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New Department Director General of DPRK Foreign Ministry for Negotiations with U.S. Issues Statement

Pyongyang, March 30 (KCNA) -- The new department director general of the DPRK Foreign Ministry for negotiations with the U.S. released the following statement on Mar. 30:

The world does not know well why the DPRK-U.S. relations remain amiss despite the special personal relations between the top leaders of the DPRK and the U.S., to which U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo gave a clear answer.
On Mar. 25, he made irrelevant remarks calling for sanction and pressure on the DPRK at a news conference held after the teleconference of G-7 foreign ministers on prevention of the spread of COVID-19 which is threatening the safety of the whole mankind.

The U.S. president sent our leadership his personal letter carrying a "sincere aid plan" as regards the issue of curbing novel coronavirus to ask for close communication, whereas the U.S. secretary of State slanders the country, with which his president wants to establish good relations of cooperation, against the president's will. This makes us misjudge who is the real chief executive in the U.S.

There is one point I reconfirmed clearly in Pompeo's remarks.
The point is that no matter how excellent and firm the relationship between the top leaders of the two countries is, it can not reverse the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK, and the resumption of dialogue much touted by the U.S. is nothing but a decoy to keep us from going our own way.

The U.S. knows well about us through dozens of years-long DPRK-U.S. confrontation, I think, but it seems to think we may give up the way we are going with determination, tempted by spotlighted personal relations between the top leaders of the two countries.

Explicitly speaking, we see through the U.S. tricks like seeing fish in a globe, and sometimes used to sound the U.S. intention, pretending to do what it wanted.
If even a sound of coughing was heard from the White House, we correctly spotted who coughed and why. And we have foiled without difficulties the "tricks" worked out by the U.S. policymakers.

It can be said that we as well as the international community have become accustomed to the U.S.-style scenarios designed to bind our limbs and prevent something by putting emphasis on the personal relations between the top leaders often, as there are no means to restrain and check us.

What the U.S. should know clearly is that it must admit that neither threat nor witchcraft can work on us.
The only thing invented by the chief diplomat of the U.S. is to take its appearance as "supporter of dialogue" before the international community and make us idle the time away with absurd expectation by trumpeting about good relationship between the top leaders of the two countries and making false propaganda for dialogue.

The reckless remarks made by Pompeo seriously impaired the signboard of dialogue put up by the U.S. president as a decoy to buy time and create the environment favorable for himself.

Hearing Pompeo's reckless remarks, we dropped the interest in dialogue with further conviction, but have become more zealous for our important planned projects aimed to repay the U.S. with actual horror and unrest for the sufferings it has inflicted upon our people.

The U.S. seems to have no power and strategy to stop the second-hand that began running towards a crash again.
We will go our own way.
We want the U.S. not to bother us.
If the U.S. bothers us, it will be hurt. -0-

Conference for Reviewing Work in Agricultural Field in 2019 Opens

Pyongyang, January 18 (KCNA) -- The conference for reviewing the work in the agricultural field in 2019 opened here on Friday.

The conference will discuss the tasks and ways for attaining the new goal of grain production set by the Workers' Party of Korea this year, the first year of the offensive for making a breakthrough head-on, on the basis of exchanging successes and experience gained in increasing the numbers of high-yield farmers, high-yield sub-work-teams, high-yield work-teams and high-yield farms and analyzing and reviewing the shortcomings and lesson last year, true to the agricultural policy of the Party.

Attending the conference were Pak Pong Ju, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the C.C., WPK, Kim Jae Ryong, member of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK, member of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and premier of the Cabinet, and other leading officials of the Party and government, chairmen of the provincial Party committees, chairman of the C.C., Union of Agricultural Workers, leading officials of provinces, cities and counties that took the lead in carrying out the Party's policy on agricultural revolution, farmers, functionaries of rural primary organizations, scientists and technicians in the field of agricultural science research who distinguished themselves in agricultural production last year, innovators in the fields of stockbreeding, agricultural machinery, irrigation, land rezoning and reclamation of tideland and officials concerned.

A congratulatory letter sent by Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, to the participants in the conference for reviewing the work in the agricultural field in 2019 was read out by Pak Pong Ju.

Kim Jae Ryong made a report.
The reporter said that the conference will serve as an important occasion in vigorously demonstrating the validity and vitality of the Party's policy on agricultural revolution and providing a new springboard to agricultural production this year on the basis of successes, experience and lesson in the agricultural field.

All the officials and working people in the agricultural field became to have confidence through the last year's struggle that the goal for high grain production can be attained as they want when they thoroughly implement the Party's policy on agricultural revolution, he noted.
He stressed that the successes achieved last year are totally attributable to the energetic leadership and patriotic devotion of Kim Jong Un who indicated the way to be followed by the agricultural front and led it step by step.

The agricultural workers, encouraged by his leadership and loving care, turned out as one in the struggle for grain production and gave full play to their high mental power and patriotic zeal to devotedly defend the Party with rice, he pointed out.
There were a number of serious shortcomings to be overcome without fail and a serious lesson in the field of agriculture last year, he stressed.

He called for making redoubled efforts with new confidence and readiness to live up to the great trust and expectations of the Party with highly increased grain production after learning a serous lesson from the shortcomings found in the last year's struggle.
He also called for putting greater spurs to the grand march of self-reliance under the uplifted militant slogan of "Let Us Break Through Head-on All the Barriers to Our Advance!" laid down at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The reporter called upon all to make an all-out dash for the on-going offensive for making a breakthrough head-on for a fresh victory in building a powerful socialist country under the leadership of Kim Jong Un and bringing about a huge upswing in the agricultural production to glorify this year marking the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK with unprecedented successes in agricultural production.

Speeches were made at the conference.
The conference continues. -0-

Vice-Chairman of WPK Central Committee Issues Statement

Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) -- Ri Su Yong, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, issued the following statement on Monday:

It seems that Trump is very anxious to know what we are thinking of now. And he feels very fretful about what will be done by us.
The recent words and expressions spouted one after another by Trump sound like a threat to someone at a glance but they are a corroboration that he feels fear inside.

Trump might be in great jitters but he had better accept the status quo that as he sowed, so he should reap, and think twice if he does not want to see bigger catastrophic consequences.

Our final judgment and decision which will soon be made at the end of this year are to be done by the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, and he has neither clarified any stand yet nor made any ironic and irritating expressions toward the other party as done by someone.
Trump would be well advised to quit abusive language which may further offend the Chairman. -0-

Everything Needs Suitable Time and Place

Pyongyang, November 21 (KCNA) -- The preparation for a special ASEAN summit slated to open in Pusan, south Korea on November 25 is reportedly pushed forward in its final stage.
On November 5, south Korean President Moon Jae In politely sent to us a personal letter earnestly inviting the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission (SAC) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to be present in the special summit.

There is no reason for us not to be grateful for it, if the personal letter contained the sincere trust in the SAC Chairman and invitation carrying earnest expectation.
We already know that the south side is looking forward to the visit by the SAC Chairman, with full preparations of the highest level including escort and ceremonies regarding his visit to Pusan.

We also fully understand the distress and agony of President Moon Jae In to hold on to the opportunity to make it a new occasion for unraveling the present north-south relations.
This can be known from the fact that in the wake of the personal letter, there were several earnest requests for sending even a special envoy, if the SAC Chairman could not come.

But the beclouded air of south Korea is so skeptical about the north-south relations and the south Korean authorities are still not away from the misguided stand of settling all the issues arising in relations between the north and the south in reliance on outsiders, not national cooperation. This is a stark reality today.

Even at this moment, the minister of "Unification" is on his way to the U.S. over the issue of north-south relations. How can we sit face to face and solve things with such a partner entrusting everything to the outsider without any independence and self-standing attitude.

It is said that earnest request can even be read by a blind man.
Everything needs its suitable time and place.
We can not but think whether the present moment is a suitable time for the top leaders of the north and the south to meet.

From the reports being aired in the world, we know well enough that the sentiment pervading the land of the south is not clean.
The south Korean conservative forces have become zealous in their censure and attack on the DPRK, calling for "scrapping of the north-south agreement", not content with slandering the present south Korean regime as "pro-north regime" and "left-wing regime".

Even such wild words as a "regime change in north" and "leading the north to collapse" which could not even be heard in the previous regimes are being heard.
It is doubtable that the meeting between the north and the south will be meaningful at this time.

The south Korean authorities fall short of taking any measures even though the warm breeze of reconciliation and cooperation that made a rare visit is being brought to naught. If they think they can easily turn around the present serious situation with just a piece of letter, they would be seriously mistaken. This is our thought.

We can not but ask the south side what sort of north-south relations it wants to show to foreigners after inviting them who have no interest in the destiny and future of the Korean nation at a moment when repeated visits with the feelings of repentance of its wrongdoings should be paid by it.

We will never follow without reason the impure attempt of the south side to give impression that dialogue is going on between the top leaders of the north and the south although no settlement of the fundamental issues between the north and the south, issues pertaining to the nation, is being made, and to insert the north-south issue to the corner of the "neo-southern policy" masterminded by it.

How can the hand-shaking and photo-taking in the complicated international meeting of no great interest to us be compared with the historic moment when the top leaders of the north and the south held their joined hands high up on Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the nation.
As nothing was achieved in implementing the agreements made in Panmunjom, Pyongyang and Mt Paektu, the north-south summit for the mere form's sake would be pointless. This is our stand.

It is too late to lament over the present crisis facing the north-south relations after clearly understanding its reason. At this moment, not content with sustaining losses from dependence on the U.S., the south side made an offer for discussing the north-south relations in the theatre of multi-lateral cooperation. This makes us only dubious.

If children mulled over piling up eggs on a horn, it can be ascribable to their innocence. But, now that those taking the helm of south Korea set themselves to meditating on how to draw a picture on water, far from pondering over their wrong deeds and failures, how can the north-south relations be improved and when will the flower of reconciliation and cooperation bloom again.

Explicitly speaking again, it is important to choose the proper time and place, if everything is to be done well. Therefore, it can be said for sure that a good result can not be produced though even a number of meetings are held with those of no knowledge of such reason.

Under these circumstances, there would be no option for us but to see with patience when the independent decision would begin to develop and grow from such barren mentality.
We are grateful for the trust and sincerity of the south side but we hope it would understand the reason that we failed to find out the proper reason for the SAC Chairman to visit Pusan. -0-

DPRK Foreign Ministry Roving Ambassador Issues Statement

Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) -- Kim Myong Gil, roving ambassador of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK, made public the following statement on Thursday.
Biegun, special representative of the U.S. Department of State for North Korea policy, sent us through a third country a message hoping that the DPRK and the U.S. would meet again within December for negotiations.

I can not understand why he spreads the so-called idea of DPRK-U.S. relations through the third party, not thinking of candidly making direct contact with me, his dialogue partner, if he has any suggestions or any idea over the DPRK-U.S. dialogue.

His behavior only amplifies doubts about the U.S.
If the negotiated solution of issues is possible, we are ready to meet with the U.S. at any place and any time.

If the U.S. still seeks a sinister aim of appeasing us in a bid to pass the time limit - the end of this year - with ease as it did during the DPRK-U.S. working-level negotiations in Sweden early in October, we have no willingness to have such negotiations.

Now that we have already informed the U.S. side of our requirements and priority matters, the ball is in the U.S. court.
If the U.S., failing to put forth a basic solution for lifting the anti-DPRK hostile policy harmful to our rights to existence and development, thinks that it can lead us to negotiations with war-end declaration, which may reduce to a dead document any moment with change of situation, and with other matters of secondary importance like the establishment of a liaison office, there is no possibility of the settlement of the issues.

