever increasing as part of the efforts to get versed in fighting a war.

The Asahi Shimbun on May 29, referring to Japan's possession of the biggest number of F-35 series fighters of all the U.S. allies, clarified that SDF's warships which will be equipped with carrier ability before long would operate in the India-Pacific theatre, being loaded with F-35B.

Japan now claims its moves for becoming a military power is aimed to contain the advance of neighboring big powers.
As for Aegis Ashore, last year it decided to keep the efforts for its introduction despite less threat from north Korea, clearly indicating whom the interceptor missile system is aimed at.

All facts prove that the descendents of samurais remain unchanged in their ambition to become the "leader" of Asia through ceaseless arms buildup.
The international community will never pardon the Japanese reactionaries going wild to inflict another horrible disaster upon humankind.
Miserable consequences are bound to follow reckless frenzy. -0-

Rodong Sinmun Marks Anniversary of June 10th Independence Movement

Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Monday dedicates an article to the 93rd anniversary of the June 10th Independence Movement.
The barbarous suppression of Koreans by the Japanese imperialists led to an anti-Japanese popular demonstration on June 10, 1926.

The June 10th Independence Movement waged across Korea was an eruption of the pent-up grudge of the Korean nation against the severe colonial rule by the Japanese imperialists and a popular patriotic anti-Japanese struggle to retake the country and establish the sovereignty of the nation.
Upset by the indomitable will and patriotic spirit of Koreans, Japanese army and police made desperate efforts to suppress the escalating demonstration.

The cruel massacres of Koreans by the Japanese imperialists stained the country with the blood of the innocent people.
During their occupation of Korea, the Japanese imperialists made no scruple of slaughtering Koreans in a bid to exterminate the entire Korean nation. As a result, a great many Koreans lost their lives.

Notwithstanding, the Japanese reactionaries are craftily trying to evade the responsibility for the settlement of the past crimes, denying them.
No matter how much water may flow under the bridge, Japan's past crimes will never be put in oblivion. Its desperate efforts can never swim against the truth of history and justice. -0-

S. Korean Authorities Should Break with Idea of Confrontation: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- Recently, the U.S. Strategic Command made public that the south Korean military authorities took part for the first time in the nuclear attack drill Global Thunder that took place secretly at an air force base in North Dakota State, U.S. in November last year.
As known, Global Thunder drill is an annual global nuclear war drill that has been conducted in secrecy under the direction of the U.S. Strategic Command with the involvement of the 5th Bombing Group with B-52Hs and the 91st Missile Group with Minuteman-3s.

The U.S. had openly claimed in 2017 that one of the main purposes of the Global Thunder drill is to get familiar with the operation for striking the nuclear facilities in the DPRK.
Then, we cannot but ask the south Korean military authorities what happened in the Korean peninsula last year.

They signed the historic April 27 Panmunjom Declaration, the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and the north-south agreement on military field last year. However, they went so shameless as to take part in the U.S. nuclear attack drill aimed at a preemptive attack on the DPRK behind the scene. This is another perfidious act against the compatriots in the north.
Such act is just one of many typical examples of disguised hostile acts persisted in by the south Korean military in collusion with the U.S. against the trend of the north-south reconciliation and peace.

The south Korean military, failing to drop the past evil habit of perpetrating military provocations, has ceaselessly conducted joint military drills in collusion with the U.S. against the DPRK though they had to be ceased.
The U.S.-south Korea joint military drill Alliance 19-1 and joint air drill were conducted in March and April this year. And plans of war drills against the DPRK are being mapped out even at this moment.

Nevertheless, the south Korean military is asserting that the military drills conducted by the army of the DPRK within its territorial land and waters under its regular drill plan are running counter to the idea of the north-south agreement on military field.
This is just the height of shamelessness.

The south Korean military is pursuing military confrontation, far from making efforts to develop the north-south relations and preserve peace and security on the Korean peninsula. This proves that the south Korean military doesn't actually want north-south reconciliation and cooperation and peace.
The above-said disguised act of the south Korean military, to say nothing of the open hostile acts they committed so far, constitutes an unpardonable provocation against the compatriots in the north. It draws bitterer disillusion and anger of all Koreans.

Dark cloud comes before a storm.
The south Korean authorities should cleanse themselves of the black-hearted confrontational idea and take a proper stand to honestly implement the north-south declarations and the agreement on military field.
All Koreans will never pardon the confrontational moves of the south Korean military going against the trend of north-south reconciliation and peace. -0-

Enraged S. Korean Mindset Is Signal of Second Candlelight Resistance: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- South Koreans are becoming increasingly stronger in their demand for the dissolution of the "Liberal Korea Party"(LKP).
The petition movement for LKP dissolution that was occasioned by the display on the notice board of Chongwadae of a posting reading "I am beseeching that LKP is disbanded and the country is propped up" now appears to have an explosive dimension, according to local media.