If the U.S. side has found a solution to be presented to us, it can just explain it to us directly.
But I intuitively feel that the U.S. is not ready to give a satisfactory answer to us and its proposal for dialogue with us is a trick to earn time through the orchestration of DPRK-U.S. meeting.
Explicitly speaking once again, I am not interested in such a meeting. -0-

KAPPC Chairman's Statement

Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Chol, chairman of the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, (KAPPC) made public a statement on Oct. 27.
The statement reads:

The U.S. is now more desperately resorting to the hostile policy towards the DPRK, misjudging the patience and tolerance of the DPRK.
Faulting the DPRK on its measure for bolstering up its military capability for self-defence at the recent meeting of the First Committee of the 74th United Nations General Assembly, the U.S. delegate said the U.S. would not enter the U.S.-DPRK dialogue with its eyes shut and north Korea must come up with a new methodology for FFVD, which got on the nerves of the DPRK.

The U.S. is persistently pressurizing other countries into implementing the UN "sanctions resolutions" and is leaving no stone unturned to get the anti-DPRK resolutions passed in the UN General Assembly, using its satellite countries.
The U.S. strategic forces commander nominee, speaking at the Senate, called the DPRK "a rogue state" out of an evil intent, and the warlike forces of the U.S. military are reportedly planning nuclear strike exercises against the DPRK.

The situation points to the U.S. intent to isolate and stifle the DPRK in a more crafty and vicious way than before, instead of complying with our call for a change in its calculation method.
The DPRK-U.S. relations that could have been derailed and fallen apart several times due to such hostile acts and wrong habitual practices on the part of the U.S. are still maintained. It goes to the credit of the close personal relations between Chairman of the State Affairs Commission Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

But there is a limit to everything.
The close personal relations can never be kept aloof from the public mindset and they are never a guarantee for preventing the DPRK-U.S. relations from getting aggravated or for making up for.

The U.S. trumpets the crucial measures taken by the DPRK for confidence-building as its own "diplomatic gains" but no substantial progress has been made in the DPRK-U.S. relations and belligerent relations still persists that there can be the exchange of fire any moment.
The U.S. is seriously mistaken if it is of the idea of passing off in peace the end of this year, by exploiting the close personal relations between its president and the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK for the delaying tactics.

My hope is that the diplomatic adage that there is neither permanent foe nor permanent friend does not change into the one that there is a permanent foe but no permanent friend. -0-

Spokesperson for DPRK Foreign Ministry Denounces U.S. Moves against DPRK

Pyongyang, October 10 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) released the following statement on Thursday:

Despite our warning, six EU countries including Britain, France, Germany at the instigation of the U.S. Tuesday held a closed-door meeting of the UNSC to release a statement "critical" of our self-defensive measure.
The UNSC which champions fairness and equity picks fault with the just measure belonging to our right to self-defense, while keeping mum about the test-fire of Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile recently conducted by the U.S. This is a serious provocation against the DPRK.

Worse still, the U.S. begged for the DPRK-U.S. working-level negotiations, broke off the negotiations with empty hand and claimed that the result of negotiations was positive. And it encouraged its satellites to release a statement critical of the DPRK. We take into full account its attempt.

As recognized by the international community, the United States conducted the recent intercontinental ballistic missile test-fire in a bid to pressure the DPRK. The DPRK can give tit for tat, but exercises restraint under the judgment that it does not need to take a counteraction and it is premature.

But there is a limit to the patience of the DPRK and there is no guarantee that all our patience would continue indefinitely.
Despite the strong warning of the DPRK, the UNSC is so unreasonable to put on the table an issue belonging to the DPRK's right to self-defence for someone's interests without a correct yardstick. The reality urges the DPRK to reconsider crucial preemptive measures taken by it for the building confidence in the U.S. -0-

Director General of Department of U.S. Affairs of Foreign Ministry of DPRK Releases Statement

Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- The director general of the Department of U.S. Affairs of the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Monday made public the following statement:

It is fortunate that the U.S. has repeatedly expressed its stand to tackle an issue through dialogue and negotiations.
I hope that the working-level negotiations expected to be held in a few weeks will be a good meeting between the DPRK and the U.S.

A proposal that the U.S. put forward at the negotiations may improve the relations and, on the contrary, may add to the hostility towards each other.
In other words, the DPRK-U.S. dialogue suggests two options--crisis and chance.
In this sense, the upcoming working-level negotiations will be an occasion decisive of the future road of the DPRK-U.S. dialogue

Clear and invariable is the DPRK's stand.
The discussion of denuclearization may be possible when threats and hurdles endangering our system security and obstructing our development are clearly removed beyond all doubt.

Whether the DPRK-U.S. negotiations will be a window for chance or an occasion to precipitate crisis is entirely up to the U.S. -0-

National Reunification Institute Lays Bare True Colors of S. Korean Conservatives as Pro-Japanese Elements

Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- The National Reunification Institute Thursday made public an indictment exposing to the world the sordid nature of treachery to the country and nation of the group of the south Korean conservatives and their notorious crimes.
The indictment cited facts to prove that the conservatives, pro-Japanese stooges and traitors, have not been abolished in south Korea, but they have earned an ill fame.

After the liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945, traitor Syngman Rhee was pointed out as class A stooge who would carry out the U.S. policy of new colony on the Korean peninsula.
As soon as he came to south Korea, he helped the pro-Japanese elements, who were on the verge of being liquidated after being sternly judged by the nation, find a way-out.

He faked up the "Liberal Party", the ancestor of the "Liberal Korea Party", with pro-Japanese elements who lived in wealth and honor by licking the Japanese imperialists' boots and committed indelible treacherous crimes before the country and the nation.
The key officeholders and hardcore members of the "Liberal Party" were vicious pro-Japanese elements who worked as city assembly members, public prosecutors, judges, police chiefs and county headmen during the period of occupation of Korea by the Japanese imperialists.

The coteries of Syngman Rhee did not bother such a traitorous act of inveigling the remnants of the Imperial Japanese Army into the Korean war which they provoked together with the U.S. in the 1950s.

Traitor Park Chung-Hee concluded the treacherous and shackling "south Korea-Japan agreement" after holding power and perpetrated the treacherous acts of covering up the Japanese imperialists' hideous crimes against the Korean nation and selling off the dignity and interests of the nation for a petty amount of money.

Traitor Chun Doo Hwan, who usurped power by force, following in the wake of traitor Park Chung-Hee, fully supported the Japanese reactionaries' moves to turn Japan into a military giant to earn an ill fame as a pro-Japanese traitor.

Traitor Lee Myung Bak was also a pro-Japanese traitor who positively defended the Japanese reactionaries' moves to reinvade Korea.
Park Geun Hye who succeeded her father, top class pro-Japanese lackey, became notorious for her heinous pro-Japanese country-selling crimes while in power.

The clan of ultra-right conservatives in south Korea is the group of the pirates indigenous to Japan that should be eliminated as soon as possible.
The betes noires-like ultra-right conservatives of south Korea only make reckless acts and remarks of defending the sworn enemies of Japan on a daily basis, stunning the world.

The pro-Japanese country-selling acts of the clan of conservatives including the "Liberal Korea Party" have gone to the extremes occasioned by the recent outrageous economic retaliation measure taken by the Japanese reactionaries over the judgment on the reparation to those who fell victims to labor conscription at the hands of the Japanese imperialists.

The indictment stressed that the south Korean people can never get rid of foreign forces' domination and subjugation, disgrace and humiliation as long as the "Liberal Korea Party", the group of pro-Japanese forces and traitors to the nation without an equal in the world, are allowed to go scot-free. -0-

CPRC Reunification and Agitation Department Blames South Korea-U.S. Joint Military Exercises

Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- The Reunification and Agitation Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) of the DPRK Thursday made public an open letter revealing who is the arch criminal harassing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula as regards the fact that the south Korean authorities and the U.S. have conducted an aggressive joint military exercise since Aug. 5.

According to the open letter, the joint military exercises which have been conducted by the south Korean authorities with outsiders century after century are the root cause escalating tension on the Korean peninsula and blocking the development of the inter-Korean relations.
The south Korean authorities continue to conduct joint military exercises against the fellow countrymen together with outsiders while asserting that "they should adopt perfect military posture" after shaking hands with us for "reconciliation and peace" at the venue of dialogue.

They had conducted the "2018 Max Thunder", the very adventurous allied air combat drill aimed at making a preemptive air strike at the DPRK and commanding the air with the U.S., in the whole area of south Korea since May 11, last year even before the ink of the historic April 27 Panmunjom Declaration which excited the whole Korean nation and international community got dry. This is the typical example.

The south Korean authorities responded to the repeated warnings of the DPRK against the joint military drills with outsiders by launching at last the north-targeted war drills whose original codename Ulji Freedom Guardian was changed, but form and contents never differ from it at all.

Citing a series of hidden hostile acts for invading the DPRK in south Korea, the open letter went on:
The north and the south, in their agreement in the military field for implementing the Panmunjom declaration, agreed each other to completely halt all hostile acts of becoming the root cause of military tensions and conflicts on the ground and in the air and the sea and all other spaces.
But the south Korean authorities are staging north-targeted attack drills in camera in league with outsiders, saying "there is a method not to make public the drills" and "joint drills will not be exceedingly publicized for the sake of strategic communication."

The war-like forces of the south Korean military mobilized marine corps and special operation units to secretly stage joint special operation drills against the DPRK together with the U.S. marines in March. They have been staging in camera flying drills of F-35A stealth fighters since April.
They also staged a joint naval drill Pacific Vanguard together with the U.S. in the waters off Guam in May and secretly a joint infiltration exercise targeting the nuclear facilities of the DPRK together with south Korea-present U.S. forces at a U.S. military base in Uijongbu city, Kyonggi Province in June.

They took part in the U.S.-led multinational naval intercepting drill targeting the DPRK on the pretext of "preventing WMD proliferation" in the waters off Pusan in July in the wake of last year's, and waged a joint sub drill Silent Shark targeting the DPRK together with warships of the U.S. Seventh Fleet in the waters off Guam. The drill involved subs and sea patrol planes.

Condemning the south Korean authorities for their frantic arms build-up against the fellow countrymen in the north, the open letter continued:
At the seminar "national defense reform" on May 11 last year, less than two weeks after he signed the historic Panmunjom declaration, the south Korean chief executive said that powerful defense capabilities are necessary to cope with unspecified and diverse threats in the case of the improved inter-Korean ties and ordered his men to concentrate all efforts on the arms build-up.

Accordingly, days later the south Korean bellicose military forces launched with due ceremony a large-sized transport ship for a landing operation in the area of the DPRK side in case of emergency, claiming that the military's mission will never change though the security situation may change and that they will further tighten the military posture.

The south Korean authorities have purchased F-35A stealth fighters one after another from the U.S. since March this year in a bid to mount a "preemptive attack" on the DPRK, according to the "defense ministry's program for 2019" and the "2019-2023 mid-term defense program."
Under the pretext of coping with "the existing threat from the north," they increased the military budget for 2019 by 8.2%, as compared to the one for 2018 which was at the record level. Not content with this, they submitted to the "National Assembly" the draft military budget for 2020, 8% up from the one for 2019.

The open letter warned that the south Korean authorities, who have been disloyal to the fellow countrymen and abetted the U.S. in the moves for stifling the DPRK, can never escape from the responsibility of compelling the DPRK to take countermeasures for eliminating potential and direct threats to its security, and will pay dearly for it. -0-

Director-General of Department of American Affairs of DPRK Foreign Ministry Issues Statement

Pyongyang, June 27 (KCNA) -- Kwon Jong Gun, director-general of the Department of American Affairs of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, released the following statement on Thursday:

The United States is now talking much about the DPRK-U.S. dialogue, but in reality, it is becoming more and more desperate in its hostile acts against the DPRK. The DPRK-U.S. dialogue would not open by itself though the U.S. repeatedly talks about resumption of dialogue like a parrot without considering any realistic proposal that would fully conform with the interests of both sides.

As Comrade Chairman of the State Affairs Commission has already declared in his historic Policy Speech, the U.S. should come out to the table for the DPRK-U.S. dialogue with a correct method of calculation and the time limit is until the end of this year.

Even though we are to think of holding a dialogue with the U.S., we need first to see a proper approach towards the negotiation on the part of the U.S. Negotiation should be conducted with a counterpart who has a good sense of communication, and it could also be possible only when the U.S. comes up with a proper counterproposal.

In case the U.S. intends to sit with folded arms like today, time might be enough. However, if the U.S. is to move towards producing a result, time will not be enough. The U.S. would be well advised to bear in mind that our repeated warning is not merely an empty word.

I would also take this opportunity to say a word to the south Korean authorities who are trying to refurbish their image by giving a publicity as if they are "mediating" the DPRK-U.S. relations.
The south Korean authorities are now stirring up public opinion as if a sort of dialogue is being held between the north and the south, in order to find their own place to stand while affecting to make their presence felt by taking a share in the process.

In the true sense of the word, parties to the DPRK-U.S. dialogue are none other than the DPRK and the U.S., and in view of the origin of the DPRK-U.S. hostility, the south Korean authorities have nothing to meddle in the dialogue.
As is globally known, the DPRK-U.S. relations are moving forward on the basis of the personal relations between Comrade Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and the U.S. President.

If we have anything to liaise with the U.S., it will be simply done through the liaison channel already under operation between the DPRK and the U.S., and the negotiation, if any, will be held face to face between the DPRK and the U.S. Therefore, there will be no such a happening where anything will go through the south Korean authorities.

The south Korean authorities are now giving a wide publicity as if the north and the south are having various forms of exchanges and closed-door meetings, but the reality is the contrary.
The south Korean authorities would better mind their own internal business. -0-

Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPRK Slams U.S. National Security Adviser

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on May 27 as regards the fact that U.S. National Security Adviser has taken the issue over our regular military drill:

Bolton, U.S. National Security Adviser has taken the issue over the regular military drill of our army, claiming that it is a violation of the "resolutions" of the United Nations Security Council. His claim is indeed much more than ignorant.

As for the UNSC "resolutions" which Bolton recklessly referred to, we have neither recognized nor bound by them, because those "resolutions" are illegal and outrageous ones that completely deny the rights to existence and development of a sovereign state, as we have already stated several times.

If any object is launched, it is bound to fly in trajectory. What the U.S. is taking the issue is not about the range but the prohibition of the launch itself using ballistic technology. This is, after all, tantamount to a demand that the DPRK should give up its self-defensive right.

Our military drill neither targeted anyone nor endangered the surrounding countries, but Bolton makes dogged claims that it constitutes a violation of the "resolutions", impudently poking his nose into other's internal matters. It takes little insight to determine that Bolton clearly does have a different mental structure from ordinary people.

Bolton, as he confessed himself, played a "hammer" to "shatter" the 1994 DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework, and he is well-known as an anti-DPRK "war maniac" who fabricated various provocative policies such as designation of our country as "axis of evil", preemptive strike and regime change.

Worse still, Bolton stood in the forefront of leading the Iraqi War and abrogating the INF Treaty that has served to ensure peace in Europe for decades, and he is now gaining notoriety as a warmonger for his obsession with other wars in the Middle East and South America.

It is not a mere coincidence that criticisms are now being heard in the U.S. that Bolton is a warmonger whispering war to the President when he himself evaded military service, saying he had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy.

After all, it will be fit to call Bolton not a security adviser striving for security but a security-destroying adviser who is wrecking peace and security.
It is not at all strange that perverse words always come out from the mouth of a structurally defective guy, and such a human defect deserves an earlier vanishing. -0-

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Expresses Invariable Support and Solidarity to Venezuelan People

Pyongyang, May 5 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on May 5 as regards the coup d'?tat attempt by anti-government forces in Venezuela:

An abnormal incident broke out recently in Venezuela, where internal anti-government forces attempted a coup d'?tat to remove the legitimately elected president.
The latest coup d'?tat attempt is an extremely dangerous act of violence that pushes the Venezuelan situation to an utmost instability, having a highly negative impact on the overall situation in the region.

The situation in Venezuela is being aggravated day by day, because the internal anti-government forces are launching, with the support of the outside forces, a campaign against the president from January and the hostile forces are making undisguised attempt to deprive Venezuela of its representation in the United Nations.

At the same time, the United States, acting like a "single superpower", is making such reckless remarks that a military action is possible with regard to the Venezuelan situation and the U.S. will carry out that action if so necessary. These remarks are evoking great concern of the international community.

We condemn all of the attempts for removing the legitimately elected president of Venezuela and interfering in its internal affairs as a challenge to international justice and a flagrant violation of international law.

We call for a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan issue in accordance with the independent will and decision of the government and people of that country and extend invariable support and solidarity to the Venezuelan people in their struggle for defending sovereignty. -0-

U.S. Secretary of State Slammed

Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- Kwon Jong Gun, director general of the Department of American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave the following answer to a question raised by the KCNA on Thursday as regards the fact that Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of the State, is letting loose reckless remarks and sophism of all kinds against us every day:

In his historic policy speech at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly, Comrade Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, has clarified the principled stand on the DPRK-U.S. relations and settlement of the nuclear issue and said he would wait in patience till the end of this year to see whether the United States makes a courageous decision or not.

Everyone has a clear interpretation of his speech which says that the U.S. should change its way of calculation and come up with responsive measures before the end of this year. Just at this time, only Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of the State, is talking nonsense that its meaning is to finish the working level negotiation between the DPRK and the U.S. by the end of the year, which subjects him to public ridicule.

We cannot be aware of Pompeo's ulterior motive behind his self-indulgence in reckless remarks; whether he is indeed unable to understand words properly or just pretending on purpose. However, it is a very dangerous situation if he really did not grasp the meaning.

If his behavior is intended, I think it is none other than silly calculation to be free from the constraint that the U.S. should make a move until the end of the year, misrepresenting the meaning of our requirement as the finalization of the working level negotiation by the end of the year by help of his talented skill of fabricating stories like a fiction writer.

As our Chairman of the State Affairs Commission has clarified, the U.S. cannot move us one iota by its current way of thinking. In his previous visits to Pyongyang, Pompeo was granted audiences with our Chairman of the State Affairs Commission for several times and pleaded for the denuclearization. However, after sitting the other way round, he spouted reckless remarks hurting the dignity of our supreme leadership at Congress hearings last week to unveil his mean character by himself, thus stunning the reasonable people.

I would like to take this opportunity to make clear once again to Pompeo the meaning of the stand towards the U.S. clarified by our Comrade Chairman of the State Affairs Commission in his policy speech.

The meaning is that the U.S. should get rid of the root cause that pushed us into a nuclear state and obstacles on the way to denuclearization by its own hands; otherwise no one can predict how the situation on the Korean peninsula will turn out.

While Pompeo is fabricating stories after his own taste and trying to raise his publicity stunt at the sacrifice of the DPRK-U.S. relations as a whole, it is fortunate that the personal relationship between our Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and President Trump is on good terms as usual and our Chairman is pleased to get on well with President Trump.

Hanoi summit gives us a lesson that whenever Pompeo pokes his nose in, the talks go wrong without any results even from the point close to success. I am afraid that, if Pompeo engages in the talks again, the table will be lousy once again and the talks will become entangled.

Therefore, even in the case of possible resumption of the dialogue with the U.S., I wish our dialogue counterpart would be not Pompeo but other person who is more careful and mature in communicating with us. -0-

Appeal to All Koreans Adopted at Meeting of C.C, DFRK

Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- An appeal to all the Korean people was adopted at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea (DFRK) held on Monday.

The appeal said that the election of deputies to the 14th Supreme People's Assembly is a political event of great significance in glorifying the exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il forever, further augmenting the people's power under the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and bringing earlier the future of the socialist country, genuine one of the people.

It noted that Kim Jong Un is the symbol of the mightiness of Juche Korea, banner of every victory and glory and peerless patriot who put the dignity and power of the Republic on the highest level.
It stressed that it is necessary to cement the political and ideological might of the Korean-style socialist state centered on the popular masses in every way.

It went on:
Let us consolidate as firm as a rock the single-minded unity of our society in which all the people are united close around the Party by thoroughly applying the Juche-oriented view on the people and people-centered philosophy to state activities!

It is necessary to regard as a treasured sword of prosperity the self-reliance, that has been the banner of struggle and motive power of a leap forward in the whole course of the independent development of the Republic, and conduct an all-people onward campaign for opening a new road of advance for socialist construction with redoubled patriotism and zeal for work and creation.

It is the first and foremost task of our state, the genuine country of the people, to signally improve the people's standard of living.
It is necessary to give fuller play to the advantages of our social system by accelerating socialist civilization.

Thanks to the courageous will and determination of Marshal Kim Jong Un, three north-south summit meetings were held and the historic Panmunjom Declaration and September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and north-south agreement in the military field adopted and a new landmark for national reconciliation and unity, peace and prosperity and reunification provided.

Let the north and the south value the declarations and agreements in which they made solemn commitments before the nation and thoroughly implement them!
It is necessary to eradicate the military hostility between the north and the south and take practical measures for turning the Korean peninsula into the lasting and durable peace zone.

Let us not allow joint military exercises with outsiders any longer and check and frustrate all acts escalating tension and destroying peace like the introduction of military hardware including strategic assets from outside.
It is necessary to comprehensively expand and develop cooperation and exchange between the north and the south and thus consolidate national reconciliation and unity and make all the compatriots substantially benefit from the mended relations between the north and the south.

Let us smash every sanction, pressure and challenge by outsiders by the concerted efforts of all the fellow countrymen and resolutely reject interference and intervention by outsiders to subordinate inter-Korean relations to their tastes and interests!

Let us actively search for ways for peaceful reunification based on an all-Korean agreement and make sincere efforts to realize it!

Let all the Koreans in the north, the south and abroad hold the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un in high esteem as the lodestar for the great national unity and reunification and dynamically accelerate the nation-wide advance for implementing the inter-Korean declarations in the redoubled courage under the banner of Korean nation-first and thus glorify this year as a historic one in which great advance will be made in the development of the north-south relations and accomplishment of the cause of the national reunification!

Independence, peace and friendship are the consistent foreign policy tenet of our Republic.
Let us continue to boost friendship, unity, cooperation and exchange with socialist countries and develop the relations with all the countries that are friendly to our country and thus make a positive contribution to world peace and security and prosperity common to mankind!

The appeal called upon everyone to dynamically struggle for the development of the power of the Republic, victory in the building of a powerful socialist nation, independent reunification of the country and accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche under the guidance of Kim Jong Un. -0-

Will to Make Korean Peninsula Durable and Lasting Peace Zone

Pyongyang, January 5 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the New Year Address for 2019 called for eradicating military hostility between north and south and making the Korean peninsula a durable and lasting peace zone.