The number of petitioners has exceeded 1.7 million in eleven days.
This eruption of rage and hatred of the furious south Koreans against the conservative group points to the public mindset as eager as that at a time of the past candlelight resistance when they ousted traitor Park Geun Hye and toppled her dictatorial regime.

The strong demand for the dissolution of the LKP by the broad spectrum of south Koreans shows that the traitorous political party has gone to the extremes in going roughshod against the trend of the times and the mindset of the people.

Now getting intent on disrupting the current of new history on the Korean peninsula, the conservative group is pleading with the outsiders to go ahead with the north-targeted war drills and is getting desperate in their bid to bring back the stand-off and danger of war in the past.

Openly citing the release of Park Geun Hye with acquittal and revocation of impeachment, the group tries to make its dream for power come true, in defiance of the mindset of candlelight demonstrators.

What the LKP has done are high-profile crimes that deserve severe punishment; slandering of the May 18 Kwangju Popular Uprising, insult to the bereaved families of ferry Sewol disaster victims and bullying acts at the "National Assembly" sessions, to name just a few.

The conservative group is now going roughshod though it was pushed to a tight corner, severely punished by history. This situation proves that the group of traitors, trouble-maker of the nation, has to be thoroughly purged.

Daily increasing zeal for the disbandment of the LKP is a signal of the second candlelight resistance.
There was a candlelight rally demanding the immediate dissolution of the group of evils LKP in Kwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul on May 4 with over 2 000 people of different social standings in attendance.

The broad spectrum of south Koreans will lead the on-going movement to furious mass movement for the annihilation of the conservatives.
The group of conservatives which does people only disservice, looking down upon them, will surely face a miserable fate of being severely punished by the enraged people. -0-

KCNA Commentary Derides Political Pigmy Japan

Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- Japan is going dull-witted, swimming against the trend of the times.
The political dwarf which raved hoarse about the DPRK's "possible transshipment" in the seas last year is again floating the "suspicion about sea dealings", inviting world criticism.

At the recent G7 foreign ministerial meeting in France, the Japan foreign minister pleaded several countries to closely cooperate for the thorough-going implementation of "sanctions resolutions" on the DPRK and for curbing north Korea's oil purchase through vessel-to-vessel transfer.

The Japan chief Cabinet secretary is now speaking about eliciting international support for the settlement of the issue of "Japanese abductees" by north Korea at the UN session slated for in May.
Japan going helter-skelter to prop up the international cooperation system for pressure on the DPRK only arouses worldwide derision as it further pronounces its position sidelined from the current trend over the Korean peninsula issue.

As was taken note of by the world, the historic first session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly reconfirmed the fundamental principle of the state-building of the DPRK to build up its strength and build socialism by its own efforts from a firm independent stand to defend its sovereignty and dignity and achieve genuine prosperity, given the specific conditions faced by the Korean revolution and under the prevailing complicated international situation.

It is foolhardy to resort to such thoughtless act to browbeat the DPRK, a country pushing forward the drive of building a powerful socialist country, while meeting the hostile forces' sanctions with strong spirit of independence and self-reliance.

The broad spectrum of the international community today extend firm support and solidarity to the DPRK which propels the situation on the peninsula and the region to d?tente, peace and development, while reliably guaranteeing the security of the country and happiness of the people under the high-held banner of independence despite the sanctions and pressure imposed by the hostile forces.

But only the narrow-minded Japanese reactionaries, who fall short of discerning the trend of the times, cling to the hackneyed stand-off in their desperate bid to turn the table around.
The Japanese government has made it its policy to "invariably go ahead with the past policy of pressure on the DPRK through international cooperation" and is increasingly tightening sanctions against the DPRK.

Question is what the purpose is behind such moves.
The hostile acts of the Abe group brought it isolation in the international political arena.
The reason is because it has abused the aggravation of the situation on the peninsula as a pretext for justifying its bid for becoming a military giant.

The war criminal state Japan which launched aggression war against humankind and committed shuddering crimes against humanity in the last century has spurred the drive for becoming a military giant in the world eyes, citing the aggravated situation on the peninsula as a pretext.

The sea monitoring persisted by the Japanese reactionaries is designed to further escalate the situation on the peninsula, secure justifications for becoming a military giant and redress from a cold shoulder it got from the world.
Japan can never steer clear of standing international isolation, its will notwithstanding if keeps going idiot, stupid and senseless. -0-