The New Year Address says that north and south, as they agreed, should take practical measures proactively to remove military hostility on the whole of the Korean peninsula, including the ground, airspace and sea, as a follow-up to its ending in the areas of confrontation, adding that it is also needed to actively promote multi-party negotiations for replacing the current ceasefire on the Korean peninsula with a peace mechanism, so as to lay a lasting and substantial peace-keeping foundation.

The peace and security on the peninsula is a matter affecting the very destiny of the Korean nation and a prerequisite for Korea's reunification.
Unless the physical confrontation on the peninsula ends, it is impossible to think of the true reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity of the Korean nation and to accomplish the historic great cause of national reunification.

It is the steadfast will of the Workers' Party of Korea and the government of the DPRK to promote the process of detente and create a peaceful climate for the national reunification on the peninsula.
The DPRK, with a noble sense of duty to defend the security and peace of the nation, has struggled non-stop to turn the acute tension on the peninsula into detente and dialogue.

It is thanks to the proactive and bold measures of our Party and government for effecting a great turn in the north-south ties that a peace-oriented current was created on the peninsula and that the Panmunjom Declaration, the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and the north-south agreement in the military field, which are a virtual nonaggression declaration, in which the north and the south have committed themselves to terminating fratricidal war based on force of arms, were adopted.

Witnessing the wonderful changes which took place in the inter-Korean ties which had been pushed to the ones of the worst distrust and confrontation, all the fellow countrymen had a firm conviction that if they struggle with a firm determination to usher in an era of national reconciliation, peace and prosperity, they can turn the Korean peninsula into the true home of the nation, which is the most peaceful and will prosper forever.

For the realization of the peace on the peninsula there are still matters to end U.S.-south Korea joint military drills, establish peace mechanism, etc.

The Party and the DPRK government remain consistent and steadfast in the stand and will to make the Korean peninsula a true prosperous home of the Korean nation and a lasting peace zone.

All the fellow countrymen should unite as one, being conscious that they are responsible for preserving peace on the peninsula, in order to wage a brisk campaign to frustrate all the moves that wreck peace and incite military tension on this land. -0-

Press Statement of Spokesperson of Korean Association for Human Rights Studies

Pyongyang, November 4 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson of the Korean Association for Human Rights Studies issued the following press statement on Sunday:

On November 1 this year, the "Human Rights Watch", a so-called human rights watchdog headquartered in the United States, has made public a totally preposterous "Report" to the effect that sexual violence against women is widespread in the DPRK.

The "Report" issued by such a hypocritical human rights institution as the "Human Rights Watch", accustomed to getting hostile towards our country without any reason, is nothing but the most despicable false document on earth, a patchwork of pointless words made by a handful of human scums, to sustain their dirty lives, who did not hesitate to abandon even their parents and children after having committed crimes against their motherland and people; and therefore, we don't feel any need to make even a word on it.

The problem is that a big fuss is being made by the anti-DPRK venal mouthpieces at the same time with the publication of the "Report".
These abnormal and inflammatory words and deeds are shocking not only our people but also the world, as these are created when the climate of reconciliation and cooperation is prevailing on the Korean peninsula and efforts are being made for establishing a permanent and durable peace regime of the Korean peninsula and the region.

This is a part of political scheme fabricated by the hostile forces - who oppose peace and stability on the Korean peninsula - to tarnish the image of the DPRK. It is also an extremely dangerous provocation aimed at reversing the tide of peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula.

The Korean Association for Human Rights Studies categorically rejects and resolutely condemns the anti-DPRK "human rights" racket by the hostile forces as a serious political provocation against our country and an unethical misdeed that insults the sacred dignity of the Korean women.

In our country, the women are exercising the equal rights with men, and a number of legal and administrative measures are being taken to ensure women's development and protect and promote their rights in all sectors of the state activities and the social life.
Nonetheless, the so-called "human rights" campaign made by the hostile forces spreading groundless false materials constitutes a grave violation of the sovereignty of the DPRK and an unbearable insult to the Korean women who are enjoying the socialist civilization to their hearts' content.

Since this "Report" is an undisguised infringement upon the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK, the Korean Association for Human Rights Studies has requested the competent authorities to find out those responsible and their followers involved in drafting and publishing the "Report" and take legal actions against them in accordance with the relevant DPRK law.

If the vicious attempts of the hostile forces - who are hell-bent on the anti-DPRK conspiracy, trampling underfoot even the dignity of women under the cloak of "human rights protection" ? have negative impact on the hard-won climate of peace and stability created on the Korean peninsula, the anti-DPRK human rights institutions and the hostile forces that are inciting them will be totally held responsible for it. -0-

DPRK's Consistent Stand and Will Steer Situation on Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- Koreans' desire for reunification is daily growing as multi-channel dialogue has been held between the north and the south in accordance with the historic Panmunjom Declaration.

The result of the 2nd north-south high-level talks is a clear manifestation of the consistent stand and efforts of the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government to bring earlier peace, prosperity and reunification by thoroughly implementing the Panmunjom Declaration irrespective of any upheaval in the situation and surrounding climate.

From the beginning of the year, pro-active measures have been taken one after another to steer the trend of the present situation on the Korean Peninsula true to the great patriotic call for a great change in the north-south relations and substantial results have been witnessed in the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration.

The DPRK has made steady efforts to put an end to confrontation on the Korean Peninsula and improve the inter-Korean relations as intended and demanded by the nation, proceeding from a correct stand and attitude towards the Panmunjom Declaration.
It is the fixed stand of the DPRK that the Korean nation is fully responsible for the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration under any circumstances.

The improvement of the north-south relations related to the destiny of the nation is not one to be settled with the approval of someone.
It is a bitter lesson in the checkered history of north-south relations that dependence on the outsiders to help settle the issue of the north-south ties will result in leaving the destiny of the nation to the tender mercy of outsiders and tightening the noose of subordination around the necks of Koreans.

It can be said that the south Korean authorities have recently gone through many turns and twists over the issue of the north-south relations as they have not taken the consistent stand towards the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration.
The stand and attitude towards the Panmunjom Declaration are the main criteria showing who wants the improvement of the north-south relations or pursues confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

It is necessary not to read someone's face and put egoistical calculation above anything else but thoroughly implement the agreed points of the Panmunjom Declaration made public before all the Koreans and the world.
Thorough implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration means the improvement and development of the north-south ties.
An act of putting a brake on the implementation of the declaration should never be allowed.

If Koreans accelerate the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration while pooling their efforts and cooperating with each other, a heyday would be opened in the development of the inter-Korean relations and a new history of national reconciliation and a fresh era of co-prosperity will be ushered in.
Consistent are the DPRK's stand and will toward the implementation of the declaration. -0-

Singapore Summit-The beginning of the end by Moon J. Pak (July, 2018)

The Year 2018 was an epochal year for the Koreans in both south, north and overseas. In a matter of just a few months, near 70 years old enmity, tension, and the division of the peninsula were resolved by the works of the heads of the three involved countries; Moon Jae-in of South Korea, Kim Jong-un of North and Donald J. Trump of the U.S.

The first initiative came from Kim Jong-un in the form of his new year¡¯s address in January this year, which contained many statements that are surprisingly conciliatory. It was led by North¡¯s very active participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympic of the South, followed by a quick exchange of delegations from both sides that resulted the first summit between Moon and Kim that produced the Panmunjom Declaration of April 27, which basically affirmed the historical fact that ¡°The Korea is One¡±

This initiative of Kim Jong-un actually is a result of his national policy he promulgated when he assumed the leadership of North Korea upon his father¡¯s death, at his tender age of late twenties. The policy was called ¡°Parallel Progress Policy¡±, basically it meant that unlike his father¡¯s ¡°Military First Policy¡±, the national emphasis is to be on both its defense and economic development. After initial phase of his rule, solidifying his power, he quickly realized that the economic revival and improved quality of his people¡¯s life that sharply contrasts negatively against the status of its southern brethren, the Republic of Korea, of whose GDP is known to be the 11th in the world will have to be the primary objective of his leadership, in parallel with the national defense needed for his regime security.

It is obvious that the economic stagnation of North Korea, to a large extent is due to the isolation of the country imposed on it during the last near 70 years by the U.S. and South Korea in the forms of embargos, sanctions and military threats. Therefore, North Korea has to emerge as a credible and equal partner of negotiation, with power to enforce its former enemies to become peaceful partners. Obviously, the only way for the North Korea to reach such a status was to emerge as a true nuclear power with credible delivery capabilities; thus, its frantic efforts in the past two years, to develop its nuclear capability prior to the negotiation for the peninsula peace.

It is near serendipity that simultaneous to this Kim Jong-un¡¯s readiness for talk, in South Korea, as a result of the people¡¯s uprising, against the corruptive, conservative regimes of Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye, called November Revolution, a liberal and highly respected leader, Moon Jae-in was elected and became a partner of Kim Jong-un in establishing the Panmunjom Declaration, that delineates the firm commitments of both sides on issues of reconciliation, reunification, de-militarization, multilevel-communication and economic cooperation, and finally the implementation of agreements made previously between the two Koreas in years, 2,000 and 2007 (so called, 6-15 and 10-4 Agreements).

It is however clear that even at the onset, the implementation of the ideas contained in the Panmunjom Declaration would require consents and cooperation of the country of United States, due to its ties, treaties and agreements with the South Korea, as well as the 70-year old enmity existing at various levels, with North Korea. Therefore, an immediate and ardent efforts were made by president Moon to setup and coordinate the summit between the president Trump and Chairman Kim.

The presence of Mr. Donald J. Trump in White House is actually, another serendipity for the Koreans. Regardless of his seeming instability, lack of firm principles on many matters, he is a deal-maker who appears to be genuinely interested in achieving peace and stability in Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia, for which his effort would receive credit and recognition. Thus, his near-immediate agreement to meet with Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea for the resolution of various peninsula issues.

After some initial turmoil, however, the Singapore Summit between Trump and Kim finally took place on June 12, with great deal of publicity and fanfare and was generally regarded as a tremendous success for both leaders personally, as well as all the Koreans both in North and South, and Overseas.

The final agreement signed by both leaders however was rather brief, about 450 words long and lacked specifics and detailed plan for implementation of the four important key points delineated in it; 1. North Korean commitment for the complete peninsular denuclearization. 2. U.S. commitment and guarantee for the security of North Korea. 3. Return of the remains of the U.S. war dead. 4. Temporary cessation of the U.S.-SK War drills.

Actually, the immediate positive effect of the Singapore meeting was its sensational public image reflecting the development of the personal bond and obvious friendly interpersonal relationship between the two leaders reflected in the visual media and the multiple complimentary public comments made by the President Trump on Chairman Kim.

It goes without saying however, that an establishment of firm formal, institutionalized mechanism(s) for the implementation of the Agreement is essential not only for the normalization of the U.S.-NK relationship but also for the realization of the Panmunjom Declaration. Therefore, from the perspective of a Korean American, who has ardent desire to see realization of the objectives of both Summits, following recommendations are being proposed for consideration by both sides;

1. Establishment of permanent Liaison Offices of U.S. and North Korea in Washington, D.C. and Pyongyang manned by high level diplomats from both countries, along with staff personnel representing, military, economic and cultural expertise from each side.

2. Establishment of a Task Force composed of engineers and nuclear scientists from both sides as well as the diplomats and economists, to research and develop detailed step by step, time table for the peninsular denuclearization, as well as the plan for the normalization of the diplomatic, economic, political and military relationship between the two countries, including the eventual peace treaty between the U.S. and North Korea, and furthermore, interdigitate the both plans and produce a multi-year implementation schedule to be followed by both countries.

3. The U.S. should recognize, accept and honor the first Summit agreement, the Panmunjom Declaration, especially its basic principle, ¡°The Korea is One¡±, by recognizing and declaring that the sanctions, embargos, and isolations currently enforced on North Korea by the U.S. and UN no longer apply between the two Koreas, since in principle they are one country, thus the two Koreas could immediately communicate, trade, exchange, especially on humanitarian issues, such as food aids, medical supplies, family re-union, etc., unencumbered by the current existing sanctions.

4. In addition to dismantling of the Pung Gye-Ri nuclear test site and also its missile test site, North Korea could immediately announce the significant reduction of its 1.25 million-armed force (when it is combined with the 0.625 million South Korean army, the combined military size of near 1.9 million Korean army makes it the fifth in the world, after only, India, China, Russia and United States; a ridiculous statistic!).

It should also announce the immediate disarming of its 20,000 long-range artilleries, known to be already fully loaded and placed along the DMZ, aimed at South Korea.
Finally, it may just be a symbolic gesture, but also announce the return of the U.S. navy ship ¡°Pueblo¡± that it holds, perhaps to the city of Pueblo, Colorado, U.S.A.

5. On account of near 70 years of division of the peninsula and animosity between the two Koreas and the development of a complex intertwining relationship between the U.S. and South Korea during the period, there are many issues that need to be resolved between the two, for the proper and realistic implementation of both Agreements, Panmunjom and Singapore.

Of these, the most obvious one, which has already been mentioned at the Singapore Summit is the U.S.-SK War Drills held annually, regularly at near the door steps of Pyongyang and these must be ceased permanently and completely, as president Trump had referred to it.

There are approximately 28,000 U.S. soldiers stationed in South Korea many even with their families. There are total of near 90 U.S. military bases, small and large existing in the country. With the cessation of the enmity between the Koreas as well as between the U.S. and North Korea, obviously a plan for the troop withdrawal as well as the base closures will have to be planned along with the review of basic necessity of existing military alliance between the two countries.

One of the most obvious, U.S. military presence in the country that loses the significance of existence simply by its title, is the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Air Defense). With denuclearization of North Korea, its significance and the purpose of its presence is clearly gone.

Finally, one of the most interesting relationship between the two allies, that again needs to be redressed given the drastic changes brought about by the Summit Agreements is the U.S.¡¯s ¡°War Time Operational Control¡± of South Korean military. President Moon Jae-in is the only head of a country in the world, who has no control over its own national defense force when his country is placed under war!
Finally, in the course of implementation of the Singapore Summit Agreement, one of the major difficulties for President Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo may have to face is the image of North Korea among American public.

Over the years, due to 70 years animosity between the two countries, North Korea was placed under isolation and demonization of the country, society, political doctrine, went on freely, in our society. Defector¡¯s horrific testimonies; largely unsubstantiated stories of human rights violations, etc. The image of North Korea among American public has become horrendously bad and distorted.

We have to remember that there were times, such as in Clinton era, and prior to it, Carter era, there had been many active exchanges between the two countries, and cultural events, e.g., New York Philharmonic in Pyongyang, visits by Cho Myung-rak to White House, Madeleine Albright to Kim Jong-il, etc.
Perhaps the time has come to revitalize multilevel cultural exchanges between the two countries.=The End=
(Korean Quarterly, Summer, 2018, VOL.21, NUM 04)

Moon J. Pak, M.D,. Ph.D.
811 Oakwood Dr. # 201
Rochester, MI 48307
248-894-3064 (Cell.)
Senior VP, KANCC (Korean American National Coordinating Council)

Statement of Unity by Korean Americans and Allies on the Historic Inter-Korean
Summit and the Upcoming U.S.-North Korea Summit (June 7, 2018)

Since the historic April 27 summit between the leaders of North and South Korea at Panmunjom, longstandal ing tensions and war threats on the Korean peninsula have given way to the promise of peace and reconciliation. Soon, another historic summit, between the United States and North Korea, will take place in Singapore. The two parties, which not too long ago were on the brink of war, will finally sit down to discuss a peaceful settlement to the Korean War. All eyes of the world will be on this momentous event, which could determine not only the fate of the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia but also the prospect of global peace.

We?Korean Americans who have long fought for peace and the self-determined unification of the Korean peninsula, and allies who stand on the side of peace and justice and share a critical stake in the struggle for peace in Korea?wish to make clear our views on the recent inter-Korean summit and the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit.

1. We applaud the Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity, and Unification of the Korean Peninsula.

In the Panmunjom Declaration, the leaders of North and South Korea ¡°solemnly declared before the 80 million Korean people and the whole world that there will be no more war on the Korean Peninsula and thus a new era of peace has begun.¡± They also pledged to work together for independent unification.

The two leaders held hands as they crossed back and forth over the military demarcation line, demonstrating that the arbitrary line no longer has the power it once possessed as a symbol of division and confrontation. Should the governments of North and South Korea as well as the 80 million Koreans on the peninsula and the diaspora come together to implement the Panmunjom Declaration, we can realize peace, prosperity, and unification of the Korean Peninsula.

2. We welcome the U.S.-North Korea summit.

We hope the scheduled U.S.-North Korea summit will end seven decades of hostile relations between the United States and North Korea and usher in a new era of peace?on the Korean Peninsula, in Northeast Asia as well as for the rest of the world.
We recommend the following:

1) The United States and North Korea should agree to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and faithfully carry out the agreement.

In the Panmunjom Declaration, North and South Korea ¡°confirmed the common goal of realizing, through complete denuclearization, a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.¡± Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula means not only eliminating North Korea¡¯s nuclear weapons but also denuclearizing the land, air, and seas of the entire peninsula. This is not North Korea¡¯s obligation alone. South Korea and the United States, which has in the past introduced and deployed close to one thousand tactical nuclear weapons in the southern half of the peninsula, also need to take concrete steps to create a nuclear-free peninsula.

The plan to ¡°denuclearize the Korean peninsula¡± is clearly outlined in the following past agreements:
- The 1992 Joint Declaration of South and North Korea on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula;
- The 1994 Agreed Framework between the USA and DPRK; and
- The 2005 Joint Statement of the Fourth Round of the Six Party Talks.

In the 2005 Joint Statement of the Six Party Talks, North Korea ¡°committed to abandoning all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs,¡± while the United States ¡°affirmed that it has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and has no intention to attack or invade the DPRK with nuclear or conventional weapons,¡± and South Korea ¡°reaffirmed its commitment not to receive or deploy nuclear weapons in accordance with the 1992 Joint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, while affirming that there exist no nuclear weapons within its territory.¡±

In keeping with the recent inter-Korean summit, the U.S.-North Korea summit should produce an agreement for the ¡°complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula¡± and ban the testing, production, reception, possession, storage, stationing, and/or use of nuclear weapons on the entire Korean Peninsula. Moreover, the United States should stop all military action and exercises that deploy or introduce its strategic assets on the Korean Peninsula and abolish its nuclear umbrella over South Korea.

Genuine peace on the Korean peninsula, which has housed nuclear weapons in both the North and the South and has been the site of acute military tensions for decades, should set a historic precedent and lead to global nuclear disarmament. Starting with the United States, all nuclear powers should take concrete steps to create a nuclear-free world.

2) A peace treaty is necessary for a lasting peace system on the Korean Peninsula.

The Panmunjom Declaration states, ¡°During this year that marks the 65th anniversary of the Armistice, South and North Korea agreed to actively pursue trilateral meetings involving the two Koreas and the United States, or quadrilateral meetings involving the two Koreas, the United States and China with a view to declaring an end to the War, turning the armistice into a peace treaty, and establishing a permanent and solid peace regime.¡±

After the Korean War, the United States and North Korea signed an armistice that established a highly unstable system that has been at the root of all subsequent war threats on the Korean Peninsula. It¡¯s time to declare an end to the Korean War and replace the armistice with a peace treaty to build a stable and lasting peace system on the Korean Peninsula. Only a peace treaty will prevent further threats of nuclear and conventional war on the Korean Peninsula.

The United States and North Korea should take immediate mutual steps to prevent military conflict and alleviate tensions. They should establish and maintain a military hotline and communications channel and halt all military exercises and other provocative actions. The United States should withdraw the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea. And in step with North and South Korea, which have agreed to ¡°carry out disarmament in a phased manner¡± in the Panmunjom Declaration, U.S. Forces in Korea should take corresponding measures to reduce its troops.

3) The United States and North Korea should end hostilities and normalize relations.

The 2000 US-DPRK Joint Communique states, ¡°Recognizing that improving ties is a natural goal in relations among states and that better relations would benefit both nations in the 21st century while helping ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and in the Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. and the D.P.R.K. sides stated that they are prepared to undertake a new direction in their relations.¡±

After agreeing to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and replace the armistice with a peace treaty, the United States and North Korea should begin talks to establish normal relations. As they did in the 2000 Joint Communique, the United States and North Korea should reaffirm ¡°principles of respect for each other¡¯s sovereignty and non-interference in each other¡¯s internal affairs¡± and a ¡°commitment to make every effort in the future to build a new relationship free from past enmity.¡± The United States and North Korea should normalize relations and promote civilian exchanges in the areas of economy, culture, science, education, sports, and travel to foster mutual understanding between the peoples of both countries.

Above all, the United States needs to abolish its seven-decade policy of hostility and sanctions that isolate North Korea. It should lift all sanctions tied to North Korea¡¯s nuclear program, take North Korea off the list of state sponsors of terrorism, and unfreeze North Korea¡¯s assets. It should allow U.S. citizens to freely travel to North Korea. The United States and North Korea should also cooperate to recover the remains of U.S. servicemen in North Korea from the time of the Korean War as a step to addressing unresolved humanitarian issues and ending hostile relations.

3. We urge Washington¡¯s political leaders to put aside party politics for peace.

Past negotiations between the United States and North Korea have yielded meaningful moments of cooperation. There have been times when both sides made significant compromises with the shared goal of overcoming past hostilities and moving toward normalizing relations. They have produced outstanding agreements?the 1993 DPRK-U.S. Joint Statement, the 1994 Agreed Framework, the 2000 U.S.-DPRK Joint Communique, and the 2005 Joint Declaration of the Six Party Talks?that outline a path for resolving the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula, creating a lasting peace system, and normalizing relations between the two countries.

However, none of these agreements were implemented. As a result, mistrust between the United States and North Korea only deepened and ultimately led us to the brink of nuclear war. With each change in administration in the United States, hard-won agreements made by the previous administration were essentially scrapped as the incoming administration adopted a default anti-North Korea posture. In light of this history, we have concerns about whether an agreement produced by the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit will actually be honored by the current and future administrations. Trump¡¯s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal underscores this concern.

The Trump administration should approach the upcoming summit with North Korea with sincerity and a commitment to carrying out whatever agreement is reached. We also urge Congress to put aside partisan interests in the historic interest of achieving peace in Korea and the world. We urge Congress to resolve to support the Panmunjom Declaration between North and South Korea and the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit.

4. We stand with all who struggle for a just and peaceful world.

The actions of the Trump and previous administrations have been detrimental to peace in the world. The United States is responsible for endless war in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen, bloodshed in Gaza, and escalating tension with Iran. While it pours billions of dollars into waging wars and maintaining troops abroad, its people face widespread unemployment and austerity programs that cut them off from decent education, healthcare and housing. U.S. militarism abroad has also led to increased militarization of the police and state-sanctioned violence against communities of color and gender non-conforming people at home.

We stand with people of conscience everywhere who defend peace, self-determination, and justice. It is our hope that the Korean Peninsula?once a land of strife, brutalized by over a century of colonization, division and war?will become a source of strength and inspiration for all as a beacon for peace, reconciliation, and unification in the twenty-first century.


Statement of DPRK First Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- Kim Kye Gwan, first vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, issued the following statement Friday upon authorization:
The historic summit is now high on the agenda between the DPRK and the U.S., and the preparations for it are being pushed forward at the final stage amid the remarkably great concern of the world.

The sincere pursuit and active efforts made by the DPRK to end the relations of hostility and distrust that have lasted for decades and build a new landmark for the improvement of the DPRK-U.S. relations have commanded unanimous sympathy and support from the public at home and abroad.

But suddenly President of the United States of America Trump made public his official stand on May 24 to cancel the DPRK-U.S. summit that had already been made a fait accompli.
Explaining the reason for it, he said that the statement made by Vice Foreign Minister of the DPRK Choe Son Hui carried "tremendous anger and open hostility" and that it is not appropriate to hold the meeting at present, a precious one that has long been planned.

I would like to take this expression of his stand on the DPRK-U.S. summit as a decision not consistent with the desire of humankind for peace and stability in the world, to say nothing of those in the Korean peninsula.

As for the "tremendous anger and open hostility" referred to by President Trump, it is just a reaction to the unbridled remarks made by the U.S. side which has long pressed the DPRK unilaterally to scrap nuclear program ahead of the DPRK-U.S. summit.

The inglorious situation today is a vivid expression of the severity of the present status of the hostile DPRK-U.S. relations of long historical roots and the urgent necessity for the summit meeting for the improvement of the ties.
As far as the historic DPRK-U.S. summit is concerned, we have inwardly highly appreciated President Trump for having made the bold decision, which any other U.S. presidents dared not, and made efforts for such a crucial event as the summit.

His sudden and unilateral announcement to cancel the summit is something unexpected to us and we can not but feel great regret for it.
It is hard to guess the reasons. It could be that he lacked the will for the summit or he might not have felt confident. But for our part, we have exerted sincere efforts, raising hope that the historic DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks themselves would mark a meaningful starting point for peace and security in the region and the world and the improvement of the bilateral relations as the first step forward to settling the issue through dialogue.

We even inwardly hoped that what is called "Trump formula" would help clear both sides of their worries and comply with the requirements of our side and would be a wise way of substantial effect for settling the issue.
The chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK has also exerted all efforts for the preparations for the summit, saying that the meetin with President Trump could help make a good start.Statement of DPRK First Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs

The U.S. side's unilateral announcement of the cancellation of the summit makes us think over if we were truly right to have made efforts for it and to have opted for the new path.
But we remain unchanged in our goal and will to do everything we could for peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and humankind, and we, broad-minded and open all the time, have the willingness to offer the U.S. side time and opportunity.

The first meeting would not solve all, but solving even one at a time in a phased way would make the relations get better rather than making them get worse. The U.S. should ponder over it.
We would like to make known to the U.S. side once again that we have the intent to sit with the U.S. side to solve problem regardless of ways at any time. -0-

DPRK FM Spokesman Flays U.S. Increased Pressure against DPRK

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Sunday as regards the U.S. increased pressure against the DPRK:

Recently, the U.S. is misleading the public opinion, arguing as if the DPRK's clarification of its intention for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula made through the Panmunjom Declaration adopted at the historic north-south summit is the result of so-called sanctions and pressure.

At the same time, it is making open remarks that it would not ease the sanctions and pressure until the DPRK gives up its nuclear weapons completely and also moving to aggravate the situation on the Korean peninsula by deploying strategic assets on the peninsula and increasing its attempt of taking up "human rights" issue against the DPRK.

The U.S. is deliberately provoking the DPRK at the time when the situation on the Korean peninsula is moving toward peace and reconciliation thanks to the historic north-south summit and the Panmunjom Declaration. This act cannot be construed otherwise than a dangerous attempt to ruin the hardly-won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one.

It would not be conducive to addressing the issue if the U.S. miscalculates the peace-loving intention of the DPRK as a sign of "weakness" and continues to pursue its pressure and military threats against the latter. -0-

Xi Jinping's Speech at Banquet

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Xi Jinping made a speech at a grand banquet arranged in welcome of the China visit by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

He said that the visit by Chairman Kim Jong Un is the one of great significance at a special time, and it suffices to prove that Chairman Kim Jong Un and the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea attach utmost importance to the relations between the two parties and two countries of China and the DPRK. It is also of weighty significance in deepening the communication between the two sides, strengthening cooperation and promoting partnership, he added.

He said the visit would make an important contribution to putting the relations between the two parties and two countries on a new stage and promoting the regional peace, stability and development at a new historical time.
The traditional Sino-DPRK friendship was personally provided and cultivated with much effort by the leaders of elder generations of the two parties and two countries, he said.

He noted that President Kim Il Sung visited China over 40 times in his lifetime, forging deep friendly feelings with the Chinese leaders of elder generation including Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai.

The traditional Sino-DPRK friendship is the unique one in the world that has been sealed in blood, and it provides the two parties and two peoples with happiness just as a luxuriant tree with deep roots and a never-drying spring, he pointed out.

When General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited China in May 2010, he said that the DPRK-China friendship is a heritage provided and bequeathed down to us by the revolutionaries of elder generation and that it is our historic and strategic option and unshakable stand to value it generation after generation, Xi Jinping said.

He said he had talks with Kim Jong Un in a friendly atmosphere.
We reached a consensus that it is in the common interests of both sides and a strategic option common to both sides to carry forward and glorify the traditional Sino-DPRK friendship, he said, adding:

We are convinced that no matter how the international and regional situations may change, both sides would take firm control of the general trend of the world development and the over-all phase of the development of Sino-DPRK relations, strengthen high-level visits, deepen strategic communication, and expand exchanges and cooperation, thereby providing the two countries and peoples with happiness.

At present the Chinese party, government and people are striving and struggling to realize the "Two Centenary Goals" and the dream of China, i.e. great prosperity of the Chinese nation, under the strategic assignments set forth by the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China.
Xi Jinping, said that the diligent and resourceful Korean people are making redoubled efforts to build a socialist economic power under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea headed by Chairman Kim Jong Un.

He voiced firm support to the Korean comrades in their active efforts for defending the political stability and promoting the economic development and hoped that they would steadily make new greater successes in the cause of socialist construction in Korea, adding he is convinced of it. -0-

KAPPC Urges Japanese Authorities to Prevent Terrorism against Chongryon and Koreans in Japan

Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC) Sunday issued a statement as regards the fact that in recent days the Japanese authorities and right-wing reactionaries are getting very serious in their hysteria against our Republic and the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon).
Around 03:50, Feb. 23 two Japanese right-wingers with arms committed the heinous terrorist crime, firing several bullets at the hall in which Chongryon headquarters.

The Chongryon Central Standing Committee speaks for the dignity, right and interests of Chongryon organizations and Koreans in Japan and is playing the role as a diplomatic mission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the present situation that the diplomatic ties have not been established between the DPRK and Japan.

The statement said that from the formation of Chongryon up to this date the successive Japanese governments and right-wing reactionaries have made all sorts of misdeeds against Chongryon organizations and Koreans in Japan, but they did not fire at the Central Hall of Chongryon, the inviolable area in which the DPRK's sovereignty is exercised.

It went on: The Japanese right-wing gangsters' terrorism against the Central Hall of Chongryon is not merely an accident but a deliberate politically-motivated provocation and heinous crime against the DPRK and Chongryon committed by the Japanese reactionaries with the sinister intention to extremely strain the situation on the Korean peninsula and revive militarism and realize their old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" taking advantage of it.

The Japanese authorities are misleading public opinion as if the recent incident happened by an individual body and person while investigating the criminals arrested but it is little short of a clumsy excuse to cover up their sinister intention.
It is an open challenge to the DPRK and a prelude to overall crackdown upon Chongryon that the Japanese authorities made right-wing gangsters fire at the hall, not content with making desperate efforts to realize their impossible pipedream.

The more desperately the Japanese reactionaries go in their moves against the DPRK and Chongryon, the more clearly they reveal their despicable true color as disturber of peace and war servant before the world.
The Japanese authorities would be well advised to disclose the background and truth behind the shooting spree to the end, mete out a stern punishment to the chief culprits and accomplices and take a special measure to prevent the reoccurrence of violent crime and terrorism against Chongryon and Koreans in Japan. -0-

Japanese Reactionaries' Suppression of Chongryon Blasted

Pyongyang, February 6 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Committee for Aiding Overseas Compatriots of the DPRK in a statement Tuesday denounced the Japanese reactionaries for getting frantic in their suppression of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon).

The joint investigation headquarters, made up of policemen from the Metropolitan Police Office and Saitama Prefecture of Japan, on Feb. 1 hurled more than 100 armed policemen to search the Tokyo Metropolitan Headquarters of Chongryon and the house of a Chongryon official and the Future Foundation set up for rendering support for the Korean school.

Earlier on Jan. 31, the Japan police authorities walked off the former chairman of the Katsushika branch of Chongryon on charges of "violation of the law on secondhand dealers".
Charging that the banknote of the former Chongryon branch chairman had a record of remitting money to Chongryon organization, they ransacked the Tokyo Metropolitan Headquarters of Chongryon and the house of a Chongryon official who had nothing to do with the remittance.

Lurking behind the recent acts hostile toward the DPRK and Chongryon which the Japanese reactionaries committed in broad daylight is a crafty and sordid political attempt peculiar to the island country, the spokesman said, and went on:
Clear is the aim sought by Japan through its rare act of swindling which it orchestrated with much effort.

That is to charge Chongryon, a dignified overseas citizens' organization of the DPRK, as an "illegal organization" and "lawless body", heighten atmosphere against the DPRK and Chongryon throughout Japan, escalate the tension on the Korean peninsula with it as an occasion and thus pave the way for realizing Japan's dirty militarist ambition.

The Japanese authorities' frantic anti-Chongryon and anti-Korean moves will only disclose the despicable and shameless nature of Japan as the tundra of human rights and a political dwarf.
If the Japanese authorities do not stop at once such vicious and childish suppression of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan, they will be made to hold full responsibility for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by such acts. -0-

Joint Conference of DPRK Government, Political Parties and Organizations Held

Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- A joint conference of the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK took place in Pyongyang on Wednesday to carry out the tasks for national reunification set forth by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address.

Present there were representatives of the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK, including Yang Hyong Sop, Kim Yong Chol and Ro Tu Chol, the chairman of a friendly party, officials of public organizations, officials of the North Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration, the north headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea's Reunification and the Pan-National Alliance of Youth and Students for Korea's Reunification and the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation.

The conference discussed the agenda item "On the tasks of the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK for carrying through the tasks for national reunification set forth by respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address".

Yang Hyong Sop, vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK, made a report at the conference to be followed by speeches by Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK, Kim Yong Dae, chairman of the C.C., Korean Social Democratic Party, and Pak Chol Min, first secretary of the C.C., Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League.

The reporter and speakers noted that the respected Supreme Leader in his New Year Address advanced highly important tasks for improving the relations between the north and the south of Korea and making a breakthrough for independent reunification this year significant to both sides.
They underscored the need to create a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula before anything else this year.

The south Korean authorities should stop the war games with the U.S. forever and refrain from introducing the U.S. nuclear strategic assets and aggression forces to south Korea, they stressed.
They said that all the fellow countrymen in the north and the south and abroad should struggle against the anti-DPRK war moves of the bellicose forces at home and abroad seeking to hinder the improvement of inter-Korean relations and render the situation tense.

All members of the nation should fulfill their duty and role for national reconciliation and reunification, they added.
They stressed that the whole nation should turn out in the nationwide struggle to make a breakthrough for independent reunification by its concerted efforts this year.
An appeal to all the Koreans at home and abroad was adopted at the joint conference. -0-

DPRK Joint Conference Calls for Making This Year Noteworthy in History of Nation

Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- An appeal to all Koreans at home and abroad was adopted at the joint conference of the government, political parties and organizations of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea held on Wednesday.
They called upon all Koreans with the strong will to make this auspicious year an eventful year noteworthy in the history of the nation by pooling the efforts of our nation as follows:

1. Let us turn out as one in the nationwide drive to improve the north-south relations and make a breakthrough for independent reunification, true to the noble patriotic intention of the peerlessly great man!

It is the steadfast will of all Koreans who have turned out for implementing the noble intention of the peerlessly great man to bring great changes to the north-south relations as early as possible and make a new history of independent reunification.

Let us rapidly improve the north-south relations and pave a wide avenue to rosy future of the nation which will be reunified, strong and prosperous!
Let us make the whole land of Korea seethe with hot wind for independent reunification and courageously advance the north-south relations along the way indicated by the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration!
Let us decisively smash all sophisms and attempts to slander the nuclear treasured sword of the nation and justice and brand it as a hurdle in the way for the improvement of the north-south relations!
2. Let us wage an energetic drive to defuse the acute military tension and create a peaceful climate on the Korean Peninsula!

Let all Koreans at home and abroad turn out to decisively oppose and reject all hostile acts and war moves aggravating the situation and wrecking peace!
Let all Koreans become shields and strong castle walls in the struggle to defend security of the nation and peace on this land!
Let all Koreans rise up in the peace-keeping struggle against war to baffle the reckless nuclear war moves of the U.S. which brings disaster to this land, setting dangerous flames!

3. Let us promote contact, travel, cooperation and exchange between the north and the south on a wide scale and actively create a climate for national reconciliation and reunification!

Let us promote contact, travel, cooperation and exchange between the north and the south on a wide scale to remove mutual misunderstanding and distrust and make all the fellow countrymen fulfill their responsibility and role as the driving force of national reunification!
Let the people of all strata in the north and the south bring down the barrier of national division and share kindred feelings by freely traveling by air and sea and overland and actively promote the trend of reconciliation and unity.
Let's reenergize inter-political party, inter-strata and inter-sector contacts and dialogues and activate cooperation and exchange at home and abroad to stir up the climate of reunification.

Let all compatriots wage a more vigorous struggle to get rid of anachronistic legal and institutional mechanisms harassing the fresh tide of national reconciliation and unity and prevent hostile actions!
We will courageously smash all challenges going against the nation's desire for reunification, hold with splendor joint events of the nation involving political parties and organizations and personages at home and abroad on the anniversaries of north-south declarations, the 73rd anniversary of national liberation and other occasions this year and thus demonstrate the nation's will for independent reunification to the world.

4. Let us smash the moves of the separatist forces at home and abroad and dynamically usher in a fresh phase of national reunification, holding aloft the banner of national independence and By Our Nation Itself!

Let all the fellow countrymen at home and abroad subordinate and aspire everything to the great objective of national reunification, pan-national cause, from the stand of prioritizing the nation and attaching importance to it and achieving national unity!
Let us maintain the firm stand and viewpoint to solve all the issues arising between the north and the south on the principle of By Our Nation Itself!
Let all the fellow countrymen more dynamically promote the grand march for independent reunification to bring earlier a new morning of the 3 000-ri land of Korea, reunified and prosperous, by pooling their efforts!

The appeal called upon all Koreans to firmly believe in the bright future of the nation and turn out as one in the sacred struggle for glorifying this significant year as a year of great changes and great events to eternally shine in the history of national reunification. -0-

CPRC Chairman Clarifies Stand of DPRK upon Authorization of Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang, January 3 (KCNA) -- Upon authorization of Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of the Workers' Party of Korea and the State and the army, the chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) of the DPRK made public the following stand of the DPRK on Jan. 3 in response to the south Korean Chongwadae's official stand toward our proposed dispatch of our delegation to the Phyongchang Olympic Games and remarks made by President Mun Jae In at the state council meeting:

Comrade Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, upon receiving a report that the south Korean Chongwadae officially supported and welcomed his stand toward the participation in the Phyongchang Olympic Games and the issue of the improvement of the north-south relations he clarified at the 2018 New Year Address and that at the first state council meeting on Jan. 2 President Mun Jae In personally expressed active support and instructed the relevant fields to take substantial measures, gave an affirmative and high estimation of it and expressed his welcome to such response.

He instructed the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, the National Sports Guidance Committee and relevant units of the DPRK government to promptly take substantial measures with the south Korean authorities out of sincere stand and honest attitude, as the dispatch of our side's delegation to the Phyongchang Olympiad and the talks between the north-south authorities for it which he proposed at the New Year Address are the first meaningful and good step for improved north-south relations under the present situation.

He also instructed to open the Panmunjom liaison channel between the north and the south from 15:00 on Jan. 3 so that the issues related to the opening of talks including the dispatch of the delegation to Phyongchang Olympic Games would be timely communicated to the south side.

Whether the issue of improved north-south relations that has been put high on the agenda is settled to comply with the expectation and desire of the whole nation or not entirely depends on how the north and south authorities handle this issue in a responsible manner, he stressed.

We will try to keep close communications with the south Korean side and deal with the practical matters related to the dispatch of our delegation from sincere stand and honest attitude, true to the intention of our supreme leadership. We once again sincerely hope that the Phyongchang Olympic Games would successfully open. -0-

FM Spokesman Flails U.S. Anti-DPRK Moves over Cyber Issue

Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on December 21 over the fact that the United States is pointing its finger at the DPRK with regard to the issue of cyber-attack:

The United States is now inciting the global confrontation against us by forcibly linking to the DPRK the latest incident of cyber-attack which has given rise to a great international outcry.
The U.S., a source of all social evils and a state of global cyber-crimes, is unreasonably accusing the DPRK without any forensic evidence. This cannot be construed otherwise than an expression of its inveterate repugnance towards the DPRK.

As we have clearly stated on several occasions, we have nothing to do with cyber-attack and we do not feel a need to respond, on a case-by-case basis, to such absurd allegations of the U.S.
However, we can never tolerate the U.S. reckless move of using the issue of cyber-attack for the purpose of making direct accusation against our state.

This move is a grave political provocation by the U.S. aimed at inducing the international society into a confrontation against the DPRK by tarnishing the image of the dignified country and demonizing it, as the U.S. is now driven into a corner as a result of the DPRK's achievement of great cause of completing the state nuclear force. The U.S. move is also a direct challenge to our system and political power.

Crystal clear is the purpose of the U.S. trying to link us to the issue of cyber-attack at this very moment when it is hell-bent on making a harshest "sanctions resolution" against us.
The main ulterior intention of the U.S. is to create an atmosphere of sanctions and pressure against the DPRK by branding the latter as a "criminal state" even in cyber issue, not being content with the nuclear issue and the "human rights issue".

The Trump administration is inciting an extremely confrontational atmosphere by even concocting a plot against us at this delicate moment when the situation on the Korean peninsula is at the crossroads of nuclear war or peace. This only betrays the true colors of the U.S. as the main culprit of the aggravated situation on the Korean peninsula.

We will never tolerate the U.S. reckless moves against the DPRK and make all our efforts for defending our state and system.
We would also warn those countries unreasonably following in the footsteps of the U.S. indulging in the anti-DPRK plots. -0-

DPRK FM Spokesman Blasts American High-level Politicians for Making Reckless Remarks about DPRK

Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on Wednesday as regards the fact that high-level politicians of the U.S. are now constantly making reckless remarks about our country.
Recently, as the U.S. is conducting the largest-ever joint aerial drill on the Korean peninsula targeting the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), its high-level politicians are showing alarming signs by making bellicose remarks one after another.

The national security advisor of the White House and a Republican senator said that "the chances of war with north Korea" are increasing every day, a "preemptive war" with north Korea is becoming more likely, the families and dependents of the U.S. troops should be moved out of south Korea. These confrontational warmongering remarks cannot be interpreted in any other way but as a warning to us to be prepared for a war on the Korean peninsula.

Worse still, the CIA director has made a provocation against us by impudently criticizing our supreme leadership which is the heart of our people. This is the revelation of the U.S. cunning and heinous intention which is to instigate our strong countermeasures and use them to ignite the fuse for a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

The large-scale nuclear war exercises conducted by the U.S. in succession are creating touch-and-go situation on the Korean peninsula and series of violent war remarks coming from the U.S. high-level politicians amid such circumstances have made an outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula an established fact. The remaining question now is: when will the war break out.

The careless remarks of war by the inner circle of Trump and the reckless military moves by the U.S. substantiate that the current U.S. administration has made a decision to provoke a war on the Korean peninsula and is taking a step-by-step approach to get there.
The world should not harbor any prejudice in discerning who the main culprit behind the tense situation on the Korean peninsula is and who the violator of world peace and stability is.

The U.S. is going frantic in advertising the nuclear war on the Korean peninsula every day and this invites our due vigilance.
We do not wish for a war but shall not hide from it, and should the U.S. miscalculate our patience and light the fuse for a nuclear war, we will surely make the U.S. dearly pay the consequences with our mighty nuclear force which we have consistently strengthened.
If the U.S. does not want to be burnt to death by the fire it ignites, it would better behave with prudence and caution. -0-

Trump's Visit Is Business Trip: DPRK FM Spokesperson

Pyongyang, November 11 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson of the DPRK Foreign Ministry Saturday made public the following statement:
Trump went on his first tour of Asia since he took office and is bustling about in the surrounding region of our country from the 5th day of this month.
His current trip to our surrounding region is a warmonger's visit for confrontation to rid the DPRK of its self-defensive nuclear deterrence. It is also nothing but a business trip by a warmonger to enrich the monopolies of the U.S. defense industry by milking the moneybags from its subordinate "allies".

Trump, during his visit, laid bare his true nature as destroyer of the world peace and stability and begged for a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.
What cannot be overlooked is the fact that Trump, not long after his lunatic remarks of totally destroying the DPRK at the United Nations General Assembly in September this year, made his conceived attempt yet again to alienate our people from the government and keep up rivalry between the DPRK and the international society by "demonizing" our country while making nonsensical remarks of completely denying our ideology and system.

He boasted about the "overwhelming superiority of U.S. power" and "peace through strength". But, he needs to be well advised that it is the stand of the DPRK to defend our sovereignty and rights to existence and development by keeping a real balance of force with the U.S.

The historical lessons in decades-long history of the DPRK-U.S. showdown such as the U.S. ignominious defeat in the 1950's Korean War, the incident of the U.S. armed spy-ship "Pueblo", the incident of "EC-121" reconnaissance plane and so on, give a clear answer to the question: Who is the one that should not underestimate or try its opponent.

The DPRK's possession of nuclear weapons was a righteous and inevitable choice to defend our national sovereignty and dignity and our people's rights to existence and development from increased nuclear threats and blackmail by the U.S. and its hostile moves against the DPRK.
Time is now gone forever when the U.S. used to threaten and blackmail us with nuclear weapons.
The reckless remarks by a dotard like Trump can never frighten us or put a stop to our advance. This rather gives us an assured conviction that our choice to embark on the road of simultaneously promoting the economic construction and the up-building of the nuclear force was all the more righteous one, and it pushes us to speed up the efforts to accomplish the great cause of completing the state nuclear force.

The DPRK remains strong in courage and faith and it will surely win the final victory in the showdown with the U.S. as it is under the distinguished guidance of the great leader and has the single-minded unity of the army and people rallied closely around their leader as well as the invincible military strength. -0-

S. Korean Regime Will Face Ruin for Dreaming of "Unification through Absorption"

Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation in a statement Saturday denounced the south Korean puppet regime for getting reckless while calling for "unification through absorption."

The Supreme Court, a puppet judicial organ, let out a litany of sleep-talking like focusing on the issue of setting up "examination committee for reappointing judicial officers in the north", "schooling" those who passed the examination and "including them in the Unified Ministry of Justice", the issue of "reinstating and reappointing law-related officials who had been subject to suppression under the north's regime", and the issue of dispatching personnel necessary for judicial organs in the north after "unification through absorption" while crying out for studying the "issue of handling" the north's judicial organs from now as they play a pivotal role in defending the social system.

The statement branded this as another intolerable politically-motivated provocation to the DPRK.
The present authorities of south Korea are talking about candlelight mindset while styling themselves a "government supported by candlelight" but in fact, they are covering the path quite contrary to it.

Those, who had pursued the ambition of "unification under the liberal democracy" while shunning the sincere reconciliation of the nation unanimously desired by all Koreans, faced the most miserable end without exception.
This being a hard fact, the present ruling quarters has not yet got awakened from illusion of "unification through absorption". Deriding its dirty and despicable acts, the statement continued:

We are consistent in our stand to settle the reunification issue in a peaceful way, but if the puppet forces dare provoke the DPRK, we will put a final end to the evil cycle of confrontation between the fellow countrymen with the powerful revolutionary armed forces which have been built up to victorious conclude the standoff with the U.S. as we had already clarified.

We will also keep tabs on those traitors to the nation including the fools who invent such issues as "handling" the law enforcement officials in the back room while dreaming a pipe dream of "unification through absorption".
The judicial organs of the DPRK will punish without discrimination by our law the vicious elements of the puppet judicial authorities running reckless as a shock brigade in executing the undemocratic laws inciting sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with the fellow countrymen after enacting them while working as henchmen executing the U.S. policy for colonial domination. -0-

Spokesman of DPRK FM Institute for American Studies on Anti-DPRK Sanctions and Pressure

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Institute for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on Thursday as regards the recent controversy over the absurd claims that sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK are a peaceful and diplomatic solution:

The U.S. which is desperately resorting to unprecedented and heinous sanctions to stifle the DPRK and a few countries following it have lately come up with the ridiculous nonsense that tightening sanctions and pressure is the way for the so-called "peaceful" and "diplomatic" solution to issue of the Korean peninsula.

A few days ago, high-ranking officials of the U.S. administration including the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley said all options including military option are available but they are giving priority to the diplomatic solution, and their remarks are misleading public opinion as if the sanctions against the DPRK are a "peaceful" and "diplomatic" means.

Some European countries and a few neighboring countries with no principle are tuning their voice to the claim of U.S. and labeling the sanctions and pressure as a diplomatic means for the solution of the issue of the Korean peninsula. They are trying to justify their despicable acts of taking part in imposing sanctions and pressure on the DPRK as if it was meant for the peaceful solution.

Political and economic sanctions and pressure to completely obliterate the sovereignty and the rights to existence and development of a sovereign state are hardly any different from the act of military aggression, and it cannot be justified as peaceful and diplomatic acts in any case.
In order to counter the inveterate hostile policy and nuclear threat of U.S., the DPRK gained access to everything it needed including nuclear weapons. It would be a huge mistake to think the DPRK would do nothing about the heinous sanctions and pressure against it, let alone the threats of aggressive war from the U.S. and other hostile forces.

The primary mission of our invincible self-defensive military power with the nuclear force that we have developed at a huge cost at its core is to frustrate the military invasion and sanctions and pressure of the U.S. and protect the sovereignty and rights to existence and development of the country.

We will continue to march forward along the road we have chosen without the slightest deviation and we will respond to anyone who tries to stop us with tougher counteractions. -0-

Open Letter to Parliaments of Different Countries

Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) -- The Foreign Affairs Committee of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly sent an open letter to parliaments of different countries on Sunday.
The letter noted that Trump, president of the U.S. styling itself the "superpower", denied the existence of the DPRK, a dignified sovereign state, and spit out ignorant remarks of "total destruction" at the UN General Assembly, stunning the world public.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, the basic mission of which is to promote friendly and cooperative relations with the parliaments and peace-loving people of countries around the world, proceeding from the foreign policy of the Workers' Party of Korea based on the ideas of independence, peace and friendship, bitterly condemns the reckless remarks of Trump as an intolerable insult to the Korean people, a declaration of war against the DPRK and a grave threat to the global peace, the letter said, adding:

From the first day of his office Trump has engaged himself in high-handed and arbitrary practice, scrapping international laws and agreements incurring his displeasure on the "U.S.-first principle", the height of American way of thinking that it is best if the U.S. is well-off at the expense of the whole world.

The U.S. brought to their knees those countries devoid of principle, narrow-minded and selfish countries seeking after their interests with its nuclear stick and force and then cooked up the illegal "sanctions resolution" against the DPRK to deny the elementary right to existence of the Korean people and check their normal economic development in breach of the inviolable UN Charter by abusing the UN Security Council. This is an intensive act of the revelation of the "U.S.-first principle".

Trump threatened to totally destroy the DPRK, a dignified independent and sovereign state and a nuclear power. It is an extreme act of threatening to totally destroy the whole world.
If Trump thinks that he would bring the DPRK, a nuclear power, to its knees through nuclear war threat, it will be a big miscalculation and an expression of ignorance.

The DPRK has emerged a full-fledged nuclear power which has a strong nuclear arsenal and various kinds of nuclear delivery means made by dint of self-reliance and self-development. The real foe of its nuclear force is a nuclear war itself.
The Foreign Affairs Committee of the DPRK SPA takes this opportunity to express belief that the parliaments of different countries loving independence, peace and justice will fully discharge their due mission and duty in realizing the desire of mankind for international justice and peace with sharp vigilance against the heinous and reckless moves of the Trump administration trying to drive the world into a horrible nuclear disaster. -0-

S. Korean Authorities' Wretched Plight Derided

Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation in a statement Friday derided the south Korean authorities who were driven into a tight corner in the face of a flurry of criticism of their "north policy" at home and abroad.

There is nothing for them to get embarrassed with and they should not blame others for it, the statement said, and went on:
As for the present south Korean authorities' "north policy", it is blamed as "an uncertain policy devoid of clear target", "policy for currying favor with master", "policy carrying false and intrusive assertions" and "policy shunning the desire and requirements of the nation".

By nature, the present south Korean authorities' "north policy" is full of troublesome and controversial points and is devoid of essence that it is destined to get scrapped.
"Simultaneous realization of dialogue and pressure", its alleged keynote point, is enough to prove its nature as extremely contradictory and unrealizable sophism.

Their "north policy" is nothing different from the one-sided policy of confrontation pursued by the Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye conservative regimes.
Question is what the south Korean authorities met for pursuing the futile "north policy".

The north-south relations plunged into a stalemate even before making a start and the south Korean authorities faced a wretched plight, being snubbed and rejected everywhere they went.
What matters here is that the south Korean candlelight demonstrators who played a key role in the emergence of the present regime began to turn their backs on the regime, displeased with the things done by it.

The south Korean authorities should come to their senses, though belatedly, and draw a due lesson from their wretched plight.
They have to make a responsible option--whether to pursue the policy for confrontation with the fellow countrymen through sycophancy toward the U.S. while reading the face of it and the conservative group only to meet miserable ruin or whether to join hands with the fellow countrymen and opt for improving the north-south relations from the stand of national independence as wished by all Koreans and the candlelight demonstrators. -0-

DPRK Delegation Rejects UNSC "Presidential Statement"

Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) -- The DPRK delegation clarified the following principled stand categorically rejecting the "presidential statement", cooked up by the UNSC over the DPRK's recent successful launch of intermediate-range strategic ballistic rocket, at the plenary third session of the Geneva Disarmament Conference on August 30:

The intermediate-range strategic ballistic rocket launching drill staged by the Strategic Force of the Korean people's Army on Aug. 29 is a curtain-raiser to strong countermeasures against the hostile forces' Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises.
We had already served a meaningful warning that we would keep an eye on the U.S. moves, but the U.S. responded to it with the bellicose war exercises for aggression.

There is no guarantee that the huge armed forces which amassed in south Korea will not go over into action, now that the military tension on the Korean peninsula has reached its climax.
The present touch-and-go situation on the peninsula is entirely attributable to the U.S.

The UNSC turned its face away from our complaint over the said joint war exercises and again cooked up the "presidential statement", a product of the U.S.-led anti-DPRK plots and clear evidence of unfair double standards. We, therefore, categorically reject it.
If the U.S. acts rashly, despite our repeated warnings that the U.S. should ponder over the disastrous consequences to be entailed by its reckless military provocation, we will take a more powerful counteraction. -0-

Nationwide Anti-U.S. Resistance Called for

Pyongyang, August 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the North Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration in a statement Monday called for raising higher the flame of nationwide anti-U.S resistance.

The statement said that the south Koreans and overseas compatriots have courageously turned out in anti-U.S. resistance to cope with the U.S. imperialists and the warmongers at home and abroad keen on inflicting the holocaust of nuclear war on this land. The statement extended full support and solidarity to them.

The U.S. is talking about a "preventive war" and a "preemptive attack on the north" while egging the south Korean puppet warmongers on to them as part of war provocation hysteria. But this is never to "defend" south Korea, the statement said, and went on:
This is the revelation of the sinister intention of the American colonialists to exterminate the Korean nation, turn the whole Korean peninsula into a base to realize their strategy for putting Northeast Asia under their control.

The U.S. cooked up the UN "sanctions resolution" against the DPRK while viciously faulting the DPRK's just measures for bolstering nuclear force for self-defence. This is aimed to foster mistrust, antagonism, hostility and confrontation among Koreans, hinder national reconciliation and unity and prevent the independent reunification of Korea.

The U.S. imperialists are the sworn enemy as they extremely threaten the sovereignty and the right to existence of the Koreans and the common prosperity of the nation after dividing the Korean nation into two and as they stand in the way of the national reunification, the supreme desire of the nation.

All the Korean people will wage a nationwide anti-U.S. resistance and certainly settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists committing all crimes against the Korean nation and the south Korean authorities going reckless without reason while acting a shock brigade in executing the U.S. traitorous and criminal moves for putting sanctions against the DPRK and stifling it.

The Koreans from all walks of life in the north and the south and abroad should raise higher the flame of nationwide anti-U.S. resistance to resolutely foil the U.S. imperialists' nuclear war moves against the north and realize the independent reunification of the country as early as possible through the great unity under the banner of By Our Nation Itself. -0-